3 Feminine Ways to Heal Love w/Warmth | ‘500 Ways’ Author, Adrienne Everheart

3 Feminine Ways to Heal Love w/Warmth | ‘500 Ways’ Author, Adrienne Everheart

hi everyone Adrienne Everheart and today I’m
going to talk about three reasons why your relationship is failing and exactly
what you can do to turn it around now I wanted to make this video for you just
very quickly today because I had received a couple of questions just one
after another over at I heart love Academy and I was like my goodness I
could just answer these so quickly in a video about 3 reasons why your
relationships failing and how to fix it because I don’t want to just talk about
what you’re doing wrong I want to tell you how to fix this and as always I
share with you tips and techniques that are coming from a place of feminine
energy and your feminine vibe so you can realign with your energy get back in
touch with who you are aside from the masculine energy world
that you are currently in and you’ve been born into and it’s been your only
way to know how to survive up until this point is to be in your masculine energy
and then it’s time to have a relationship with a man and it doesn’t
work out so great but you will have benefits from feminine energy and your
other people in your life too you know even at work learning how to manage this
learning how to effectively use your feminine energy so let’s get right to it
these are three reasons your relationship is failing and what to do
to begin fixing them and turning them around now the number one is you’re not
communicating and I know you’ve heard that a million times right communicate
communicate communicate that’s what all therapists probably say and book
self-help books out there about communicating but it’s not just
communicating like here’s every thought in my head it’s not just communicating
telling your partner what they did wrong and why you would prefer it if they
would have done it this other way that’s communicating alright
that’s telling someone the contents of everything in your mind but if you are a
woman or if you are a person in your natural feminine energy and you are in a
relationship with a masculine energy partner or you want to reactive
your partner into masculine energy the first thing it’s gonna start is your
communication and coming from a place of allowing the masculine energy to have
space and time that means a lot less of this and a little more of disobey and my
programs and in my ebook 500 ways to talk to a man I teach you things that
you can actively be doing with your body that are quiet that are silent that are
gonna pull him towards you and a man needs to miss you he needs to feel that
space of not having you you know right there and it’s not that you’re playing a
game or anything but you want to make sure that you create that space because
again you’ve been in masculine energy for a good long while you don’t know any
other way to be you’ve just known if I want something here’s how I go out and
get it and I tell someone what’s wrong with this situation or what I’m feeling
that’s wrong or bad that’s just coming from a really masculine energy place in
fact that’s what men do with us with women and we don’t really like it when
they talk to us like that but that’s coming from that masculine energy place
so this is not about leaning forward because it I always get a comment in my
comment section that someone says this is too much work it’s leaning forward
it’s not leaning forward we’re talking about communicating about what works
what feels good what’s nice every time my husband drives
us somewhere and he gets us there safely I don’t care if it’s a supermarket I
tell him thank you thank you thank you for driving us so safely if he gets a
good parking spot I go, ah ha! you got the magic today! I’m being positive I’m not
letting a moment slip by that I’m not connecting with this person now you need
to look for these at first because if your relationships in trouble there’s a
good chance all you’re seeing is everything that’s wrong with your man!
and if he does text you, he text you too late, or at the wrong time you see so I
want you to start to look for what is working and I want you to communicate it
and communicate less meaning ask yourself why am I about to tell him this
why am I about to just mention this right now what am I trying to get him to
do or control the situation of the outcome begin to notice how much of your
communication is used to kind of control and manipulate other people and you’re
