Jacob Jones
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Full Name: Jacob Alterian Jones
Nicknames: JJ
Age: 16
Year: 5th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 13" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring core

Height: 5' 10"

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Attributes: Muscular build, strong physique, short spiky hair, warm smile. Jacob has dark brown eyes.
Accessories in general: Jacob likes to carry a small Crystal ball he got as a souvenir from a vendor at the Quidditch cup. There is smoke that swirls around in it and will form yes/no answers to questions when asked. Jacob has heard from friends there is something like that in the Muggle world resembling an 8 ball. Still Jacob has carried his around ever since he started on Divination.
Usual out of uniform attire: Being his parents are both witch and wizard, Jacob is usually wearing wizard robes outside of school. He does have some Muggle ones if he plans to be around Muggles but prefers his robes.
Bed-wear: Boxers


Jacob is a very friendly, joker type person. He tries to get others to enjoy a good laugh, but sometimes on occasion goes too far. He can be serious if need be, and is absolutely fascinated with Muggles. He loves to learn how they do things without magic, and some of the devices they have invented to make lives easier he thinks are ingenious. He knows some of the world doesn't share his views on Muggles of course, but that doesn't stop him from learning more.


Jacob Alterian Jones was born in the summer of 1981. Jacob was the only child of Cassius, and Wendolyn (Wendy) Jones. Jacob was an only child. Cassius and Wendy were both members of the Order of the Phoenix when Dumbledore had fought Voldemort the first time. Wendy was at the height of her pregnancy, so she didn't do a lot for the Order, though Cassius continued to be actively involved. When the War ended, or rather, Jacob was already 4 months old.

Overjoyed at Voldemort's defeat, the happy couple decided it was time to move to a bigger house. After some looking, they had decided on a wizard community in Aberdeen. For one, it was close to Hogwarts. For another, it was close to Dumbledore as they knew some of Voldemort's followers were still out there, and they were determined to protect their own after what happened to the Longbottoms. Cassius went out on the occasional mission following the aftermath of Voldemort's downfall, while Wendy stayed home keeping an eye on Jacob. With all of his most loyal supporters in Azkaban or dead, it seemed peace had come to the Jones' and the wizarding world at last. Jacob was a handful as most children that age were. His favourite thing to do even at nine months, was to grab anything that his hands could find. They made sure to keep such interesting things away from Jacob, especially their wands as they knew all too well the damage that could be done.

The years before Hogwarts were a little nerve wracking at the beginning of Jacob's life, as it was quite evident with the extraordinary occurrences (well normal for a wizarding boy) that happened around him that he was magical. Jacob developed as any child of a witch and wizard could be expected. He enjoyed the music of the violin from his father, and at about the age of 5, Jacob wanted to learn how to play to. Perhaps it was due to his magic inside him finding a way to come through, but Jacob was a natural when it came to the violin and has enjoyed playing it ever since. His parents like him to play classical, but whenever he gets the chance, he loves to "fiddle". It wasn't long it seemed before Jacob received his letter to Hogwarts, or perhaps the time just flew by as it tends to do.

Jacob was very excited about finally getting his letter. He wanted to go shopping for his school things right away. His parents said he had a couple weeks yet, which bummed him out, but his parents promised they would take him to get his school books soon. They had decided to make a date with the Rainfall's as Tobias was starting his first year as well.

Coincidentally, it was when Harry himself was buying his books and Professor Lockhart was there to give personal autographs of his signed biography. Wendolyn wanted to make sure Jacob got there first, as with a celebrity that big it could take them forever to get out of the bookshop. Jacob got all of his Lockhart books, and couldn't believe that Lockhart himself was going to be the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. He also saw when Lockhart and Harry had their picture taken. Jacob wondered why Harry looked so uncomfortable as from what he had heard of the man he was brilliant.

It was not long afterwards that Jacob also saw Harry get confronted by Malfoy, and like many others, hoped he would not be in Slytherin. Though he couldn't help but get out of the way when Mr. Weasley and Malfoy went at it. It was at this time Jacob first met Ginny, as he wanted to help her pick up her things as they had knocked up in the air. He introduced himself giving back one of the books. She looked embarrassed, Jacob wasn't sure if it was because she had missed that one, or because her father had just created a scene in public.

A couple weeks later, Jacob was in his first year at Hogwarts. He lined up with the other first years, and many cheered when the Sorting Hat bellowed "GRYFFINDOR". As the feast came to a close, Jacob was soon part of a giant Gryffindor party to welcome the new years. McGonagall appeared in the common room to remind them that their behaviour reflected on Gryffindor and to take seriously their studies. Rumour had it that Harry and Ron had arrived by a flying car that crashed into the Whomping Willow and been seen by a number of Muggles. That explained why Professor McGonagall had been so utterly livid.

