Kathryn Clark
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Full Name: Kathryn Clark
Nicknames: Katey
Age: 13
Year: 4th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 12", Cherry, dragon heart string

Height: 5' 4"

Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Red
Physical Attributes: Freckles
Additions to uniform: Crystal necklace
Accessories in general: Silver rings
Usual out of uniform attire: Jeans, her brothers old shirts cause she likes them
Bed-wear: Nightshirt


She's friendly, a little shy at times


Pet/Familiar: Ferret by the name of Princess
Friends: Roy Bolder (fellow 4th year Gryffindor)
Enemies: Slytherins, for the most part
Crush: fancied Neville Longbottom, but hooked up with Roy Bolder


Mother: Clare Clark
Father: Wilson Clark
Siblings: Wilson Jr, Paul, Gerald (she calls him Jerry)
Grandparents: Rexford and Darla Clark, George and Sally Quinn


Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Kells
Your characters view on Voldemort: Fearful, sure he's real
Favourite subject and why: Transfiguration, it's a challenge but so worth it
Most disliked subject and why: Defense against the Dark Arts---she fears they aren't teaching them what they might need
Favourite Professor and why: Professor McGonagall, she scares Katey but seems to be nice to her as well
Most disliked Professor and why: Professor Snape because he is scary in class
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Kenmare Kestrels/Gryffindor
Hobbies: singing, she tends to spend a lot of time alone lost in her own thoughts


  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Divination
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Marie C.
Plans for your character's future: The future is unknown, she's hoping to find a boyfriend, as long as he doesn't take up all her time (wonders whether things with Roy will work out).