Arrah Nicoli
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Full Name: Arrah Nicoli
Age: 38 (Born March 13th, 1958)
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 13" rosewood, oak handle, Dragon scale core

Height: 5' 8"

Eye Colour: ice blue
Hair Colour: Raven black
Physical Attributes: athletic, attractive
Accessories in general: silver and gold rings, other jewelry
Usual out of uniform attire: Scarlet robes predominant with black cloak and silver trimmings/embroidery


Determined, dedicated to her goals and those she chooses to befriend. Fiery tempered and quick to attack those who act aggressively towards her. She is slow to trust others, tends to assume the worst about people. When first seen she seems quite calm, introspective and attentive. She's very intelligent, cunning, power hungry and ambitious, in other words a Slytherin. Arrah is not afraid to speak her mind to anybody. Though fiery tempered and power hungry Arrah refrains from killing others, killing to her, is more a release than a punishment. She can also be very flirtatious, often flirting with danger for the thrill it gives her more than any possible tryst. Mysterious and confident men also attract her attention.


Arrah Nicoli was born in Romania in a little village called Mandrove. She lived a happy childhood, loved by both her parents. Her father was a Pureblood from an ancient line of Pureblood wizards who made their fame and fortune training dragons as combat beasts and mounts for the aristocracy. Most used them to ride upon or pit together in combat much like Muggles do with pitbulls. It was only when the Ministry of Magic across Europe made a universal declaration to ban the breeding of dragons for sport and pleasure that the Nicoli family started to decline. With their main source of riches now banned they had to find other ways to maintain the family fortune.

Her mother, originally from Scotland was a Muggleborn witch Vladimir found irresistible and married her though he kept secret her non-Pureblood origins. Leslie moved to Romania to be with her new husband and soon produced her only child, Arrah. Though Vladimir wanted a son to carry on his family name he could not get Leslie with child again. Finally deciding he was not destined to father another child, he doted on his daughter. He told her all about the majestic dragons his family used to breed and how they now support the Romanian Dragon reserve as well a others across Europe and Asia. He also told her about the new ventures the Nicoli family are involved in, including the breeding and training of other magical creatures, such as griffins and hippogriffs.

When Arrah's father died in an accident with a rogue dragon that was rampaging near Muggle settlements that had to be stopped, Leslie found herself suddenly the regent of a very large family fortune and a 6 year old daughter. Arrah was at the age where she was old enough to realize her father was gone. Loosing her father was hard on Arrah, for she was the closest with him. Thus she reacted to his loss in a typical 6 year old fashion, she withdrew into herself.

Leslie was stuck between trying to help her daughter and running the large Nicoli estate and business, both in Romania and abroad. As she never had the same business sense as her husband, Leslie arranged for the estate to be cared for by the Nicoli house elves which now saw her as Mistress. To oversee the business side, Leslie appointed her late husband's right hand man, Vosloo to take care of things. Packing up her things and taking Arrah with her, Leslie returned to her birth home in Scotland. There she lived off the money her late husband left for her and the small dividend she gained yearly from the Nicoli business. It was more than enough for her to live comfortably and she was able to focus on raising her daughter as well as she could alone. She also kept in contact with Vosloo to ensure she was kept informed of developments. much to her dismay she kept hearing news how business wasn't thriving as well as it could. Vosloo indicated that without her being there to personally oversee things, all the distant cousins who carried Nicoli blood fought hard to remove her from control completely. Given how women were looked down upon in Romania, even within the magical community, it was quickly becoming apparent that eventually she will loose everything from her husband if she didn't act. Not wanting to get into any lengthy battle, she told Vosloo he was now in charge of all decision making and can run the estate as he felt best. However the only thing she demanded was money be set aside for her daughter, to ensure she will have all the money she needed to gain whatever education she wished and could provide a proper dowry once she married. After this was done and signed with all the appropriate laywers, Leslie turned her attention on living a comfortable life.

Though Leslie tried to keep her distance from the wizarding world, she knew her daughter was gifted. Vladimir was a powerful wizard in his own right though he preferred to present a more genteel presence than an overbearing tyrant. Leslie herself was an average witch from Muggle parents and she didn't wish to remind her few Muggle friends and relatives she was a witch. But moving to Scotland allowed her to have friends nearby to help out which was a great comfort to her. Thus she didn't teach her daughter much about magic, letting her draw her own conclusions about the strange things that would happen around her time to time.

When Arrah's Hogworts invitation arrived her mother explained about the wizarding world. Though at first shocked at this revelation, Arrah embraced her studies with an eagerness her mother found surprising. It also became apparent that Arrah was good at magical studies, far better than she was at her age.

