8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Only For Money | You Will Shocked

8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Only For Money | You Will Shocked

8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Only For Money | You Will Shocked

100 Replies to “8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Only For Money | You Will Shocked”

  1. 1 2 and 3 husbands are way better than these actresses so ain’t for money, they probably fell for them

  2. i am not encourage this type of mariage,

    but why you said that these all girls mariage only for money?do you have any proof?
    are they divorced all?

    ( i don't kown a lot english,sorry,if not writing in good way)

  3. We all follow this trend then what's problem when celebrity do this. It's is hard and true that Financial security is paramount

  4. Why criticize about celebrities? Everybody does this unless you are left with no option.
    Once upon a time I used to earn just enough to run a small family. Girls used to refuse me based on my earning. But things changed when I started earning three times than before. Now I have a loving wife and a handsome & clever boy.
    Those who ran away just for little more money, didn't even get a handsome husband. (One married a blackie, another a baldie)

  5. This is bull shit money can buy buety also
    If you see Shahrukh Salman Vivek Akshay Kumar Kapil Sharma
    All of them are good looking because of hair transplant and plastic surgery

  6. Why Ayesha's husband? He is a very handsome man and better than all of them

  7. All are ok.
    Juhi also is not that young. She has a young girl Jay mehta also is not that old. Difference is that juhi dye her hair and has lots of makup wheras her husband dont dye his hair.
    Sane thing for sridevi

  8. What's wrong in being a gold digger. Gold diggers should be treated with respect. I confess that I got married with the biggest possible gold digger but I was lucky enough that she fell in love with me and doesn't care about my money anymore.

  9. Majority of actresses married to divorced man because they couldn't find man of their age. Actresses just saw the money ..if any animal has billion dollar, they would never hesitate to marry them as well.😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Sabse zyada dukh, shridevi ji aur juhi ji ko dekh kr hota, shridevi ji ko to Mar hi Dia unk husband ne hi, last 3 couple to ache lg rhe hai.

  11. How do you know this , that they married for money, did they tell you ? Don't make idiotic videos like this. Can't you think of anything else ? its pathetic and laughable.

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  13. Kyo jal rhe ho kisi ki success se,
    This is called success motherfucker,
    Tum jaise log jallte hai toh prove hota hai k woh successful the tabhi woh deserve krte hai, tumahare jaise 2 kodi you tuber 🖕🖕🖕yeh deserve krte ho

  14. How can you conclude that all these ladies married only for money???

    Is it because of the age difference or because the husbands are rich?? Or both?? Anyways, that doesnt prove anything!

    I think its just your personal assumptions. If not, Prove me Wrong!!!

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  16. I don't understand how the actresses married for money when there isn't a big age gap between them and their husbands

  17. Sorry yaar,
    I don’t blame them !!
    The whole world is opportunist ,
    Not only them , if you got chance you would do the same , don’t you ?

  18. And how would u know its just for money? Juhi and Tulip didnt do it for money. I dont know about the rest, but i am pretty sure these women already had money. Marriage involves a lot of responsibility… and to do it just for money is just stupid and u do it against urself. I dont think those women were like this.

  19. Bon, les couples 3, 2 et 1 les maris sont beaux. On ne peut pas dire autant des femmes, parce que une fois qu'elles enlèvent les tonnes de maquillage du visage : bonjour les dégâts

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