Victoria Jasper
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Full Name: Victoria Alexandria Elizabeth Jasper
Age: 16; February 13th
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Half
Wand Description: 13" mahogany wand with a dragon heart string core

Height: 5' 7"

Eye Colour: Deep brown with flecks of hazel
Hair Colour: Burgundy with undertones of blonde
Physical Attributes: Victoria has a shapely build from years of riding horses and from participating in various sports at the school that she attended. Her hair falls down her back in soft ringlets and really emphasizes her pale complexion.
Additions to uniform: Black traditional framed reading glasses, black and gray headband, black wedge oxford dress shoes, in the winter she has a black and gray plaid pea coat
Accessories in general: Black and silver Muggle notebook, black Muggle pens, the latest book she's currently reading, a hand knitted black and silver bag bag to carry everything in
Usual out of uniform attire: White trainers, jeans, jumpers in an assortment of colors, basic black and white t-shirts
Bed-wear: Plaid flannel like pants, a lose fitting t-shirt from various Muggle Uni's


Victoria is strong willed with a mind of her own. At times, she can be very sarcastic or outspoken and has gotten into trouble many times for voicing her own opinion. Naturally intelligent, Victoria never had to work really hard at her school subjects prior to coming to Hogwarts and finds that she enjoys the challenge that the new course work brings her. Friendly with many people, Victoria can be considered warm with a versatile sense of humor and is more than willing to laugh at most anything.


In August of 1979, Alexander Jasper; a prominent business man in the town of Cowdenbeath, Scotland; married the only child of the widower owner of the town bookstore. Margaret was twelve years Alexander's junior and already three months pregnant by the time they married. Most say that Alexander only married Margaret because of the fact that she was pregnant but most also knew that she was head over heels in love with her husband. Six months after they were married, Alexander and Margaret were blessed with the birth of their first child, Victoria Alexandria Elizabeth Jasper. While she was the first child of Margaret, Victoria was in fact Alexander's second child. Two years after Victoria was born, Margaret gave birth to a second daughter, Elizabeth Marie Jasper. This would be the last child that either Alexander or Margaret had before their death.

It was July of 1984 and the small family was spending the day picnicking at Loch Leven. The weather was nice with temperatures in the mid-60's and as such, the family went boating after their lunch. Which out in the middle of the Loch, a strong summer storm blew in causing the waters to become dangerous. Heading for land, the family was only 100 feet away when the boat capsized. Alexander, Margaret, and Elizabeth all drowned that day but Charles; Alexander's son from his first marriage; and Victoria survived the tragedy. With no family to speak of, many thought that Victoria would wind up in an orphanage but Anna Wilson; Alexander's first wife and the mother of Charles took the girl in. At the time, she was thinking of nothing more than keeping the two siblings together and providing a stable and loving home to a younger girl who had just lost her entire world.

With the exception of the tragic loss of her biological parents, the four year old girl would spend the rest of her childhood in relative normalcy. Anna's family took to the girl and never made her feel like she was not one of the family. A bright child, she excelled in school and attended the Dollar Academy in Scotland from the age of 5. The school was chosen not only for their education program but also because Charles attended the school until he was accepted into Hogwarts. For the next six years, Victoria enjoyed her time at the school; developing friendships and joining many different activities provided via the school while also spending time with her family. When her letter came in the summer of 1991 no one in the Wilson-Jasper family thought much of it. Just six years prior, Charles had received his letter to the school and had been sorted into Ravenclaw like his mother before him. Anna was not the only parent in the family to attend Hogwarts; Alexander graduated the same year as Anna though he came from Slytherin house and Margaret had also attended Hogwarts; albeit twelve years after Alexander; and had herself been in Slytherin house.


Pet/Familiar: Calico male cat named Scotch
Friends: Tries to be friendly with as many Ravenclaws as possible as well as with as many 6th years from other houses as are friendly with her. Her best friend is a Muggle named Janey who attends Lochgelly High School


Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Jasper nee Nikols (deceased)
Father: Alexander Richard Jasper (deceased)
Siblings: *Charles Alexander Wilson Jasper (6 years senior)
  • Elizabeth Marie Jasper (2 years younger; deceased at age 2)
Grandparents: *Maternal Grandmother: Winifred Elizabeth Nikols nee Vaxley (Witch)
  • Maternal Grandfather: Andrew Henry Nikols (Muggle)
  • Paternal Grandmother: Isabella Marie Jasper nee MacDonald (Witch)
  • Paternal Grandfather: Charles Alexander Richard Jasper (Wizard)
Other Relatives of Importance: *Adopted Mother: Anna Sydney Wilson (Alexander's first wife and Charles mother)
  • Adopted Cousin: Janey Wilson (Anna's niece)
  • Adopted Cousin: Adam Wilson (Anna's nephew)
  • Adopted Cousin: Brian Wilson (Anna's nephew)
  • Adopted Uncle: Taylor Wilson (Anna's brother)
  • Adopted Aunt: Catherine Wilson nee Jasper (Anna's sister-in-law and cousin to Alexander)


Nationality: Scottish
Birthplace: Cowdenbeth, Scotland; grew up in Lochgelly, Scotland and Dollar, Scotland
Your characters view on Voldemort: Victoria hasn't fully made her decision on Voldemort. While both her parents were quiet supporters of some of Voldemort's views; Victoria was primarily brought up by Anna who was completely against the views of Voldemort and thus Victoria does tend to share the same idea; that everyone in the Wizarding world is equal and deserves to be treated as such.
Favourite subject and why: Potions is Victoria's favorite subject and comes from a love of the combination of science and magic that comes with potion brewing. Prior to attending Hogwarts, Victoria excelled at Chemistry in her Muggle boarding school. Following closely behind potions is the History of Magic.
Most disliked subject and why: Divination is Victoria's least favorite subject. She has never had a knack for the class and cannot fathom a class with no logic behind it.
Favourite Professor and why: Professor Snape because he teaches her favorite subject and because he's highly intelligent.
Most disliked Professor and why: Professor Trelawney because Victoria finds her to be completely without reason and living in a fog.
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Supports the Ravenclaw team
Hobbies: Reading, riding horses, playing football, choir, playing the piano, knitting, cooking
Likes: tall, dark and mysterious guys; the library; writing, football; history; music
Dislikes: rats, fakes, bugs


  • Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy
  • Astronomy
  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer
Plans for your character's future: Upon completion of Hogwarts, Victoria plans on joining the Magical Law field. While at Hogwarts, Victoria hopes to continue to be a member of the school choir. She would also like to finish at the top of her class academically.