Malicia Quartermaine
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Full Name: Malicia Velasca Quartermaine
Age: 16, 14th February 1980
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 11", The bark of Blackthorn wood, and the tail of a Phoenix feather core.

Height: 5' 6"

Eye Colour: Pale green eyes
Hair Colour: Dark red
Physical Attributes: Malicia has tanned skin, waist length hair red hair and pale green eyes. She's not skinny, but she's not heavy either.


Believes she's a half-blood.

Mixed. Very rebellious, and hates authority figures. If she doesn't like you, she won't hesitate to tell you. She doesn't trust easily and is quite suspicious of others. Although, inside, she wishes she could let her guard down and become friends with someone, something keeps telling her it's best she remains alone. She's also very defensive about her birthday. She hates Valentines Day with a passion, and seems to have an eye twitch whenever someone mentions the word Cupid.


Malicia's history is tied to her mother. Even though she resides in America, she is American and British. Her mother is Allesandra Quartermaine, who is a well known as a Dark Witch who has made her name infamous in the world of magic. During a brief stay in England, Malicia was born in London, England. They stayed there for two years before Lucius Malfoy wormed his way out of trouble. Allesandra, trying to take care of her daughter and not wanting to deal with Malfoy or any of the other DE's that were finding ways to get out of the hell they were in, fled from England and set up shop in the States. Malicia and her mother never did stay in one place for very long. Even though the laws made by the American Wizarding Council were a lot less rigid, the Council Members still had it out for her mother, who made life hell for those who stood in her way. Malicia's mother created a group called The Renegades who refused to follow the same protocols and procedures that the AWC had set down. Malicia lived in Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, California, Texas, New York and Conneticut between 1982 to 1989. Then the next couple years she lived in Germany, Austria, France, and Ireland. She was living in Ireland in 1991 when she got her Hogwarts letter, much to her mother's surprise. Allesandra wanted to home school her, Malicia wanted to go to a school. After much arguing, they came to an agreement. Malicia would have Katrina Le Fey, her mother's friend in Ireland, as her guardian so she could go to Hogwarts. Allesandra would stay in the States during the school year, and then during the summers Malicia and her mother returned to the States. (Before her first year in Hogwarts began though, Malicia had a nasty encounter with a werewolf. She emerged from it unscathed physically, but mentally she was shaken. She still has nightmares and the occasional panic attack.) Malicia went to Hogwarts. She started the same year as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. As luck would have it, she was sorted into the one house she didn't want to be in. She wanted to be in Ravenclaw. The hat told her she would fit in well with Ravenclaw, but it also said that she had some qualities that would fit in Slytherin and she would do much better in there. She butted heads with Draco Malfoy from the start. She wanted to concentrate on her studies, dealing with him made it hard. Especially with the knowledge that her mother despised the Malfoys almost as much as she despised Voldemort. Malicia had a sister she never met. Her name was Cassandra. Her mother had convinced Cassandra to spy on Voldemort, to infiltrate his Death Eaters. Malicia didn't know about the history between Voldemort and her mother, and her mother refused to talk about it. It was one of the subjects that were never talked about, her father's identity as well. From what her mother told her, Voldemort found out about Cassandra's deception and ordered Lucius Malfoy to kill Cassandra and send her body back to her mother, who at the time was living in London. So as you can tell, when Malicia told her mother about what House she was in, and who was in, Allesandra didn't take it to well, and encouraged Malicia's animosity towards Draco Malfoy, not knowing what her mother really had in store for the younger Malfoy. So, Malicia went out of her way to piss Draco off as much as she could. She separated herself from everyone in her house, not willing to become friends with anyone, but is on slightly friendly terms with Malfoy's detractors. Outside of school, the AWC finally had enough of Allesandra and ordered her out of the country. She now resides in Ireland, with Malicia's guardian Katrina Le Fey. The next five years flew by with tension in the Slytherin House. It was common knowledge that if Draco Malfoy and Malicia Quartermaine were in the same room together, something would be bound to happen. Sixth year has begun and Malicia's mother is driving her to help her avenge Cassandra's death.

February 14, 1980- Born
March 15, 1982- Left England. Mother and child settled in the US. 2 years old
September 17, 1982 to October 31st 1989: 9 years old. Traveled through the states. Never staying in one place for very long.
November, 1989 to January 1989: 10 years old. Living in Germany
January 1989 to March 1989- Living in Austria
March 1989 to August 1989- Back in Germany
August 1989 to January 1990- 10 years old and in France. Had nasty run in with a werewolf. Escaped physically unharmed, but still emotionally traumatized to this day. Still suffers from panic attacks and nightmares.
January 1990 to July 1990- Back in Austria
July 1990 to February 1991- Now 11 years old. Living in Ireland. Got the letter to Hogwarts. Mother went to the States to take charge of the Renegades, and Katrina Le Fey took on Malicia as her guardian.
September 1st- 11 years old. Hogwarts. Sorted into Slytherin.
From September to Now: At Hogwarts. During the summers she resides with her mother and Katrina Le Fey in Ireland when she was finally forced out of the States for good.


Pet/Familiar: A cat named Corrigan. Black
Friends: None. Left behind in the States
Enemies: Draco Malfoy


Mother: Allesandra Quartermaine
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Cassandra Quartermaine, deceased a year before Harry Potter was born
Grandparents: Nicolas Quartermaine and Rhiannon Taltos, both died when Allesandra was a young girl


Nationality: American/British, with a little bit of Prussian in it. According to her mother, her father had a German background
Birthplace: London, England
Broom (if applicable): Firebolt
Your characters view on Voldemort: She hates him. He had her older sister killed , and her mother is obsessed with taking him out. And because her mother's obsession seems to over-ride what little common sense her mother has, she hates him for that reason
Favourite subject and why: Potions. She loves it, and it's the only class she has patience for.
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic. It's just so... boring!
Hobbies: Aggravating authority figures, reading, writing, causing trouble. :) Baiting Malfoy, but only when she's not busy with her studies.
Likes: The truth. She believe it's better in the long run
Dislikes: Lies. She hates liars and lies. Death Eaters. Voldemort. She dislikes the Malfoys because her mother told her that Lucius Malfoy, on Voldemort's orders, killed her sister.


  • Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Ashley N.
Plans for your character's future: She will find out the truth behind her parentage, and not take it too well. And she will resist her mother's urging to kill Draco Malfoy. She may hate the Malfoys but she won't kill. She will eventually forgive her mother, head back to America and take charge of The Renegades, an organization that is similar of The Order, that her mother runs.