doing it by God you come by it naturally in a very innocent way and by natural I
mean for generations and generations of women who your existence your survival
has been because you have learned how to be nice to a man that’s how women before
you existed they didn’t have all the rights that we have now.. and you know now
that you have them… we don’t know any other way to get anything except to kind
of be manipulative or be nice, we don’t really know it’s it’s we’ve come by this
honest because for years that’s how we had to survive that’s how women survived
so if you want to learn more about communicating I have an e-book called
“500 ways to talk to a man” it is jam-packed with communication methods
techniques tools scripts I teach you how to do it
because I want you to learn how to do this not just copy me word for word
so I hope those of help number two the reason you’re having problems in your
marriage or relationship is you have no life
you either have no life or your focus is so much on him or your children that
your life is is a thing of the past so getting in touch with your life starts
as small as setting a timer on your phone for five or 10 minutes and not
thinking about anybody else but you I want to tell you on my busy busy days
that is sometime when I’m in the shower and when I get in the shower I start
with me time I put on my face she’ll polish it has a little bit of
that you know a little acid in it so I start with that and I do some deep
breathing in through my nose out through my mouth and through my nose out through
my mouth that’s why me time I let that you know sit into my face while I go and
shampoo my hair or something else and then when I get out of the shower I push
back my cuticles that is my me time I’m only focusing on me! so you gotta take
shower if you have time to take a shower you have time to focus on you now I
would love for you to expand on this and find other ways that you can cultivate
your life away from your children and away from your husband they have to miss
you they have to miss you I should change the title of this video into
people need to miss you but remember as part of masculine energy is that
masculine and your energy has led you to believe that if you if you go do
something else for half an hour an afternoon that people are gonna think
they don’t love you that’s that’s the myth and that’s not true when he texts
you just let that text sit there for about ten minutes until you can really
get into your body and find out what you feel don’t just banter back to him don’t
just more you know mindless communication back and forth connect
your heart to his pause take some time to reflect okay the third one I want to
share is about warmth and again a lot of girls I will talk about warmth and
they’ll say that is too much work if I have to do it for him I’m not doing this
we don’t have to do all this for men and you don’t you can keep doing what you’re
doing if it’s working for you and if it’s working for your relationship but
if you are watching my channel and you need some guidance on your feminine
energy and how to really fix some things in your relationship that aren’t working
I want you to learn warmth warmth is empathy warmth is listening warmth is
not jumping to a conclusion about how to fix it so often the best way
to express warmth is creating space for that person to tell you how they feel or
get mad or or maybe even tell you off! for just one little hot second you’re
giving them that space you’re just giving in that space that’s not their
right to tell you off everyday it’s not their right to get mad it’s not.. well you know
actually it is their right they can do they have the freedom to do whatever
they want to do however you have your boundary but give somebody a little
space to be that way without jumping in and fixing it or getting into a big
fight and I do this one with my husband especially early on in the relationship
I talked about parking earlier while parking is sometimes a bad thing for my
husband to experience he does not like driving around looking for a spot and I
will see a side of him come out sometimes that is unlike any other
version of him I see men sometimes expect cars to function perfectly all
the time computers should function perfectly things should be perfect and
work out and we sometimes to get caught in this state of perfection that things
should work out perfectly but it is in the imperfection but you find the beauty
of your love and your marriage and of your life it’s in the imperfect moments
