Edward Marshall
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Full Name: Edward Marshall
Age: 16 (January 13, 1980)
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 11⅓", Holly, Dragon Heartstring (swishy, good for charms)

Height: 5' 9"

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: Edward has the looks of someone who won the genetic lottery. His black hair is very well kept and is either up in small spikes giving him a more relaxed look or parted giving him a more serious, boyish look. He's tall and lean with a somewhat muscular built. His small blue eyes are usually hard and impossible to read. Edward tends to have a serious expression on his face. His smile is his best future and when he smiles, his entire face lights up, even his eyes become softer.
Usual out of uniform attire: Being a pureblood and having his parents eagerly wanting to climb the social latter, Edward dresses up nicely when out of uniform; always with either a jacket, or a polo only seen with t-shirts if he's practicing a sport or if it's to go underneath a jacket. He likes wearing button down shirts as well.
Bed-wear: cotton pajama pants. He has the tops, he just doesn't wear them.


Edward is very observant and tends to listen more than he speaks. Even though he doesn't have a fiery temper, he's not afraid to go after what he wants, but he's very careful how to go about it. After years of being bullied by his father to either be more aggressive or be more "respectful" he has learned that fear does not ensures respect and that one really does catch more flies with honey.

Edward respects authority, but that respect has its limits. If he believes that the said authority is crossing boundaries, abusing power, he will stand up to them. This is something he learned to do over time, after realizing that his father was the only one who would punish him for not agreeing with his views. In a way Edward uses the school to relief some of the resentment that he has with his father sometimes exaggerating and earning detentions for it.

Edward was never a man of many friends even though he does seem to be in good terms with most of the students in his house. He may not participate in some cliques, but he stays out of their way and expects them to do the same for him. As far as Edward's romantic life goes, he has dated a few times but nothing worth telling or remembering too much.

Right now Edward is in conflict. His entire life was based on him believing that he had blood right to be superior to others, he lived in a closed, little perfect world. But his natural curiosity got him wondering if that's all there is to the world and he realized that there was a lot more to it than what his father was letting him on.

He knows that it would be more comfortable for him to keep believing what his father tells him but he also knows that he can't live in lies. He sees that in the near future everyone will have to make a choice and he wants to make the right one. So Edward is now second guessing all of his actions, all of his thoughts. He is aware that the world is not resumed to wizards and blood superiority. Breaking his habits is not something easily done and it will come at a price, but he's not thinking about that right now. He has decided that, if he is really convinced that his family's way is the "wrong" way he will gladly pay the price.


The Marshalls are a middle class, traditional, pureblood family. Carlton Marshall owns an exportation business and his wife helps him run it. They have planned their lives to have only one child who would be able to carry the family's business forward and wouldn't be too expensive that they'd have to change their life style.

Edward was a fairly happy child. Even if his household was a very strict one, full of rules and regulations. The Marshalls have always worked on a need to know basis and punishment would be severe for those who asked too many questions. Academic curiosity was encouraged because everyone needs it to grow and achieve success, but curiosity for the sheer of curiosity was highly disheartened and punished.

Carlton Marshall was a very scary man, never afraid to punish his son as severely as he thought was suitable. That taught Edward to keep his mind to himself and if needed be, take upon himself to find out what he needed/wanted to know. It also taught him to endure pain and how to not let people know he was feeling it.

It was a very happy day at the Marshall's when the letter from Hogwarts came. Mr. Marshall was glad that his son would be out in the world knowing worthy people in the great house of Slytherin and Edward was glad that he would be away from his father's temper.

The first years at Hogwarts were very much like it was for any normal student. Edward made a few friends and was very pleased with the way his life was going until his third year. Edward would never forget that day in his third year. He didn't recall what day of the week was or what month or even the season, but he would never forget being in the library. He was working on a Transfiguration essay when he came across the name: Gregory Marshall. Edward's father never spoke of his deceased brother so, naturally, his curiosity was peaked and Edward decided to read about who was his uncle. Shock is not good enough of a word to describe what Edward was feeling. Not only had his uncle been a brave, courageous man but also he was also alive and well.

That was the day when Edward's life changed. He felt betrayed by his own father, by his entire family. Names of people his father told him were dead started popping up in his mind and from then on, every time his father spoke of someone that was deceased, Edward would research the name in secrecy to make sure he was being told the truth.

Of course, Edward respected and feared his father too much to confront him about it, so the suspicions only grew with time and Edward began approaching everything his family told him with the utmost care. He couldn't be sure if they were all lies and his love and respect for his family wanted him to believe that most of it wasn't. With time, Edward questioned more and more everything that his family told him finally realizing that maybe, just maybe blood superiority wasn't all that was cracked up to be.

During his fifth year, Edward started observing people's behavior and his perfect black and white world that had already been introduce to shades of grey became grey all around.

Now that he's in his sixth year, Edward realized that what he needs is to know the other side of the story. He knows it won't be easy and that it will require him to trust people, even if just a little. Edward is not sure how to do it either. He's known to be a Slytherin who supports the Dark Lord so he can't just walk up to someone and ask. Besides, he wouldn't even know how and what to ask in the first place.


Pet/Familiar: A grey owl named G.
Friends: He gets along with his fellow Slytherin house mates and some other purebloods from other houses, but he doesn't have a true friend.
Enemies: Gryffindors for the sake of tradition, but he now looks at everyone like a potential enemy.


Mother: Karen Marshall
Father: Carlton Marshall
Grandparents: Paternal – John Marshall (former Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation in the Ministry – worked most of his career in the Division of International Magical Trading Standards Body) and Faith Marshall (socialite).

Maternal (living in France) – Jaques Sauvigne (owner of a chain of Herbariums across Europe, headquarters in Paris) and Paulette Sauvigne (socialite)

Other Relatives of Importance: Gregory Marshall, uncle who works as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic and has been considered dead by the Marshall family because he is against the Dark Lord.


Nationality: British
Broom (if applicable): Nimbus 2001, just got it for Christmas a year ago
Your characters view on Voldemort: He's just not sure anymore
Favourite subject and why: Charms. Edward found out he has a natural ability for charms (and hexes) which makes it more fun. The sense of power he has when he's performing a charm also contributes.
Most disliked subject and why: Care of Magical Creatures. Edward doesn't really care for animals. He doesn't plan to have any other than his owl and he thinks this subject is a waste of his precious time.
Favourite Professor and why: McGonagall, though if anyone asks he'll say it's Snape. Edward has a secret admiration for the Transfiguration Professor's sense of justice.
Most disliked Professor and why: Hagrid. Breed aside, Edward believes that Hagrid is even a worse professor that that buffoon he had for Defense Against the Dark Arts on his second year.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Slytherin
Likes: music, the smell of coffee early in the morning, inventing his own charms
Dislikes: lies, betrayal, being made a fool of, injustice (even though Edward's definition of justice is a little grey still), and animals.


  • Ancient Runes (E)
  • Arithmancy (E)
  • Astronomy (A)
  • Charms (O)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (E)
  • Herbology (A)
  • History of Magic (A)
  • Potions (O)
  • Transfiguration (E)

OOC Information

Player: Edward M.
Plans for your character's future: As of now, Edward is in a crossroad. If he chooses to go against Voldemort, he'll move in with his uncle and become and Auror. If he decides to support Voldemort, he'll inherit the family's business.