Ciaran Merridan
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Full Name: Ciaran Eamon Patrick Merridan
Age: 35 (May 7th, 1960)
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 14", Cherry wood, Phoenix tail core.

Height: 6' 0"

Eye Colour: Blue-grey
Hair Colour: Dark blond
Physical Attributes: Ciaran is a good looking man to most people, possessing a natural roguish look about him and charming smile. He keeps himself in good shape and is quite limber, a quality that works well for him in his other profession. He keeps his dark blond hair long, just shy of shoulder length, and a little messy at times as though wind blown. He almost always has a few days growth of beard on his face, adding to his roguish appearance.
Accessories in general: Wears a few pieces of quality jewellery appropriate for a man. He also wears a watch which looks very much like a Muggle Rolex but it is magical in nature, instead of using typical Muggle technology. He also keeps a set of runes on him so he has them ready if he ever needs them.
Usual out of uniform attire: Wears more casual Muggle style clothing, jeans, a shirt or t-shirt. When around wizards he wears robes that are stylish but more casual, which present his form in a flattering way. He dresses to enhance his own good looks and charms.


Ciaran is very much the player, roguish and full of charm. He enjoys flirting and seducing women of all ages, even risky ages especially if he's initially unaware of a particular woman's true age. He doesn't care if they are Muggle or witch either. As long as they are decently attractive he's more than willing. Besides being very much the player and enjoying female company as often as he can get it, Ciaran is good natured, witty and very much a risk taker. He enjoys teasing and pushing his limits and isn't above throwing a wink or flattery even towards men. Even though he acts the rogue he does have his own set of morals and loyalties. Once he gives his word, he sticks to it so he doesn't give his word often. He is very loyal to whoever pays him to do a job and may even maintain that loyalty after the job's done, all depending on how he likes the one who hires him.


Ciaran was born in Dublin, Ireland to a self claimed pureblood mother and father. Ciaran was the only child born to the Merridans and thus was quite proudly put on 'display' as their Heir. Ciaran loved the attention and often would bring even more attention upon himself by being witty, a practical joker and able to entertain with fantastical tales he would make up on the spot or read from books with a clarity of voice. He also developed a passion for Muggle locks and security systems, often going to the Muggle areas in Dublin and unlocking doors, bikes, cars, anything he could spend enough time to unlock. Electronic alarms fascinated him the most as they were not so easily 'seen' but he didn't understand Muggle electricity and how their electronics worked. Often he was chased off for setting off car alarms or house alarms in his efforts to learn how to bypass them.

Mr. Merridan, worried his wizard son will end up running afoul of the Muggle law and thus draw needless attention from the Ministry of Magic, decided a stricter environment was needed for the boy. The harsher conditions and heavier emphases on magic, both Dark and light, Durmstrang was known for seemed perfect for Ciaran to study magic within. Thus when he came of age, Ciaran found himself shipped off to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts, where most of his magical friends were going. Ciaran didn't let this daunt him for he was far to fascinated to learn about magic than the fact his friends won't be around. Ciaran was confident his natural charm and sense of humour will win him friends as quickly as it has always done in the past.

Ciaran's first month at Durmstrang was both a thrilling experience and a fright of his life. He learned fast that being in the hallways was dangerous. Older students often hexed each other aggressively though most left First Years alone, but some tried to make them serve as distractions. Ciaran was intimidated by all this aggression but learned his wit and sense of humor proved beneficial. As the first year continued he gained confidence, as his magical skill and knowledge increased and his friends among the first years grew. Though he was never top of his class he did well enough he became good at hexing. He could hold his own in hex wars but often just avoided getting into major ones by staying with groups of friends. He also loved to prank others, and often he did that far more often than just throwing hexes.

It was in his second year when he took noticed of some 5th years studying hard. Normally he left the older students study while they did so in the common room but this caught his eye. The student was moving rune stones over the table and something about them caught Ciaran's eye. He walked up and watched, but every time the student arranged them in a certain way, it never looked right to Ciaran. Finally he reached over and turned the rune that was never looking right to him. It was then Ciaran learned he had an innate knack with runes...a prodigy of sorts. He was fascinated and wanted to learn more. Between studying for his own classes Ciaran read books on runes he found in the library. Most of his fellow class mates laughed, as such books were for older students and Ciaran had not even taken any Ancient Rune classes. Ciaran didn't care, he drank in the knowledge like juice.

As the years went by Ciaran became known as a prankster and rarely took anything series. He was often in detention because of hex wars, usually because he pranked somebody and they sought revenge by hexing him in the corridors. But Ciaran became even more sneakier. By his OWL year he was known to be good with runes and rune traps as well as rigging other not so magical traps, so often those who want to hex him ended up in rune traps or having buckets of entrails fall on their heads, among other things. That and Ciaran had a tight group of friends, mostly his dorm mates but others of his year, who stuck with him, which made it easier for Ciaran to continue with his pranks without worrying about being sent to the hospital wing every week. Ciaran wasn't afraid of the others, he could hold his own in a hex fight but he never considered himself an excellent dueller, just around average. But he did the next best thing and ensured the top duellers in his House, were his good friends.

His skill in Ancient Runes quickly put him at the very top of his rune class and Ciaran knew he would have little trouble to get into the more advanced rune classes offered in Durmstrang. Ciaran was determined to be in all of these advanced rune classes. But the prankster in him often had him in detention.