It was the beginning of the year, and Jacob had a feeling the rest of it would be eventful to say the least. His first classes were exciting and Jacob loved charms. He did well in most of his classes, yet the one class he found the curriculum lacking was Lockhart's. The man talked about himself much more than teaching the students anything. His tests were ridiculous as instead of asking where one would encounter a Grindylow and what to do if one did,, they asked what his favourite colour was.

Jacob wasn't sure what to think. The man was brilliant, but there were times it didn't seem like he knew what he was doing. Thoughts of this soon slid to the back of Jacob's mind however, when he noticed a crowd of students gathering in a corridor one day. Curious, Jacob walked over to see what was going on, and saw The Chamber of Secrets had been opened, and Jacob was in attendance among the rest when he saw Filch's cat and heard Malfoy saying all the Mudbloods would be next.

-Jacob's parents had told him all about the Malfoy's, which was enough in itself to not like them much, but the fact Draco Malfoy could talk so callously about people's lives bothered him. The more attacks that year happened, the worse Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherins became. It would have been nice if the Gryffindors had put up a united front, but many of them had turned on Harry, believing him to be the Heir of Slytherin.

Jacob had a few mishaps with the Slytherins that year, but the worst of it came when everyone expected Harry to be attacking students. The boy that conquered the Dark Lord was going around attacking Mudbloods and the like, when anybody with a brain could see he was friends with Hermione Granger, a known Muggle Born witch who was smarter than just about anyone in her year from what Jacob heard, pure blood or not. The rumours of course were she was a bit of a irritating know-it-all, but Potter attacking people like that?

However, news spread of her getting attacked as well. Jacob wasn't sure what to think about Hermione getting attacked later in the year. It seemed someone was out to get anyone not in Slytherin but who or for what reason, Jacob had no idea. And the idea that maybe Harry was behind it started to sound like it might be true. Jacob asked Toby what he knew of the Chamber of Secrets, but Toby said he didn't know too much that he thought it was just a legend. Jacob started looking in the library like many others for a copy of Hogwarts: a History to see if there was anything, but all the copies had been checked out and the waiting list was longer than the school year had days.

Making the best of it, he found some impressive DADA books and read those. Whether or not the chamber was real, the danger was and Jacob knew Lockhart wouldn't be much help. He asked Ginny as well, but Ginny seemed rather frightened, hearing from his fellow years that she was a cat person and she felt really bad for Ms Norris. As the attacks ceased for a time, he was hoping like many others that Gryffindor would win the cup, but it was then that Hermione Granger was attacked, along with a prefect that Jacob didn't know either. Jacob didn't know too much about it, he knew of Hermione from rumours mostly. Some good....others not so much.

Still a lot of Gryffindors had been attacked by whatever it was that was doing this, and just when it looked like the school was going to close, the attacks had stopped and the culprit had been caught and expelled from the school. Jacob was among the rest of his housemates when celebration broke out. The announcement that all final exams were cancelled made him feel a great deal better too, as he wasn't sure if the DADA test would have any valid material on it other than Lockhart's ego. However, he was confident the books he found would have been of use.

-The summer came and went and in no time at all Jacob began his second year. This year, there was a great deal of tension in and outside of Hogwarts. Sirius Black, the notorious Muggle mass murderer had escaped from Azkaban. He was the only one that ever did it in the history of the prison. Jacob wasn't sure what to make of this, as he just couldn't see how one individual could kill so many people for the sheer joy of it. Jacob remembered stories from his Grandfather however, telling how some of his followers were just as bad as he was. It was odd to have a face to look at when talking of such things, but Jacob wasn't going to let it ruin his year if he could help it.

At the very least, Jacob finally had a DADA teacher that seemed genuinely interested in the subject more than themselves. He enjoyed Professor Lupin's classes immensely. It was during one such remembering of a lesson that Jacob had his first real run in with Professor Snape. He had been talking about how brilliant the lesson was when Snape swooped down on him saying that if Jacob had been paying attention in the class he was in instead of the one he had been, he would have realized class had started. Jacob lost 5 points from Gryffindor which granted wasn't much, but still was enough for him to not talk so openly about Lupin or not be aware when class started, especially when Snape was the teacher.

