Anna O'Rourke
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Full Name: Anna Cristian O'Rourke
Preferred Name: Anna Reyes
Nicknames: Anna, Pooh (her father called her Pooh because she likes honey)
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 10", Rosewood, Hippogriff Feather She got it in Ireland after loosing her old wand when she was rock climbing (Anna also learned that she shouldn't use this one to hold back her hair!)

Height: 5' 7"

Eye Colour: One brown the other blue (though at times she may wear a blue or brown contact to make her eyes appear the same—she avoids using magic to alter her appearance, mainly because she feels like it's cheating.)
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Attributes: Slim and athletic, Anna also has several Muggle piercings (a navel right, tongue ring and several holes in her ears including one that Arthur Weasley doesn't under stand why it's called an industrial) She also have several tattoos (a tribal sun on her right wrist, a Barlow girl on her shoulder, a star on the back of her neck with 'Wishing star guide my heart underneath it','A Prayer for a wild heart kept in a cage' on her arm and a fairy near her pierced navel). She is also scared by the werewolf bite on the inside of her left arm and has a few faint scars on her arms from her werewolf form scratching herself (Her Muggle friends at one time thought she had had a past in cutting.)
Accessories in general: silver studs where she is pierced, though occasionally she'll wear a small diamond navel ring. She loves to stick her tongue out to reveal the multicolored balls she wears on the stud. Her wand and the large Muggle hunting knife.
Usual out of uniform attire: anything that reveals her tattoos, though she does tend to favor ratty jeans a lot(they don't make things easy to get at, but Anna loves em anyways). She also carries a large hunting knife strapped to her leg while her wand is always strapped to her other leg. She doesn't have her robes anymore (claiming that she burned them after the first war) She loves knee high boots and her knee length leather coat(well at least while she was living as a Muggle).

As for her knife, Anna got it while traveling. She never really mentions on the actual story on why she got it, but the true story is that she got it while camping with her boyfriend in the mountains and simply fell in love with having it on her person. However in order to escape it being a sappy story that gets plenty of 'Aws' from her friends, Anna will tell them she got it because she was bored and it adds to the danger or she just wanted a knife.


Trouble, Anna is some one that would never run from a fight. Her heart is in the right place, she just lets her temper and attitude lead her around like a little puppy dog. Strong willed, she would rather fight then submit to any man but has no problem teasing them or flirting with them. Never the one to toss herself at a person, Anna shows herself as an available item, some times to gain information or to get some people to just simply confide in her. She is very impulsive. Most of her cover stories begin with 'If I told you the truth...' Very seductive with word and actions. She also has accepted being a werewolf due to her seeing it as something that she can't escape from so she might as well embrace it.

Anna also has a light Irish Accent. She is an extremely loving person who will do anything for some one she loves. It has a tendency to blind her at times, like her relationship with Barty Jr. (which now is a constant sore spot for her)

Overprotective of those she cares about, Anna rarely will tell anyone these days that she cares about them. She will do things in secret and would prefer not to get the thanks for it. Most once learning this find her a conundrum, after all she's always into trouble but always doing things for others in secret. Occasionally people find out that she's done something for them and Anna admits she's not a cold hearted person or a flake as some people see her as due to her flirting and toying people. She just finds it easier to keep people at arms length (Hence the flirting and toying) since Barty got too close and broke her heart. Plus, due to her working at a bar, Anna found it easier.

For those that have a past relationship with her, Anna is slightly different. She's not as flirty, but she still adores teasing them (in a sibling way) She has a strong, STRONG, attachment to the idea of freedom, loyalty (which is part of the reason why she felt like she had betrayed the Order when she believed Barty over them!) and is naturally creative.

Secretly, she blames herself more then anyone else for the death of Sirius Black. Anna fears the repercussions from the Order due not reporting the Crouches to the Order to the authorities and feels like if she did then Sirius would be alive. It's also due to that same reasoning that she tends to avoid being alone with Harry, though it could quite possibly come off as not liking the boy.


Growing up in Dublin, Anna's family was never magical until her. She never was afraid to show it off and was placed in Ravenclaw for an apparently sharp wit from what the hat said after her sorting and acceptance to Hogwarts. She found it strange, having never really read anything on the school save for the information that the school sent (after all, Anna saw it as a chance to try something new!) But once settled into the house, Anna's wit seemed to make her feel like it was a perfect fit.

However she took to magic like a fish took to water and she caused plenty of problems in school. During the vacations, she and her sister bickered occasionally, but the minute magic was brought in (which it was only once and Anna paid a steep price for it, nearly being expelled...but it was so worth seeing her sister a bright pink!) it was quickly put to an end. Over the years the two slowly became to agree on their differences. Plus the sisters quickly bonded when Cameron took up dance classes and forced her sister to do the same. Anna discovered she liked it when Cameron discovered it was boring. So Anna learned ballroom, Irish Step dancing, and even some jazz by herself, while Cameron went on to learn music.

