Alastor Moody
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Full Name: Alastor Moody
Nicknames: Madeye
Age: 45, March 10th, 1950
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 8½", Elder wood, dragon heartstring core.

Height: 6' 2"

Eye Colour: One dark (right), one electric blue (left)
Hair Colour: Dark grey
Physical Attributes: Grizzled dark grey hair, many scars on his face, hunk of nose missing. One of his eyes was destroyed and now replaced by a magical electric blue eye which moves independently from his normal eye. The magical eye can see through various objects, including the back of his head. Typical walls, doors and furniture can also be seen through. It can also see through invisibility cloaks, possibly disillusionment charms and similar. It also allows him to see quite well at night. Moody wears a leather well worn robes with many pockets and defences. He always carries a walking stick to assist him in walking since his right leg was blasted from the knee down, he now wears a wooden prosthetic limb to take its place.
Accessories in general: Magical Eye, Prosthetic leg. staff, hip flask, various dark detection devices, sneakascopes etc.

Usual attire: Leather trench coat over robes, or, on few occasions typical scarlet robes of an Auror. He only wears this on special occasions. Typically wears well worn leather or cloth robes of a dark brown color, though age and wear make it appear more chocolate brown in color.


Moody is gruff, paranoid, always on the lookout for assassins and dark wizards. He is brave, tough and a survivor. He is very focused and determined. He takes the fight against dark wizards very seriously, always emphasizing the need for constant vigilance. Moody is fiercely loyal to the Auror creed and Magical Law. He is very loyal to Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. Whatever duty he takes on, he uses everything in his power to finish it. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, willing to use the dark wizard's methods against them. He prides himself in being able to think like dark wizards do, to better anticipate their next move. He will use everything at his disposal to catch his target, sometimes blurring the lines, often being very cruel to them. He preferred to bring them in alive but has killed Death Eaters in the past while trying to apprehend them. Moody doesn't like killing but won't hesitate to do so when required.


Alastor hails from a long line of Aurors and during the height of his own career, was considered the best Auror there ever was. He is responsible for filling many cells in Azkaban with Death Eaters and other dark witches and wizards he captured during and after the first Voldemort war. His battle against Dark Wizards, especially Voldemort and his followers, left a toll on Alastor. During a battle with Evan Rosier, Alastor lost a large chunk of his nose, possibly his eye as well. Rosier was one of the few Death Eaters Alastor personally killed in the attempt to bring them to justice.

He has a long standing friendship with the Weasley family, having been in the first Order of the Phoenix. Moody also knew Molly, possibly through her brothers who were both members of the Order.

After retiring, Moody kept to himself, never truly 'letting go'. He continually kept tabs on anybody he suspected could have been a Death Eater and any he felt were Death Eaters despite claims of being under the Imperius curse. Unfortunately, all he could do was keep track of newspaper clippings and his own personal observation.

Alastor kept his distance from the majority of his family, especially considering several members, including his parents were killed by Death Eaters during the first war. Moody's success as an Auror may have specifically drove the Aurors to target his family, in a hope to 'scare' him off their tails. It did not. This only served to spur Moody to work harder to bring Death Eaters to justice.

After he retired, Alastor's youngest brother, Ferrol died in the line of duty, leaving behind, much to Alastor's surprise, a wife and son. Ferrol kept secret the fact he married a Muggle woman who bore him a child. Moody's nephew doesn't show any sign of being a wizard. Ferrol will ensured his family was well taken care of and it wasn't difficult to arrange for all funds to be provided to the widow and her son, in Muggle currency.

At this point, Moody realized he was the only male left of his branch of the Moody family. At least the only pureblood in the line. A fact that doesn't at all concern him. Alastor has no interest in taking on a wife, especially when he, much like Albus and his other friends, didn't feel the Dark Lord was dead and gone.

His paranoia nearly warned him in time when his home was broken into and he was attacked by Barty Crouch Jr. and Wormtail. The little rodent managed to get past his initial defenses by coming in as a rat. By the time Moody realized he was under attack he had little chance to defend himself.

For months he was kept a prisoner in his own magical trunk, tortured, kept under the Imperius curse and having his hair clipped away, while Barty impersonated him. By the time it was discovered he had been replaced by an imposter, Moody was very much tormented and angry at his long imprisonment. The whole ordeal made him even more paranoid and determine to bring all the Death Eaters to justice and the Dark Lord as well.

He came out of retirement and resumed his duties as an Auror and once more joined forces with his long time friend Albus Dumbledore. He quickly took on a protégé, Auror Nymphadora Tonks and trained her up to be the best Auror he could make her. Though she frustrates him time to time, Moody is very fond of the young witch, not that this is easily noticeable, given his growling and gruff manner around her.


Pet/Familiar: None
Friends: Albus Dumbledore, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks, other members of the OotP
Enemies: Voldemort, Death Eaters, Dark Wizards/witches


Mother: Clarice Fay Moody (nee McKay) (b 1922 - deceased 1978)
Father: Hugh Graham Moody (b 1915 - deceased 1978)
  • James (Jimmy) Alfred Moody - (b: 1940 - d 1983)
  • Cordelia Fay Withershins (nee Moody) - (b: 1947 - d 1979)
  • Ferrol Graham Moody - (b: 1952 - d: 1985)
  • Clara Jane Moody - (b: 1960 - )
  • Graham Benjamin Moody (b: 1890 - d: 1942)
  • Sarah Victoria Moody (nee Clarkson) (b: 1892 - d: 1940)
  • Mother's parents also dead.


Nationality: Scottish
Birthplace: Dunfermline, (Fife) Scotland
Your characters view on Voldemort: Vile wizard who needs to be brought to justice. Dedicated his life to seeing Voldemort and all his followers are but into Azkaban or killed.
Favourite subject was and why: Charms, given his magical eye, most likely something he created, charms seems a logical area he would specialize in, due to personal interest. DADA being a very close second.
Most disliked subject was and why: Muggle Studies. Considers the course material out of date and misleading.
Favourite Professor was and why: Horace Slughorn. Excellent professor and had a keen eye for picking out those students who will make something of themselves. He was part of the Slugclub, enabled him to make many connections, and get to know students he may not have encountered outside of the club.
Most disliked Professor was and why: Didn't dislike any particular teacher. Gave them all proper respect.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Gryffindor

Occupation: Auror, member of the Order of the Phoenix

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