John Hilkham
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Full Name: John Philip Hilkham
Age: 17, May 20, 1978
Year: 7th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 10¼" , Elm, Phoenix Feather (from a different Phoenix than his sister's wand)

Height: 5' 7"

Eye Colour: Dark Gray/Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Physical Attributes: Average height and build with paler skin than his younger sister Susan. He keeps his straight hair neatly cut, and is very concerned about looking neat and as stylish as possible (on their mum's limited income). John's prone to sunburn if he's outside for too long, and he's grudgingly learned to wear a straw hat while working outside with his plants.

Like his sister, he has a nice smile, and heavier brows that add to an angry look or glare. John doesn't scrunch his brows together when he's concentrating though, so others think he's much more cheerful than his sister.

Additions to uniform: None. He likes to keep his appearance neat and as close to the school standard as possible.
Accessories in general: He has a muggle watch his uncle gave him for his birthday when he was ten, and he wears it every day. If anyone asks him about it, he tries to make light of it and dismiss it as a joke of sorts.
Usual out of uniform attire: Khakis or another like-style of pants, a neat and stylish jumper with a dress shirt underneath. Occasionally he'll wear a pair of jeans, but still wears a dressier top with them. His shoes are very well kept up and neat. John likes expensive clothes, but can't get all the ones he'd like because his mum can't afford them. So he has to make do with what he can, and does all he can to keep his clothes in as best of shape as possible.
Bed-wear: Khakis or another like-style of pants, a neat and stylish jumper with a dress shirt underneath. Occasionally he'll wear a pair of jeans, but still wears a dressier top with them. His shoes are very well kept up and neat. John likes expensive clothes, but can't get all the ones he'd like because his mum can't afford them. So he has to make do with what he can, and does all he can to keep his clothes in as best of shape as possible.


John is self-confident, sure of himself in nearly all situations that involve his schoolwork or teachers or his love of botany or how much his mum dotes on him. What he's not been sure of was his sexuality because he's never had a long-term girlfriend. But over the summer before his seventh year, he realized he was just being silly and worrying over nothing. When he'd really pondered the subject, the thought of dating a boy really did -not- interest him in the least (but dating girls sure did).

John's got a bit of a temper, much like his sister Susan. However, unlike his sister, John has -not- learned how to keep his temper in check. Well, mostly. He does do a better job of it in front of the teachers at school, but when it comes to his family he lets it fly full force.

He's rather serious much of the time, and finds his sister's oddball sense of humor rather annoying. Actually, he finds nearly everything about his sister annoying.

John prefers the wizard/witch life to a Muggle life. His uncle (mom's brother) is a squib, and his aunt is a Muggle. He used to visit them and stay for a few weeks in the summer before he started schooling at Hogwarts. But he hasn't done so since as there's no magic allowed at his uncle's. Things seem mundane and boring there without Magic sometimes, but John can still find plenty some things to do with his two boy cousins--especially if it means leaving his sister out of something.

John seems to find a particular joy or glee in excluding Susan from things and watching her get all frustrated. He also enjoys the fact that he has his mum wrapped around his finger. She dotes on him, thinks he can do hardly any wrong, and unwittingly lets him get by without doing any hard labor around the house. It's quite the life and he does all he can to downplay his sister's protests. John puts his own spin on things, and mum nearly always sees it his way. He'll give in on occasion just to make things appear fair. One must do their best to keep up appearances.

Like his sister, muggles in general don't bother him in the least and he's never understood why some wizards/witches dislike them so much. It is rather interesting to him how they manage to get on with things without magic. He's seen enough of Muggle stuff at his uncle's and it's been enough to satiate his curiosity.

John's passion in terms of magic lies with the botanical world, and Madame Sprout absolutely adores him. He hopes to become an assistant Professor at Hogwarts upon graduation. Given his grades and his stature with the head of his house, he'll very likely achieve this goal.