He noticed most of the Slytherin second years were still taking their things out of their bags, which made him wonder if the man had ever taken points from his own house. Jacob heard that Snape could get nasty, but 5 points for talking about a class he liked after class had started? But Ginny and Tobias both thought he got lucky as it was no secret that McGonagall would not have tolerated such a thing, and more than likely would have taken more. Jacob nodded and stayed silent making sure to brew his potion in cold silence, when the bell rang he was the first out the door.

It appeared that Jacob was not alone in this particular circumstance with Snape, however. He had been short with Gryffindors in general much more than usual which was saying something even for him. Jacob heard from an older year that Lupin and Snape had been the same age when they went to school at Hogwarts themselves, and didn't like each other much. Jacob thought that explained a lot. He didn't see any other house getting along with Slytherins and if Snape was even remotely like Malfoy when he was in school.

It was a similar conversation Jacob had in the hallways playing his violin for his friends that Crabbe and Goyle overheard what Jacob said. When they accosted him about it asking if Jacob had just insulted Slytherin, Jacob looked to them and said Slytherin with Malfoy and those like him did a good enough job of that themselves without any help. Jacob got whoops of laughter from his friends, but paid for his cheek. They ganged up on them, punching Jacob hard in the stomach telling him they next time he was talking about Slytherin, it had better be respectfully. Jacob glared at them trying to catch his breath as they stalked off. Fortunately Professor Lupin came around the corner in which Jacob explained what happened. Jacob found it odd that Malfoy wasn't with them, as he always seemed to be the brain of that particular musketeer group. (He had been attacked by a Hippogriff at the time.)

-Reports of Sirius Black were in the papers non-stop. Some thought they saw him in their villages, others thought they saw him in Hogsmeade. Jacob wondered if the rumours were true. For one thing he noticed that quite a few of the teachers were finding excuses to accompany Harry everywhere. He wondered if Sirius Black was being seen near Hogwarts for Harry. If he truly was the Dark Lord's most loyal follower, it would make sense he wanted to take care of Harry as well.

With everything else going on it was hard to keep things running smoothly. Quidditch was always a hot topic, and Jacob hoped that this year Gryffindor would win the cup. Hopes were dashed however, when Harry's Nimbus was trashed by the Whomping Willow. With some of the hope dashed, and Malfoy still injured from the Hippogriff, it was hard to imagine Gryffindor could win the cup. Malfoy had recuperated by then, doing impersonations to his fellow Slytherins of Harry falling off.

Jacob knew Malfoy had hurt his arm, it was all over the school and rumours were Parkinson was trying to help get Hagrid sacked, as well. There was a formal hearing regarding the hippogriff, but Jacob couldn't help but wonder if Draco might have been milking it, though arguably, he had never been scratched by a talon so who knew? Tobias and Ginny wondered the same thing. But the bottom line there was no way to prove it, and it was a matter of public record that Malfoy had been attacked. Madame Pomfrey had given an account of his injuries and more than one student recalled the amount of blood Malfoy had lost that day. He could only hope Gryffindor could come back and claim the cup.

-Rumours of Sirius still being around Hogwarts continued more and more. Jacob wondered if it was true until late one night in the Gryffindor Common Room. It was after the Quidditch Cup celebration when Jacob along with others, heard Ron scream. It was then he announced that Sirius Black was in the common room, and when Professor McGonagall confirmed it with the help of Sir Cadogan, security measures were even tighter around the castle.

Jacob felt McGonagall was very harsh with Neville expecting him to stay out when a mass murderer was on the loose. She had forbid any student from telling him the password, but to let him in. Jacob felt this was inexcusable. While it was true Neville had a poor memory and wanted to write the passwords down, Sir Cadogan was the reason he needed to change them every bloody five minutes. Students were escorted to class much like when the chamber was opened, and Jacob couldn't help but wonder if he and his friends were in danger again. Jacob kept dreaming of a giant black dog, he had no idea what it meant, but knew the dog was a sign of death in the wizarding world, from what a few older years had said earlier in the year.

Jacob just thought it was his mind playing tricks on him with the information he overheard and thought nothing of it. (Jacob never knew Sirius Black was an Animagus. Nor that Sirius Black was even the dog as that was all he ever saw.) Sure enough, though with a certain temporary intolerance for chocolate, Jacob and the other students came out of the year just fine.

In fact, the year ended just as mysteriously as the previous one. Sirius Black had eluded capture right under the Ministry's nose and somehow escaped a school full of teachers and Ministry officials, not to mention the 100 or so Dementors lurking around the school. The Dementors were soon sent back to Azkaban and the school soon returned to normal. The only sad part for most of the students was the fact that Professor Snape announced that Professor Lupin was a werewolf. He decided it best to leave and spare the Headmaster the endless owls he would suffer for employing Lupin in the first place.

