Horatio Oxley
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Full Name: Horatio Oxley
Age: 18 (November 4, 1977)
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 9", Alder with Unicorn tail hair core.

Height: 5' 10"

Eye Colour: grey-blue
Hair Colour: Dirty blond
Physical Attributes: Slim, lightly muscled. Hair is cut short and spiked along the top. Clothing well kept and clean. Has a clean cut appearance but holds his self in a relaxed manner.
Usual out of uniform attire: Nice looking robes, but obviously not a high quality or style. Typical dark blue or black in color


Horatio is easy going, friendly and a bit of a flirt when it comes to witches. This is more pronounced after he left school. He flirts mostly but has not been serious with anybody since he left school. For the most part he is honest and decent but can be rather childish at times. He is dedicated to his job and eager to prove himself.


Horatio is the only child of Phyllis and Martin Oxley. As the only child and son, Horatio was loved and cherished by both parents and his grandparents. As his maternal grandparents were Muggles, he rarely saw them before both passed away when he was six years old. His Paternal grandparents were both Ministry workers, in Magical Law Enforcement, as was his father.

Though he was an only child for most of his life, his parents adopted Firius Burnfire, an orphaned child of two Death Eaters who were killed not long after the Dark Lord fell. Because of a foolish mistake on his parents side, Firius was given the name Oxley and Horatio's parents otherwise treated him like their own son. Horatio was fourteen when Firius came to live with his parents.

Horatio had a good childhood, born and raised in Hogsmeade, where his grandfather Harvey, still resides to this day. As he was always around magic Horatio looked forward to starting at Hogwarts. Often he would try and talk with the older Hogwarts students who were able to visit Hogsmeade on select weekends though most ignored him. A few however were friendly and told him all about life at school.

Like any magical kid, Horatio had the usual bumps and bruises and odd magical 'accidents' during times of stress and fear. A stray dog chased him and Horatio had to be rescued from the roof of the Hogs Head Tavern by the owner one summer, another time he fell out of a tree that could have killed a Muggle child but he walked away with barely a scratch. His parents of course knew all these little incidents were just manifestations of his magic and were pleased.

Finally, Horatio received his Hogwarts letter, much later than most students due to being born so late in the year. Sorted into Gryffindor, he entered the wondrous world of formal magical training. He started school the same time as Fred and George Weasley. Though never the best in his class, Horatio still did very well, managing to pass all his classes each year though he never did too well in Transfiguration and once he started his third year, he hated Care of Magical Creatures. Defense against the Dark Arts was his favorite but having a new teacher each year had its drawbacks.

During the summer before Horatio started his third year at Hogwarts, ten year old Firius Burnfire, now called Firius Oxley, was adopted by his parents. Martin was asked to take in the orphaned boy, only a year away from starting at Hogwarts, by Albus Dumbledore who discovered the boy. Orphaned at barely two months of age Firius was marked for death when his parents, both Death Eaters, denied the Dark Lord's fall by attempting to reproduce the Dark Mark on their son's arm. Dumbledore learned the boy was not killed along with his parents but he did not know where he was hidden. Finally he located the boy and asked Martin and Phyllis to adopt him.

When Horatio learned his parents were adopting a child nearly three years his junior, he wasn't sure how to take it. But after some thought, Horatio felt having a younger brother did have its advantages. With his parents buying toys, new clothing and other things for Firius, Horatio was eager to meet him. Horatio was worried that he wouldn't like the boy or Firius wouldn't like him but both boys hit it off from the moment they saw each other. Horatio was quick to show Firius how to fly a broom as well, so both boys could fly around Hogsmeade on brooms for the summer.

For the rest of that summer, Horatio was nearly inseparable from his new younger brother. He introduced him to his friends in Hogsmeade, and showed him all the sights. When it came time for Horatio to get his school things, he showed Firius around Diagon Alley as well. Horatio was having such fun with Firius he hated to have to return to Hogwarts and leave his brother alone with their parents for the school year. Promising to write often, it was a sad parting for Horatio when he left for his third year at Hogwarts.

