Natestia Grady
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Full Name: Natestia Grady
Age: 16 (June 17, 1980)
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 9½", Birch, Dragon heartstring

Height: 5' 3"

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Physical Attributes: Nat has an oval shaped face with a small forehead, almond shaped eyes, full cheeks, and curved yet prominent chin. Normally Nat's shoulder length dark hair is pulled back, while her long bangs hide her face. Her hair always looks a little messy and out of control, which depending on the day, can either look decent or make her seem even more frazzled.
Additions to uniform: A silver coin strung on a leather cord necklace that she nicked from a superstitious woman. It is supposed to protect the owner, but as it was stolen, the item hasn't retained its magical components. Nat keeps it for sentimental value.
Accessories in general: Nat carries a leather pack with her to cart around her schoolbooks.
Usual out of uniform attire: A set of grey and blue robes.
Bed-wear: Satin green nightdress and a mid length matching robe.


Nat's primary motivation is money. Not having much when she lived with her mother made the commodity seem so much more valuable. She knows that money makes the world work, and if she wants to achieve her goals, then she will do just about anything to earn (or steal) her way to that. Though Nat strongly values money, power is not something she is overly troubled with.

Nat is an opportunist. She is always looking for new ways to turn a profit. Most people in her house and some outside it know that she normally keeps a stash of coveted items such as butterbeer, fire whiskey, and dung bombs that she is willing to sell or trade for. Though the business of information has not been a lucrative field of interest for Nat, she does keep up with the popular gossip.

Being a half blood and a known associate of felons has attracted some negative attention from her housemates over the years. From being called undignified to tainted, Nat has endured the taunts over the years, mostly from the popular females of Slytherin. The outright attacks have seemed to lessen as the years went on, but Nat is still very much aware that other Slytherins look down on her. Nat has trained herself to overlook the assumption of her own inferiority because she continues to desire a place in the social network, even if it only means a business connection later in life.


Nat was born in Leeds, England. Her father, Everett Grady, like his father before him, was a criminal in the wizarding world. Her mother, Greta Mercer, a muggleborn witch, was both untalented and unsuccessful in the wizarding community after leaving school. Being a notably dodgy fellow, Everett left his girl friend and daughter only a few weeks after her birth to continue his smuggling operation with his brother.

Everett stopped in every year or so for good measure, but Greta was forced to raise Nat all alone. Her mother held a variety of jobs, including a few muggle ones, none of which she could keep for very long due to her less than mediocre skills. Money was scarce for most of Nat's early years and as a result she has come to covet the necessity as a teen.

Around Nat's 9th birthday, her mother began to fall ill. Greta sent Nat off to live with her father, and soon after passed away. Her father worked mainly with his brother Jonas in the smuggling business. Jonas worked as the middle man to those wishing to acquire illegal items discretely. Being the self proclaimed smarter brother, he put more time and attention into creating an acceptable public persona. Nat's father preferred the hands on approach. He was responsible for meeting and organizing other criminals for jobs, and often doing the dirty work. Though both men profited greatly from the business as it grew, Jonas was more careful with his shares, while Everett was notorious for spending a portion of it on outlandish purchases or simply gambling it away.

For two years, Nat lived either in her uncle's house or on the move with her father. Nat mainly served useful as an errand girl, but she enjoyed anything that made her seem important to their livelihood. Nat made it her business to listen and learn from the family trade. When she turned 11, she was thrilled to receive her letter from Hogwarts. Her father was less enthusiastic about losing his apprentice, but understood the importance of it.

Nat was not surprised to be sorted into Slytherin, the same house that all of her father's side had been in. Nat endured criticism for being an undignified half blood. Sometimes her family's criminal lifestyle also came under scrutiny, and other times it seemed to be viewed as a useful talent. Nat was never quite sure whether to expect insult or blatant indifference from her housemates, but she tried to always remain civil.

At Hogwarts, Nat can be a normal somewhat rule abiding kid. Occasionally her uncle or father will contract her to conduct research for them on a subject, seeing as Hogwarts has the most extensive library collection in the United Kingdom. She happily takes on the responsibility, knowing it is accompanied by monetary compensation. Nat becomes absorbed in these tasks, and can concentrate on little else until she sees them through to the end. Every school break, Nat returns home to help out in anyway she can and earn her cut. She is beginning to find that she has a knack for these illegal pursuits.


Pet/Familiar: Rat named Derwent
Friends: Nat doesn't have any close friends, but she makes it her business to talk to people even if only to gather gossip.
Enemies: People have picked on her, but Nat tries not to hold grudges. There is no one she hates enough to say...poison their pumpkin juice.


Mother: Greta Mercer (deceased)
Father: Everett Grady (a shady character that deals in anything from acquiring ancient relics to importing illegal and dangerous magical creatures.)
Grandparents: Rube Grady (grandfather) is imprisoned in Azkaban for the rest of his life for smuggling a deadly plant into the UK, which resulted in the death of a handful of Muggles.
Other Relatives of Importance: Jonas Grady (her uncle) is a well connected man in the wizarding community. He has made his fortune in smuggling like Everett, but he is much more careful about presenting a respectable persona to the community.


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Leeds, England
Your characters view on Voldemort: Nat understands that Voldemort embodies evil, and as a result deeply fears the Dark Lord. She addresses him as such in public out of fear of her other housemates and the man himself. She has purposefully never said an unkind word about him, and she always keeps her mouth shut when the topic arises. Nat thinks blind devotion to any leader is a stupid career choice and also dislikes his ideas about pureblood supremacy. Despite her personal beliefs, Nat will not choose sides in the struggle between good and evil. She'd rather wait for the final outcome before she swears any allegiances. She could, of course, be swayed to either side if the personal reward were great enough.
Favourite subject and why: Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid's class is very appealing to Nat because he shows them dangerous beasts that they might otherwise never see.
Most disliked subject and why: Out of what she is taking, she dislikes History of Magic because there is not much practical application of the subject to her life.
Favourite Professor and why: Nat respects Snape because he is the head of her house.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Doesn't really follow it enough to have an allegiance outside of school. Slytherin is the team she roots for.
Hobbies: Exploring the castle, traveling, exploding snaps games, experimenting with new ways to conceal things.
Likes: Money, dangerous magical creatures, learning new and useful spells or topics.
Dislikes: studying, dueling, holier than thou attitudes.


  • Ancient Runes (E)
  • Care for Magical Creatures (O)
  • Charms (A)
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (A)
  • Herbology (A)
  • History of Magic (E)
  • Potions (E)
  • Transfiguration (A)

OOC Information

Player: Lee
Plans for your character's future: For now, Nat is just trying to survive the coursework in her final two years at Hogwarts and turn up new business prospects wherever she can. Nat is uncertain what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She knows that she would be good at being a criminal, but she fears that she will get stuck in that line of work for the rest of her life. She also is worried about being caught and sent to Azkaban for her crimes.