Leni von Wittelsbach
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Full Name: Leni Arianna von Wittelsbach
Age: 16; 20th June, 1980, Gemini (cusp of Cancer)
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 11", Yew wood, Dragon-Heart-String core

Height: 5' 4"

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Long blonde (past shoulder length)
Physical Attributes: Feminine but not overly girly, she is average in appearance, possessing a typical girl-next-door look. Leni appears to be an innocent because of her soft features. Her innocent appearance belies a ruthless willingness to go to any lengths to achieve her goals. In time, she will learn to play off that innocence to mislead others. For now, she is still only beginning to realise how others respond to her and how her appearance affects what they think and perceive of her. Prior to sixth year, she was the proverbial wallflower ... present but largely overlooked and/or forgotten.
Accessories in general: She wears a locket given to her by her father. It is always underneath her robes/clothing and no one knows she wears it. The locket will tie in to the story with how she becomes involved with Marcus Flint.
Usual out of uniform attire: She dresses stylishly as would befit a Pureblood witch of her station, but never flashily. Her out-of-uniform clothing reflects her family's wealth, but does not flaunt it. Her dress tends toward conservative. She wears only wizard clothing. She has seen Muggle clothing at Hogwarts on Muggle-borns or Half-Bloods, but would never wear such clothing herself ... though at times, she is curious about it due to her thirst to learn new things.
Bed-wear: She wears long night dresses and when not actually in bed, she wears a dressing gown over the night dress for additional modesty.


Leni is a very quiet girl, but can be more outgoing with those she knows well. She is a devoted bookworm and studies quite often, even during holidays. She is driven to acquire knowledge in all fields of magic, especially those that Hogwarts forbids. She excels in Potions and Ancient Runes, as well as foreign languages in general. She speaks German fluently and Swedish passably; she can read all Nordic languages reasonably well. She is frightened of flying on a broomstick and will resist getting onto a broom unless it is absolutely necessary. She loathes taking care of any type of magical creature as she believes such work is undignified for anyone who can think. She has a low opinion of Divination, but will read on the history of the Tarot or other such thing purely to satisfy a curiosity. She considers it a fun diversion, but nothing to be taken seriously. Leni has never had a serious boyfriend prior to sixth year and is still quite naive about all that relationships entail.


Her family has its origins in Germany and she still has relatives living there. Her grandparents had fled Germany for Britain just prior to the downfall of Grindelwald, though they were not in any way involved in that battle. The von Wittelsbach Family has a long-standing excellence in Potions, particularly Dark Potions. It is a fascination that Leni has inherited. Leni's father, Wilhelm, is a master at Potions and strives to create new potions or alter existing ones, generally for dark or nefarious purposes. He has been known to experiment on Muggles (unexplained disappearances or unexplained deaths in the Muggle world could sometimes be attributed to his insatiable curiosity) and occasionally Muggle-borns when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

Leni's mother, Magdalene, has travelled throughout Britain in search of relics connected to King Arthur and particularly the wizard, Merlin. Wilhelm has in his possession a document called the Faust-Pergament (Faust Parchment). It is written in Old German, which he and Leni are endeavouring to translate, though Leni has translated only bits of it and does not realise the significance of what she's done.

Lucius Malfoy strongly suspects that his old friend, Wilhelm, has this parchment and desperately wants it for himself. Lucius has been trying to push Leni and Draco together, thinking that if they became a couple, he could exert influence on Leni to gain control of magical artefacts that Leni's father possesses, particularly the Faust-Pergament. Neither Leni nor Draco wants a romantic relationship. They are friendly with each other, having spent a good deal of time together even before attending Hogwarts, but are not romantically inclined. Draco is not averse to using Leni to achieve his own ends. Leni will always submit to anything asked of her by a Malfoy. She wants continued access to the Malfoy Library and the Dark Arts training that goes on at Malfoy Manor over holidays. She believes she has no choice but to do as they ask and she considers their demands to be a 'small price to pay' for access to the forbidden knowledge she desires. Her family is strongly suspected of being sympathetic to Voldemort and of having a passionate interest in Dark Magic, dating back to their origins in Germany. None have ever been convicted of loyalty to the Dark Lord, though that could always change.