Her mother was surprised Arrah was sorted into Slytherin House as her father had never shown a great deal of cunning or ambition. Though the Nicoli family of wizards is very old, only a very few were considered Dark Wizards or Witches. Arrah is now the only surviving member of the Nicoli family as a direct descendant and many other wizarding families feel it is in fact extinct, as Arrah is a female and thus unable to pass the name onto her children. Even though she did have second cousins and more distant relations carrying the Nicoli blood, she is the last to bear the name Nicoli. At least till she married.

When Arrah entered Hogwarts for her first year she was amazed at the window of opportunity it presented her. She made a few friends in her first year, keeping mostly to herself. Though sorted into Slytherin she didn't immediately display the cunning and determination so associated with members of the House.

When she started her second year, Arrah no longer tolerated the jeers of her classmates. Rounding on a group of boys, she voiced her view of their behavior followed by a very well cast hex. The shock of seeing this previous quiet and withdrawn girl retaliating with quite some skill convinced many she was not to be trifled with. From that on it was apparent she had learned quite a bit in her first year and obviously learned more on her own. Those who continued to tease her quickly learned her short temper resulted in nasty hexes being cast their way. Unfortunately this newly displayed self confidence resulted in her getting into trouble several times during her OWL years. In her final years she learned to better control her temper and students her age and older knew it was better not to annoy her. She certainly wasn't the most powerful witch in school but fierce enough she gained enough respect to be considered a non target by most of her peers. It didn't mean she lacked in a few enemies.

Arrah made friends with a select group of Slytherin students, including Narcissa Black with whom she became close friends and carried that friendship well into adulthood. Being this close to Narcissa included meeting and being friends with Lucius Malfoy, an older boy with an air of self importance and smooth manner that won Narcissa's heart almost the moment she met him. At least it seemed that way to Arrah. She did find Lucius very attractive but her main concern was her studies, not boys. Thus, Narcissa won his heart long before Arrah could truly appreciate what a fine boy he was.

She was also classmates with the Gryffindor students known as the Marauders. For the most part she paid them little attention but didn't like the fact they often picked on one of her fellow Slytherins. Fortunately these 4 boys, James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin kept their pranks to other people, especially a greasy haired boy by the name of Severus Snape. Arrah didn't have anything to do with these boys, preferring to direct her attention in her work and her own small circle of friends.

In her second year, when James Potter became Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, his popularity grew. Arrah could see Potter was the teacher's favorite and the other students admired him, both for his skill as Seeker and the uncanny ability he had to avoiding punishment. The other students all seemed to find it admirable how often Potter avoided more detentions and point loss than he actually received. Several times Arrah saw this group of boys constantly picking on Severus. Not really caring who the Potter gang habitually tormented, Arrah ignored the times she witnessed such prosecution. Yet the fact they were picking on a fellow Slytherin soon began to annoy her.

One day she happened to notice Snape alone in a corridor towards the end of her fourth year and she walked up to him. The boy barely looked at her till she spoke, asking why he let Potter torment him so much? Why didn't he fight back? Snape only told her to mind her own business and hurried off. Deciding it wasn't worth the effort to help another if they weren't willing to help themselves, Arrah didn't concern herself with Snape again that year.

Arrah made Prefect in her fifth year at Hogwarts. She used this extra bit of authority and power to her advantage. Arrah didn't use it to bully other kids but certainly used it to take points of Gryffindor when she caught Potter and his friends breaking rules. However Arrah didn't go out of her way to catch the Potter gang rule breaking, finding her studies keeping her busy enough.

When in her final year at Hogwarts, she noticed a change in Snape. Though she really didn't know the boy, she caught him throwing hexes at Potter, who managed to deflect them. Once again Potter and his close friends had decided to torment Snape. Arrah herself felt such antics rather childish and didn't think much of Potter and his friends. She was impressed that despite being outclassed and often out numbered, Snape constantly tried to fight against Potter and his friends. Hanging back out of sight, Arrah waited till Potter and his friends dispersed, leaving Snape sprawled on the grass fighting against the hexes left upon him by James and Sirius. Striding up to him, Arrah calmly cancelled the hexes and offer her hand to Snape, who completely ignored it. Seeing that Snape would never accept help, Arrah shrugged and congratulated Snape on his skill with hexes, some of which she had not seen before.

Her tactic to try flattery instead of offering assistance brought no better results. Snape told her to bug off and stormed away. Deciding he wasn't worth her time at all, Arrah ignored her fellow Slytherin and used her free time to focus on her studies, so she could achieve the NEWTs she needed so she could pursue her career of choice. But she was always curious about Snape and could see he was very intelligent and very unappreciated by his peers. It was only towards the end of her years in Hogwarts when most of the gang of Slytherins Snape and Arrah both associated with left Hogwarts, as most were older, that the two of them actually talked.

