13 Types of People During Christmas Eve and Way Too Relatable Situations During The Holidays

13 Types of People During Christmas Eve and Way Too Relatable Situations During The Holidays

Last sip of hot chocolate before jumping
into Santa’s sleigh. Oh no! A festive mood burglar?? Nah, it’s just Emma!
One of our 13 types of people during Christmas! Ah… Such a shame Halloween is over now… Isn’t it, Emily? Well, what do we have next? Hey, Christmas is right around the corner! Time to get ready! Chop-chop! Hooray! Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Hey girls!
What’s up?? Why are you so surprised? We have to set everything up early, right?? Yeah, who cares. It’s November first, you’re totally missing the point! Madison sure thinks you went a little over the top this time, Emily. But, you know, you do you. If you want you can enjoy Christmas the whole year round! What do you think, Emily? Looks great! Hello, miss teacher, so glad you decided to join us! What do you think of our
Christmas tree? Hm, what’s going on? Why is she looking at it like it’s decorated
in spelling mistakes? Wow, that’s what we call being prepared for anything… Once a teacher, always a teacher it seems… It’s time for the Christmas tree inspector to
do her work! Come, girls, take a close look. These two decorations are two
centimeters too far to the left. What is this? Plastic or glass? Let’s put it near the bottom. Here’s a little notebook she filled out
with various decorating templates. See? The one on the photo is good, while ours… Seems some people will never get their minds off work… Ready to wrap your presents in the most
creative ways, girls? Hey, Madison, why don’t you show our viewers how it’s done? Just take some… very blunt scissors… …and a lot of mangled tape… Don’t glue your
hands together! Ribbon? There’s got to be a ribbon in there somewhere! But… hey… Good enough! Looks like it’s been packed by a rapid cat. Good… job…? Yeees… Totally..! It’s Jessica’s turn now. Take a 60 centimeter roll of wrapping paper, measure to the size, divide by… 90 degree angle, add square root of 7 to the power of 2/3
of the pie. Well, girls, you both put a lot of heart into your creations. Isn’t effort what counts the most? Wakey-wakey, Emily! Do you know what day
it is? Could it really be that time of year…??? Yes, yes, yeeees, yes, yes, yeees!!!! She’s so loud Jacob came to check what’s going on. Watch out for the cappuccino!!! Don’t worry, Jacob, it’s just a solid case of Christmas fever! A crazy elephant herd
has nothing on this Christmas spirit. Wow, Madison, it’s snowing! Oh hi, Emily, what’s up? Christmas is up…. …and down! Up! And down! Holy Schmoly, it’s like a festive
earthquake went through! And there she goes again… Maybe you should stay inside, Madison… And the wait till she gets tired. You better watch out You better not cry Better not make a sound We’re telling you why Emma’s coming to get you Santa! She’s setting a trap And checking it twice She’s gonna make use of that clever device Emma’s coming to get you, Santa! She knows what you like eating She knows when you’ll be there She knows that you
might hurt your head, but, you know…. …she doesn’t care. Just a final touch – the
classic box on a stick All we have to do is wait. Someone’s got some midnight munchies and
couldn’t resist a cookie. Footsteps coming closer? Pull! Let’s check who’s our catch! Jacob??!! You ruined our perfectly good track! Stop panicking, you Dumbo! Jacob! Get out! Shoo Shoo! Aah! He messed everything up! Okay, all set, let’s start over again! Wow, Emma, don’t you think it’s getting late already? Huh…? Oh no! Overslept! Aww… A gift from Santa himself! And a cute little note attached. What is it? It’s an alarm clock. So you never oversleep again… Well, dear Santa, don’t think she’ll let
you off so easily next time! Okay, guys, what do you say we open up the presents now? Adam seems to have something else in mind… Well, come on now! Adam, aren’t you going? Are you still hungry for a little
something extra? Wooow! You’re working those leftovers like a
real food wizard! You are not gonna let all that deliciousness end up in the
trash no matter what! Hey, Jess, and the others are calling you! Whoa! A sandwich extraordinaire! How did you manage to get a bun so long? Jess has got to do
something about this. Yes, we also think the size is about right. Should she just… …hold it…. …like this? Are you for real? How much can you actually fit in your
stomach?? It’s going like on a conveyor belt. Oh boy… This is gonna end with a
serious case of tummy ache… But you know what? We can allow it on Christmas~ Munch away! Good morning, Jessica! Or is it still good night? Wow… That’s an early hour. But who can sleep with all this festive