Jacob couldn't believe it. From what he had read on werewolves, they were a vicious bloodthirsty lot if the diagrams were any indication. What's more he was loose on the grounds without potion the night before Professor Snape announced it. Professor Lupin had been such a good teacher, but a reckless one. He wondered how such a responsible teacher could forget something like that especially with such a serious condition. He could understand Professor Snape worrying about the students, but Jacob couldn't help but wonder if Snape had a few underlying reasons for doing what he did to. Still, it was not just Slytherin parents that would send their owls to Dumbledore. Jacob hated to see Professor Lupin leave. But he had left at least on his terms. He walked out with dignity, not torch and pitchforks after him. Jacob admired that. He thought maybe Professor Dumbledore had something to do with that as well.

-Jacob's third year was going to be exciting from the get go. He was hoping to get tickets to the Quidditch World Cup, and his Grandfather Alterian had managed to get some. Jacob was very excited as it had been so long since Britain had hosted it, and soon he was there in the front row. He thought the match was very exciting but wished it had gone longer like many other fans of the sport. He especially admired Ludo Bagman who had been commentating, and wondered if he too could get a job like that.

He camped out in the tent with his Grandfather, but was awakened very early. His grandpa had shaken him awake and the sounds of screams and curses flying through the air further woke him up. The Death Eaters had come to the World Cup and were wreaking havoc wherever they could. Alterian, knowing that he couldn't forgive himself if anything happened to Jacob, apparated then and there the pair of them to his parents home. Jacob only caught glimpses of the havoc before his Grandfather whisked them away.

His parents were frantic when they heard the news of what happened. They sent owls to the Ministry straight away, but also to Albus Dumbledore. It was rather easy for the pair of them to do so as they were both workers in the Floo Regulation Department in the Ministry. Jacob wasn't sure why they needed to contact Dumbledore, as he had never known his parents were part of the order. His parents weren't keen on telling him any details of the mark in the sky, but fortunately, his Grandfather wasn't as hesitant, and thought the boy had a right to know, especially if that mark was a prelude to things to come.

Alterian made Jacob swear however to never let his parents know what he told them. He understood his parents wanting to protect him, but understood at Hogwarts Jacob would also need to protect himself, and knowing your enemy was the first step. The Daily Prophet had a field day with the events accusing the Ministry of everything from lax security to incompetence. Jacob didn't learn much more than what his grandpa told him about the mark that night. He knew it was Voldemort's and that his DEs would always send it up when murder had occurred. When asked if that meant he was coming back, Alterian didn't give Jacob a yes or no answer, but merely said it could mean bad things were on the horizon.

-Jacob soon started his 3rd year at Hogwarts and was very excited as he was taking some new classes. He had always found Divination interesting, and decided to take that. Little did he know that among the things that were to happen at Hogwarts that year, taking Divination would be just as interesting.

It was during the beginning feast that it was announced that the Tri-Wizard Tournament was going to be given a fresh try after many decades of being discontinued. Jacob cheered with the rest of the house when he heard the news, but when it was announced that there would be an age restriction, he was a little bummed out about it (though not as verbally as George and Fred Weasley). It was decided that the Champions would be chosen at the end of the feast at Halloween. Jacob heard many whispers among Gryffindor house and others about who was going to put their names in.

Though exciting as it was, he knew he was starting new classes and needed to give them his full attention. With his new class schedule in hand, Jacob soon entered into his Divination class. The first lesson they were learning were the tea cups. After drinking the tea from his cup, Jacob looked at his tea leaves and interpreted the symbols. Oddly enough, he was the only one that seemed to be able to interpret the tea leaves correctly. Jacob thought nothing of it and thought it was beginners luck.

In his tea leaves, the symbols meant a grand contest, which he of course thought was the Tri-Wizard Tournament. But the other symbol in his cup, he thought for sure was wrong. The symbol represented the souls that would brave the dangers and tribulations. The problem was, the symbol in his cup didn't represent one but many. Jacob didn't understand. He put his cup back wondering if he hadn't made a bad decision in taking the class in the first place. The rest of Jacob's classes went well, potions was a chore as it always was with Snape being well....Snape.

-Jacob enjoyed his classes during his 4th year. Professor Moody, especially, as the man really knew his stuff. Not long after word got around on what he had done to Draco Malfoy and it seemed Snape didn't have very much to say on the matter. Jacob found this odd as usually Snape was the first to defend Draco in just about any circumstance. As Divination classes continued, Jacob wondered if he should tell Trelawney what he saw, especially when the topic of dream diaries came around. His dreams had been so vivid, but still it wasn't even October (though by this point only by about a week).