John's mother and grandparents are NOT and never have been sympathetic to Voldemort. They have no time (and no patience) for such "rubbish" in their words. John shares their views and has no tolerance for the whole "pure-bloods are better" business. Voldemort's horrific acts left the entire Hilkham family angry. John is determined to work against this wave of dark magic.

While John gets uncomfortable seeing others teased or taunted, he does not generally step in to stop it. On occasion if his sister is the subject of a particularly mean attack from someone, he may give voice to his dislike of the actions. But given the fact that -he- many times is the one that is picking on his sister... well, in those instances he does not interfere.

John has a rather cordial friendship with his roommates in Hufflepuff, and they appreciate how knowledgable he is about Herbology. He tutors without talking down and is quite patient with the younger students in his house.

Family History

Mary Lucy Hilkham (formerly Wayne) Hogwarts graduate, Hufflepuff Works in the Ministry of Magic, Department of Magical Transportation, Floo Network Authority

Mary was happily married to Philip for all of 1 year, during which time she had John & Susan. In their 6th year of marriage, Philip met a witch named Patricia Grant at work and he began to change.

1974-Mary + Philip married
May 20th, 1978-John is born
January, 1980 - Mary is pregnant again

During her pregnancy with Susan, Mary begins to suspect Philip is having an affair

July 30th, 1981 - Mary walks in on Philip and another woman

September 12th, 1980-Susan is born

October 5th, 1981 - Mary and Philip divorce

Mary could not forgive Philip because she'd walked in on him and that other woman... Patricia. How could you forgive someone for something like that? She was pregnant with his second child, and he's got the nerve to do that in their own house with another woman?!

He knew he was guilty too and didn't offer much in the way of an argument when she asked him to leave (along with the slut in the bed with him). He also didn't put up much of a fuss when she asked him for a divorce (after a long, tear-filled conversation with her mum via a bit of floo powder in the fireplace). He'd fallen in love with the hussy apparently because he married her barely 2 weeks after their divorce was finalized.

Philip offered no help with the children, and came around infrequently while they were growing up. Mary turned to her parents for help in raising them, and for a break on occasion to save her sanity.

Mary is tough with her children saying she "has to be both a mother and a father to them". This "tough-love" approach has produced 2 rather well-behaved children, but both are starving for maternal affection at times and look to their male teachers to be role-models of sorts. They know all their mother and grandparents have done for them, and are grateful. Mary has always clearly favored John, doting on him and going on about his good grades in school.

John does nothing to dissuade his mother's attentions and affections. He rather enjoys the easy life it seems to afford him at home. And he has a bit of a mean streak where his sister is concerned, having even gone so far as to stick his tounge out at her behind his mum's back when Susan is mounting yet another protest against him. John is quite masterful at manipulating his mother to get what he wants.

**You asked "Would a tough love mother really be manipulated by a child?" My answer is YES! Mary is based on my mom and is very much in the "tough love" category. My brother was (and still is in many ways) her favorite, and he could manipulate her like a master sometimes. Not all the time or every time mind you, but he did it lots 'n lots of times. Very, very, very frustrating to the other sibling (probably exacerbated by the fact that there were only 2 siblings).

Father: Philip John Hilkam
Divorced from Mary when the children where 2.5 years and 1 month old.

Philip worked in the Department of Magic in Magical Maintenance up until the time he and Mary divorced. He quit his job a few weeks afterward and moved to Ireland with Patricia. It's unknown at this point what kind of work he is doing.

Susan Marie Hilkham (13 months younger, Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 5th Year, Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team)

Susan's a tomboy in many ways which certainly comes from being the only girl in the family and in the neighborhood. She's a freak in John's mind because she's the first in the family to EVER be sorted into Gryffindor. How that ever came about, he'll never know. Then the girl takes it a step further in her fifth year, tries out for her house Quidditch team and -makes- it. No one else in the family had ever played Quidditch. How he was related to this girl, he would never know. Secretly though, John was a little proud of her for making the team and would be rooting for her when she played her first game.


