Mystral Shoffield
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Full Name: Mystral Ann Shoffield
Nicknames: Myst
Age: 16 (March 25, 1980)
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 10 ½", Yew, Dragon Heart string core.

Height: 5' 6"

Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Attributes: Myst has a slightly crooked nose, from falling out of a tree and breaking it. She has long slender fingers, which can be quite nimble and allow her to do crafting hobbies with her Grandmother. Myst has some small scars on her legs from climbing trees and through hedges and one large scar on her back, from a run-in with a group of Slytherins during her first year.

The Slytherins cornered her one day after potions; Myst ran from them but became lost in the dungeons. The Slytherins, knowing the layout, found her and used her as practice for some of their newly learned hexes. Luckily for Myst, most of the hexes either didn't do what they were supposed to, or missed her completely. Eventually, the Slytherins grew tired of hexing Myst, and let her go. One thought it would be funny to send one last hex at her as she fled. Scared, and in pain, Myst headed for her dorm instead of the infirmary. Eventually, her dorm-mates returned and convinced her to go to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey was able to mostly heal the wound caused by the last hex, but it wouldn't heal all the way, staying slightly open. For a week, Myst made daily trips to see Madam Pomfrey, and eventually the wound was fully healed, leaving the large scar running from her right shoulder down to mid spine.

Accessories in general: A silver ring with a purple stone worn on the second finger of her right hand, a white gold bracelet with various charms worn on her left wrist, silver hoop earrings, various sizes, sometimes containing small charms like hearts or stars dangling from them (2 in each ear during holidays) and a thin silver chain necklace with silver letter pendants (MAS for her initials).
Usual out of uniform attire: Worn and slightly torn jeans, runners and plain t-shirts.
Bed-wear: Light mint green cotton summer nightie (tank top style top, goes to just above the knees).


Mystral is as one would expect a person with the nickname 'Myst' to be like. She's airy and lithe in her movements, but is also clumsy. She is shy, but yearns for the friendship of others. Due to being neglected by her family, Myst tends to appear desperate for attention, no matter the type. Most days she'd settle for someone acknowledging her, but on bad days, she longs to be held by someone.


Mystral is the third child and only magical member of her family. Her birth name was actually Martha Ann Shoffield, but was later legally changed to Mystral. She was born into a fairly staunch Muggle family, who would rather have the appearance of a wealthy and well to do proper family. Mystral didn't fit into that ideal, and so was often neglected, and eventually abandoned at her often viewed as flaky grandmother's house. Her grandmother, Adabelle (called Grandma Ada by Myst), became her legal guardian after nearly a year of Myst living with her.

It was while in the care of Grandma Ada that Martha became Mystral. With the name change came a bit of personality change for Mystral. She became less obnoxious and turned quieter. Her obnoxious behaviour was mainly due to hating everything about herself and about her life. When Grandma Ada agreed to allow her to change her name, and helped her pick out a new name, Mystral was thrilled.

It took her a few months to choose a name, she had several she liked. When she came across the name Mystral she fell in love with it. Though the meaning is cold, dry northerly wind, she liked the name and wanted it and its nickname of Myst. To her, it was unique and very pretty. Grandma Ada wasn't sure at first, but her granddaughter wanted the name, and was adamant about it. So, Martha became Mystral, aka Myst, at the age of 7. From then on, Myst was proud of her name, despite the odd looks and comments she received in the Muggle schools she attended.

Myst was shocked one day to find her parents in the sitting room of Grandma Ada's house when she returned from school. There was a strange person there as well. Grandma Ada had Myst sit beside her as the strange person explained who he was and why he was there. Myst was not happy to see her parents, but was thrilled by what the man was saying. She would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which thoroughly irked her parents, cementing the idea that their daughter was 'not right'.

The most exciting day for Mystral was when she received her letter for Hogwarts. Grandma Ada, at this point, was too ill to do much, so Mystral found herself heading to Diagon Alley with a cousin, William, who did not believe anything in the letters from Hogwarts. William was soon shocked to find it all real, and agreed to take Mystral's parents place for taking her to the magical places for her school supplies in exchange for treats and items from the Wizard world.

During the summer between Myst's second and third year, Grandma Ada passed away. Myst was at this point her grandmother's primary care giver and was holding her hand when she passed. Since she was too young to live on her own, then 20 year old William took her in. He signed the documents to become her legal guardian, but that's about all he did. When she turned 15, William declared that she could go to Diagon Alley on her own now, and that's where things started to fall apart again.

Now, Myst generally cares for herself, with William occasionally helping her out. Myst was used to doing this, as the last few years with Grandma Ada, she'd been caring for herself and Grandma Ada as well. William is currently working and courting a woman whom he wants to make his wife, and so doesn't have enough time for Myst anymore. Myst's need for the familial affection has turned into a need for any affection from anyone. She sometimes does things she knows will get her in trouble, just to get attention from someone. She's also become quite interested in boys, though isn't interested in dating any of them, just in getting attention/affection and occasionally a gift from them, and that's about it. So far she's not kissed any of the boys at school, but has kissed several Muggle boys during the summer. It's easier for her to have relations with boys during the summer, since she rarely has adult supervision at home. Kissing is as far as she's gotten in her relations with boys, as she generally grows tired of one boy and moves on to the next.


Pet/Familiar: A Ferret named Fog
Enemies: Draco Malfoy and most Slytherins, since she's a Muggleborn. Other than that, Myst is unsure as doesn't see the difference between friend and enemy at this time.


Mother: Juniper Susanne Shoffield (nee Frost)
Father: Andrew Michael Shoffield
Siblings: Michael William Shoffield (21), Susanne Janice Shoffield (18)
Grandparents: Michael Joseph and Adabelle Janice Shoffield (both deceased), Susanne Martha and William Frederick Frost (deceased)
Other Relatives of Importance: William Dickson (cousin on father's side)


Nationality: Welsh
Birthplace: Newton, Wales
Your characters view on Voldemort: Myst didn't find out about Voldemort until she entered Hogwarts. From what she's been able to find out about him, she finds Voldemort scary, creepy and revolting. Most of her opinion of him stems from the fear of those whom she's spoken to about him, and the general aura of fear he has seemingly created.
Favourite subject and why: Myst's favorite subject is Charms, because it's fun and easy to her.
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic, it's boring and Myst had a hard time staying awake in that class.
Favourite Professor and why: Professor McGonagall, because she is what Myst aspires to be, and is always kind to Myst
Most disliked Professor and why: Professor Snape, because he's always grumpy and easily angered in her opinion and tends to ignore her. She also sees herself becoming like him in the future if she isn't careful.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: School: Hufflepuff (obviously);
Professional: None, she doesn't pay attention to Quidditch outside of school teams.
Hobbies: Drawing, practicing her charms, playing with Fog and hanging out in places with a lot of people (to try to make some friends or get some attention)
Likes: Trees, nature, charms, being at school, boys, music and dancing
Dislikes: Being ignored, spiders, stinging insects, gossip and those girls that scream for no reason


  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Rach
Plans for your character's future: I would like to see Myst get through her 7th year and would like to eventually have her work for the Ministry of Magic, possibly in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes Accident Reversal Squad