Argus Filch
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Full Name: Argus Filch
Age: Pre 1956
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Squib

Hair Colour: Grey

Physical Attributes: Argus Filch was a rheumatic man with hunched-shoulders and a hunchback. He had a horrible, pouchy and pasty face and bulging, pale eyes, along with sunken, veined cheeks. He had thin grey hair and quivery jawls. Skinny-ankled, Filch would usually wheeze and shuffle when walking. He had knobbly hands and, whenever he got the flu, a bulbous and unusually purple nose.

Filch usually wore a brown coat, although on special occasions he would wear a moldy-looking tailcoat or an ancient black suit and tie reeking of mothballs. At night, while not patrolling the corridors, Filch wore an old flannel dressing gown.


Filch had an extremely unpleasant personality. Despite working at a school, Filch seems to hate children, and he is universally despised by all the students, and some members of staff as well. Filch is quite sadistic and delights in doling out punishments, and is always lamenting that he is not allowed to use corporal punishment on students. Filch liked to have the Castle neat and tidy, and was infuriated when students made a mess with potion ingredients, or forgot to wipe their feet.

He was also very domineering and controlling, as demonstrated by the numerous times he asked students what they were doing when they were simply wandering around in what he thought was a suspicious manner.

He seems to be bitter and embarrassed about not being able to use magic, as is demonstrated when Harry Potter accidentally discovered his Kwikspell letters in 1992. Ron Weasley also suspects that Filch is always in such a foul mood due to his status as a Squib. Filch also has a difficulty in recognising potions, as he did not notice the Love Potions disguised as perfumes and cough potions by the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, nor did he notice the poisoned mead sent in by Madam Rosmerta (while under the Imperius Curse cast by Draco Malfoy).


Pet/Familiar: Cat named Mrs. Norris


Occupation: Caretaker of Hogwarts

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