Pet/Familiar: Barn owl named Mafalda
Friends: Those his age in Hufflepuff, as well as several others in the year below him.
Enemies: Anyone who makes fun of his work in Herbology basically. He's not as nerdy as that Neville Longbottom, but he still does make an easy target for those in Slytherin who love to make fun of the "tree hugging, plant kissing freaks".

Like his sister, John's had his doubts about Harry at times what with all the goings-on over the past 5 years. But his sister's told him that she's had a feeling Potter wasn't the awful person everyone's said he was. John thinks it may be that's just a little bit of crush talking, but he's not seen anything in the little bit of interaction he's had with Harry that would lead him to believe in the worst. That said though, he's still cautious and warns his sister to tread lightly around Potter just in case...

Crush: There are several "lookers" in the school he admires from afar and he may very well have an admirer or two of his own... and even have a girlfriend before the year is out.


Mother: Mary Lucy Hilkham (formerly Wayne)
Father: Philip John Hilkam
Siblings: Susan Marie Hilkham (13 months younger)
Grandparents: Maternal--John Paul Wayne (former Auror) and Albina Pauline Wayne (formerly Lowenschwartz)

Paternal--Phillip John Hilkam (worked in the Goblin Liason office) Isabel Marie Hilkam (formerly LeMere) Housewife


Nationality: British with some Germanic influences from her maternal grandparents.
Your characters view on Voldemort: John's mind runs along the same lines as that of his sister -- he cannot stand the whole "pure-bloods are better" business. Voldemort's horrific acts left the entire Hilkham family angry.
Favourite subject and why: Herbology. John has what muggles refer to as a "green thumb" and is very talented at caring for plants. He knows the names and uses of a large number of them, and is memorizing more every day. Being in the greenhouses brings him a certain joy and is a source of peace and calm after the loud craziness of a typical schoolday.
Most disliked subject and why: Divination. He thinks Trelawney is insane and the entire subject is a complete farce.
Favourite Professor and why: Professor Sprout. He soaks up her knowledge like a sponge, and thoroughly enjoys her company. John also loves the fact that she'll always answer his unending questions about anything plant-related.
Most disliked Professor and why: Well, John already thinks Trelawney is insane. Snape is a close second because he's just so bloody mean sometimes.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Hufflepuff, but he'll be cheering for his sister too when she plays for Gryffindor.
Hobbies: Other than plants, John also enjoys painting or drawing. He's a fairly talented artist for his age, although he's no prodigy or anything of that sort. He's sometimes contemplated taking art classes at a muggle school over the summers, but doesn't think he'd be able to talk his mum into it (no matter how charming he tries to be). So he goes to the muggle library and reads books on drawing or painting techniques in order to try to hone his skills in this area.

John also has been reading his way through the books on magical artwork in the Hogwarts library. Madame Pince made a list of books for him to read (all entirely her suggestions of course) on some of the great magical artists over the ages, as well as books on the secrets and techniques used by them and others.

He's become quite fascinated by the two worlds of artwork (muggle and magic) and occasionally toys with the idea of becoming a magical portrait painter instead of a herbologist. But one visit to the greenhouses always quashes that idea for him, and he realizes that his love and future will always be with herbology.

Likes: Herbology, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, art
Dislikes: Stinky feet, purple onions, his sister's constant complaining that he gets preferential treatment from their mum, his dad and stepmother.


  • Arithmancy (E)
  • Ancient Runes (E)
  • Astronomy (A)
  • Charms (E)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (A)
  • Herbology (O)
  • Potions (E)
  • Transfiguration (E)

OOC Information

Player: Sue
Plans for your character's future: John's on a fairly clear path to becoming an assistant professor of Herbology upon graduation. The only hitch to this plan would be his mother. He's not told her this yet, and she'll likely be upset. Mary's idea of a good future for John would be one where he'd work in the Ministry, make a goodly salary, and have a pension for retirement. She'll likely not take it well when John finally breaks the news to her.