They never became close friends, certainly not as close as Arrah was with Narcissa or Lucius but it was an improvement over Snape's usual cold attitude towards her. Since they were in their NEWT years and Arrah didn't have much time to waste on working on a friendship that Severus didn't seem to keen on returning, she didn't bother, however she maintained a polite acquaintance. For the most part they only saw each other in class and when both spared time out of their studies to participate in Professor Slughorn's little gathering of choice students which he called his `Slug Club'. These little gatherings allowed Arrah to get to know his choice students better and it wasn't difficult for her to know what Slughorn was doing. It certainly served her long term goals to be on good terms not only with her Head of House but the very students he collected.

Arrah devoted her time to her studies. Though several times, in her pursuit of knowledge and power, she ran afoul of the rules and served detention and other such unpleasant punishments, Arrah always learned from her mistakes and improved, be it becoming better at sneaking around or finding more overt ways to accomplish her goals. She received outstanding OWLs and NEWTs in most of her subjects but could never spare the time to get a high grade in History of Magic, not quite the top of her class but high enough she could pursue any career she choose. Attracted to the allure of more power, Arrah joined forces with Lord Voldemort. However it quickly became apparent to her that Voldemorts methods to achieve power were very unlike her own.

Unlike some of her fellow classmates, most notable Severus Snape, Arrah didn't immediately become a Death Eater. But she still swore service to the Dark Lord. By her own initiative she applied to become an Auror, a plan she informed her Death Eater mentor, who kept the Dark Lord informed. She hoped that being in training she will not only learn the skills Aurors used to catch Dark Wizards but also get to know the current classes of Aurors. This way she could tell who will be in the next graduating Aurors. With this plan in mind she joined up and with her high marks from Hogwarts and the additional testing just to be admitted into Auror training, was expected to become a great Auror.

For nearly two years Arrah studied hard to become an Auror, all the time talking to the other Auror hopefuls who entered training the same year as her. She also made it a point to get to know students ahead of her in Auror training, learning all she could without rising suspicions. The reasons each had joined was much the same, some suffered losses due to the Dark Lord's actions, some had older family members who were Aurors before them, some just had a strong sense of righteousness and wanted to defeat Voldemort and all other Dark Wizards. Arrah befriended many and her charming manner, pretty face and cunning allowed her to pry out more information that these young Aurors to be should ever reveal, if they paid more attention to what their teachers taught them. Some of the older students, especially those who were near to graduating, were much more resistant to her charms and she learned little about them. What she did learn, she reported to the Dark Lord, including a special trip where the final graduating class would have a difficult field test.

Arrah went to this place in secret, for it was not permitted for lower level trainees to even know of the place, much less be present during the field tests. But Arrah didn't come just to watch but to destroy the soon to graduate class, thus eliminating nearly a dozen new Aurors. The Dark Lord sent several of his Death Eaters with Arrah, to conduct the attack and kill as many of the senior Aurors and the graduating class. The attack was a complete surprise to the senior Aurors and the graduating class were slow to realize this wasn't all part of their test. By the time they realized this was for real, many were already killed. Arrah concentrated on attacking the more senior members, knowing who most of them were and how they taught. It did give her an edge but not for long.

Not all were killed and two of the half dozen Death Eaters who came with her to conduct this attack fell as well. But Arrah succeeded in escaping and claiming several kills herself. She was proud of what she did and the Dark Lord was very pleased. Even if some of the graduating Aurors and senior Aurors managed to escape, the blow to their ranks was devastating. It earned Arrah the Dark Lord's favor and he branded her with the Dark Mark. Since then Arrah served the Dark Lord without failure, even when she started to have doubts whether her ambition would blossom to full flower under his service.

The Dark Lord was not a man that would be moved by her skills at seduction nor did he present an approachable air. Arrah knew he did share some of his secrets with the more senior Death Eaters, especially those who were close to him, such as Bellatrix or Snape. Arrah wanted to know everything the Dark Lord had learned in his studies to find the secret of immortality but walking up to him asking him was not an option. Arrah was leery about revealing she wished immortality, that the Dark Lord would consider her a potential rival if she too gained immortality. With such a gift it would give her unlimited time to perfect her art and grow in power.

Arrah continued her lessons as an Auror for nearly a month more before she resigned and left. Since she was disguised as a Death Eater during the attack and giving how fast it happened, she was not recognized or suspected as being the one responsible. But Arrah didn't want to push her luck by lingering longer than necessary. Leaving too early would rise suspicions she had something to do with the attack but after a month, if the Aurors suspected her, they would have arrested her by then.