Pet/Familiar: Family owl called Siegfried
Friends: Draco Malfoy, she knows Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle because of Draco; she will become friendly with Maeve Rollins, a fifth year Ravenclaw Muggleborn after having met her, while both girls were in the infirmary on the first day of school, in her sixth year. Leni will betray Maeve's trust and friendship over the Christmas holidays, that same year, which will lead to Marcus Flint and other Death Eaters killing Maeve and her Muggle family. Leni will have incurred the Dark Lord's displeasure in some way, but will be given a reprieve of sorts. She will be asked to give a name of a Mud-blood to die in her place. She will do so and will name Maeve for death. Marcus Flint, having also angered the Dark Lord, will be the one to kill the girl, a fact that Leni will be aware of and accept.
Enemies: None that she is aware of at the moment
Crush: Marcus Flint, once they meet in the service of the Dark Lord. Though the relationship will be largely arranged (neither Marcus nor Leni would have sought the other out for a relationship), a genuine affection will develop ... though that may be more the residual effects of the lockets they both wear. Prior to that, Leni had thought Adrian Pucey was cute, but had never dared to ever tell anyone, least of all Adrian, who remains completely unaware of that infatuation. Leni's first kiss was with Draco, though both were under the influence of a love potion at the time. While learning a dark spell, Leni was also tricked into snogging Vincent Crabbe, much to the amusement of Bella (who was teaching Leni), Lucius and Draco (who were watching the lesson). Leni and Vincent were both Obliviated after the fact; hence have no memory of it. Draco has since mentioned it in passing to Leni, who has no reason to doubt what Draco says, but still has no memory of it herself. Leni is still a virgin, though she truly believes that Draco slept with her the first night back at Hogwarts. Draco will do nothing to disavow her of that notion. He will, in fact, encourage the rumours so that everyone believes it.
Other: Leni is not inherently evil, though her thirst for knowledge will cause her to follow a path that leads to darkness. She will not realise that until it is too late, if indeed she ever realises it. She was raised to believe in the Pureblood ideology, but due to her quiet nature she has never openly broadcast those beliefs as others like Draco have done. She has never called anyone a Mud-blood and is genuinely curious about them in an academic sense. In the end, she will follow those around her and they all follow the Dark Lord. Those around her may try to use Leni as a means of gaining access to the "good guys." She comes across as being sweet and innocent and will learn to use those traits to manipulate others into trusting her. She will be one of only two Slytherin members of the DA. Others will likely be suspicious of her, especially after Maeve dies over the Christmas holidays since the two girls were known to associate with each other. Leni will not be a suspect in that, but we'll see how it plays out. Leni did not take the Dark Mark that summer, nor was she asked to do so. She will, however, offer up a service for the Dark Lord, most likely around Halloween. She knows she will be asked at some point to do something for the Dark Lord, but she does not know what it is or when she will be asked to do so.


Mother: Magdalene Elisabeth von Wittelsbach
Father: Wilhelm Frederick von Wittelsbach
Grandparents: Alive, but not involved yet
Other Relatives of Importance: Relatives in Germany, not relevant to the plot


Nationality: English
Birthplace: Tiddleywink is a hamlet consisting of eight cottages, near the village of Yatton Keynell, about three miles (five kilometres) to the west of Chippenham, in the county of Wiltshire, in the south west of England. The name is said to derive from rhyming slang for "a quick drink".

Due to its small size, the hamlet has been for many years omitted from the official book of place names, the Collins British Atlas and Gazetteer, and from most maps. Furthermore, the road signs were lost years ago in an accident, resulting in the hamlet becoming virtually invisible to the outside world.

Early in 2003, after much campaigning, residents finally won their settlement two new road signs, and widespread recognition, as their story made the national news. (In the post-Voldemort era, things just are no longer the way they used to be!)
Broom (if applicable): Flew when she absolutely had to on school brooms, has none of her own as she hates flying.
Your characters view on Voldemort: She knows she will be asked to serve when the time comes and is willing to serve when asked. She believes in the Dark Lord, but does not trumpet that belief as others do. She keeps quiet.
Favourite subject and why: Potions due to her family's longstanding history of excellence in that field.
Most disliked subject and why: Care of Magical Creatures (thinks it is undignified to care for 'creatures', Divination (does not believe it can be learned ... you either have the sight which 99.99999% of wizards do not 'in her opinion' or you don't ... the rest makes for a fun parlour game, but is not serious academic work in her mind. She struggles with Transfiguration and Charms and has required a tutor to achieve a grade of E in those classes. Without the tutor, she would have been likely to scrape by with an A. Her father is not happy with that and has made his displeasure known to Leni.
Favourite Professor and why: Professor Snape because he teaches Potions, her favourite class, and he is also her Head of House. She admires him for his excellence in Potions and for his sarcastic wit, usually directed at members of other houses.
Most disliked Professor and why: Hagrid because the Malfoys have greatly influenced her thinking that he is a stupid oaf and should not even be at Hogwarts. Although, she has never had a run-in with him, she has never forgotten that Draco was injured in his class (huge topic of conversation/bone of contention among the Malfoys) or that Hagrid has always displayed a less than favourable attitude towards members of Slytherin, while overtly favouring Gryffindor.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Roots for Slytherin, otherwise does not follow Quidditch at all.
Hobbies: Studies ancient runes and Nordic languages, potions and reads history quite a bit ... she doesn't think she gets anything out of Binns' class, so she supplements that herself by reading, but follows her own interests, not necessarily those topics presented by Binns.
Likes: Learning new things, walks at night in the moonlight or darkness, cold weather, autumn leaves and storms (thunder/lightning).
Dislikes: Hot humid weather, being bested by anyone in Potions (she is secretly jealous of Hermione for besting her in Potions).


  • Ancient Runes (O)
  • Arithmancy (E)
  • Astronomy (E)
  • Charms (E)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (E)
  • Herbology (O)
  • History of Magic (A)
  • Potions (O)
  • Transfiguration (E)

OOC Information

Player: Linda
Plans for your character's future: She will join the Dark Lord, come what may; she will end up with Marcus Flint, most likely becoming pregnant by him just prior to the start of her seventh year at Hogwarts ... it will be a boy, named Tristan.