A Democrat Against Gay Marriage

A Democrat Against Gay Marriage

the president united states has made a
historic announcement that he this is the this is it and historic president i mean here we have the first
african-american president of a nation that was founded in slavery of african-americans and now that man has said that that he believes that everybody
regardless not just of their race or their nationality or their religion but
also their sexual orientation everybody should have the right to get married and i’m telling you someday we’re gonna
look back on this and go to though it’s like it today he tell people yea i have to write i speak well of
uh… dwight eisenhower from time to time you know he kept at ninety one
percent top tax rate he was in favor of social security was in favor of the
right to unionize and egg in his asian peaked during his administration he would you know he he’d paid a lot of
good things he’d be ended the the career working ran on a platform nineteen fifty
two of of local fries our vote for peace and yet throughout his presidency discrimination i mean not just
discrimination segregation in the united states without a legal but actively and aggressively practiced including in his administration the times change and times are changing now just like we look back on on the era of
eisenhower the fifties and say how could we have done how can we have had laws on the books
and states all over this country the last one was taken down in nineteen
sixty five the said that if a black person in a
white person want to get married it’s a crime in this state miscegenation how could we have done that and i’m telling you there’s a point
where we’re gonna look back at this and we’re gonna say okay things have changed now gays are married so wat you know life is
caught like flight goes i mean it’s it’s it’s time to michael’s isaac now the human families complete now our bar brother-in-law and sister in
law are enter cousin or aunt colored boram here of in in one case i know of a good friend is
his father came out when he was you know when you can he became man he was like eighteen or
nineteen or twenty years old was dad came out and said you know hey i’m gay and mas let us friend but you know are
really like steve embedded if you know he had been from
that era where you just was a lot so you know i think we’re gonna look
back and go how could we have done that to all those people all those years how could we have it’s like when you
look at the pictures the slaves in with the with parks across their backs and and compare that to the right now
the statistic at the highest suicide rate in the
united states is among gay teenagers and someday we’re gonna look back at
that and say how could we have allowed that d_n_a_ per villain i_d_ what’s up uh… don’t come i’m a democrat and
uh… become a democratic elected and i’ve been pro-parliament and our well collection but not main the the move today doesn’t uh… it privately i’m concerned that it may
contain hit second thoughts about voting for him but i don’t like to vote for rounding
either because of our minister fit couple two-three generation they’re
concluding probably don’t family believed in multiple wives well apparently get you and i would
agree about what you think if we’ve noted is changing and this is a or uh… that
they will look back on but i don’t want to know why would you not vote for obama because he cannot deliver marriage
equality because if bigger and i do feel that marriage the definition of marriage is for a man
and woman to do it together other people can go doing that they want but that
doesn’t make it a marriage well by by the definitions of many
churches you’re right and and if you want to use a religious
definition i don’t disagree with you at all uh… you know i think those churches
will change over time the the them several major denominations lutherans
the methodists are changing right now but uh… that’s sad what scares you but the people i didn’t say that i was scared gave
people and i’m not saying that i would totally be again
civil unions which they’ve already approved an illinois but marriage by definition you get the
idea of bringing a man and a woman together well it he has uh… but up until
nineteen sixty five it was bringing a black man in a black woman or a white
man in a way that woman together but it was illegal to bring a uh… of black men or more woman and a white man or woman
together you know pappas braces and you know our definitions of marriage
of changed repeatedly over the years well now you have to go up to date in my mind that compunction to parents biologically it’s appropriation emotionally it’s to bring together
beijing and the anger masculine and the family now if you’re talking about it economic
point of view westinghouse’s addresses both of them can camp marriage because i worthless address both of those first
and only in the female ever uh… okay that’s done enough the good enough uh… are you suggesting that people who
are sterile chicago other demerit or people who are past the age of child
a daughter when women have been a pause should they lose their ability to marry and the if you want to be any anger uh… i would submit to you that a lot
of gay couples that i know really are union in the midst of the elephants about her wife in a bit there are they’d people play the role
beyond that that the more and on and mobility and the reason that
many of us here roles that but what i’ll do the lottery
republic that i think those telling what it looked like there at that point appropriately made
college worldwide well you might call it hurts out she shouldn’t she have the
right to do that well-qualified malapit no not exactly
because your reinventing not only or if precariously has what the role what a
white kid but all the other people who are white you redefine now well let’s let’s talk
about the definition of a lifetime the the the user the that this is from
page fifty one of my book on equal protection of human reference on this
although and that’s all well footnote id uh… from the founding of this country
in seventeen eighty nine when the constitution was passed until the nineteen twenties in the united states this was the law just very straightforward in married
woman was not allowed to make out a will because she was not allowed to own land
or legally control anything else worthy of willing to another person any property a woman brought into a
marriage became her husband’s at the moment of marriage and we refer to her only if he died and
she did not remarry but even then she would get only one-third of residents
property and one third of was and how she could use it was destroyed by a male
court-appointed executor who could supervise for the rest of her
life super rice her or until she remarried how she used a third of her
husband’s a state the sheik so-called inherited when a widow died the executor could
take the property for himself or decide whom to pass the woman to uh… the
woman had no say in the matter because she had the right to sign will
women cannot sue a court of law under the same that they are dedicated
to you could only sort of core law on the same we procedures allowed for the
mentally ill and for children and their lawsuit had to be supervised by men it was impossible in the united states
of america for american woman to have legal responsibility for her own
children control her own property owned slaves
buyer cell land or even obtain an ordinary license if a man or a full of a family household
i detect there were decided who would raise the whites children and in what
religion she had no right to make those decisions that’s how we define white
from seventeen eighty-nine in nineteen twenty five do you really want to go the traditional
definition uh… at five thirty and a half day i
think things change anytime soon steve thank you for your call bend and for the
respectful disagreement every few we’ll be right back fifteen minutes past

