Louise Quinton
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Full Name: Louise Quinton
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 8½", Runes-inscribed rosewood, Dragon heartstring.

Height: 5' 5"

Eye Colour: Gray with a hint of green
Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde
Physical Attributes: Wide eyes, slight full lips and a pointed nose
Accessories in general: She owns a collection of earrings which she mix-matches on purpose. She has her ears pierced only once.
Usual out of uniform attire: A mixture of casual and elegant clothing - meaning she likes to wear expensive stuff, but never goes overboard.
Bed-wear: nightgown


She is vain, shallow, selfish, manipulative, mean-spirited, hopeful, and loyal (to the people she cares about). However, she appears to be nice, sweet, and generous, to those who are not her friends in order to obtain her own needs, i.e. information valuable to her. She does not openly state insults portraying to Muggleborns because she knows this will hinder her to succeed in life. Her opinion of Muggles is that she does not care if they live or die but she knows than it is in her best interest to stay seemingly neutral in the war at hand. Should she have to take sides, she'd be on the one that was winning.


Francis Quinton met Gwendolyn Pierson at Hogwarts (in 1965). She was a first year at the same time as Lucius Malfoy. Francis was a second year. When it became apparent that her parentage would interfere with her life at Hogwarts, Gwendolyn hid it. A tiny group of her most trusted friends, including Francis, knows of her heritage. They began to date during Francis' sixth year at Hogwarts (her 5th). A year later, they had their first child Andrew (in 1970) who was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. Gwendolyn had to leave school for the time she was pregnant, and she returned once the child was born. Andrew was taken care of by Gwendolyn's relatives while she continued on with school, graduating a year after students her age had left Hogwarts. Later on, she gave birth to twins, Charles and Edward, who were both Ravenclaws. Finally, the birth of Louise changed the Quinton family forever - a girl was born in a house full of men. The girl was spoiled by her parents and sometimes by her brothers for years. They gave her toys, dolls, new dresses, and shoes all the time.

Louise first discovered her Magical abilities when she was seven. She left her room and was welcome with the wondrous smell of cookies. The young Louise hurried to the kitchen to grab the tasty treat. Even though she knew her mother baked those cookies for the family dinner at her aunt's house, Louise had to have one. The little girl entered the kitchen her hand reached for the cookie but her mother placed the tray out of her reach. She longed for the sweet taste and suddenly the cookie was in her hands. That day, Gwendolyn was so happy her daughter was a Witch that she allowed Louise to have as many cookies she wanted.

The day she got her letter, excitement filled the Quinton household. Another of their family was to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The trip to Diagon Alley was eye-opening to Louise. The young girl had visited the busy town many times before, but this time she and her family were there only because of her. She witnessed other young Witches and Wizards walk down the streets and enter Ollivander's to receive their wands, or enter bookstores to buy their books. Now it was her turn to follow in their footsteps - hope filled Louise's chest at this thought. It took the fifth wand at Ollivander's to choose Louise. She stared at the rune-inscribed dogwood and gripped it tight. She did not want to let it go out of her sight.

Louise said her goodbyes to her teary-eyed mother and proud brothers and father at Platform 9 ¾. As she rode the Hogwarts Express, waiting to see the castle, Louise watched the lush environment through the window. The young girl had heard tales about the castle as bedtime stories and she did not want to miss seeing it. Her eyes widened the first time she saw Hogwarts. The boat ride made the child fall in love with the castle - it was so huge and beautiful!

During the sorting, Louise was to be placed in the House of Slytherin. She had heard what she thought were terrible things about that House from her family. Louise had heard that not a bad witch or wizard had come from that House. She wondered why she was placed in this very House instead of Ravenclaw where her parents had been. Louise feared there would be disappointment about the Sorting Hat's decision. In the letter they wrote back to her however, they told her that she must have misunderstood. They were prejudiced towards the House, but being chosen to Slytherin wouldn't turn you a bad person if you didn't want it to.

In her confusion about the sorting results, Louise went into the Library to research Houses hoping to find a reason why she was sorted in the Slytherin. In her research, the young girl discovered that there is more to it. She learned that Slytherin took only Pureblood wizards of great cunning, ambition, resourcefulness, and determination. She was surprised that the House had more to offer than becoming a dark Witch or Wizard.