With training no longer taking up most of her time, Arrah decided to open up a magical creature training business. This will give her a cover for her Death Eater activities and explain why she hung around with many of the more powerful Pureblood families. It also supplemented her income. She did not take long to start establishing a reputation as an excellent trainer of magical creatures, especially larger more dangerous ones often used by Pureblood family as guardians of their large estates or investments. It was through this business she ran into an old family friend. Vaeden Grimshaw.

Barely a week after she reacquainted herself with Vaeden she learned her mother was killed. Though she never knew for certain why she died, the Ministry considered it a closed case. Arrah suspected somebody was sniffing about her past and her mother defended herself but died in the process. She also considered it may have been a hit against her family by Voldemort but discarded it. The Ministry investigators did not report seeing the Dark Mark blaring above her mother's home but there was evidence somebody broke into the house and ransacked the place. They concluded her mother must have surprised a thief or thieves and they killed her in a fight. Arrah considered investigating deeper, perhaps track down the thieves and deal with them personally but realized she didn't really care that much. In fact she knew it was better she kept all ties with her mother's side of the family completely. It would not reflect well on her if it came out her mother was a Muggleborn witch, instead of a Pureblood. Also, she had become estranged from her mother for years.

Ever since she was old enough to take care of herself, Arrah had spent less and less time visiting her mother till the point she stopped visiting altogether by the end of her 6th year. This was mostly due to a fight she and her mother had during the summer before her 6th year of school. Arrah's mother was more and more against Arrah associating with Narcissa Black, or Lucius Malfoy, saying both came from bad families that were up to no good. Arrah refused to comply, saying she will spend time with whoever she wished her mother can either shut up about it or face the consequences. Angry at Arrah's tone of voice she ordered Arrah out of the house. Arrah gladly left, only staying long enough to pack up her things. She had stayed with Narcissa for the rest of the summer and the next.

After learning of the Nicoli estate waiting for Arrah after she read her mother's will, Arrah made a trip to Romania to establish herself as the head of the family. The loyalty of the house elves convinced her Vosloo she was indeed who she claimed to be. He had not seen Arrah since she was about 6 or 7 years old. Arrah checked the books and realized her distant relatives were well on the way to spending all her inheritance due to the influence they managed to obtain over Vosloo. A brief bloodbath followed as Arrah showed she could be as ruthless as any wizard and just how much a temper she had. Once the dust settled, Arrah appointed a more responsible caretaker, gave orders on how she wanted money managed and the direction the Nicoli investments will take and other housekeeping duties. Even then she had to sell off many assets to pay off debts and get everything balanced. Getting all of this organized took her several months. Finally she returned to the UK and kept a close though distant eye on the Nicoli estates and businesses to make sure it didn't deteriorate anymore.

Voldemort's quest for immortality mirrored her own but Arrah kept her desires to herself, not wanting the Dark Lord to feel he had competition in such matters. How effective she was at hiding her own ambitions from the Dark Lord, Arrah never learned. However she suspected he knew something of her desires as he seemed to grow more suspicious of her. Not that she did anything against his wishes, killing, torturing and controlling those she needed to in order to do his will. The actual tasks assigned to her grew less and less important in her eyes, which caused her to feel Voldemort did indeed sense she no longer felt his way was the best way to achieve her personal goals. It also proved to her that she no longer had his complete trust. Assuming of course Lord Voldemort completely trusted any of his followers and Death Eaters.

Even though Arrah wasn't fond of killing Muggles, it did not mean she didn't enjoy all other aspects of being a Death Eater. One thing she was particularly good at was extracting information. Most Death Eaters knew how to cast Crucio and other Unforgivable Curses, some were expects at one or two of the three Unforgivable Curses. Arrah was very skilled with Crucio. It wasn't because Arrah spent huge amounts of time casting the torture curse it was mostly because inflecting pain on another was something she found she enjoyed. The whole concept of torture fascinated her and she would read anything she can get her hands on how best to torture people. However her school work, training to be an Auror, running a magical creature training business to cover her Death Eater activities and serving the Dark Lord left her little time to research torture. But the few times she actually cast the torture curse to extract information from a prisoner, Arrah found she really was good at it despite her lack of experience and she enjoyed it highly. In fact the only Death Eater she knew who was better at it and enjoyed it as much if not more than Arrah herself, was Bellatrix.

