Fat Friar
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Full Name: Fat Friar
Age: born 982 or later
Gender: Male
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Height: Little

Hair Colour: Brown (tonsured)
Physical Attributes: As a ghost, the Friar was pearly-white and slightly transparent, like all other ghosts. He had short brown hair, which he wore with a small tonsure. At first sight a monk, he was dressed in a habit held by a rope belt. He was fat and short, and usually carried a mug with him.


The Friar was very cheerful and welcoming, and happily greeted new students at Hogwarts. He also tended to find something to value in anyone and look past their faults, as he always insisted with the other ghosts to let Peeves attend the Start-of-Term Feasts despite his many wrongdoings. He also appeared to be quite sociable, meeting and engaging in conversation with fellow ghosts during Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington's five-hundredth Deathday Party. He also seems to have some House pride, as he happily reminisced about his "old House" when welcoming first-years. Despite this, he was always resentful of the fact that he was never made a cardinal.


Occupation: Hufflepuff House Ghost

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