"Or perhaps in Slytherin, you'll make your real friends. Those cunning folks use any means, to achieve their ends."

Points – 654! In the lead

House Founder: Salazar Slytherin, from the fens. (Most likely Eastern England, East Anglia or Norfolk which is North East of London.)

Salazar's ring was/will be destroyed by Dumbledore and Salazar's pendant is possibly with R.A.B. Salazar is a Parselmouth and his statue shows him as ancient and monkey-like. (Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those whose ancestry's purest." Slytherin took only Pureblood wizards of great cunning just like him. Power-hungry Slytherin loved those of great ambition. Resourcefulness, determination and a certain disregard for the rules.)

House colours: Green and Silver.
House mascot: A Serpent.
Head of House: Severus Snape (Canon-rmsniche)
Ghost: The Bloody Baron (Canon-untaken)
House Traits: Cunning, determined, resourceful, sly, crafty, sneaky, shrewd, astute, scheming, strong-minded, single-minded, resolute, firm, unwavering, practical, quick-witted, creative, capable, inventive, devious, wily, perceptive, insightful, clever, calculating, conniving, etc ...
Dorm Rooms: Here


5th Year Girl:
5th Year Boy:
6th Year Girl: Pansy Parkinson (Canon-Available)
6th Year Boy: Draco Malfoy (Canon-Linda)
7th Year Girl:
7th Year Boy: Lexx Zathour (Jenni)

Quidditch team

Captain Draco Malfoy (Canon-Linda)
Chaser Jacques McArdle (Farore)
Beater Vincent Crabbe (Canon-Available)
Beater Gregory Goyle (Canon-Available)
Keeper Lexx Zathour (Jenni)
Seeker Draco Malfoy (Canon-Linda)

Common Room

Password: Levisticum Location: Down in the Dungeons, under part of the lake. A Dungeon-like room with low ceilings, and greenish lamps with a cold atmosphere. The common room contains a lot of squashy armchairs, a fireplace, and tables. There is also a notice board, for public announcements such as the date of the next Hogsmeade weekend, but also for notices from individual students seeking to buy or sell second-hand books, or trade Chocolate Frog cards, or similar, as in any school. There are two staircases going down, opening off the common room. The boys' staircase, on which the fourteen boys' dormitories are located (two for each year) and the girls' staircase, on which the fourteen girls' dormitories are located (two for each year).

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