It was around the time Arrah realized she was very good at casting Crucio that she was selected, along with Bellatrix and Severus to oversee things, to torture a spy found within the Death Eater ranks, Cassandra Quartermaine. Arrah spent hours torturing her with the help of a potion Severus designed with the help of Wilhelm von Wittelsbach, a mutual friend, which prevented a person from losing consciousness often caused by extreme pain. During those long hours, Arrah learned everything Cassandra knew. Arrah gave her report to the Dark Lord when finished. The Dark Lord was very pleased with the results. In celebration she enjoyed a very good party at the Malfoy Manor where the exposure and torture of Cassandra occurred. IT was also here that Arrah noticed Severus had snuck away from the celebrations. Finding him reclining in Lucius's study, Arrah decided to seduce Severus. She could see he had drank a fair bit of wine and though she had drank fair bit herself, she was in full control of her facilities. She didn't think Severus was in full control of his own. It didn't take much effort on her part to seduce Severus and she was rather surprised he was totally unskilled as a lover. At this time Arrah had taken several lovers, mostly during her time training as an Auror. She never paid any attention to what girls Severus hung out with at school but in retrospect, she recalled she never saw him with any other girls.

Despite being a virgin as far as Arrah was aware, she found her coupling with Severus very enjoyable especially after he started to get the hang of things. But she didn't take offense when he slunk off in the morning and avoided her for months to come. Arrah wouldn't have minded additional flings with Severus but Arrah wasn't about to push herself on him. But she couldn't quite get him out of her mind after that. Something about his sexual innocence attracted her but she didn't think he would let himself be caught off guard by her again.

Despite her efforts to show she was quite willing to do all that Voldemort commanded Arrah still didn't approve of Muggle killings and torturing. To her such actions were wasteful and gave more a bully's impression of the strength of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Despite her feelings about how the actions of the Death Eaters and even Lord Voldemort seemed bullish to her, she couldn't deny Voldemort was very powerful. Rarely had she seen him in action personally but from what she heard from other Death Eaters and how he so easily defeated strong wizards and witches, even in groups, Voldemort really didn't have an equal, except perhaps Albus Dumbledore. Yet despite knowing how powerful Voldemort was and how easily he could achieve feats of magic practically impossible for anybody else, including herself, Arrah sensed she would achieve more on her own.

However, Arrah was no fool. Being a Death Eater wasn't a job at the ministry where you can resign anytime she wished. Death Eaters could only resign in one way, death. As Arrah had no intention of being killed, she made her plans to disappear. However, much to Arrah's surprise, before she could utilize her plans to disappear, Lord Voldemort was defeated. It was quite a shock for Arrah to learn the greatest dark wizard of her time was destroyed by a child, a child of no remarkable ability as far as she heard. The child of James and Lily Potter, two people Arrah had very little to do with during their time at school.

The fall of the Dark Lord throw the Death Eaters into chaos. Some fled, others sought to find a way to avenge their master's death, a few tried to become the new Dark Lord. Many were captured and tossed into Azkaban; others claimed they were under the Imperious Curse and thus escape prosecution. A few died instead of being captured. Arrah took this opportunity to slip away.

After the fall of Voldemort, an occurrence Arrah found hard to believe, giving the time and effort Voldemort spent seeking immortality. What methods Voldemort had used to prolong his life and give himself immortality, if he ever succeeded, Arrah never knew. Voldemort wasn't the kind of leader who revealed his own research or powers, except in the performance of his own skill. Not knowing what Voldemort had researched in his quest for immortality, there was no way Arrah could know for sure if Lord Voldemort was truly dead. The rumors were many, some saying he lost all his power and fled, others he was transformed into something not dead or alive plus countless other rumors. Arrah didn't put much stock in any of the rumors, though she personally suspected Voldemort wasn't dead. What had happened to him and why the Potter boy survived the attack, she didn't know. Though Arrah wanted immortality herself, her time with Voldemort did little to move her further along the path to discovering immortality. Of course she had read about the Philosopher's Stone but felt it was a crutch, a weakness, to always have to take the elixir daily. There was just too much risk in running out at a bad time, having the stone stolen or destroyed. No, she wanted her immortality to be without such strings. Voldemort was unwilling to share his knowledge of immortality, at least not to her. Thus Arrah knew she would have to find the secret to immortality on her own. Thus she was glad Voldemort fell from power, whether he was outright killed or just lost all his power or whatever the truth was, Arrah took full advantage of his fall.

Having disappeared while the Death Eaters were still trying to figure what happened to their lord, were fighting amongst themselves or against Ministry wizards, Arrah laid low. She took refuge in the mansion of an old friend, whom she met during her time as a magical creature trainer. She also knew him as a child, before her mother took her away from her home town in Romania. Vaeden Grimshaw was an old family friend and a very accomplished breeder. The fact he was also a vampire didn't make any difference to Arrah. He has long proven to be trustworthy. Arrah also knew he was indifferent to Voldemort or his followers. Though she never told him she was a Death Eater, Arrah felt safe to ask if she could stay at his Germany mansion while things died down. Vaeden didn't refuse her and told her to stay as long as she wished.

