♥ LEGO Disney Princess ROYAL BIRTHDAY PARTY (Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Frozen, Aurora…)

♥ LEGO Disney Princess ROYAL BIRTHDAY PARTY (Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Frozen, Aurora…)

Today it’s my birthday! I will invite all princesses to my party. First we are going to Merida’s place. It’s time for my favourit part of the day. Intruders take this. Merida it’s me. I am sorry, I haven’t see you. It’s ok see you tonight. See you there. Hey Aurora. Overhere. Tonight it’s my party and you are invited. Ok! So far so good. It’s time to visit Rapunzel. I will count to ten. Hey Rapunzel, here’s the invitation for my party. Hey Ariel I would like you to join us tonight. Of course, see you there! Hey Jasmin I was looking for you. Ok. Hey girls, party at my place tonight. We will be there! OK, now I need to prepare our garden. Oh where’s everyone? They should be here by now! Cinderella come quick. Surprise… Hey guys, Here’s some treats for you.

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  1. Welcome to another awesome LEGO Disney Princess animation episode for kids. In this fairy tale story, Cinderella need to deliver invites to all Princesses including Merida, Ariel, Anna & Elsa, Aurora, Jasmine & Rapunzel for her Royal Birthday Party. 
    Enjoy! ♥♥♥

  2. AMAZING stop motion video!!!! It takes me so long just to do a short stop motion video…..and it doesn't turn out as awesome as yours! Great story!!!!

  3. that is so cool how long did it take you to make if I were to do that it would take me about a year I do do some of those videos but not as quick as yours yours is the best do you really have all those Disney Princesses that's cool all I have is the Rapunzel tower and the frozen castle do you have everything looks so cool if you want you could look at my videos just click on me and I'll show you I love the video and I click like I wish I could give you a million likes have a great day and night

  4. I'm in love in legos legos
    because. this can help me my skills in working and puzzling legos
    and every legos I have I keep in my room

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