that you are unfolding and you’re getting in touch with who you are and
that red beating heart inside of you and that soul in that spirit if you want to
go even further it’s when you’re having the imperfect moments that you’re
experiencing life it would be wonderful if things are perfect all the way all
the time and maybe one day they will be that way but right now when you are
experiencing that imperfection with your husband or your partner I want you to
learn how to offer warmth just offer warmth there’s so much that can be
transformed by just looking someone in the eye
and nodding and listening and saying nothing even if you had something
uncomfortable happen your silence will say more to that man than any lecture
any self-help book any therapist you go see your silence will speak to him
because he’s gonna want to talk to you again and if he wants to keep talking to
you he cannot be talking to you the way he
does sometimes and if he wants to keep going places with you and he acts like a
full when it’s time to park and he can’t find a spot he’s he’s not gonna get to
go places with you anymore it’s a double-edged sword but you also just
allow that person space and some empathy to be kind of who they are instead of
being mom the manager wife girlfriend the manager of all human behavior we all
need to behave this way also known as queen of the world and if you weren’t
familiar with queen of the world I have a video in my whiteboard series where I
talk about her and her presence in your life let me tell you I’m the biggest
queen the world there is my big thing is people should not talk in airports
except people telling you where to go nobody should be talking in airports
because I can’t think oh if I were queen of the world all right ladies I hope
that these three tips have helped you I talked a little bit about communicating
but communicating effectively it is not leaning forward addressing problems and
issues at a time when the two of you are not at each other’s throats I made a
video about that recently this is warm compassionate communication it’s about
being honest most people who wind up on the therapist couch the therapist says
there were things that needed to be said that no one was saying and this is the
really cool thing about pausing dropping down into your body and finding what you
feel okay the next one is you have you know you don’t have much of a life you
need to enrich your life aside from your husband and your children
or even your job you need to have a rich full juicy life for yourself
so he’ll miss you and you’ll have things to talk about you’ll have these you know
really appealing cool qualities to you that are fascinating and the last one is
warmth a lot of that can be done with appreciation which is also type of
communication but just warmth in your energy just I’m not looking for
perfection we’re just too beautiful humans on this planet and and here’s
what we’re happening right now and have this warmth to your vibe and your energy
that instead of being closed down and cold and well he didn’t message me last
night I’m gonna I’m gonna have this vibe about him or this way about him just
open your heart to warmth warmth doesn’t mean it’s okay to be ignored it’s okay
to have something bad happened to me warmth is about just I’m keeping my warm
loving vibe going my energy tap your heart send him love tap your heart
send him love because if you’re thinking bad thoughts about someone anyone it’s
not going to get better so that’s where your vibe comes into play that warmth
okay I hope these have been super helpful look into my book 500 ways to
talk to a man I teach you how to get into your feminine body and speak from
this place so you don’t have to keep watching all my videos you can learn how
to do this yourself and I have a lot of other programs too if you’re new to
dating you’re learning how to date check out FEMM tools for dating, is one of the
best programs I have because it gives you a whole protocol for feminine energy
dating all right everybody join my group over at I heart love Academy on Facebook
if you haven’t and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments give
this a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already I would love to be part
of your life when I do live videos and things like that and subscription is the
best way to do it don’t worry there’s no charge to subscribe on youtube alright I
got to ask that question the other day too so I thought I’d just throw that in
alright everyone.. much love and talk to you soon! MUAH!

