Student grades

To keep student grades more realistic and thus allowing for canon characters who have exceptional grades to stand out, the following guideline has been drawn out for all students to follow when trying to determine 2nd year and higher grades for the past school year.

All classes will have a base grade value to reflect the fact most students are of average intelligence and ability. Thus, every student will have their previous grades rated at an 'A' or Acceptable.

Each student will have additional points to use to increase the score of their preferred 'top' subjects. No student can have more than 3 'O' (Outstanding) grades using the point system. More points can be gained by being weaker in a subject or two so other subjects can have higher grades.

For example:

Mary is just starting her 2nd year at Hogwarts so has to come up with her 1st year grades. Like all first year students she will have the following classes which will all start at a base grade of 'Acceptable'.

Astronomy - A
Charms - A
Defense Against the Dark Arts - A
Herbology - A
History of Magic - A
Potions - A
Transfiguration - A
Broom Flying: - A Points left to spend = 5

Points costs/bonuses:
T (Troll)= +3 points
D (Dreadful)= +2
P (Poor) = +1
A (Acceptable) = 0
E (Exceeds Expectations) = -1
O (Outstanding) = -2

Mary modifies each grade as follows:
Astronomy - O
Charms - A
Defence Against the Dark Arts - E
Broom Flying (1st years only)- A
Herbology - P
History of Magic - P
Potions - E
Transfiguration - E
Points spent: 7 (5 + 2 (for two P grades)

As can be see Mary has a more typical range of scores, she is strong in Astronomy with good scores in Defense, Potions and Transfiguration but is weak in Herbology and History of magic. But her other scores are average.

For players who want students with higher grades than can be created using this method, contact the Mods to discuss options.

For 3rd to 5th year students, extra points are rewarded for each additional subject above the core 9 subjects students in these grades need to take. (ie 3rd – 5th years need to take Care of Magical Creatures, plus 1 or 2 of the following: Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Divination, Muggle Studies.)

Thus, for beginning student Characters who fall in these years, they can start with as much as 7 points to distribute among their classes.

*Note*, may change this to up to 8 points, giving everybody a bonus of 1 for having to take CoMC in addition of all the other classes they need, thus they can have up to a total of 8 points.