Dante Zaragoza
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Full Name: Dante Zaragoza
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 12", Ash wood with a dragon heartstring core

Height: 6' 0"

Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: Dante is strong, but he is not exactly what someone would consider muscular. He has an average build for a young man his age that is still growing into himself. His dark hair is roughly three inches long, and has a generally clean but unkept look about it. From time to time he will slick it back with water but that's only when it's getting long enough to fall into his eyes.

He has an infectious smile that only manages to highlight his boyish features. The dimple in his left cheek created by a small linear scar- the result of an accidental injury, acquired while rough housing with his older brothers. His dark eyes appear black in dim light and while by themselves they are rather non-descript, his eyebrows add an entirely new level of expression.

Accessories in general: Plain silver band worn on the ring finger of his right hand. No significance or magical properties.
Usual out of uniform attire: Varies greatly depending on the occasion. While at Hogwarts however, he keeps things simple with modest robes, black or grey slacks, and white button down shirts-untucked.
Bed-wear: Loose fitting, white, cotton pants with a draw-string around the waist.


Dante has very sociopathic tendencies; not caring about other people's feelings simply because he is unable to feel much himself. His emotional range is mostly limited to either anger or satisfaction and he has been known to swing between the two at a moments notice. He's manipulative and if he is found being friendly or flirtatious it is most likely a means to an end. He also has a jealous streak that's hard to rival, and will often make a huge deal out of the smallest of incidents regarding whatever girl he happens to be in a relationship with.

However; most people never see this side of him. He is a very closed off person, hardly giving away more of himself than absolutely necessary. To the outside world he has a very charismatic appeal. Often smiling and joking-even if his humor is dark, he seems to make light of situations even if inwardly he is seething. He seems to have some form of gravitational pull around him. His grin is contagious and most people find it hard to believe that he was sorted into Slytherin at all.


Dante grew up in Limerick, Ireland with his mother, father and two older brothers on a relatively modest farm. To say that his childhood had been carefree would be all too accurate. His parents weren't considered rich by "Malfoy standards" but he could not recall ever going to bed hungry, or having to wear someone elses hand-me-down robes. Being the youngest of three boys he learned quickly not only how to defend himself, but also how to shift blame between culprits. Much to his brother's dismay; Dante was very creative when it came to framing them for different 'crimes'. On more than one occasion- if his brothers would not let him play with them, he would bite his own arm hard enough to leave marks and then wale to his mother that one or the other had injured him instead.

His early years at Hogwarts could also be considered rather uneventful. Even the arrival of the famous Harry Potter had little effect on him, having never been one to believe the hype. There was an incident that took place during his 6th year worth noting however; involving a Slytherin girl that he had been dating. They had only been together for a short time, but Dante had little tolerance for the way that she insisted on maintaining her friendship with a Ravenclaw boy. Apparently they had known each other since before coming to Hogwarts, but that mattered little to Dante. He felt that the friendship made him look bad, and being used to getting his way he chose to push the issue rather than end the relationship. One night in a deserted corridor the argument escalated further than usual; a few minutes later the girls eye was swelling shut and Dante's knuckles were beginning to bruise.

Claiming to have fallen, and refusing to say much more the girl was treated in the infirmary with Dante at her side. She never did tell anyone what had happened, but their was rampant speculation. Their relationship deteriorated a few weeks later when Dante finally decided that the girl was more trouble than she was worth. The entire thing was largely forgotten by those not involved a month later, but he has never forgotten the rush of power her felt when he hit her...

Up until recently he has kept his opinions on Voldemort to himself, mostly because he goes back and forth so often on how he feels about the subject. His Great Grandmother being muggle born has weighed heavily on his views, as has his parent's collective refusal to discuss their opinions with him. Beyond frustrated, but free of parental influence he has been forced to examine both sides of the war in order to find his own result.

While he finds issue with the resent attacks on students, he assumes that the attacks were made to get the attention of their parents- which he can completely understand. When you wanted to get someone's attention you went after their weakest point and for most parents that would have to be their children. Still, he has found reason to lean towards the darker side of things, if only because the Dark Arts provide more security. Who would stand a chance against you if you're willing to do the sorts of things that the Dark Arts taught?


Pet/Familiar: Brown owl named Alex
Friends: While he has many casual acquaintances in the Slytherin house, he does not really consider them friends. He does- however, recognize the value of having people in his corner so he makes nice with most of the more socially relevant people in both the 6th and 7th years.
Enemies: None that are out in the open. He expresses the normal level of Slytherin contempt for the other houses, focusing mainly on those that involved themselves with Dumbledor's Army.
Crush: None specifically. He recognizes the beauty of several of the older girls, and does not put house limitations on his conquests.
Other: While he has no problem seducing and/or exploiting girls in the other houses, he has an inexplicable higher respect for the females of Slytherin. He will only actually date from within his own house. Something he acknowledges as 'strange' but has no desire to try and explain to himself...Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.


Mother: Adelyn Zaragoza
Father: Finn Zaragoza
Siblings: Antonio(22) and Desmond(25) Zaragoza
  • Mother's side- Neasa and Hogan Abercrombie
  • Father's side- Elatha and Antonio Zaragoza
Other Relatives of Importance: Sonia Zaragoza- the muggle born witch that married his Great grandfather Manuel Zaragoza.


Nationality: Spanish/Irish, His grandfather on his father's side visited Ireland while he was in his mid-twenties- simply for the experience, and decided to stay after meeting and falling in love with an Irish girl named Elatha.
Birthplace: Limerick, Ireland
Your characters view on Voldemort: He respects the man for what he has done for himself, but is not yet sure how he feels about his methods. Having a muggle born witch in his family tree has kept him for forming any solid opinions.
Favourite subject and why: Potions, not only because of his abilities in the area, but because of the almost limitless possibilities the area offers.
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic for the simple fact that it nearly bored him to tears.
Favourite Professor and why: Snape, not only because he's his head of house and the teacher of his favorite subject, but also because his biting sarcasm is a thing to be admired.
Most disliked Professor and why: Flitwick, because-while he would never admit it, the man's stature freaks him out. Not many things make him nervous, but goblins and "part-goblins" have always made him squirm.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: He cheers for the Slytherin House Team, but other than that he doesn't much follow the sport.
Hobbies: Studying Potions, Exploring the Dark Arts, Watching people, Playing on the insecurities of others.
Likes: The way rain 'smells', Learning, The way girls laugh, Feeling superior, Being in control, Sleep, Ireland, Dragons- they're cool, a shot of firewhisky now and then
Dislikes: Goblins, Part-Goblins, House Elves, Pumpkin Juice, Bias against Slytherin, Nosey people, Hot weather, The fact that boys can't get into the girl's dorms


  • Ancient Runes (E)
  • Astronomy (E)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (E)
  • Herbology (O)
  • Potions (O)
  • Transfiguration (E)

OOC Information

Player: Nicole S.
Plans for your character's future: After a summer internship at the Ministry of Magic he knows that he wants to work within the Ministry but he hasn't yet decided which department he finds the most interesting.