It was also in his OWL year that Ciaran realized witches are much more fun than he realized and he began dating. His first time with a witch sexually revealed he truly enjoyed the act, so much so he found he couldn't get enough of it. Using his charm and good looks even at that age he set about making a reputation of a serious player. Many witches fell for his charms and he broke many young hearts. He enjoyed sex but he never had any real emotional connections with any one witch. As long as they kept him interested and could feed his sexual appetite, he stuck with them. However he was rarely faithful and often would have several witches going at the same time, at least till they found out and he lost them all. However there always seemed to be other willing witches around to keep him happy.

Ciaran also enjoyed playing Quidditch and it took him several years of tryouts before he did get into the House Team as a Chaser. He wasn't the best chaser but was the best available for that year and he did enjoy the position. But again it was his OWL year and between dating, practicing and studying, Ciaran was hard pressed to find time to eat and sleep. As he did not need to stress over ancient runes, it gave him just enough free time to get everything done that needed to be done. When OWLs results came along over the summer, Ciaran was pleased to see he achieved a good number of OWLS, definitely enough to get into the career he had in mind at that time, curse breaker. Ciaran also put in for all the advanced ancient runes courses available for NEWT level.

In the summer after he graduated from school, Ciaran started to train in the career he wanted, that of a cursebreaker. However he found the training slow and tedious and they didn't use runes like he had seen them used. As he was a natural at runes, to the point he could practically 'talk' to them and find out everything about any given rune or rune ward, he found typical curse not as challenging. However he did throw himself into the training to learn everything the Goblins offered to ensure he could be the best cursebreaker he could. However he found the lessons not as fulfilling as he hoped. Thus Ciaran decided to do some extra 'training' on his own. Using his knowledge of runes, Muggle and magical wards, he broke into various shops, mansions and homes all over the UK and mainland Europe, stealing items that he could sell quickly or just for the challenge.

Often he would just open highly secure safes and warded areas and leave a note that he was there, but not actually take anything. There were times he was tempted to break into Gringrotts itself but didn't dare risk angering the Goblins. If he did so then he would never be able to work for them as a cursebreaker.

After a few years of training, Ciaran was fully in the employ of the Goblins, going to many exotic locations around the world, crawling through ancient tombs and lost ruins to find the items the goblins sought. After a decade of working for the goblins, Ciaran decided he could do better on his own as a free lancer. Also he wanted to get more into runes than random lost goblin treasures. He could never keep them afterall and though the pay was great, Ciaran wanted more.

By the time he was 30, Ciaran was working freelance as well as gathering up runesets from many ancient cultures and adding them to his own collection. For several years he worked freelance, not always hiring himself to those who wanted lost items for research or museums. He would also work for anybody willing to meet his price to acquire something they wish to add to their personal collections, not always in a legal manner. Thus he was something of a cat burglar as Muggles would call him. In fact his most prized rune set he stole from the Smithsonian Museum, despite all the Muggle security. Far more easier than some of the other runes and items he had to painstakingly retrieve from ancient magically protected hiding places.

As things started heating up in the UK with Voldemort's return, Ciaran felt his carefree days were at an end. One didn't like breaking into wizarding homes when rumours abounded about the Dark Lord's return. Even if the Daily Prophet was claiming such rumours were all just the ramblings of an old wizard going senile and a not so mentally stable boy. Oddly enough, while reading though the papers he noticed a position open at Hogwarts. As a school he never personally attended to, he felt it would be fantastic to get a job there. A Professor job would pay well and he could still do his freelance work during the summer months. Or maybe the occasional one during the school year if its one he can complete in a day or two.

With nothing to lose, he sent in his application. Much to his delight he was hired as the new Ancient Runes Professor. Within a few short weeks he was comfortably settled into his position and enjoying it greatly. The only real thing lacking was the choice of mature witches to keep his attention. However he did notice there were enough beautiful young witches among the student body to attract his eye. Yet to touch such young fruit will take some care. Afterall to flirt with the wrong one could spell the end of his career as a Professor. Thus he only flirted lightly and rarely in the presence of witnesses.


Pet/Familiar: None
Friends: gets along with just about anybody
Enemies: various ex-girlfriends and some husbands
Crush: crushes on just about every pretty female


Mother: Siobhan (Sweeney) Merridan (Born: 1938)
Father: Eamon Merridan (Born 1935)
Grandparents: deceased


Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Your characters view on Voldemort: : he's not sure, mixed thoughts. Doesn't like the extremist actions Voldemort and the DE's have done and his view on blood purity remind him too much of his father and Ciaran rebelled against those thoughts before he was a teen. Thinks the guy needs to lighten up, Muggles aren't as horrible as Voldemort claims.
Favourite subject was and why: Ancient Runes and advanced runic study. Runes are a natural to him and he has a passion for rune magic.
Favourite Professor was and why: His Ancient Rune's teacher at Durmstrang. Loved the subject and certainly picked the brain of his professor to gleam all the knowledge he could, even if he often knew more then his Professor on certain runes.
Most disliked Professor was and why: Varaka, taught Dark Arts, was a nasty teacher who enjoyed hexing students as she taught them how to fight/defend against magic.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Irish National Team
Hobbies: seducing women, sex, taking risks, flirting, experimenting with rune wards and magic, breaking and entering, dancing.
Likes: women, runes, a good time, humour, pulling pranks, dancing, challenges
Dislikes: hatred, dark magic, husbands, violence

Former House: Attended Durmstrang
Occupation: Professor of Ancient Runes

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Player: Sandra