When he started his third year at Hogwarts the famous Harry Potter started. Like just about everybody else raised in the wizarding world, Horatio heard all the stories about how Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. The stories told by his family and others put Harry so high on a pedestal Horatio felt disappointed once it became clear Harry wasn't obviously so special. Horatio had thought Harry would stand out, be extra tall, intelligent or something. Instead he saw a small skinny kid with glasses and an odd shaped scar. But when Harry became the youngest Seeker and brought about Gryffindor's first win against Slytherin, Horatio decided there was more to Harry than meets the eye. So he took a more, wait and see stance about Harry Potter. Their different age groups kept them from doing much associating with each other anyway though he was always friendly when Harry walked past, at least that first year Harry was at school.

However, Horatio had his own concerns to worry about, mostly ensuring his grades were high enough so he could pursue a career in magical Law Enforcement like most of his family. He actually considered becoming an Auror, something none of his family ever did. Yet the dangers and pursuit of dark wizards appealed to him so he worked hard to try and get graded high enough to meet the rigid standards required to become an Auror.

His second summer with his new brother was quite memorable as this will be the summer Firius received his Hogwarts invitation. Horatio looked forward to having him start school and he could introduce Firius to his friends. All during his third year Horatio talked about his adopted brother and now he can show him to his classmates. Horatio also hoped Firius was sorted into Gryffindor as well. Going to Diagon Alley was fun as Horatio would be helping Firius buy his school stuff and it was also the first time Horatio was aloud to go to Diagon Alley alone.

In his Fourth Year, when the Chamber of Secrets was opened, Horatio was concerned about the dangers to Muggleborns this 'Heir of Slytherin' could cause. He signed up for Professor Lockhart's dueling class even though he thought the man was a complete fop. How Lockhart managed to do all the things he wrote in his books, Horatio had no idea. Lockhart always seemed so incompetent or at the very least a huge showoff. He found Lockhart so full of himself and rather useless with all his strutted about like an over grown peacock. He even cheered when Professor Snape knocked Lockhart on his ass during the dueling club demonstration.

When Harry revealed he knew Parseltongue, Horatio was surprised and worried. Watching as Harry made the snake the Malfoy boy had summoned head towards one of Harry's fellow classmates, was really shocking to Horatio. Slytherin lived so long ago Horatio knew it was possible anybody at the school could be his Heir, especially when so many of the great pureblood families have intermarried during that time as well. Yet why would Harry start attacking Muggleborns when Harry's best friend apparently was Muggleborn herself? It just didn't make sense to Horatio, yet he saw and heard the younger boy talk to a snake. Only thing Horatio could think of is either Harry was a great deceiver, or everybody was wrong. Horatio spent many hours talking about what this meant with his own friends, usually up in his dorm. It was a relief to learn that Harry was not Slytherin's Heir, but it was somebody else who was responsible for the attacks, though the Headmaster was never very clear, just that the culprit had been found and stopped, the monster in the chamber destroyed.

With Sirius Black escaped and Dementors prowling all over the place during his fifth year, Horatio wished it happened on any other except his OWL year. Fortunately, having Dementors at all areas of access onto school grounds, Horatio used this fact to use as much of his free time as possible studying and revising for his OWLs. He wanted to do really well as he knew he needed top marks in several key subjects in order to qualify to become an Auror. Unfortunately, he didn't get a good enough mark in Potions to continue in Professor Snape's class. He was furious at this as he worked really hard. Unfortunately, Snape made no exceptions and Horatio contented himself he still had good enough marks to continue in all other areas of Magical Law Enforcement.

The Triwizard Tournament graced Hogwarts during Horatio's Sixth year, adding an unexpected and new experience to his time at Hogwarts. Just like everybody in his class, Horatio hoped to enter the tournament. When he learned of the age restriction he was furious. He would turn seventeen during this school year but because of the new restrictions he couldn't apply for the tournament. It was worse as his birthday was at the beginning of November. Late at night on Oct. 31st, Horatio tried to put his name into the Goblet of Fire, hoping the 4 days before his 17th birthday will be close enough he could get his name in the Goblet. Unfortunately, he was not able to fool the Age Line and was repelled. It was infuriating, so much so he considered asking one of the older students to put his name in for him but decided against it.

He was shocked when Harry's name was pulled out of the Goblet as a fourth Champion. Horatio felt Harry should have been punished, expelled or something for getting into the tournament when he was obviously too young. Horatio proudly wore a "Support Cedric" badge and joined in with his friends in mocking Harry and cheering the 'real Hogwarts Champion', despite the fact Harry was a Gryffindor. It was only when Harry managed to defeat his dragon that Horatio realized this was no game. He tossed out his Support Cedric badge and gave Harry his full support. Well, at least on the stands. Horatio never did say more than hello to Harry during his entire time at school. When Harry won the Triwizard Cup, appearing before the entire school with the body of Cedric and claiming You Know Who had returned, he was shocked and filled with disbelief.

