Padma Patil
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Full Name: Padma Patil
Age: 16, Between 2 September, 1979 and 21 April, 1980
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half or Pure

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Hair Colour: Black
Physical Attributes: Both Padma and her sister were described by Dean Thomas in 1994 as "the two best looking girls in the year". They are both very attractive girls with long black hair and are of Indian descent. Parvati usually wore her hair in a plait and it is likely Padma did also as the two always looked identical.
Additions to uniform: Silver necklaces with the letter "P" hanging from the chain around her neck and over her tie


Padma seems to be the less outgoing and more studious of the twins. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, a mark of her intelligence. Also, Padma was not yet asked to the Yule Ball by the time she was fixed up with Ron Weasley, despite her physical beauty the boys in her year did not seem to be interested in her, not even Dean Thomas who seems to have attended the ball alone. Padma was also made a prefect, something her sister never achieved, making her appear better trusted for the position by her teachers than her sister. She was also much quieter than her sister Parvati.


Mother: Mrs. Patil
Father: Mr. Patil
Siblings: Parvati Patil (twin sister)


Must choose from the following:
  • Ancient Runes * (E, O)
  • Arithmancy * (E, O)
  • Astronomy (A, E, O)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (A, E, O)
  • Charms (A, E, O)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts (A, E, O)
  • Divination * (E, O)
  • Herbology (A, E, O)
  • History of Magic (A, E, O)
  • Potions * (O, though E is allowed too this year)
  • Transfiguration (A, E, O)

* You can only choose 1 or 2 of these as they had to have taken them before (3rd-5th year) to take them now.

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