Jacob did very well in Divination thus far. For one thing he seemed to be able to describe signs in his tea leaves, or tarot cards, or whatever else she wished to give the class room. In some cases, he was completely wrong. Some of the signs read he was going to be plagued with mishaps and accidents, other times where he was supposed to have died last year. Jacob wasn't sure if the dream was real or not, particularly after said lessons. But still, the danger felt so real. He supposed his mind would be at peace when the champions were finally picked.

-Finally, the Halloween Feast was at hand. The three Champions were picked, which made Jacob feel more at ease. Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour, and Viktor Krum all took their spots, Jacob felt a little better when Dumbledore started talking, but that soon failed as well as Harry's name came out of the Goblet. How was this possible?

But the fact remained Harry was a Triwizard Champion and his feeling of foreboding became ever stronger. Jacob wasn't sure if he should tell someone, tell anyone, but who would believe him. That night there was a celebration that rivalled the Quidditch cup coming to Gryffindor. Jacob sat in a chair away from the celebration. It could be coincidence. Honestly, tea leaves? What was so blasted prophetic about dredges in the cup?

He thought about talking to Professor Trelawney about this as she was the only one that would ever come close to understanding it, but still. It just seemed so ridiculous, but he could not shake his growing sense that bad things would soon happen.

But the more Jacob argued with himself, the more it seemed even he didn't believe his own words. Some were just as unthrilled as he was. But while Jacob was wondering what had happened, students insisted that Harry had somehow put his name in the goblet for a little more popularity. Being these were the same that thought Harry was Slytherin's heir, Jacob didn't take much stock in what they said. Though Ginny said he and Ron were not talking, which made Jacob wonder.

-The Triwizard Tournament kicked off with the first task. Jacob couldn't believe all the Champions were facing Dragons. Though from the looks of the Champions as they faced them, the crowd it seemed were the only ones. All the Gryffindors were nervous for Harry especially as they saw the Hungarian Horn-tail, a right nasty piece of dragon if ever there were one.

The crowd oooed and aaahhhed as Harry summoned his Firebolt and outright roared when he picked up his egg, the quickest and youngest champion to do so. Again, the party in Gryffindor was near record breaking noise levels. McGonagall must have been proud as she let the party go on a little. Jacob was still a wall flower for the most part. If the FIRST task was dragons, he could only imagine what horrors lay ahead for them. Jacob had yet to tell anyone about his dreams. Who would believe him? He hardly did himself. Yet Divination classes were going past tea leaves and tarot cards. Professor Trelawney wanted them to start Crystal balls. Jacob was excited about this but now more than a little nervous. What if he saw something again. Or only part of something? What if it came true?

-Questions like this plagued Jacob for a while. He did very well when it came to crystal ball gazing, seeing a lot of things in the smoke that more often than not he could accurately describe. But Divination wasn't the only class he was doing well in. DADA with Professor Moody was going well, just as much so as Professor Lupin's. Charms was challenging, yet doable, though Transfiguration was getting much more complicated. He was still able to do what was needed, but it was taking him longer now. All students again were wondering what the second task would be being the first was so very exciting. Jacob still wondered if he should have come forward with what he knew, but it all sounded so ridiculous. Some would just regard him as a younger Gryffindor seeking attention. Jacob finished some of his homework late the night before the second task was to take place. Again however...he dreamed not normal dreams.

-Jacob saw a giant snake in his dreams. To say giant was an understatement as it seemed to be wrapping itself around Hogwarts. Jacob wasn't sure what this meant, but was sure a giant snake wasn't a good thing. As Jacob looked into the air, he saw the Snake coming out of a Dark Mark, the tongue of the skull as it constricted around Hogwarts. Jacob continued watching, but the Snake caught sight of him, and as it lunged towards him, its fangs glinting, Jacob awoke with a start. Jacob was in a cold sweat, still not knowing what his dream meant. This one felt darker, scarier than anything else he had dreamed. But did it have something to do with the tasks? No. This one felt more personal. He felt the snake was looking....at him. He worked on some of his transfiguration assignment work, still the question if he should be telling his teachers what he was seeing on his mind.

-The Second Task came and went and once again Harry emerged somewhat victorious. It seemed that despite the time limit being over, he was still tied with Cedric Diggory for showing strong moral fibre. Jacob thought perhaps this dream was just a nightmare. Nothing bad had happened to any of the champions, or himself and there was certainly no huge snake wrapping itself around a tower anywhere on the grounds. He put his fears at ease, and did what Gryffindors came to do well that year, celebrate Harry's victory, though they also celebrated Cedric's too, as with either/or, it would he a Hogwarts Victory.