37 Replies to “3 Feminine Ways to Heal Love w/Warmth | ‘500 Ways’ Author, Adrienne Everheart”

  1. Im getting that book then, 500 ways 😋 but what if it is too late, we had a fight and are not talking? I just couldnt take it being called things like that 😑 he is stressed and doesnt mean it, but i found it very disrespectful.

  2. Adrienne I sent the message asking if it is over and he respond why do you ask this question if a relashionship is over we can feel it
    But I dont want a relationship of whims!!!

  3. I have your 500 ways and fem tools purchased but What do you do if you’re not that sparkly of a person what do you do if Your personality isn’t necessarily warm maybe you’re more introverted maybe you’re more sarcastic how do you embrace your feminine energy if your personality isn’t bubbly

  4. I am now married and started watching Adrianne years ago. Her book was new and I bought it thinking just another one to read but I was so wrong. 500 Ways to Talk is kept on my phone with my husband. I am sexy and fit and look young. No man ever cared what I say to them until I got this book. I watch Adrianne still and she helps calm me down. I wanted to let everyone know becasue without her and 500 I would be alone still. I believe this.

  5. SO TRUE!!!! It takes discipline to pull away and focus on other things, but have absolutely seen this work. Giving people time/space to miss you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Thank you for this advice!!!

  6. I just adore your mindset that you’re putting out into the world. This is the real feminist mindset. It’s helped me improve my self and my self esteem to adopt these values and embrace my feminine self. It’s my wish that more ladies in the world hear these messages. Could possibly heal the world lol ☺️

  7. I absolutely love your videos! Would love some advice on getting passion back with small kids in the house 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know I’ve lost myself, but it seems impossible to get us back to where we were. Thanks for all your help! You are amazing!

  8. I am so grateful for your videos! I found someone who says it’s ok to be feminine sometimes and that I don’t have to be tough all the time.

  9. Adrienne, I love the way you really use your intelligence yet maintain a strong spiritual underpinning ~ that seems so important in this work 💗

  10. I slipped away last night to this hot spring spa that’s about 25 minutes bicycle ride from where I live. For the first time, in a long time, I lost track of time in there! Someone’s GPS went off and wanted to know where I was, so what you talk about space is true. Although I rarely do spa treatments, highly recommend the Korean body scrub – it doesn’t just remove dead skin it removes baggage from your mind.

  11. I'm 70 and, yes, I have lived alone enough of my life that I have learned to do stuff myself. However, I don't think I have so much masculine energy the way you describe. I have seen that I do have strong/definite opinions in certain areas or from personal experience but I don't see that as the same thing. My man is 89 so he is pretty darn sure that he is right about most everything. So when I realize we aren't going to agree I step back and, if only to myself, agree to disagree and note that whatever it is it is better to avoid going there. Most such things in life aren't a matter of life and death so it doesn't matter that much (we can privately hold our own opinion and let the other do so as well).

  12. My Queen of the World 🌎 doesn’t like hearing any Christmas carols, seeing any decorations until Dec 1st, when I say it can be Christmas!!!!

  13. My man keeps saying to me that I shouldn't be working for another man and that I should want to work for him and help him. I don't want to work with him as we have different approaches, how do I tell him this? I mean I have tried to tell him but he keeps pushing the subject. I'm wondering if he's in his masculine energy as he is looking at me as his solution to his weaker points. He also talks so much and I don't know how to stop this because I've tried not talking and he goes into a monologue (one time for 45mins) and when I do talk he wants to debate every single point. I was in my masculine but I found you and have been applying your advice, he now says to me it's not always about how you feel! He's a great guy in many ways but i feel like I'm missing something….any advice?

  14. Any thoughts on how to handle my situation? I live with my boyfriend and he is fed up with me. He says he wants to split up soon as I find a place to go. Says he loves me but I want to change him and he hates fighting. How do I save this relationship?

  15. I love this video! Thank you! I have a question, can we use this tips with any man in our lives. My brother is angry on me few month because I couldn't do something for him and he didn't want to tell me that he is angry but I feel that he is changed. He doesn't call me anymore and when I call him he is cold. I guess for him like for any man is hard to speak what they feel. Do you have any advice? 😙

  16. just in time.. i needed space from my love as I kept getting fears from my past relationship and im not sure if i was coming from fear or is the relationship not going well. i needed to seperate my past from present.. this came just in time.. thank you!

  17. I just love you. I want to be more like you when I grow up Adrienne haha. But seriously I have had that masculine energy for years. I’m trying hard to be in the feminine energy. I listen to you. Never too late to learn!! Thanks doll💜

  18. I went this weekend on a travel with my girls and omg I feel renewed! He had space..I could focus only on myself. He was the one initiating the calls all the time and now back he cooked for me when I got home and he came up with plans for the next days! And I had such a nice time with my friends that I feel I have to do it more often!!🥰

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  21. Adrienne, you have such a beautiful smile. Even when you talk, you smile. I know it is a big attractive feature for a man. But what do you do if you don't have a nice smile? I have good teeth but my cheeks are too fat. Do I just smile without showing my teeth, maybe smile with my eyes?

  22. Wow this is beautiful! This is exactly how I been with my spouse, every time we see each he’s eager to let me in on his past. And if it bothers me I take a step back and hold myself and allow him to be him with out judgment. Does take a lot works ppl however this is the only way to really live someone and enjoy the moment.

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