Filius Flitwick
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Full Name: Filius Flitwick
Age: 55 (17 October 1942)
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Part-Goblin (non-human ancestry)

Hair Colour: White

Physical Attributes: Flitwick, due to his goblin blood, was distinguishingly short and frequently described as "tiny little Professor Flitwick". He had a shock of white hair in his elderly years and brown when he was younger. Also when he was young, he usually wore black clothes and suits as opposed to the green robes that he wore in his later years.


Flitwick was an emotional fellow, who seemed to have a gentle spirit. During the1992–1993 school year when Ginevra Weasley was taken into the Chamber of Secrets, he burst into tears, and in 1993's Valentine's Day, when Gilderoy Lockhartcalled him a "sly old dog", he buried his face in his hands. During one Charms lesson, Neville Longbottom, while fumbling with attempts at casting a Banishing Charm, ended up sending Flitwick sailing across the room; Flitwick accepted this resignedly instead of losing his temper.

He was also shown to have a sense of mischief. He sarcastically remarked to Dolores Umbridge that, while he easily had the ability to remove Fred and George's rampaging fireworks, he wasn't sure if he had the authority. He also discretely cheered the Weasley Twin's escape from the school, and left a small patch of the twin's Portable Swamp under the window, which Ron believed he had done as a monument to Fred and George. He also covertly sneaked Harry a box of Sugar Mice so as to reward him for speaking out about Voldemort in the Quibbler because he couldn't talk about it aloud, murmuring a little 'sh' to Harry afterwards.

Nevertheless, he commanded respect in spite of his sensitive nature and small stature. When he encounteredHarry Potter and Draco Malfoy on the stairs discussing Harry's new Nimbus 2000, Malfoy treated him just like any other teacher with no hint of the sarcasm he used with Remus Lupin.


Your characters view on Voldemort: Dislikes; he is his boggart

Former House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Head of Ravenclaw; Charms Professor; Conductor of the Frog Choir

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