-Classes came and went as they often did that year. Potions and Transfiguration were the classes Jacob often stayed up late finishing. Still however, Jacob had the same nightmare. The Snake was still constricting against Hogwarts, trying to crumble it. This time Jacob could see shadowy figures, but who they were he didn't know. Just that there were a lot of them. The Snake lunged for Jacob again, and again, Jacob woke up. He swore he heard the snake whisper something, but when he woke up, he had no idea what it could have been.

-The end of the year came and the Final Task was at hand. Jacob was in the stands cheering both Cedric and Harry on, a couple other students following suit of course, but most rooting for one or the other. Everyone watched as Harry and the other champions entered the maze. They hoped that Harry or Cedric would return with the cup. They got what they wanted, but not in a way they would have wished at all. Cedric Diggory had been murdered. He was just....dead.

Harry was cradling his body, and the teachers were trying to pry his hands off of him. Professor Moody took Harry away, and the students were ordered to their dormitories. It was during the end of year feast that Professor Dumbledore announced what had happened. Lord Voldemort had returned to power and murdered Cedric Diggory the same night. Jacob felt guilty about this news. He wondered if he should have said something regarding his nightmares, but would it have done any good? This question would plague him for a long time to come, as he still wasn't sure if anyone would believe a young Gryffindor having funny dreams. Though he had a feeling what the giant snake was all about now. The snake was Lord Voldemort. The figures, the Snake, they had been coming for Jacob. Jacob wasn't sure why, and was much more determined to keep his gift a secret from anyone.

-It was during that summer that Jacob noticed his parents acting very mysteriously. They were getting letters but made sure he was well out of the area whenever they read them. Jacob wasn't sure what to make of this, being so young when the Order of the Phoenix was first founded. He knew something was up though, as many staff members could be seen coming and going from his house, and many times his parents were going to meetings but wouldn't tell him where, just that they were important to fight You Know Who, and he was not to tell anybody who he saw coming and going from their house. Jacob told them he wouldn't, and spent most of his summer wondering what the heck was going on. Most people didn't believe Harry at all, yet Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, even a few Jacob had never seen before had been seen at his front door one time or another (he had peeked out to see who was coming in, as his parents many times told him to go upstairs before they even opened the door.)

Still, Jacob asked many times what they were doing at these meetings, which his parents replied nothing that Jacob needed to worry about, and to concentrate on his studies as his OWLs were only a year away, and the homework would get a little heavier than he was used to. Jacob couldn't believe it. The worst Dark Wizard had returned and their advice was don't worry, do homework. He was glad his Grandpa had a little more faith in him. Being so secretive, he was starting to see his parents less and less. It was lonely, not to mention aggravating.

-His parents were right of course though, as annoyingly happened more so than not. But this year was something different and at Hogwarts, that was saying something. It seemed the new DADA teacher had been Ministry approved, without the consent of Albus Dumbledore. Many students were rubbed the wrong way by this woman, especially after she interrupted the Headmaster during the start of term feast. It wasn't long before their feelings were proven correct regarding Delores Umbridge.

She had given the class a book for DADA that was insulting and looked liked it had about as much practical wand waving as Snape's class. She informed the class they would not be doing practical magic in her class, as the theory the Ministry had decided on would allow them to do so only during their final exams. Many of the students were glad of this. For one thing, it was far easier to answer questions on paper than it was with a wand. Still with OWLS coming up however, Jacob hoped there would be a bit more. Theory was one thing, but you couldn't fight a dark wizard by throwing answers at him.

-It wasn't long afterwards that Umbridge showed her true colors. She was sent as a spy for the Ministry and the fact that she had the right to inspect other teachers who had been there in some cases decades longer than her was insulting to say the least. It seemed she wanted to weed out those that didn't tow the Ministry approved curriculum or the teachers she just felt were not up to Hogwarts standards.

Needless to say, Professor Trelawney was the first choice, Snape of course getting off scot free, as one couldn't argue the fact he still had rather advanced students, but courtesy of his harsh style. Jacob's classes went well. Transfiguration was still difficult, Charms was alright, and he did his best at potions.

Still, all of the Divination students could tell Trelawney had a horrible review, mainly because of her temper, and also because of her teary eyes. Jacob positively hated that pink clad witch. She was a vile heartless beast in his opinion. She had gone past the point of all forgiveness when he saw her and Filch toss her things out of the castle like she was nothing. This caused Jacob to have a serious mean streak when it came to Filch as well. He was nothing but a mean old squib, who was better off working in Gringott's as a Galleon counter or something.

