Holly Bolder
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Full Name: Holly Bolder
Age: 34; 10 June, 1962
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 12", unicorn tail hair, oak

Height: Average

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Physical Attributes: Very slim build, looks about ten years older than her years. Has worn lines in her face and her eyes have a sad look about them
Accessories in general: Handbag
Usual out of uniform attire: jeans, shirt and trainers


Holly is a friendly and loving person, she has a kind heart and will do anything for anyone within reason. She loves music and enjoys singing and playing the piano. Sometimes, she's too trusting for her own good, which can get her into trouble.


Holly is a friendly and loving person, she has a kind heart and will do anything for anyone within reason. She loves music and enjoys singing and playing the piano. Sometimes, she's too trusting for her own good, which can get her into trouble.

History (Made-ups are not allowed to be related to Canons, sorry): Holly was born to Muggle parents. Her childhood was a happy one. They always looked after her and supported her in everything she wanted to do.

When she was 11, a letter came through the door for her. The letter was a Hogwarts letter. When her mother and father saw the letter, they were happy for her to go. She did really well at Hogwarts, playing Quidditch and getting good grades in all her classes. She played 2 years with James Potter as the Seeker, when she joined the team in her second year as a Chaser.

When she left Hogwarts, she returned home because her father had started to turn against her. Now that she'd become fully qualified as a witch, he decided that he no longer liked the idea of his daughter being different. He started beating Holly regularly causing her to run away from home and marry the first man who took an interest in her.

This man was Chris Bolder. He was a banker and quite rich. When Holly was 20, she gave birth to their son, Roy. This was the happiest day of their lives. However, having a Muggle job was beginning to take a strain on Holly and she started becoming depressed and ill.

A week after Roy's birth, her father told Chris what she really was. Chris started beating her, just as her father had. This caused her to have a mental breakdown. She was sectioned for a year. Her father, who was a policeman, was able to pull strings and keep her there for the longest time possible. When Holly's mother found out about her husband and Chris conspiring against Holly, she left her husband and got a place of her own. Chris died three weeks after Holly was sectioned in a car crash. Holly's mother tried to get custody of Roy, but her husband testified in court saying she was an unfit mother and abused Holly daily. As Holly was in no condition to deny the story, the husband was believed and Roy was put into care.

Holly came out of the mental hospital and moved in with her mother. They kept trying to have contact with Roy, but every time they tried, her father put in reports of Holly and her mother being mentally unstable. Due to his good standing in the community, he was always believed. Visits from social services accomplished little and things went on the same.

Holly started recovering well and went to live with her best friend, Kendra Craig. She'd also tried for guardianship of Roy, but had been refused due to the fact she was single and no relation. On her 31st birthday, her father was arrested for the attempted murder of her mother and for the murder of a fellow police officer who'd begun to suspect him of being a bent officer. This was the scandal of the Muggle neighbourhood for the decade.

He was sent to prison for life and hung himself after sentence was passed. Holly met Roy six months before he started Hogwarts and took a job at the Three Broomsticks. Her mother went to live abroad with her sister and died two weeks after Roy started Hogwarts of a heart attack. This set Holly back again and she became despondent and depressed.

However, the thought of Roy kept her going. She concentrated hard on her job and started relearning her magic skills that she'd lost again. She gained full custody of Roy after his first year at Hogwarts. Holly is now slowly getting her life together and is starting to do well at her job. She's also looking in to getting back in to Quidditch again.


Pet/Familiar: A barn owl called Twitch
Friends: Kendra Craig, her best friend
Enemies: Malfoys
Other: Holly enjoys reading, music and Quidditch in her spare time


Spouse: Chris King, dead
Children: Roy Bolder
Mother: Jane Cross, died of a heart attack
Father: Harry Cross, hung himself after receiving a life sentence for murder and attempted murder
Grandparents: none. all dead
Other Relatives of Importance: Her best friend, Kendra Craig, who she thinks of as a sister.


Nationality: English
Birthplace: Birmingham, England
Your characters view on Voldemort: Hates Voldemort and anything to do with Death Eaters
Favourite subject was and why: Defence against the Dark Arts
Most disliked subject was and why: History of Magic as it sent her to sleep
Favourite Professor was and why: Defence against the Dark Arts professor
Most disliked Professor was and why: Professor Binns because he was boring
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Chudley Cannons
Hobbies: Music, Quidditch and reading
Likes: Her son, music, Quidditch, reading and being able to hold down a job
Dislikes: Her low self-confidence and people picking on her and her family

Occupation: bar maid at the Three Broomsticks

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Player: Ian M.