Safely hidden away in Vaeden's mansion in Germany, Arrah spent several years working on new spells, finding research difficult as she didn't want to draw attention to herself. Though staying in one location did make it easier to do the work required to develop new spells, it also made it more likely somebody she didn't want to find her will. Even keeping track of news from the Wizarding community had its risks. However, a combination of cunning and determination, two things she was very good at, Arrah was able to keep her existence secret, at least as far as she was aware. If any wizard or witch knew she was alive, formally a death eater and her location, they either kept it to themselves or no action was taken with that information.

During her time staying at Vaeden's, Arrah also researched Muggle torture techniques of the dark ages and other times. Muggle techniques were fascinating and with the current increased knowledge of anatomy, Arrah added new skills to her repertoire. However Arrah knew reading about torture techniques was nothing compared to the actual hands on experience. At times Arrah would kidnap unwary wizards and witches and the occasional Muggle, who she experimented upon. She found many of the torture techniques she read quite effective, though often very disfiguring and ending up with the death of the victim. However to be allowed the release of death was often all the incentive the victim wanted after many hors of agonizing torture, sometimes even days.

Staying in Vaeden's mansion also made it easier for Arrah to keep tabs on what was happening to her family holdings in Romania. She often made trips there, confident she wouldn't be looked for there. Arrah never talked openly of her family to anybody except very close friends, such as Narcissa and of course the Vaeden. Most acquaintances just knew her surname and nothing else. Older Pureblood families with Eastern European ties may have heard of the Nicoli family but giving its decline in the last century, many may not realize Arrah was directly related to that family.

After nearly 5 years staying in Vaeden's Germany mansion, Arrah relocated to the Americas. Throughout Voldemort's reign, the South American Wizarding community seemed the least affected and Arrah felt this was the perfect location to do her research with the least possible risk. Using different names and disguising her appearance with simple spells and Muggle disguises, Arrah was able to obtain a lot of research materials she needed to perfect several new spells. Though none were as powerful as the unforgivable curses, all were very useful defenses against the Dark Arts and even the more common offensive and defensive spells available. Even with these new spells in her arsenal, Arrah had no illusions she could stand up to a wizard who was as powerful as Voldemort or even Dumbledore. However she was quite confident she would hold her own against most Death Eaters. Assuming of course if she went up against them one on one and perhaps caught them by surprise. Arrah wasn't stupid enough to try and fight a fair fight with any practitioner of the Dark Arts, heck; Arrah knew she wouldn't fight fair herself. Fair fights were for fools and dandies.

Starting her research and travels in the Americas Arrah set up base in the jungles of Brazil, near the border of Venezuela, Though she wasn't close to any large muggle or wizarding community, she did come across several native and non native wizards and witches. Very few actually spoke English and Arrah didn't have the time to learn all the native tongues she encountered. However with the use of a local well versed with the local native languages and English, Arrah was able to enlist him to serve as interpreter. The man himself was a wizard but of such little skill he rarely even used his wand. However his skills as a linguist were exception. He spoke all the native languages of Venezuela and surrounding countries as well as English flawlessly, with barely a trace of an accent. So good was his skill Arrah suspected that was his true magical talent though why this wasn't discovered in while the man was in school, she never did learn. It was nearly two years in Brazil that Arrah heard of a wizard who possessed a unique creature. As she had always enjoyed magical creatures of all sorts, recognizing them for the various uses they can be, Arrah decided to see what this creature was. From what she heard of it, it seemed to be something quire remarkable and if it was only half of what it was claimed to be, it would be of great use to her, both as companion and pet.

Though it took some persuading and cunning on her part, Arrah finally was able to learn where to find this wizard. Tracking through the jungles was tiresome but necessary to get to him. Once he located the man, Arrah was somewhat disappointed. What she heard of the creature, she assumed it possessed powers similar to that of a dragon. However, it quickly became apparent to her the creature in question was little more than a glorified lizard. However she still saw some value in it. The creature or at least the parents were much like the muggle green iguana though about a foot shorter in length. Also, instead of bright green scales, this creature was more golden in color with a lot of rich orange/brown patterning.

