Valerie Jansen
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Full Name: Valerie Lynn Jansen
Nicknames: Val
Age: 15, April 9
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Description: 11 inches, holly, unicorn hair

Height: 5' 4"

Eye Colour: Light blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Physical Attributes: Valerie is an average looking girl. Her front teeth are just a bit crooked. It is not serious, only barely noticeable in fact, but she keeps meaning to go and ask the school Healer to fix it. She has a light smattering of freckles on her nose and on her chin. Otherwise, her complexion is quite fair. Her hair is long, almost waist-length, which she usually keeps tied back in a simple ponytail, except on days when she has Herbology and/or COMC classes. She ties it up in a knot on the top of her head on such days to keep it out of the way. She has a mouth that naturally turns up at the corners, giving her a smiling appearance.
Accessories in general: Valerie has a simple black locket, a gift from her late Paternal Grandmother that she wears almost all the time. She is not supposed to open it until her eighteenth birthday, but doesn't know why.
Usual out of uniform attire: Very plain nondescript Muggle skirts blouses and sweaters
Bed-wear: A large very well worn purple nightshirt, with a blazing white unicorn on its front.


Valerie is an energetic sort of girl. No matter what she is doing, flying, her beloved charms work or just chatting, she gives it her all. She was a bit loud, and some might say overbearing, when she began her Magical career, but she has matured a lot since being at Hogwarts, so much so that even her family has noticed and made favorable comments. Val still makes her opinions known to any and all who will listen, but she now appears to think before speaking out, and takes much greater care with the feelings of others.

She is a loyal friend, fiercely so, and she has a bit of a romantic streak, and likes to do a little of matchmaking when the occasion arises.

Val believes that everyone deserves at least one chance, and she would probably not hesitate to befriend even someone from Gryffindor's rival house of Slytherin, if the situation ever presented itself. This has not happened yet.


Valerie's history is quite an ordinary Muggle one, up to a point. She only had a couple of strange, unexplainable incidents before coming to Hogwarts. The first of these occurred when she was five. She was having a great fight with one of her sisters, and somehow transported the younger girl, Maryjane on to the roof of the house after Mary had told their Father that Val had broken his favorite pipe. The second incident happened when she was seven, and magically tied a boy to a tree in the school yard after he had taunted a handicapped girl in Valerie's class.

It wasn't until she received her Hogwarts letter that Valerie discovered that witches and wizards were real, and even then, it took her a while to accept it as fact.


Pet/Familiar: A female screech owl named Phoebe
Crush: Very slight embarrassing crush on tiny little Professor Flitwick because of his patience and kindness when teaching students.
Other: Valerie loves to fly. In fact, *love* may be too weak of a word. Sometimes when she is flying, she almost seems to get a high from it. She was bitterly disappointed that advanced flying classes were not available past the basic first year at Hogwarts, and did not hesitate to make her disappointment known to Madam Hooch. She might have also complained to Professor McGonagall, if not for the woman's intimidating presence.


Mother: Elsie Jansen (store clerk)
Father: Larry Jansen (postal worker)
Siblings: 3 little sisters, 10-year-old triplets, Maryanne, Maryjane, and Mary Elizabeth. She is closest to Mary Elizabeth. This is the one sister who may be headed for Hogwarts when she turns eleven.
Grandparents: Maternal Grandmother Elsa Mayne

Maternal grandfather Jarvis Mayne

Paternal Grandmother Linda Jansen (deceased when Val was four. She gave Val her locket)

Paternal Grandfather Terrence Jansen (deceased before Valerie was born.)


Nationality: English
Birthplace: London
Broom (if applicable): used Cleansweep 7
Your characters view on Voldemort: Valerie is terrified by even the thought of Voldemort, but she is determined to always resist him, and protect others, particularly Muggles because of her own Muggle family's total helplessness, from him.
Favourite subject and why: Charms. She is very good at it, and also has this tiny little crush on the teacher.
Most disliked subject and why: Potions. It is just too knit-picky and fiddly for her taste, and she is barely passing it.
Favourite Professor and why: Publicly it is her head of house, Professor McGonagall, whom she greatly admires and hopes to be like someday. She also really likes Hagrid. Privately, well, there is the Flitwick thing.
Most disliked Professor and why: Binns because he is just so very boring!
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Gryffindor Team
Hobbies: Flying, Quidditch, swimming, running, Muggle soccer (during her holidays), practicing Charms, dancing, match making.
Likes: Her sister Mary Elizabeth, any and all excuses to fly, chocolate frogs (chocolate of any sort), chatting with friends, matchmaking, dancing, unicorns, and Professor Flitwick.
Dislikes: Bullies, pumpkin Pasties, the Caretaker and his cat, cleaning her room when at home for the holidays, her little sister Maryjane because she is such a whiny little Daddy's girl, and having to write long potions essays.


  • Ancient Runes
  • Astronomy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

OOC Information

Player: Ali
Plans for your character's future: Val isn't sure yet, but she knows that she wants to do something to help Wizard/Muggle relations.

Valerie is a new Gryffindor Chaser