-Jacob was glad Professor Dumbledore stepped in when he did. Jacob was one of the many in the crowd that had seen him come to her rescue, and it was perhaps the first time in his life that Jacob wanted to seriously hurt someone with a curse. He had a good shot at Umbridge's back side, it being such a big target. But he knew attacking a teacher, even someone as vile and heartless as the pink monster in front of him, would get him expelled.

His parents didn't want that, and Jacob knew his heart at least was in the right place, but Professor Trelawney wouldn't want him expelled either. She thought of him as something of a star pupil of hers, and that was worth more than any curse to a toad like witch that asked for it. Still it seemed that a new teacher would be taking over his favourite class. This time it would be Firenze. He was a grand Centaur, and Jacob hoped that he would be a good teacher. For one thing DADA and Divination were his best classes, for another, Umbridge was teaching one of them.

-Divination thankfully, went well with Firenze teaching it, though Jacob was still keeping his ability to see things a secret. He looked through just about every book he could find in case something he saw could be interpreted as something else. Firenze was right in saying some forms of Divination were lucky guesswork. A symbol could be so vague, it could have tons of different meanings which Jacob was finding out.

He did his best to decipher them correctly, but still even in his crystal ball, his images were becoming more and more like his dreams. He would see a giant skull with a snake wrapped around Hogwarts. It was the dark mark, and things were becoming worse. Even in his crystal ball however, the snake instead of looking around Hogwarts, seemed to be looking him right in the eye. This unnerved him a great deal. What would someone like Voldemort want anything to do with him? He was just a regular student. But Jacob knew that wasn't true. Not many did as well in Divination without making up their homework.

-It wasn't long after the new regime kicked in that students loyal to the Ministry were given special privileges when they joined the Inquisitorial Squad. Most of the group were Slytherins, but Jacob couldn't help but notice that many other houses whose parents were in the Ministry were not trying to make any trouble either.

But with all of the injustices the other houses had to suffer at the hands of that toad and Malfoy and his ilk, Jacob had reached a boiling point. Jacob had been reading a book on the defence against dark plants, when it was seized out of his hands by the Inquisitorial Squad. Jacob demanded they give it back, but he was told this could be Defense against the Dark Arts illegal reading. It was then they spotted the boys violin case, and said it would make a good hiding spot for other such illegal items.

They ripped the case from Jacob's hands, and used a Reductor charm blasting it into splinters. It was the violin his Grandpa had given him when he was 5. The squad laughed, hooted and hollered before Jacob pulled his wand and fire stunner after stunner at the Squad. Only one or two hit however, before the squad fired curses themselves and Jacob woke up in the hospital wing.

Standing over him was Professor McGonagall. He was told he had lost his house 50 points, and earned 2 weeks of detentions per the orders of Professor Umbridge. Jacob explained to McGonagall that they had destroyed his violin, but she informed him there was no proof, and being Jacob attacked first, it was the Inquisitorial Squad's side of the story which was more believable. Jacob was devastated, he had lost his house points, and earned himself detention and his grandfather's violin was probably splintered into shambles or less, and just thrown in the garbage.

To add even more insult to injury, Filch shackled his hands in his detentions, telling him he was lucky the next educational decree hadn't gone through yet or his detention would have been far worse. Filch continued on for the next 2 weeks, informing how when he had his way, discipline at Hogwarts would be very improved indeed.

-There was some silver lining at the end of the tunnel though. A few of Jacob's housemates, Colin, Ginny, and Tobias had managed to get the pieces and splinters of his violin. A simple Reparo was all it took to make it good as new, which Jacob was grateful for and his housemates cheered for having the guts to hex the squad in the first place. But just as oddly as it had all began, things changed just as fast once again.

The Ministry reports had been confirmed by the Minister of Magic himself that Voldemort had returned. Jacob of course knew this had to have been true with as secretive as his parents had been the previous summer. People knocking on the door at all hours, making sure he was out of the room if a mysterious letter was delivered, a thing like that made him suspect something was definitely up. Still, the Prophet cleared both Dumbledore to come back to teaching, and also Harry who was no longer considered a liar.

All of Gryffindor wanted to know what had happened. They bombarded Harry, Neville, and a good chunk of the Weasleys about what went on and Jacob heard bits and pieces regarding a Hall of Prophecy. This made him even more nervous as if Divination was just guesswork and the like, how in the world could there be a hall of predictions in the Ministry and why had a battle taken place there?