Meeting Barty Crouch Jr, when Anna was placed with him as a potions partner, Anna knew the fact that so many would find it strange that she would even agree to work with him! Still he was charming, after he finally stopped trying to insult her due to her being a Muggleborn. They became simple friends at first when Anna stood by him and his friends against some Gryffindors, mainly because it seemed like the right thing to do. Plus for once, the Gryffindors were wrong and Anna had no problem trying to point it out.

Their first date was a trip to Hogsmeade in which Anna discovered that he was actually rather intelligent and had wit to match her own. She felt bad that his father always was neglecting him and therefore in some ways tried to make amends of it. As time went on, she soon confided in him about different things involving her family, like the earlier problems with her sister and the fact that her brother couldn't get past her being a witch. Anna never thought it would later turn against her.

After graduation, Anna debated about going to work in the Ministry or actually accepting a position at Hogwarts to teach Ancient Runes. She accepted the Ancient Runes, while Barty went to work in the Ministry. They kept in touch but Anna never learned that he was starting to work with Voldemort. She was taken into the Order anyways due to her skills with Runes and her natural desire for freedom.

She had Barty, the Order (which included some run in with Death Eaters..but oddly never Barty) and working at Hogwarts. Everything was going well for her before meeting Fenrir Greyback. She was headstrong in desiring to take down the werewolf who was targeting so many Muggleborns. Little did she know that Greyback had transformed into his wolf form, due to the full moon, and ended up getting bit on her arm before she ran and hid from him.

Placed in Saint Mungo's, Anna wanted to lie about her injury to Barty but the man seemingly accepted it. Back then Anna felt like it was the best thing in the world due to everyone else treating her like she was infected with the Black Death. She never knew his reasons behind his 'taking to her', but in hind sight Anna can easily see that he was trying to get her to join Greyback and any of the Death Eater Werewolves.

Returning to the Order, Anna buried herself in trying to get revenge on Greyback. For some that didn't know she was bitten by Greyback, like several Purebloods that she met though Barty and his family, Anna passed off her 'illness' as a Muggle illness known as Lupus. After all it fit the problems. During the time around the full moon, Anna claimed her fatigue and being absent a lot of the time was because of her body being unable to protect her from infections and illness. She was willing to live a lie instead of find a way back then to accept what had happened to her and face being an outcast to everyone else.

Anna had her connection in the Ministry through the Crouches that got her close to any who were attempting to find any who were Death Eaters. Through casual conversations and rumors she gather information, while others would investigate further.

Learning about Barty being a Death eater, even though she had protested his innocence because she loved him, Anna's greatest fear at the time was soon exposed. While he was pleading his innocence to his father and Anna, Barty finally got fed up with trying to con her into believing him finally announced her being a werewolf to the Wizarding world. Her cover of having 'Lupus' blown, Anna left a note apologizing for not believing them, and informed them that she needed to think things through.

It was due to Barty that Anna knew she couldn't find any employment in the magical world. People knew that werewolf was the equivalent to the Muggle disease Ebola. While she could always fight her way back in being a professor at Hogwarts, Anna decided against it—making it easier on Dumbledore in her eyes.

So she took up traveling in the Muggle world. Occasionally she would appear in a magical community buy some Wolfsbane potion and disappear again. She finally surfaced again in Italy. It was there that she met up with her brother Joe, who seemed rather shocked to see his sister again living without her magic.

Confessing what happened, Anna was surprised that he reluctantly agreed to help her while in Italy. He was there due to his work as a reporter and they finally mended their relationship. Taking up cooking, Anna discovered she had a general knack for it as long as it was a simple recipe though Joe commented in a teasing and loving way that if it was longer then an hour prep, Anna couldn't cook it.

While she enjoyed having family near by, Anna watched him leave before she decided to try and teach dancing. Her case of Lupus came back into the fold while explaining why she had to miss some days due to the lunar cycle. However the money wasn't good and Anna decided to bow out of the being a dance instructor. Part of her knew she could away use magic to get what she wanted but why should she use magic when the magical world cast her out? So she decided to act like a Muggle and start a new life.

The money Anna had allowed her to move back to Ireland, where she began work at a Dublin Pub. It was there that she met Harry Cahill, a Muggle. Harry was the one who talked her into getting her first tattoo. Though she was found of him, Anna attempted to keep herself from actually admitting that she liked him, due to her past with Barty.

Life went on and Anna grew to slowly accept the fact that she was a werewolf after watching the Muggles learn to accept those that claimed the Wiccan life style and those that were supposedly able to shift into different creatures. Part of her was amazed that the Muggles could accept different cultures and the wizarding world couldn't! Even Harry, who Anna finally had admitted that she was in love with, was accepting of her life choices of being a bartender, having lupus and her past in cutting. She, however, hid the fact she was a witch from him. That was until it got too hard for her to hide and Anna finally told him, which destroyed their relationship.

It was a return to the magical world to get some Wolfsbane potion, when Anna ran into Barty Crouch Sr. He always remembered the way that Anna seemed to make his son seem a better person so he took a chance invite her to his family's home. Against her better judgment, Anna agreed and was surprised to see Barty Crouch Jr under the Imperius curse. Confronting Barty Sr about what had happened, Anna never got the full story. Mrs Crouch had died, Barty Jr had gotten released, he was no longer considered a threat—Anna didn't believe it. Angered over Barty's actions of blurting that she was a werewolf, Anna stormed out.

