Dawn Skappe
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Full Name: Dawn Skappe
Age: 16 (Sept 13, 1980)
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 8 ½" black limba wood, unicorn hair core

Height: 5' 5"

Eye Colour: Grey blue
Hair Colour: Light brown
Physical Attributes: Dawn is an attractive young woman with curves in the right places which most young men would find appealing. She keeps her hair done up in a braid or bun most times simply to keep it out of the way during class. On weekends or evenings she leaves her hair lose where it's natural curl is more apparent. When loose her hair falls to mid back but would be longer if it wasn't for her natural curl. Her skin is naturally lightly tanned due to a distant Middle Eastern influence from her father's side. This is far more noticeable in the summer when she can spend more time in the sunlight.
Accessories in general: wears gold chain with crucifix under robes/shirt
Usual out of uniform attire: Enjoys Muggle style clothing, latest fashions in affordable ranges
Bed-wear: typically a night grown, long in winter, short in spring/summer


Dawn tends to be quiet, preferring to observe and listen than initiate conversation but she is far from shy. When she does want to say something she speaks clearly and assertively. It is just her nature not to talk excessively when there isn't any need to. School life has been a challenge for her as it was her first introduction to magic. Despite having a magical parent she only learned magic existed when her Hogwarts letter thus it was quite a shock to her. After four years at Hogwarts she's long grown accustomed to the differences.

Her first several years at Hogwarts presented many challenges and a real fear for her life. Dawn can be assertive and stand her ground, especially in defense of her friends or anybody she feels protective over. In general she tends to avoid direct confrontations. She respects authority and finds she truly misses decisiveness in the authority figures at home.


Gloria, after leaving Hogwarts after her OWL year, re-entered the Muggle school system as she found magic was not her thing. There she met and eventually married Lazarus, a second generation British citizen who's grandparents immigrated to the UK from Israel while his father was still a child.

For many years they tried for children and it was quite a miracle when finally Gloria did become pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. By the time Dawn was born Gloria was in her thirties and she was quite convinced she would never have any children. Dawn was cherished by both parents and raised like any Muggle child would be raised. As Gloria had long since turned her back on the wizarding world a part of her hoped her child won't be magical. By the time Dawn was five, Gloria knew she had a magical child. Yet she made no effort to tell Dawn she was a witch and what to expect in another six years.

Lazarus never knew his wife was a witch nor his daughter till the Hogwarts letter came. He was quite angry to have been kept in the dark all this time. This put a strain on their marriage by after Dawn's first year at Hogwarts he find it in his heart to forgive his wife and embrace this unexpected gift in his daughter.

Dawn never wanted for anything, if she wanted a new outfit her parents bought it for her. If she wanted the latest console game it was hers within a short period of time. There were limits to what her parents would give her as they were not rich but did make a comfortable income. Dawn had good self-discipline and didn't demand too much nor acted like a spoiled child. The one thing she lacked was any real structure in her life. Neither her mother nor father gave her much discipline, letting her decide how late to stay up even on school nights. Spankings and being sent to her room was never something Dawn experienced. Often she was playing outside while most of her peers were already put to bed.

Her first year at Hogwarts was a real change for Dawn. No longer could she stay up as long as she wanted for Prefects ushered her to bed even if she could choose to stay awake. Nor could she go exploring on her own or even play games or her tape player, for these wouldn't even work within Hogwarts. By the time she went home for the holidays during her first year, Dawn had many detentions under her belt before she fully adjusted to following the rules. Since then she received fewer detentions as she began to respect the teachers as real authority figures and the rules were to be obeyed.

Her first year at Hogwarts the Chamber of Secrets was opened and Muggleborn students were being petrified. It was rather unnerving to think people were being attacked by some monster just because their parents weren't magical. Her mother was a witch but she never cast a spell as far as she knew. Dawn feared for her Muggleborn friends and worried something bad could happen. Yet she forged on with her studies determined to pass her classes despite the lurking monster the Chamber of Secrets was said to hold.

Fortunately she was not targeted nor any of her friends and the stressful times of her first year were soon passed and she was once more back home for the summer. Knowing what magical school was like she definitely questioned her mother about why she never spoke of magic before. Gloria told her daughter only that she felt magic didn't solve anything in life and she was much happier where she was now.

Dawn didn't find it a very satisfactory answer but it was her mother's decision so she didn't press it. Dawn knew she could do what she wanted in pursuing a magical education so decided to make her own way in the Magical world.

Her second year of magic brought yet another new teacher for Defense and horrible monsters patrolling the school boundaries all on the alert for an escaped prisoner. Another tense year for her but despite the horrible dementors prowling about she managed to enjoy her second year. It was only near the end when word went out Professor Lupin was a werewolf did she really feel fear. Werewolves and vampires were the horror creatures she hated the most of all movie monsters and to know they existed for real, gave her nightmares for most of the summer.

It was with great relief to learn on her third year at school a special event was to occur, a magical tournament which had not been held for a very long time. Magical competition seemed like a wonderful thing to have at school, sort of like having the Olympics held at your high school. In addition to this news, learning her new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be an Auror, a highly trained specialist in catching dark wizards, made her feel very safe for the first time she started magical school.

