There may appear to be a lot but where in life is there a successful community that does not have rules?

1. This group is based on books 1-5 and set in the Trios sixth year, keep that in mind. (We are not based on the movies as that is not canon and we are not based on book 6 as we are writing that year.)

2. Made-ups will only be accepted if they fit into the Harry Potter world, this is not a group that mixes in other types of books, movies or games, so do not abuse the moderators when your character is asked to be modified if you send in a character that would not fit into the Harry Potter world.

3. We are hugely against Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus and God-like Characters here, so do not even bother creating a character like that. Be realistic !!! (Harry Potter world realistic.) Every character has weaknesses and faults. (A Mary Sue is a character who is very beautiful, very smart, and very powerful and everybody loves her, oh and did she mention that she's a parseltongue, a werewolf and she can't choose between Harry and Draco as they both love her. Etc.)

4. Honesty to the moderators is mandatory to keep the game running smoothly. (e.g. If you have an evil character that is going to show up and act like a good guy to fool everybody, the moderators must be made aware of this.) Also, please do not lie about what you intend for your character when you create it.

5. No made-ups can be related to Harry Potter characters. Otherwise we end up with Harry's godmother, Voldemort's daughter and other non-canon relations.

6. Do not start posting for your character if it has not been approved yet.

7. Follow the Post Guidelines at all times. Which are below!

8. Use SPELL CHECK, every computer has it somewhere ... other members need to be able to understand your spelling and grammar to reply.

9. We pretty much allow all content as most of the characters are around 16.
But you must warn other members in the subject line if there is content in your post that is over PG-13 as we do have some members as young as 13 in the group.
Please try to only add sexual content, violence and swearing when it is necessary or when it fits in, do not write it for the hell of it.

ADDENDUM: Posts that contain explicit scenes of a sexual nature are restricted to those characters who are PAST THE AGE OF CONSENT, 16. If your character is younger than 16, please DO NOT post anything explicit or make reference to sexual situations involving the underaged character. Snogging is OK; sexual intercourse and the like is NOT.

10. Slash is allowed. Again, if you are writing anything explicit, the age of consent for homosexual acts is also 16. The same rules apply that it should fit the story line and add to the plot, not be solely for the hell of it.

11. No god-moding. No controlling other members characters without their permission. Sometimes Moderators have to but that is very rare and the only exception.

12. Do not advertise other groups or any other form of advertisement, if you are not an active member you will be banned from the group.

13. Have respect for other members. No Flame Wars. If you have a problem with someone or something on the group email the owner with your problem so that it can be fixed without upsetting anyone. And remember characters can and will insult one another, do not take offence as the player.

14. Do not forget to have fun! :)

Any questions email me at

N.B: You will notice that there are profiles of characters that seem to have avoided the above rules; this is because the rule was created after the character was approved.

Terms Used:
Canon -- From the actual books.
OC -- Original character. Created by a group member.
NPC -- Non-player character. No-one role-plays as an NPC, but they get used in entries. Like shop-keepers in Hogsmeade, etc.
OOC -- Out Of Character. Posts or parts of posts that are not part of the plot, but are group members saying things to each other.
IC -- In Character.
Slash – Same sex relationships, mainly male/male relationships.