Samantha Abbott
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Full Name: Samantha Evangeline Abbott
Age: 16, May 23, 1980
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 10", Cherrywood, Pixie dust core

Height: 5' 5"

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark brown with strawberry blonde highlights
Physical Attributes: Slender, a few scattered brown freckles on her face, small nose, small hands, pouty lips, light blue curious eyes, wavy dark brown hair to the middle of her back, French-manicured nails.
Accessories in general: Diamond studd earrings, Silver heart necklace belonging to her grandmother, silver ring with emerald stone in the middle worn on her middle finger on her left hand given to her by her father for her 13th birthday.
Usual out of uniform attire: Jeans with cute tops and high heels; when in the common room, sweatpants with tank top and flipflops or slippers
Bed-wear: Pajama pants or shorts with a tank top or short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt in the winter


On the outside, Samantha looks like a perfectly stuck up little brat that belongs in a posh prep school where all the wealthy families send their children to experience the best education their money can buy. However, on the inside, Samantha is a typical teenage girl, insecure, guarded, curious, a little scared, and really good at pretending to be something that she truly isn't. Samantha is smart in the wizarding world only because her nose is constantly in a book reading. She'll read anything that will increase her knowledge even just a tiny bit of the wizarding world. While she loves to get to know new people, she rarely does because her nose is in a book.


It all started when Samantha's grandparents, Elizabeth Brockton and Evangeline Monroe became best friends at the age of 10. They both attended the same all girls boarding school in France and were roommates for four years. They were around each other twenty four seven. They could never get sick of each other. They were each other's best friend. They vowed that they would be sisters forever. They even did the disgusting promise that boys do to make each other bloodbrothers so that they were bloodsisters. Their families set their friendship up of course. Elizabeth's father was a trusted advisor of the King of England and Evangeline's father the owner of an architecture company eager to cater to upper crust clients. Outspoken, reckless Evangeline was pressured and prodded to become the shy, reserved Elizabeth's friend by her father. Luckily for the Monroes, the friendship was a good one and a fortunate merger for the adults involved.

The two girls stuck together through thick and thin. They even helped each other land husbands by going out with the opposite's suitor and talking up the other girl incesantly. They were both so skilled in the art that by the time the dates were over, the men were begging to meet and greet their date's radiant best friend who would be the most perfect match. The two best friends married within two weeks of each other and both honeymooned in Paris during Spring. They started their families and had their children within a few years of each other eager to set up a son with a daughter. After a few tries and fails, the two settled on Candace and Randall making the perfect match. They had turned into their parents setting up ways for the two to run into each other in cafes, waiting for the Tube, or in church. Eventually, the two began to see each other in a rather attractive light and were married which pleased both their parents and grandparents. Randall was to take over the now wealthiest architecture company in England and Candace was groomed to be the perfect CEO wife(along with the heavy drinking and drug abuse) not to mention that she was a master violinst and was aspiring to be a first chair violinist in the London Orchestra. To say that Candace was thrilled about the marriage would be a drastic falsehood. In truth, Candace had only agreed to date Randall to appease her mother which she had done her entire life. Ethan Lowell was her first true love. He played the cello and rode a motorcycle. She secretly dated Ethan while she was seeing Randall until Ethan gave her an ultimatum and she unfortunately chose Randall for fear her family would disown her and she would never become the master violinist she so deeply cherished. She only agreed to marry Randall because her true love, Ethan, had agreed to marry her best friend, Sally. She liked Randall enough but it was no where near the intense feeling she felt toward Ethan.

Right on schedule they started their family, beginning with Elizabeth, then Oliver, Samantha, and the twins, Henry and Howard. Everything was going smoothly until Samantha began to do some odd things. During her third birthday party, she made her cake explode. When she was five, she made all the dolls in a store fly into her mother's shopping basket. When she was eight, she managed to make the family dog, Edward, continuously bite her older brother, Oliver whenever he annoyed her. It was not until she was 10, that she knew her perfect family's secret. She received her letter from Hogwarts which confused her parents but not her grandparents. Grandma Evangeline had seen letters like that before flying into her family's house addressed for her sister, Benjamina. However, their father refused to let her go. So when Benjamina turned 17, she found her way into the wizarding world and the family never saw or heard from her again. The letter was also no stranger to Grandma Elizabeth. Catherine, Elizabeth's other daughter and Candace's sister was sent a letter to the same school because of her "gifts". However, Henry refused to send his daughter to a school he had never heard of and knew nothing about. After a few years, Henry learned that Catherine was not studying French and learning Calculus, he demanded that Catherine come straight home on the next train. Naturally, Catherine refused and never came home for fear that her father would do something that would not allow her to return to the school or the wizarding world and they did not hear from her again. As soon as the messages came, Candace immediately called a meeting with her mother and mother-in-law to ask them what they should do. Both grandmothers agreed that Samantha should go to this school and try to learn as much as she could and maybe find her Great Aunt Benjamina and her Aunt Catherine. This is why Samantha is so thirsty for knowledge. She's trying to find members of her family that have been estranged for so long. Her grandmothers and her mother are the only ones that know that she attends Hogwarts. Her other family members think that she is attending a boarding school in Ireland getting the best education their money can buy. As for her family, her mother drinks herself into a stupor and her father stays later and later at work. Samantha has started noticing this division as she has gotten older but likes to pretend she doesn't.


Pet/Familiar: an owl, Jinx
Friends: A few carefully chosen classmates


Mother: Candace Wilshire-Abbott
Father: Randall Abbott
Siblings: Elizabeth, Oliver, and the twins, Henry and Howard
  • Mother- Elizabeth Brockton-Wilshire and Henry Wilshire
  • Father- Evangeline Monroe-Abbott and Laurel Abbott
Other Relatives of Importance: Aunt Benjamina (Father's Mother's sister) and Aunt Catherine (Mother's sister)


Nationality: Welsh/British
Birthplace: London, England
Broom (if applicable): Nimbus 2000
Your characters view on Voldemort: Although Samantha is fully aware that he is a horrible person that does horrible things, she wants to know more about his thoughts. Many people laugh at her when she says this, but Samantha wants to know Voldemort on a psychological level. She wishes to know his past and his opinions on a variety of subjects. She believes that is the only way to get to the route of the problem. All that considered, Samantha does find him rather pretentious. People have hated her and her family since the day she was born without fully knowing them. She has learned that much of the hate is due to her having things that others don't and she thinks this is the same reason Voldemort hates muggles.
Favourite subject and why: Transfiguration because she can become anything she wants to become.
Most disliked subject and why: Divination... she thinks it's all bullocks... there' s no logic in it!
Favourite Professor and why: Minerva McGonagall because she shows the strength and intelligence of a well educated and well trained witch.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Professional- Harpies; School-Ravenclaw
Hobbies: Reading, finding new information on any topic, and reading some more
Likes: Books, logic, reading
Dislikes: Ignorance, Laziness, being sick, immaturity


  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Nicole
Plans for your character's future: I want to see Samantha less focused on her books and studies and more focused on making good friends and having fun. She has a big problem letting her hair down. She's a workaholic.