Linnea Amery
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Full Name: Linnea Amery
Age: 36 (November 7, 1960)
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 6½", Oak, Unicorn Hair

Height: 5' 2"

Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown almost black
Physical Attributes: Linnea is often mistaken to be a teenager because of her height and build. She is a petite young woman, but she has curves, especially in the hip department. Linnea is well-built from years of playing Quidditch and being active. Because of her Quidditch days, she has broken her nose several times, thus it is crooked. She also has several scars on her forehead and cheeks from those Quidditch accidents. That is one of the reason she wears make-up. The other is that she likes to look feminine. Her hair usually hangs loose, past her shoulders and has a natural wave to it.
Accessories in general: Linnea adores jewelry as well as scarves, but she doesn't have that many. She has two pair of earrings that are her favorite. One pair is silver hoops. The other pair of earrings she wears is gold star and crescent moon studs. Linnea has 2 bangle bracelets she adores to wear. One is gold and has orange stones sewn onto it. The other is a silver bangle with dragon carving on either side of an garnet. She has three scarves that she adores. One is a black crinkle raw silk scarf that she often wears tied around her waist. Her other scarf she often wears is a midnight blue scarf she bought at a wizarding boutique. It has moons and stars all over it and it twinkles.
Usual out of uniform attire: Linnea is a modern young woman and although she does wear wizarding robes, she wears modern (and muggle) clothes. She adores wearing jeans in the autumn and winter time and Capri pants in the spring and summer. Her favorite pair of Capri's is in a cream color. She usually pairs with a black flowing tank top or shirt. She has many different flowing tops in reds, purple, pink, blues, and greens as well in floral and paisley patterns. The robes she wears are in jeweled tones (especially purple, blue, and red) because she isn't fond of the usual black robes.


She's outgoing in nature. She isn't afraid to take risks, especially when she's flying. She adores diving from way up in the sky. Linnea can have a temper and isn't afraid to argue her point. She is very passionate and will stand up for her beliefs and for other people's rights, but Linnea is not the type who goes around looking for a fight. She is also very caring and loving and open to being friends with any sort of people; however she doesn't like people who act stupidly or makes insensitive remarks or jokes. She adores debating topics and will talk about any topic. Linnea adores music, especially rock music, and dancing, but she isn't one who likes to drink when she's out partying. As a teacher, she can be strict, especially about good grammar and spelling, but she is easy going and willing to answer any question a student may have. Even though she's a talker, she is also a good listener. She keeps an open door policy for that reason.


On November 7, 1960, the weather was particularly horrid when she and her twin sister, Sandra were born several weeks early at home. A nasty snowstorm had brewed up and they were stuck in the home. Luckily, her great-aunt, Ruthanne, had trained as a midwife and successfully delivered the girls. Both girls were small when they were born, but grew quickly. As soon as they were old enough, she and her twin helped out on the family farm that belonged to Linnea's grandparents on her mother's side. Her father's family also lives at the farm and has since 1940. They moved from Romania right before Hitler invaded in July. On this farm, the two families grew and harvested produce (such as apples and pears as well as green beans, tomatoes, squash, carrots, and radishes), raised sheep for wool, and chickens for eggs - all of these products they sold to make money. Her mother was good at spinning yarn and often charmed the wool so that it color changed or twinkled.

When they were 11 both girls began attending Hogwarts in the Gryffindor house. In their 3rd year, both Sandra and Linnea were put on the house team as beaters. Besides playing Quidditch they often held pillow fights and while Sandra wrote poetry, Linnea practiced dancing, which she continues to do. Also in her 3rd year, she met and became friends with Remus Lupin after a prank James decided to play upon her by enchanting her broom so that it flew away from her when she tried to hop on. The spell misfired and the broom flew into the whomping willow. Furious, Linnea stormed off however Remus followed her to apologize. Being older, he would often help her with homework (when he wasn't hanging with James and the gang).

After finishing at Hogwarts, she and her twin joined the original Order of the Phoenix. There she became friends with Molly Weasley and Alice Longbottom after a cooking fiasco where instead of mashed potatoes; bubbles were made and filled the kitchen. She also came to appreciate the kindness of Remus Lupin and this appreciation turned into a crush. When she wasn't helping the order, Linnea worked in small wizarding boutiques while her sister Sandra worked on the farm. At the boutique she met Ben Dale, who was in buying something for his mother. After a short courtship, the two wed, but their marriage didn't last long. They found they liked each other, but didn't love each other. Thus, in 1994 they decided that the best action was to go their separate ways. Soon after that, Linnea discovered she was pregnant with their child and it was agreed he would give Linnea severance pay so she could take care of their daughter. On December 24th, Nicolette was delivered happy and healthy by Ruthanne. Until 1996, she worked on the farm and took care of Nicolette. In 1996 she was able to get a position at Hogwarts as professor of Muggle Studies. While teaching there, she arranged for her daughter to be able to live with her and have a house elf babysit in the afternoons when she teaches.


Pet/Familiar: A barn owl named Plato
Friends: Remus Lupin, Molly Weasley, and Alice Longbottom
Enemies: She doesn't have any enemies, but she's not friends with the Death Eaters.
Crush: She has had a crush on Remus Lupin for many years.
Other: She has a twin who looks just like her and she's left handed


Spouse: ex-husband - Ben Dale
Children: Nicolette, Daughter (2)
Mother: Danielle Folds
Father: Costin Amery
Grandparents: Eugen and Oana Amery (father's side) and Donald and Greta Folds (mothers)
Other Relatives of Importance: A great-aunt, Ruthanne, who gave her the name Linnea.


Nationality: Romanian / British
Birthplace: Derby, England
Your characters view on Voldemort: She hates him
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: She likes both the Holyhead Harpies and the Falmouth Falcons because she feels both teams are quite good and she can't help root for an all female Quidditch teach.
Hobbies: Her hobbies include Quidditch, dancing, running, taking care of her family, playing with Nicolette, doing outdoor work, and gardening.
Likes: She has a quite a variety of likes. They include Quidditch, animals, chocolate frogs, being with her family, playing with Nicolette, swinging, flying, dancing, snowball and pillow fights, and snow.
Dislikes: She is terrified of thunderstorms. She is a good cook, but dislikes cooking. She dislikes strawberry flavored food. She isn't fond of fish or fishing. She also dislikes deep water.

Former House: Gryffindor
Occupation: Muggle Studies Professor

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