Finding out a fourth year student was picked for the tournament even after Hogwart's champion was chosen was a shocker. Finding out it was Harry Potter, a sort of messiah to many of those who were born and raised in the magical world, really caused her to wonder if all the rumours were true. Harry was out for attention no matter what rules he had to break. Till the very first task of the Triwizard tournament Dawn was uncertain where she stood. She didn't know Harry Potter personally, more heard of him through the past years than actually interact with him. He was a year ahead of her and in a different House. All she really knew of the older boy was the rumours that continuously circled the school. Many proved to be false but others seem to be true.

When the first Task began and she saw dragons for the first time, real life fire breathing winged dragons, she was ecstatic. Just as werewolves and vampires were the magical creatures of myth she feared the most, dragons were the creatures she loved. As first one champion then the other fought each dragon she couldn't help but secretly root for the dragon. Fortunately the champion's goal was to steal a golden egg from the dragon, not slay the magnificent creatures. Still, it seemed to be quite a bit of stress to put on the mothers, making them think their eggs were going to be stolen. When the Bulgarian caused his dragon to damage her eggs, she felt bad for it. Why did they have real eggs with the dragons?

The other two trials didn't involve causing monstrous creatures such stress but they were still equally dangerous to the participants. Unfortunately the last two tournaments weren't as interesting to watch as the first, given she couldn't see what was going on under the Black Lake, nor within the great maze grown over the Quidditch pitch.

Learning 'You Know Who' was back and Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff champion was killed in the final task, once more caused Dawn distress and fear. But she felt she was safe at school and didn't want to be stuck in the Muggle world as her frantic mother tried to convince her that summer. She was old enough to remember the first war and how horrible it was in the Magical world, one reason why she didn't want to live in it. Dawn however refused to give up the Magical world and it looked like maybe the dark wizard wasn't truly back. The Magical paper proclaimed it was just a rumour and reported no news at all about what Potter claimed at the end of the tournament.

Her fourth year at Hogwarts was an environment that seemed more hostile than ever. This time however there was no clear menace. There was a heavy load of anger from Potter which seemed to explode at odd times in classes, misinformation spread by the Ministry and students who sided with the Headmaster and Potter's story. A new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor refused to teach any practical defense, merely reading over the very basics in theory only. It was not a popular decision and many students initially questioned it. Dawn knew one couldn't learn to defend themselves properly with just reading the theory, even with Muggle self defense. Thus when she heard rumours of Harry Potter teaching Defense himself, she approached his known friends, especially in her own year to see if she could be included.

It was with great joy she was allowed to come to Harry's DA meetings and she found him to be a good teacher. It was really the first time she had any interaction with the boy who always seemed to have heavy responsibilities loaded on his shoulders. It was no wonder he often seemed tense and short tempered. Even she knew he faced admiration one moment, feared the next, and mocked not long after, always hot and cold on how people thought about him, save his closest friends who stuck by him faithfully. Or so it seemed to her.

Having everything confirmed about the past year and Cedric's death at the end of her Fourth Year, made Dawn even more determined to work hard in her OWL year so she can have as many OWLs as she could get so she can do well in her last two years of school. She wanted to do her part in the war that was now clearly upon the Wizarding World. Her summer was one with many arguments as her parents once more tried to keep her from returning to Hogwarts. Finally Dawn just said she will go, and that's that. As her parents were never the sort to actually put their foot down, it was easy to get what she wanted. Dawn returned to Hogwarts for her 5th year.

The new school year was barely begun before a student went missing off the Hogwarts Express followed by a death at the school, other disappearances, attempted suicides and an accidental death. It seemed this year will be wrought with one tragedy after another. A shifting of staff members some new from the start, others leaving barely two weeks into the school year, but fortunately the main teachers remained.


Pet/Familiar: None
Friends: Most housemates, Harry?


Mother: Gloria Ann Skappe (nee Shields) (muggleborn witch)
Father: Lazarus Skappe (muggle)
  • Paternal grandfather: Oded Skappe
  • Paternal grandmother: Sarah Skappe (nee Wolskinsky)
  • Maternal grandfather: David Lee Shields
  • Maternal grandmother: Joan Shields (nee Rothman)


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Saxmundham
Your characters view on Voldemort: Fears him for his cruelty and murderous attitude towards all not pureblood.
Favourite subject and why: Charms, enjoys the challenges of magic and Charms are the core of magical spells.
Most disliked subject and why: Divination. She finds it silly and very imprecise, no more magical than Muggle parlour tricks and psychic fairs, all guess work and fancy stories.
Favourite Professor and why: McGonagall. Her strict no nonsense teaching methods work well for Dawn, keeps her focus on the difficult magic of Transfiguration. A less strict teacher and she probably end up not liking the subject at all.
Most disliked Professor and why: Trelawney, finds she is just as much an airy fairy and about as 'real' as her subject matter. Dawn can't wait till she finishes her OWL year so she can drop Divination.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Hufflepuff (but enjoys cheering for Gryffindor too)
Hobbies: console games, listening to music
Likes: magic, charms, unicorns, dragons
Dislikes: werewolves, vampires


  • Astronomy (A)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (A)
  • Charms (E)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (E)
  • Herbology (A)
  • History of Magic (A)
  • Potions (A)
  • Transfiguration (A)
  • Divination (P)
  • Muggle Studies (E)

OOC Information

Player: Sandra
Plans for your character's future: Dawn wants to make it into the Ministry of Magic in some capacity, Muggle liaison or Magical Law Enforcement. She highly doubts she would have the neither brains nor skill to even qualify to be an Auror, in fact the prospect frightens her more. At best she rather be slaved to a desk than out chasing dangerous criminals.