excitement on their minds!! Quick! Wake everyone up! Wakey wakey! Stop touching our faces did you turn into a cat or something?? What’s going on?? Oh… That’s it? Presents? Talk about impatience… Just give them a break! It’s 5 o’clock in the morning… Is she for real…? AAAARGH They’re going back to bed?? Guys?? Aren’t we supposed to…??? Oh… Well, ok then. Jessica will wait for you! Look how happy she is! You’re a mean one, Madison. You keep staring at your phone. And while the girls are all unpacking their lovely
gifts You’re laughing. [rip headphone users] Christmas fun… Oh my goodness! It’s like an ambulance siren in stereo!!! She’s definitely not in the mood. Maybe you can change her mind, girls? Hey, Madisooooon! Merry Christmas~ Okay… That’s enough for this
Christmas grump! Ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho to you, Santa! Let’s see what we got here. Whoaa! Yes, yes, that’s exactly what she
needed! And as soon as the mishap came into play Madison’s heart grew three times that day! One, two, three… Merry Christmas!!! Can Jess open up first? Okay, gently now with that ribbon. Watch out for that tape! And fold it right back nicely. Be careful, if you mess it up, you
won’t be able to reuse it later. Aww, a twister? That’s such a great present! Okay, cool, now… what-wha-wha-whaaaa…??? How’d she get so much paper out of that?? Skates?? Just what she always wanted!!! Thank you, Jess!!! I see your knights of furball and cast you a pepperoni secret. Your move, Jacob! Wait, wait! Joshua’s got an idea. You can’t have a Christmas dinner without some carol
singing, right? What a jolly atmosphere! Some people just don’t know when to stop, eh… Come on, Joshua, your turn. Let’s get back to playing… It’s like he’s stuck in a
loop or something! Awkwarrrrd. This situation definitely needs
some drastic measures. Oh, Joshua… Where are you now? They tied you to a chair and left you in the garage. Not exactly nice of them, don’t you think? Well at least now you can sing to your
heart’s desire. Merry Christmas to all the persistent singers! It’s time to
unpack your gifts! On the first day of Christmas, Adam gave
to Jess A golden necklace no less! Goodness! Really?? Oh Adam that’s really generous of you! It’s absolutely stunning! Okay now Jess will… What..? You have something else? Wasn’t the necklace enough?? Right, why not. What is it? An iPhone? Holy smokes! Oh boy, talk about being overwhelmed… Okay, Jess will… Wait. That’s not all? It’s… Two tickets to Bahamas??? She never knew you’d go on such a crazy spending
spree, Adam! Well, now it’s your turn… Hope you like it~ Merry Christmas to you too! Maybe… It’s a set of aftershave~ Next time you need to set a Christmas budget, guys… But for now enjoy your trip
to the Bahamas! So lucky… So nice of mrs. Dubie to come to your class’s Christmas
party, guys! It’s at one time of year when teachers can let their hair down a little and just be themselves Look at that little gingerbread man… Just like my grandma used to make!!! What happened, why is she crying? Oh she’s just happy to
relieve those old warm memories. Leave her be, guys. Look at these two! Living in the moment! What a wonderful scene! Isn’t this just sweet? Miss Dubey sure think so. And there she goes again overwhelmed by emotions… It’s okay, guys, that’s what happens when you’re bottling them up for a whole year! She should consider watching more romantic comedies or something… You know,
for therapeutic reasons! Thanks, Adam, you’re very thoughtful. Three… Two… One… Merry Christmas!!! What? Again?? Miss Dubey, haven’t you had
enough??? Adam’s got to take care of you like a little moody baby… That jar is
almost completely full already… Here’s a new one. Let’s add this to the whole
wardrobe of Miss Dubie’s tears. Maybe they make a good tea? Merry Christmas, girls, enjoy your
Christmas presents! Are you opening them up already? Well there’s one person still
missing… Oh Jacob! Jacob!!! JACOB!!! Jacooob! Well that’s sure ain’t working… Guess Emily has to go and personally drag him out of bed… Wake up, sleepyhead! You’re no bear to be hibernating in winter!!! Haha! Nope… Won’t pull him out of snooze
mode even with a herd of horses… Let him be, girls… Wow! A camera! So
cool! Ready to get up, Mr. Bear? Think 14 hours of sleep will do? You’ve definitely
missed out on that Christmas morning… But we hope that at least you had some jolly
festive dreams! For now you’ll have to settle for some jolly festive leftovers. Oh well! There’s always next time! Happy holidays, Pandas! Hit the subscribe button
and ring that Bell to stay tuned for more!

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