After lengthy talks with the creator of the species, Arrah quickly learned he had used magical means to enhance natural green iguana abilities and though the wizard didn't' admit it, Arrah suspected some form of hybridization was also done somewhere back in its genology. The wizard, whose name Arrah learned was Flemingo, wouldn't go into details about how he created the creature but the result was still very spectacular. About 4' in total length from its narrow pointed snout to the tip of its tail with leathery wings the same span as its total body length, the lizard like creature possessed an intelligence not normally found in reptiles of any sort. The only reptilian creature Arrah could think of that possessed its own cunning intelligence was that of dragons. However this lizard resembled dragons only superficially, mainly it was reptilian with wings. With further discussions with Flemingo, Arrah learned more about the extent of the creature's intelligence. It was about as smart as a Germen Shepard dog, able to respond and recognize voice commands and able to perform many simple tasks. It certainly was able to deliver messages much like owls did in the wizarding community. It also seemed to know how to find the addressee, no matter where that particular person happened to be located at the time the message was sent. It was also very loyal to its owner, the bond between owner and lizard being established at birth. Once you have one of these gold drakes, as Flemingo called them, it was yours for your or its entire life. You couldn't sell it off later, for it would always return to you.

Giving the creatures abilities Arrah inquired why these animals weren't more available in the wizarding world. Flemingo informed Arrah the lizards do not reproduce very often nor was it easy to create more to increase breeding groups. It also didn't help it was very difficult to have more than two such creatures as pets at any given time. At best a wizard or witch could have a mated pair of gold drakes, offspring almost always went wild, instead of bonding with the wizard or witch who already had two adults bonded with him. Arrah was surprised at this news yet after some thought it made sense. No wizard or witch she ever heard of would have more than one or two pets or familiars, so it made sense these lizards would possess that same limitation. She also knew the Ministry kept tight reins on who could breed or imbue normal creatures with magic or breed with magical creatures. Arrah suspected this wizard, Flemingo may not have Ministry Approval, or at least there were such restrictions with the British Ministry of Magic. Arrah didn't know the laws of the Ministry of Magic in Brazil. Yet she certainly had never heard of such creatures being offered in Britain before.

From what she learned of the creature and observing the mated pair Flemingo had with him, Arrah definitely knew she wanted to have a goldrake of her own. There may be troubles for her when she decided to return to Britain but as she had no intention to breed her gold drake or sell them. She suspected it wouldn't cause much a problem, especially once it was shown they were no more dangerous than an owl or cat.

Since she had to wait till the pair of gold drakes owned by Flemingo to breed and lay eggs, Arrah returned to her research till it was time to collect her gold drake egg. Flemingo had insisted on a deposit which Arrah was happy to pay and once she had his word he will notify her as soon as his female gold drake laid her pair of eggs, Arrah left. It was nearly two years later when she was contacted by Flemingo. Returning to his home, Arrah choose one of the eggs and paid him the balance of what she owned him. The cost for the gold drake egg was quite high, using up a good portion of the galleons she had brought with her after Voldemort's defeat. Fortunately she had not needed much money for her research, finding other means to trade for the knowledge she needed to continue her research.

For the bulk of the following year, Arrah incubated the egg and waited impatiently for it to hatch. When finally it did she made sure she had food at hand to offer it. After hatching and regular feedings, it quickly accepted her as his friend and mistress and Arrah named him Horsh. Arrah spent a lot of her time training Horsh and found she had much less time to do her research. Despite having created several new spells, Arrah found she was no closer in learning how to gain immortality than when what she had after Voldemort's defeat.

After such a long time hiding and working in the jungles, Arrah finally decided she should head back to the UK, or at least, to Romania. Her time in South American prevented her from keeping close ties with her caretaker and she grow worried he would be spending all her money again. She had sent some correspondence randomly but responses were slow coming back, mostly due to distance.

She also noticed with alarm that the dark mark on her arm, the mark Lord Voldemort himself tattooed on her arm was once again becoming clearer till it looked as though it was freshly done. When it burned and seemed to writhe with a life of its own Arrah knew Lord Voldemort had returned to full power. When the summons came for her to appear before him, she resisted it. As she already decided many years ago to leave the Dark Lord's service, she saw no reason to change her mind. Resisting the summons would mean that Lord Voldemort would know of her betrayal as would all other surviving Death Eaters. However Arrah didn't let this alarm her. Instead she began to prepare herself. The first thing she needed to do was contact the one wizard she knew would be making preparations to stand against Voldemort. Arrah knew she had to do this, not just for her own protection but because it would allow her to continue with her own personal goals. Yet if the Dark Lord has returned, then Arrah knew he must have achieved some sort of immortality.

With her newly acquired defenses against Dark Arts Arrah was more than ready to join the fight against Lord Voldemort. Arrah knew it wouldn't be easy to convince those who stood against him that she was totally dedicated in seeing his downfall however she hoped the fact few knew of her membership with the Death Eaters would work in her favor. Other than a few Death Eaters themselves knew she served the Dark Lord. Arrah was sure those who fought against Voldemort wouldn't know of her participation, as she had made sure back then, that there were no witnesses to what she did for Voldemort. However, by now, it was possible some Death Eaters may have revealed her name. Only time will tell how this would affect her future. Arrah knew she could divert blame from her for her actions during those times so wasn't overly worried. It was gaining the trust of those who will now be preparing themselves to stand against Voldemort that will be the biggest challenge.

