Jason McArdle
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Full Name: Jason Régis McArdle
Age: 14 turning 15, 1st May 1982, Taurus
Year: 4th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 11", Redwood, Dragon vein core

Height: 160 cm or 5' 3"

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Light brown (dyed), natural colour being black
Physical Attributes: Short hair, glasses, skinny. He does not really stand out in a crowd. A hint of Japanese blood is present on the appearance. He has (non-permanent) scars all around his face and body, caused by a Furnunculus hex.
Additions to uniform: Glasses, though he can see adequately without them.
Accessories in general: None, but admires Jack's selection of bracelets with rude sayings in Japanese.
Usual out of uniform attire: College shirt and jeans


Jason is sociable, though he needs also to spend some time alone. He likes to wander in the forests near the family home. He likes practical jokes and doesn't mind being the victim of a good prank himself. If someone says mean things to him or his siblings, he is always ready with a good retort or a hex. Though he sometimes says some really immature things that should be best ignored. He can also be just plain rude. Then again he doesn't care what other people think of him. Lately he has found a scale of new emotions, including getting embarrassed, as he has finally started acting/feeling as a proper teenager.


The family has always lived in the Muggle part of the world. They have moved several times because of the father's work. They have lived in Britain, Italy, Brazil, and Japan and at the moment in France. Jason likes the countryside where they live and has been hiking there with his father. Sometimes feels anxious inside Hogwarts' walls, but gladly the castle is vast enough so you always find something new. He is concerned for the future because of Voldemort, but doesn't really think about it that much. Their father owns a chain of restaurants around the world. The newest one has just started in Hogsmeade, it's also the only one placed on an all-Wizarding community.


Pet/Familiar: Cat called Shiro
Friends: Nicholas Miller who is his best friend. Nick keeps him out of some trouble, whereas Jason prevents Nick from alienating himself completely. Some other 4th years. He is also very close to his siblings, especially Jacques, who he fears is slipping away from him.
Enemies: Jack's enemies are his. Has offered to hex them till next week but Jack has forbid him even trying. He did cause a scene in Diagon Alley during the last week of summer holidays, attacking James Fionn for being rude to him and Jack, and James struck back of course.
Crush: He has just realised that girls exist, and has not come to terms with his teenage emotions just yet. He has a girlfriend, who he just started going out with.
Other: Reads Japanese comics. Likes to fish. He nearly drowned as a little kid, so though he can swim well he is afraid of deep waters. The experience also caused him slight claustrophobia, but only his family knows about it so far.
Languages: English and French.


Mother: Mariélle McArdle, squib, she is also French.
Father: Niles McArdle, squib, owns a chain of restaurants around the world.
Siblings: Joshua (17, Rav), Jacques (16, Sly), Trisha (12, Gry), Thea (10), Trudy (7), Jonah (6). All younger siblings have shown magical ability.
Grandparents: Yes
Other Relatives of Importance: Niles' grandmother is Japanese; therefore they have some relatives in Japan. Aunt Alicia Rainfall, who is Niles' sister. Cousins Isabelle (17, Gry), Toby (15, Gry) and Emily (14, Huff).


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Your characters view on Voldemort: He is concerned for the future because of Voldemort, but doesn't really think about it that much.
Favourite subject and why: Defence Against the Dark Arts
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic, because it's so boring
Favourite Professor and why: Whoever teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts, this year Daniel Marie.
Most disliked Professor and why: Professor Binns because he's as boring as his subject.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Cannot choose
Hobbies: Hiking and fishing
Likes: Reading and planning mischief
Dislikes: Racists and crowded places


  • Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy
  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Farore
Plans for your character's future: Keeper!