Sybill Trelawney
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Full Name: Sybill Trelawney
Age: 9 March, prior to 1962
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 9½", Hazel and unicorn hair, very flexible

Physical Attributes: Professor Trelawney is described as being a thin woman, usually draped gauzy shawls, and cloaks and bangles all covered with shining sequins and glittering strings of beads.

She had thick glasses, which hugely magnified her eyes and caused them to appear about ten times their normal size. She spoke in a soft, misty, ethereal voice, though she would become brisk and snappy when she was angry or upset.

She had frizzled brown hair, dark green eyes, and somewhat pale skin. She is said to resemble some sort of large, glittery insect.


Trelawney was extremely eccentric; she had a theatrical presence and frequently spoke in misty, ethereal tones. She saw herself as being a great Seer, although her predictions rarely came true. Much like Gilderoy Lockhart, Trelawney was sometimes unable to understand who liked and who disliked her. She was, however, conscious of her low status on the staff, which led to her spending most of her time apart from her colleagues in her office.

According to Professor McGonagall, seeing death omens is a favourite way for Trelawney to greet her class, something that greatly annoyed Harry as he was her frequent target. One of her hobbies was practicing doom-laden prophecies in front of the mirror. She became angered when she believed that students were not impressed by nor interested in her subject, such as Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.

She took her appearance as a Seer seriously, putting on showy airs of mysticism and veiling her classroom in scented vapors. She could be very defensive in the face of those disbelieving in her abilities, attempting to impress them with false predictions of impending danger. She would claim that those unbelievers had "lack of Sight" or that they were simply scared of Seers.

Trelawney was implied to have had a mild drinking problem; a number of times Harry detected the smell of old sherry on her, and at one point, she was seen stowing away empty alcohol bottles in the Room of Requirement. She was especially fond of sherry.


Mother: Mrs. Trelawney
Father: Mr. Trelawney
Other Relatives of Importance: Higglebottom (ex-husband)


Your characters view on Voldemort: Against, he is her boggart

Former House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Divination Professor for 3rd, 5th and 7th

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