Deciding sending Horsh as a messenger may lead to misconceptions, Arrah used a public owl to send messages to Albus Dumbledore, the only wizard Arrah was positive would be involved in preparing a group to fight against Voldemort and his followers. After several letters of conversation and a personal meeting with him, Arrah was finally accepted into the Order of the Phoenix. She wasn't sure Dumbledore knew already she was a death eater but most likely would quickly find out after their initial conversations. Arrah could remember Dumbledore questioning her quite intensely about her actions during the first time Voldemort was in power. Suspecting Dumbledor had discovered she had been a Death Eater, Arrah decided to take a gamble. She knew about Dumbledore that he was a firm believer in second chances so she took the chance this fact about him had not changed. She admitted to having been a Death Eater but she had wised up and was planning to leave Voldemort's service as soon as she was able. The fact Voldemort fell from power was a stroke of luck Arrah took full advantage of. Arrah further explained she no longer served Voldemort nor found his methods acceptable. Dumbledore accepted this explanation though Arrah didn't think he completely believed everything she said. Arrah was not against killing innocents but she had one standard, no point killing anybody unless absolutely necessary. However as Dumbledore accepted her into the Order of the Phoenix Arrah could only assume Dumbledore trusted her enough to feel she will no longer go against the laws of the wizarding community.

But she had doubts she did the right thing in seeking Dumbledore's protection. The Dark Lord had returned, apparently defeating death and to Arrah, that was exactly what she wanted for herself, a way to cheat death. The Dark Lord had always spoke his goal was to become immortal and rule over the land, purifying the filth which populated nearly every corner of the country. The filth of course were Muggles but that didn't matter to Arrah. It was the fact the Dark Lord wad defeated but now was back, stronger than ever.

Arrah was having doubts, doubts that she made a big mistake by not coming to the Dark Lord the moment she felt her arm burn. She would have had to make many jumps but she could have apparated herself back to the UK and joined her Lord within a day or two after his summons. The longer she delayed returning to him and swearing her undying loyalty the better chance he would forgive her and give her a chance to prove herself once again. But the Dark Lord was not a very forgiven person and being killed by him was a possibility. So she waited.

Finding out Severus was still a part of the Order and teaching at Hogwarts was a shock. She had not know Snape had been sent to Hogwarts as a spy for the Dark Lord on Dumbledore so finding him in that position, confused her. Arrah did not know if he was going to tell Albus she was in fact a Death Eater, or tell the Dark Lord where she could be found.

Finally when the Dark Lord summoned his minions once again Arrah arrived. She threw herself at the Dark Lord's feet and waited for his punishment. He was merciful but not pleased. But he gave her a second chance. Arrah found she was happier than she expected she would be. But she knew she would have tread carefully for now she knew she could be exposed as she wasn't 100% sure where Snape's true loyalties were and Snape was too good of an occluments that Arrah would never know. All she could hope is Severus was loyal to the Dark Lord as well and set as a spy against Dumbledore and not the other way around.

After a few weeks at Hogwarts as the school counselor, she disappeared. Nobody knows why she vanished or if she was still alive.


Pet/Familiar: Horsh
Friends: Horsh, Narcissa Malfoy, Snape, some other members of the order. Lucius, Wilhelm, Vaeden Grimshaw,
Enemies: no open enemies at the moment, potentially some death eaters and Members of the OotP if her allegiances are revealed


Mother: Leslie MacKonneky Nicoli: deceased
Father: Vladamir Nicoli deceased
Grandparents: deceased


Nationality: Romania/UK
Birthplace: Mandrove (small town in Romania)
Your characters view on Voldemort: Dislike him but drawn to his power. Like him she too seeks immortality and with his recent return to power, she now knows he has found the secret to immortality or at least is very close to that very secret.
Favourite subject was and why: Care of Magical Creatures, found them fascinating and beneficial to know how to care for them.
Most disliked subject was and why: Divination. Didn't believe one's future could be foreseen, destiny was a crutch of the weak, one made their own destiny through their own efforts or lack of.
Hobbies: tribal magic, breeding magical creatures, dragon riding
Likes: power Pure and simple
Dislikes: not getting her way

Occupation: death eater, Member of Order of Phoenix, trainer/breeder of magical creatures. She was acting as a School Counselor, but when she disappeared the position was given to Remus Lupin.

OOC Information

Player: Sandra