Zacharias Smith
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Full Name: Zacharias Smith
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Pure
Wand Description: 12¼" red cedar and oak, essence of hair from the tail of a male unicorn

Height: 5' 6"

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Attributes: Average boy in every respect; he neither flashy nor unkempt.
Usual out of uniform attire: Dresses as a reasonably well-off wizard boy would be expected.
Bed-wear: Pyjamas


Zacharias is rather haughty at times and not at all afraid to speak his mind. He is often at odds with Harry Potter and does not appear to hold Potter is especially high regard. He was a member of the DA in 5th year, but was visibly reluctant. He is a sceptic and was threatened by Ron, Fred and George in the Hog's Head because of his attitude.


Zacharias is in the same year as Harry Potter, but a Hufflepuff. His father, Mr. Smith, has been described as haughty, a trait obviously shared by his son. Zacharias is most likely harboring some jealousy against the attention that Potter gets again and again throughout the years.


Pet/Familiar: Family owl
Friends: Hufflepuffs


Mother: Margaret (witch)
Father: Mr. Smith (first name unknown)
Grandparents: Hepzibah Smith (Zach does not know that Tom Riddle killed her for a Hufflepuff relic to turn into a horcrux; he believes the house elf, Hokey, killed her) ... note: this is a twist on possible canon as there is a lot yet we don't know.


Nationality: Scottish (per essay at the Lexicon).
Broom (if applicable): Is a chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team
Your characters view on Voldemort: Opposed, was a member of the DA
Favourite subject and why: Charms
Most disliked subject and why: History of Magic, boring class
Favourite Professor was and why: Flitwick, teaches Charms, his favourite class
Most disliked Professor was and why: Binns, too boring
Favourite Professional/School Quidditch team: Hufflepuff house team
Likes: Flying and Quidditch.

OOC Information

Player: Linda
Plans for your character's future: wants to win the Quidditch cup this year ... and ... we'll see where the character seems to go in the RP... (will update when a plan becomes clear)