Helena Ravenclaw
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Full Name: Helena Ravenclaw
Nicknames: The Grey Lady
Age: born 982 or later
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half or Pure

Eye Colour: Grey

Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: Helena was a tall witch with waist-length hair. She wore a floor-length cloak. Harry Potter "supposed that she was beautiful," but had trouble seeing through her proud and haughty appearance. She carried herself in a serene manner.


A highly intellectual young lady, Helena was a scholarly, literary, and cultured woman. Close to one-thousand years after her death, she still maintained her intellectual curiosity, enjoying attending Transfiguration classes and reading. She was described as intelligent.

Helena had high standards and never bothered in love due to this. She was also evasive, as she did not appear to like telling others about her past (not even that she was Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter) and somewhat taciturn. She also had a preference to secluded places: she hid in a forest when she ran away from her mother, hung around in deserted classrooms, and chose a deserted Gryffindor Tower as a reading spot. Despite all this, she had a thirst for importance and notability and was, as such, very envious of her mother.


Mother: Rowena Ravenclaw (deceased)


Occupation: Ravenclaw house ghost

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