Louise woke the next morning repeating her daily routine until her dorm mate interrupted her in the dungeons. The dark haired girl pointed out that there was a red stain on her clothes. Louise's face exposed embarrassment but her dorm mate led her to an empty bathroom in the dungeon. She handed Louise extra pair of clothes stating she kept them in case something like this happened to herself until she found a spell to fix it. After she changed, Louise asked the girl for her name which the girl said was "Irina". They have been friends ever since.

When Potter entered into Hogwarts Louise noticed whenever he had a hunch about something, the boy was right, so Louise took his suspicions seriously. However, she did not like the favoritism Potter and his friends received from the Headmaster. The end Potter's first year here, he conveniently earned enough house points to win the house cup. Louise could not understood why he and his friends broke several rules and still deserved the points - and what gave the Headmaster the idea to wait until the last day? Her fellow housemates worked hard to earn their House points. Didn't they deserve more than to have the cup ripped out of their hands at the last minute? Year after year, Louise watched, enraged how Potter broke just about every rule and nothing was done to stop him. The only person to manage to discipline Potter was her Head of House.

The negativity that her House received from Potter and his friends angered Louise. She realized her House reputation was not the best but believed it was ridiculous to assume based on a few individuals. She resented Potters statement on her Head of House as a "villain" because the potions master refused to allow Potter to have his way, or stating the Professor was biased towards his House. Louise believed Potter was a hypocrite when he broke the majority of the rules and the Headmaster did nothing to stop him. His friends were inducted as Prefects when they broke the same amount of rules as Potter. Louise believed if other students broke the same rules as "The Golden Trio" they would be expelled, not praised with the excelled honor of the Prefect status.

At Hogwarts, Louise portrayed herself as a nice person to the other students out of her House. Although Louise loves to watch people in despair, she takes no part in Irina's pranks unless she can get away with no one finding out it was her. She doesn't want her reputation to be shot down.


Pet/Familiar: Ural Owl named Daria, Tabby cat named Ambrosias
Friends: Irina Casta and two other female Slytherins. She considers Irina her best friend.
Enemies: Those who threaten her friends and are in the way of her goals, for example she wants to discover the ultimate source behind the favoritism towards the house of Gryffindor and expose it.
Crush: Lexx Zathour, although she knows she can never have him
Other: She is on good terms with a variety of Ravenclaws. Ravenclaw seems to be the only other House she respects and the students from this house do not annoy her as the other Houses who seem to make it a habit to do so.


Mother: Gwendolyn Pierson Quinton, Ravenclaw Alumna
Father: Francis Quinton, Ravenclaw Alumnus; Doctor at St. Mungo's
  • Andrew Quinton, Hufflepuff Alumnus
  • Douglas Quinton, Ravenclaw Alumnus
  • Francis Quinton II, 5th year Ravenclaw
Grandparents: Grandfather Aidan Quinton; others are deceased
Other Relatives of Importance: Aunt and uncles, which she visits over the summer


Nationality: Scottish / Irish
Birthplace: Dublin
Your characters view on Voldemort: Respects the man is able terrorize everyone to fear him so much that no one mentions his name. However, she believes killing is an extreme method to get the point across.
Favourite subject and why: COMC because she adores animals. She's proud not to be afraid of any creatures - the same cannot be said for many of her fellow 7th year girls. She may be disgusted of some, but not afraid.
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic believes the class is sooo boring as dropped it as soon as she could.
Favourite Professor and why: It is between Professor Snape and McGonagall because they know how to keep their students in line.
Most disliked Professor and why: Hagrid because the giant's favoritism towards Gryffindor sickens her and his discrimination against Slytherins irritates her. However, Louise puts that aside for the variety of creatures he brings for class. The young Slytherin knows that other COMC teachers would never put the same amount of creatures in range of their students, and used to be quite disappointed by the whole Flobberworm episode.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Loves the Slytherin Quidditch team
Hobbies: shopping, reading, animals, dancing
Likes: getting what she wants, boys, gossip, making people cry, appearing innocent
Dislikes: Gryffindors, not getting her way, Hufflepuffs. She adores her brother but the people who share his dorm, she finds, are pathetic. However, she keeps this opinion to herself to avoid hurting her brother.


  • Care of Magical Creatures (O)
  • Charms (E)
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (E)
  • Herbology (A)
  • Potions (E)
  • Transfiguration (E)

OOC Information

Player: Blueart
Plans for your character's future: Louise plans on a high profile in the political world. Then she wants to get married and have children.