Finally, his last year at Hogwarts came, after a summer of reading how crazy Harry was and how Dumbledore was losing his mind, claiming Voldemort had returned from the dead. Horatio really doubted Harry; it was just too terrible to think of Lord Voldemort returned. His father was not very talkative about what was going on within the Ministry. All Horatio knew was what the Prophet published and the speech Dumbledore gave at the end of school. After a summer of reading all the articles in the paper that Dumbledore was going senile, jokes about how Harry was an attention seeking trouble maker, Horatio wasn't sure which story he believed. Owls and talks with his father over the summer only revealed that his father was reluctant to give details. Just that many in the Ministry agree with Fudge, that Dumbledore was wrong in saying Voldemort had returned. Horatio didn't think his father liked the ferocity the Ministry was attacking Dumbledore and Harry Potter but couldn't quite put his finger down on why he felt his father was uncomfortable with what the Ministry was doing. Knowing his father worked at the Ministry, it could be he was just reluctant to put anything concrete in letters. Horatio also thought maybe his father didn't want to just say to him he believed the Minister was right, because he didn't want Horatio himself to feel uncomfortable since he was still in school. The times Horatio did ask his father when he came home after work, his father refused to talk about it, saying it was nothing Horatio had to worry about.

Having Dolores Umbridge assigned as the new DADA teacher, Horatio, at first, didn't know what to make of her. Other than her revolting taste in wearing pink clothing and her rather loaded speech at the opening feast, Horatio didn't see anything wrong with her. At least not till his first DADA class with her. She didn't teach any practical magic at all, just had them read and write notes from a book. He was furious at this as he was in his final year and needed a good grade in DADA in order to get into Magical Law Enforcement.

Toughing out the first week or two of school till the first Hogsmeade weekend, Horatio bought a decent book on Defense against the Dark Arts and smuggled it into school. Fortunately, at the time, people weren't being searched on their way back from Hogsmeade. With a better book to study, Horatio supplemented the work he had to do in Umbridge's class with practical work based on the knowledge in the book he bought. It wasn't easy to cast spells and not be discovered, even harder when he really didn't have anybody to practice on. Horatio was able to convince some of his close friends to work with him, so they could practice together. If he had known about Harry forming the DA, he would have saved himself a lot of trouble and joined that instead. But Horatio never knew about the DA.

Doing this did result in getting a few detentions, mostly for being out after curfew and in out of bounds areas. However, later in the year when Umbridge was taking over the entire school, with her Inquisitor Squad, Horatio was caught practicing defensive spells and with the book. Umbridge actually accused him of being in league with something she called Dumbledore's Army which Horatio had no clue about. She questioned him ruthlessly though she did give him tea beforehand. Horatio had no idea that she laced the tea with Veritaserum, just that he felt a strong desire to tell her everything truthfully. As he had no idea about Dumbledore's Army or what Harry was up to, or Dumbledore for that matter, he was given detention for two full weeks, and the book he bought was confiscated. He was just glad she didn't ban him from going to Hogsmeade.

Despite worrying about coming NEWT examinations and Umbridge's militant view of education, Horatio found love. A pretty witch in sixth year caught his attention. She seemed nice and on a whim, he asked her to come with him for a Hogsmeade weekend. Even though he lived in Hogsmeade in the summer, he still enjoyed going there during school. He and Isabelle hit it off and started dating and going steady. Horatio found her charming, cute and great to snog. Deciding he wanted to do more than just snog with her, he convinced her to come see his house. He knew his parents will be gone working that weekend. With the house all to himself, he knew he will be able to convince Isabelle to sleep with him. He figured he will have to do a lot of coaxing but was pleased she was just as eager as he was. Though he did have it in mind to have sex with Isabelle, like most teenage boys, he didn't even think about protection, he just assumed nothing bad would happen and it was his first time. Horatio, if he had thought about protection would have assumed Isabelle would take precautions as it was a witch thing to worry about, not a wizard's. He had a great time with Isabelle and when it was time to go back to school he walked with her. Unfortunately, he didn't know if he could get the house to himself again before school ended but by then he will be done school and could arrange for Isabelle to visit him over the summer.