Part of her wanted to pass off the whole incident as a bad dream. She even debated on getting a potion that would wipe it from her memory. Anna knew she should warn the Order about Barty being out but some where deep in her heart she was still attracted to him and even though he was probably still dangerous his father kept him under the Imperius curse—couldn' t cause any harm that way.

Then she was summoned again by Barty Sr to meet him at the Quidditch World Cup. She nearly refused to go, not wanting to be anywhere near the Crouch's in case his little plan of having Barty out was going to blow up in their faces. At the last minute, she decided to go. Meeting with him, Anna was asked by Barty Sr to take his son some place far from England and keep him under the curse. Maybe they could even reconcile their relationship and marry. Anna had no idea that Barty had slipped away from him during the Quidditch match but she did know one thing. She wanted nothing to do with the Crouches and refused.

Anna did keep her meeting with the Crouches secret due to the fact that she believed Barty Jr to be under control by his father. She, however, remained in England instead of returning to Ireland and actually lived for a while near Diagon Alley. It wasn't until hearing the rumors of the escape of Barty Jr in the papers and how he had been given a Dementor's kiss, that she sought out more information.

Meeting with an old friend from the Order, Anna learned more about what had happened. Barty Jr had tried to kill Harry, Voldemort had returned, the Order was assembled again. Anna knew that she had to do the right thing and confess that she knew that Barty Jr had been out before the Order did and could have stopped the entire process but decided against it. Heaven forbid that she be labeled a Death Eater!!!

Deciding to return with her friend to the Order, Anna remained silent for the longest time about where she had been. Finally claiming she had gone on to live with Muggles for a while and that she had thought things through. Apologizing again for her actions with Barty Jr and not believing them, Anna was slow to return to the field of working with the Order. She generally worked in the background and used her contacts in the different wizarding worlds around England (Italy, Spain, Ireland). However, as time went by and she slowly began to realize that she could trust them again, Anna has begun to step more out of the shadows.

She still has to inform them of her actions with the Crouches and who knows how bad that could come back and bite her.....


Pet/Familiar: She has three hermit crabs that are strictly pets! (she got them when working and living as a Muggle) Their names are Larry, Curly and Moe.
Friends: The Order (They are working on being friends' s a slow process), Molly Weasley-She cooks with her a lot of times and is the first person she actually opened up to when she came back to the Order.
Enemies: The Death Eaters, Voldemort
Crush: Remus Lupin—She'll deny it but she's got a crush on him. Must be an animal attraction thing. Barty Crouch Jr.--This one she won't deny since they went out together during the first war and while in school. However things between them fell apart after she was forced to see sense and discover that he's a Death Eater. Now he's a sore subject with her.
Other: werewolf- she doesn't hide it though since her return from the Muggle world. It was in the Muggle world that she learned that people can be 'different' or 'ill' (like with AIDS or some other type of illness) and can still be human. So she is use to living in a world where most people aren't afraid of responsible people who know how to control themselves. However, back in the magical world, Anna doesn't announce she's a werewolf but if confronted about it she won't deny it.


Mother: Nelly O'Rourke (nee Cahill)
Father: Seamus O'Rourke
Siblings: Joseph O'Rourke—brother, Cameron O'Rourke- Twin sister (both Muggle)
Grandparents: Bridgette O'Rourke, Tobias Cahill
Other Relatives of Importance: He's not a relative but her werewolf father is Fenrir Greyback.


Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Your characters view on Voldemort: This time he should stay dead.
Favourite subject was and why: Transfiguration – Come on changing Rats into cups, if only one could do it to annoying people occasionally!
Most disliked subject was and why: Divination—Reading Tea leaves...right, like that would actually work.
Favourite Professor was and why: Professor Thomasin- He was cute and it was sad to see him as a DADA teacher for one year. (come to think of it he is still rather dreamy...though now probably really old)
Most disliked Professor was and why: Snape—man has no sense of humor!!! Slughorn was okay...after all she did get away with some things in his class.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: N/A-never really took to Quidditch
Hobbies: dancing, fighting (wizard and muggle), cooking, bartending, meditation, cooking, playing poker
Likes: dancing, meditation, cooking , traveling, strong liquor (some would say she likes it a bit too much), Muggle movies (Particularly horror movies), her's the one feature she's probably vain about, Muggle music (Heavy metal, anything with a good beat...she loves it she has a strange special place in her heart for James Bond Theme songs), honey
Dislikes: using magic for personal gain (wither it's for appearance sake or some other reason), being forced to wait, being told the odds, people forcing her hand in things, war, Voldemort, Potions (Part of the reason why she didn't make her own Wolfsbane), Divination

Occupation: She was a Muggle bartender. However since returning to the magical world, Anna has been residing with the Order—unemployed but cooking meals for everyone. Which has gotten her rather close with the Weasleys and has helped her get back into trusting people in the order.

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