Luna Lovegood
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Full Name: Luna Lily Lovegood
Nicknames: Loony Lovegood
Age: 14 (13 February, 1981)
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure

Eye Colour: Silvery grey

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Physical Attributes: Luna had a unique fashion sense that other people usually found bizarre. She often wore odd pieces of jewellery such as a Butterbeer cork necklace and Dirigible plum earrings, and in 1996, a pair of Spectrespecs. Luna also didn't wear shoes because students in her house would take her shoes and hide them.

At Hogwarts Quidditch matches, Luna supported Gryffindor against every House except Ravenclaw; to show her support for Gryffindor, she would wear a hat in the shape of a lion head that roars, and to show support for Ravenclaw she would wear an eagle hat with flapping wings.


Luna was an extremely quirky girl with a serene disposition and many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She was a complete nonconformist; she lacked self-consciousness and was not afraid to show who she truly was. Luna was also intelligent and unusually perceptive, having been sorted into Ravenclaw, "where those of wit and learning will always find their kind."

Her demeanour and voice were often distant and dreamy, and she would drift away from a conversation she did not find interesting; however, whenever someone made fun of her father or The Quibbler, of which he was editor, the airy, dreamy quality in her voice would vanish and be replaced by one of steel (almost as sharp as a double-edged sword), and she would immediately become very angry. She had an uncanny way of making others uncomfortable by being bluntly honest — a "knack for embarrassing honesty" according to Harry. She was completely unflappable and rarely seemed anxious or under stress, even under difficult circumstances such as being a prisoner of Malfoy Manor. Luna was very good at comforting others, such as when she comforted Harry Potter after his godfather's death.

Luna was often the subject of ridicule and had difficulty making friends. Other students gave her the nickname of "Loony Lovegood" and even stole and hid her things. She was unfazed by this, though, and instead chose to be nonjudgmental and accepting of the others around her. She once said that she does not like dancing much, though she did dance some at the wedding of Bill and Fleur, along with her father. Luna seems to have enjoyed artistic pursuits in her free time; her house was filled with various things that she painted. Luna was very loyal to the few friends she had, supporting Harry even when he was outlawed by the Ministry of Magic; Ron stated that she certainly has far more courage than her father, who was at the time stressed under duress. She also displayed admirable bravery during both the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and the Battle of Hogwarts.


Luna was born on 13 February, 1981, the only child of Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood. Luna's mother was accidentally killed while experimenting with a spell that she created when Luna was nine years old. Thus, Luna was subsequently raised by her father. As she witnessed her mother's death, she was able to see Thestrals from that point onwards.


Friends: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley


Mother: Pandora Lovegood (deceased)
Father: Xenophilius Lovegood


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