Andre DeVries
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Full Name: Andre DeVries
Age: 16 (June 12, 1980)
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 9", Willow, Dragon Heartstring

Height: 5' 9"

Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: Has dusky, slightly olive colored skin, an average build, fairly good looking, but not spectacularly so.
Additions to uniform: scarf with Slytherin colors, plain gold ring
Accessories in general: Keeps a pouch in his pocket in case he finds anything interesting he wants to carry, generally has a self-sharpening pencil that he often draws with, and a small knife he uses for carving.


Has a great appreciation for art and beauty. Is highly lecherous, and in absence of a girlfriend, often tries to figure out a way to see into the girl's bathroom or under their robes. He's clever enough at this that he doesn't often get caught. Is often quiet, and can be very patient, but will on occassion talk enthusiastically about subjects he is interested in (art, "adult material", certain classes, interesting natural objects that he likes to pick up and collect. He is mainly bored by muggles, and holds them in slight contempt. He will take their money, but really sees no reason to go out of his way to harass them. Has a very great artistic talent.

He usually studies fairly hard, but on occassion gets distracted by looking at girls, doing art, or re-organizing his collection of objects. The main complaint his teachers have about him is sometimes his papers will be overly embellished with illustrations or calligraphy, or that he sometimes gets distracted and arranges his class materials into designs, rather than doing what he is supposed to be doing with them.


Andre is a half-blood, from a rather poor family deriving from gypsy lineage. His mother is a witch, and his father is a gypsy muggle. They alternate between living in muggle apartments (with the landlord enchanted by his mother not to collect rent) and travelling around in a Vardo (gypsy wagon). Occasionally they have often travelled with gypsies, and used their magic either to offer genuine (if fairly paltry) magical services (palm reading, love potions, etc.) to muggles, who they hold in somewhat of contempt, but feel their money is as good as anyone elses.


Pet/Familiar: Rat named Vani (Vah-nee)
Friends: Likes most of the Slytherins, although he thinks their interest in the Dark Arts a waste of time, and that they should be finding ways to chase girls instead. Doesn't really know anyone from the other houses
Enemies: Someone stole his expensive set of colored, self-inking quills earlier in the year. He doesn't yet know who, but will not be happy when he finds out (if anyone wants to volunteer to be the perpetrator, feel free.)
Crush: Doesn't really have a steady crush. This causes great frustration on his part. He would like a girlfriend. Or better yet, several.


Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Gypsy campground several miles outside Dublin, Ireland
Most disliked subject and why: Magical History, because Professor Binns is boring and doesn't even answer questions. Has dropped that course, because he dislikes it.
Most disliked Professor and why: Professor Binns, because of the above.
Hobbies: Painting, carving, collecting interesting objects, spying on girls undressing
Likes: Art, his pet rat, naked girls, money, good food, parties with enthusiastic dancing and music.
Dislikes: Having things stolen from him, stupid people, anything boring.


  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Divination
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Ann M.
Plans for your character's future: Will eventually (as an adult) get into creating the magical moving stained glass windows such as that in the prefect's bath.