He was just finished his last NEWT exam and was heading outside to enjoy the wonderful day when he spotted Isabelle snogging some other guy. Furious at her cheating on him, he pulled her away from her new partner and yelled at her. Her new boyfriend tried to pick a fight but Horatio just told him to get back snogging Isabelle as he just dumped her anyway. Horatio was so hurt and angry he did his best to avoid her for the last week of school. When school ended and he returned home, to wait till his exam results came, he worked as a go-for at the Ministry, getting himself known and familiar with the daily routine of those who work with Magical Law Enforcement.

His boss promised him a job as a junior law enforcement officer but he would need to get all the NEWT requirements first plus complete a special test the Ministry put in before they could officially hire him. Horatio was pleased to find out he received all the NEWTs he needed to continue working in Magical Law enforcement and by the end of summer, he passed the other test he needed. He was then assigned to an experienced officer to learn the ropes and get used to the duties he would need to perform. He was even happier when he learned he was going to be working out of a field office in Hogsmeade as he requested.

Horatio did his best to forget about Isabelle, a witch he had cared for greatly till she broke his heart. He hid from his pain by burying himself in his new job. Horatio doesn't know that Isabelle Rainfall is pregnant with his child.

Horatio was good friends with one of his fellow Hogsmeade resident Iori Miyazaki. He is pretty good friends with Iori, even learned his friend is gay. After some thought, Horatio told Iori point blank he didn't care about his preference in partners, just as long as Iori remembers he prefers witches. This comfort and acceptance allowed Iori and Horatio to engage in a fair bit of friendly teasing. They were good friends throughout school and Horatio was supportive when Iori had boy troubles, just as Iori was comforting when Horatio broke up with Isabelle.

Horatio moved back to Hogsmeade after the new school year started. Being back in Hogsmeade had pros and cons for Horatio; it meant he was close to his family home so he could visit with his mother more often and see his old friend Iori. It also allowed him to be around when Firius was on Hogsmeade weekends at school and back home on holidays. It also meant he was reminded of the girlfriend he used to have, who he realized will be doing her final year at Hogwarts and they may end up running into each other during Hogsmeade weekends. His mother wanted him to move back into the family home but Horatio enjoyed living on his own and felt he was far too old to live in his parents' home. He rented a small flat in an old retired couple's house just off the main road of Hogsmeade.


Pet/Familiar: None
Friends: colleagues at Magical Law Enforcement, Isabelle Rainfall (former girlfriend), Iori Miyazaki
Enemies: Marcus Flint tormented him often in school


Mother: Phyllis Sedgwick-Oxley
Father: Martin Oxley
Siblings: foster brother, Firius Burnfire (alias Firius Oxley)
Grandparents: Harvey and Dolores Oxley, Alan and Marsha Sedgewick (Muggles, Phyllis was Muggleborn) – deceased)


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Hogsmeade
Your characters view on Voldemort: Fears him, especially shocked to learn he is really back. Considers Voldemort the biggest threat to the wizarding world.
Favourite subject was and why: Defense against the Dark Arts (hated it with Umbridge, saw her as a control freak. Just theory was pointless, skill with casting spells needed.
Most disliked subject was and why: Care of Magical Creatures. Just doesn't get along with animals, sees them as either annoying or useless, unless they are owls or food.
Favourite Professor was and why: Professor Flitwick. Though not his strongest subject appreciates all the work Flitwick did to help Horatio when he asked for it. Also impressed Flitwick never let his size prevent him from being the best Charms master ever.
Most disliked Professor was and why: Snape. He never once showed any inclination to help a student improve in his class, except Slytherins. He resents him for not letting him into his NEWT classes even though he maintained an E grade in previous years.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: None
Hobbies: researches defenses against the dark arts, even though his job is unlikely to bring him in contact with the dark arts, but due to his wish he was able to become an Auror. Minor hobby as work keeps him busy enough he really doesn't have time to do more than keep his own current skills honed.
Likes: DADA, Law Enforcement, good people, broom flying
Dislikes: Voldemort, Death Eaters, evil wizards/law breakers. Animals.

Occupation: Member of Magical Law Enforcement Department, Jr. grade

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