Jacob still hadn't told his parents that sometimes visions in his dreams or in the crystal ball. He wondered if he should, but being the Dark Lord was looking for such things, was it wise to advertise he could do it somewhat now? He decided to keep it a secret, not wishing his parents to worry or think he was going crazy or something. More importantly, he now knew why the snake was looking right at him in his dreams. Voldemort was looking for prophecies and Jacob knew now more than before he had to keep his gift secret.

-Jacob's summer was spent looking at a Crystal Ball. He did his other homework first, wanting to be sure if something came up in the ball he would be able to recognize what it is. Much like his nightmare, Jacob has seen a few things over and over. The snake coiled around Hogwarts, growing ever tighter, it's gaze piercing into Jacob even more. Professor Snape, firing a curse at someone Jacob can not yet see, perhaps worst of all, Jacob saw himself surrounded by Death Eaters, he was disarmed, and one put their arm on his shoulder, and they disappeared, the snake around Hogwarts, laughing. These visions have plagued him all through the summer.

Jacob is certain Voldemort is still looking for anything regarding prophecies, but doesn't know why. His dreams have become more vivid over the years, to the point where he has seen himself in both dreams and crystal balls getting captured by DEs. He has kept his gift secret for the past two years, but knows if his dream is any indication; it will be found out, how soon he has no idea. He argues with himself constantly if he should tell anybody about what he sees.

For one thing, he wonders how many people it could help, but he also thinks about his family. It's just not in him to protect himself when others might be in danger. Jacob knows revealing such a thing might help, but wants to make sure he doesn't help the wrong side, or worse yet, get himself caught. If anyone was ever to find out he saw much more than smoke in his dreams or crystal balls, he is fairly certain his visions will come to pass regarding himself. On the other hand, he had read in his Divination books that those who try to run away from their destinies often find they run right into them.

Unknown to him of course, Professor Dumbledore knows about the boy. For as good as Jacob has been about keeping himself secret in the castle and at home, the castle may not have talking walls, but the portraits that hang on them do. It is unknown if Dumbledore will act first regarding Jacob's visions, or if Jacob himself will seek out Dumbledore. For as talented as Jacob is, there are some things even he can't predict.


Pet/Familiar: Small Black Kitten he calls Midnight
Friends: Tobias Rainfall, Ginny Weasley, Various others in his year, not really any Slytherins.
Enemies: Most Slytherins, though those that are not racist he wouldn't mind befriending, as hard as they are to find.
Crush: Jacob will take this to the grave, but does have a crush on Luna Lovegood, as she seems to be so delightfully "off"


Mother: Wendolyn Jones
Father: Cassius Jones
Grandparents: Grandparents (Mother Side): Tabitha and Archibald Runeguard

Grandparents (Father Side): Alterian and Syria Jones


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Small Town near Aberdeen
Your characters view on Voldemort: Definitely against him, but Jacob is certain Voldemort will discover him soon.
Favourite subject and why: Divination as it helps hone his art
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic, as he's more concerned with the future of this war, not older wars.
Favourite Professor and why: Trelawney although an old fraud, did introduce him to the basics.
Most disliked Professor and why: Snape although the man is brilliant, only seems to praise his own students aloud, keeping stony silent the rest of the time.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Puddlemere United
Hobbies: Jacob is a mean Fiddler and knows it. He isn't cocky about his gift however; he merely really loves to play. Whenever a good Gryffindor party is in need of music most of the house calls on him to play, which he loves. He recently spent part of his last summer vacation playing at a restaurant and he is a very accomplished musician for one so young. Jacob's other hobby is of course Divination, as he practices to hone his art, hoping that he can do it in time to prevent the visions he has seen. Or to better interpret those yet to come.
Likes: JJ likes a great many things. His favourite of course is his Violin, followed by Divination at a close second. He feels he has a gift very few wizards ever receive and is bound and determined to use that responsibly, while trying to be his care free wisecracking self as well. He loves talking Quidditch, and hopes to hit the spot for Quidditch Commentator during the school year. He loves Divination, DADA, and Charms, While Transfiguration and Potions are far more complicated this year, his grades are still passable.
Dislikes: The war. JJ hates the fact his parents haven't confided in him regarding some of the things they have had to do. Granted he is only a 5th year and still at school, he feels his parents should have a little faith in him. Though arguably, he still has not trusted anyone in his family with his gift, partially because he figures they won't believe him, another part scared to death that they might. JJ can't stand the Pro-Pureblood line from anybody, as he knows it's not just Slytherins that think that way. He tries to steer clear of Snape, as with all the sarcastic quips the man throws, JJ has been tempted to say a few himself.


  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Divination
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Muggle Studies
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

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