Posting Guidelines

When making a post, keep to these guidelines:

+ Always have your Character(s) - name(s), house(s), and year(s) at the top of the post, so that all readers know whom you are writing for.

+ Keep to story formatting, using...
-"quotes" When your character is saying something.
-*stars* When your character is thinking to themself.

+ Make sure to read over your post to make sure that it is understandable.

+ Use spell check to fix spelling and grammatical errors.

+ Do not use Stage Play Style Writing, or Message Text Style Writing.

+ No one-liners!

+ When using an OOC statement within the post, place it in parentheses.

+ And above all, read the posts that are involved in the thread that your characters are involved in or you are going to involve your characters in, continuality is key for this to all run smoothly.

Example of a correct Post

Harry Potter, 6th year Gryffindor

Harry was too busy polishing his broom to notice the two figures that had entered the common room. *We are so going to win tomorrow's game* he thought to himself. Harry looked up when he saw Ron enter the common room behind the two previous first years. (OOC: Now he pays attention, LOL!) He laughs at Ron's unruly hair; it reminds him of his own.

"Hey, Ron!" Harry shouted across the room to his best friend, "You ready for tomorrows game?"

Examples of Incorrect Posts

[No name, year or house] [No OOC used in the parentheses when an OOC is used] [Spelling and Grammar not corrected]
Harry was busy polishing his broom tto notice two figures who had entered into the commonroom *We are so going too win tomorrows game* he thought too himself Harry looked up when he saw Ron enter the commonroom behind the two previous first years Now he pays attention LOL He laughes at Rons unruly hair it reminds him of his own" Hey Ron"Harry shouted across the room to his bestfriend" Your ready for tomorrows game"
[Difficult to differentiate between speaking, thinking and actions]
*Jumps off bed* Ron look, I can fly! Harry fell to the floor" I should not have done that "Harry thought to himself.
[Stage Play Style Writing used, it's confusing in an RPG]
Ron: I have some bad news for you.
Harry: Oh, Please NO!
[Message Text Style Writing used, that's just lazy]
Harry looked @ Ron, "Do u want 2 go look 4 Hermione w/ me?" He asked his friend.