Desmond Lucvee
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Full Name: Desmond Lucvee
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 10", Ash, Dragon wing core

Height: 6' 2"

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: His muscular build, and height give him a rather intimidating air. His features are dark, and prominently masculine. Handsome to a point, his over all presence would have strangers either crossing the street to get away from him, or clamoring over themselves to meet him.


Desmond is a very private person, concealing his true past whenever possible. ((The reasons for this will become clear)) Secretive to a fault he has very few friends. His brooding and ever present scowl don t help matters much. He harbors an ill-conceived dislike for those born into money, feeling slighted by his own past in that regard. One could say that he carries quite a substantial chip on his shoulder.


As far back as Desmond can remember he has known that this was not the life he had been meant to lead. Born the product of a brutal rape, Desmond s mother had quickly realized that she could not live with him as a constant reminder, and had given him up. Years past and Desmond could do nothing but question the point of his existence. His childhood was hard to say the least, volleyed from one place to another until finally on a day that he could never forget he was saved from yet another abusive home by the headmaster...

[corrupted section]

...feeble explanations I can offer, but please know that I have always loved you.

Your Mother,
Elanis Martio

The arrival of this letter sent shock waves through his large form. Finally he would know the truth and be able to shed or validate some of the hatred that had hardened his heart so violently

[corrupted section]


Pet/Familiar: Great Horned Owl named Winnifred
Friends: There s no one in his life that he would consider a true friend
Enemies: Order members, Aurors, and anyone else who poses a threat to his goals


Mother: Elanis Martio, gave him up shortly after his birth. He has just now received a letter from her, and has finally learned who she is.
Father: Unknown up to this point. Upon finally speaking to his mother he will learn that her rapist and his father was a Pureblood named Vincent Castle. Vincent is currently incarcerated at Azkaban for his known support of the Dark Lord and various other misdeeds, including-but not limited to his rape of Elanis Martio and numerous attacks against Muggles.
Siblings: Lilith Martio. Born several years after him, neither knows that the other exists - though that's all about to change.
Grandparents: None


Nationality: Italian / Irish
Your characters view on Voldemort: Idolizes him and his achievements
Hobbies: Trying to trace his history, random acts of violence, brooding
Likes: The Dark Lord, expanding his knowledge of the Dark Arts
Dislikes: His biological family- whoever they might be, Weakness, sympathy, Muggles, mudbloods

Occupation: Runs a questionable establishment on Diagon Alley

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Player: P.Lo