48 Replies to “A Democrat Against Gay Marriage”

  1. This woman has the intelligence of a small child. No offence to small children. There is no real reason to deny anyone the right to marry considering the social restrictions marriage places on people in the first place.

  2. Marriage is retarded. I can see a concept of how it may empower adoptions or artificial insemination for lesbian couples, but lets be honest. The only REAL reason government would legalize it is to eventually exploit it thru taxation. These fools dont realize that there is something up their sleeves. Unfortunately people like Hartmann think this party system & voting is honest and empowers the citizens. When infact he is a citizen & the Constitution CLEARLY does not define citizens as the PEOPLE

  3. I don't see it as dogmatic religion warping ones mind, she may have grown up in a time where yes she was exposed to homosexuality but again didn't see it as being something normal or practiced, so its wrong to her. When you start damning others for their opinions even if its wrong then your not moving forward either. Its an opinion and when you deny people the right to even express what they want then your the one people restrictions on them. Some people don't like gay marriage so what.

  4. What I can see as to why some may hate the idea of gay marriage is that small minority that the media will portray. So you get small pockets at first who look at this and raise a stink about it gathering others up whom may already feel that way towards homosexuals but don't out right express it. It gets carried away and soon you have zealots and fanatics from all walks of life ranting and raving over the issue. This woman has an opinion it may change it may not.

  5. This is about civil rights not about some people thinking gay marriage is "icky" You either stand for equality for all or you don't.

  6. Our country was founded on slavery? When our country was founded, slavery was everywhere on the planet. It still exists in much of the world to this day.

  7. Yes indeed. The first anti-slavery society was founded in 1774 by Benjamin Franklin. You are correct.

  8. Nice video but:
    I think he took cheap shots to promote his book. The lady is allowed to have her own opinions. It's called democracy.

  9. He never disallowed her opinions, you twat. Democracy doesn't mean that stupid/immoral people are free from criticism.

  10. Equality is a myth, its never existed before in human society and still doesn't. There is no way you can stand for it or be against it. We aren't all born equally, live equally, or even die equally. Its an idea that will never work in human society ask the Russian's, N. Koreans, or Chinese, etc… how equality for their people has worked out. Also there is no law on the books even that defines marriage so how do one's civil rights get violated if marriage is an open to interpretation.

  11. So did you purposely set out to prove my point whilst making yourself look like an idiot, or are you just lucky that way?

  12. God you are dumber than I thought. Try this : Did you just crap yourself or do you always smell like that? You call a woman stupid/immoral on the basis of a call into a show and take yourself seriously? Then your comment unsolicited is smart? There is only one dummy here and it's you.

  13. So there's only one dummy here, and it's NOT the one who used "Did you just crap yourself or do you always smell like that?" as a rebuttal?

  14. u can do a comparison of two neighbouring countries one where sodomy is rife and one where it is punished severely. the one which punishes severely the society prospers

  15. i love my dog very much and would like to marry him, why wont society recognize our love and allow us to marry?

  16. Bigot on the phone. Braindead xians are the scourge of america and to the world. When do they get that we don't want to live in the dark ages?!

  17. he can wag his tail and lick my face. thats consent they way I see it, why are you stopping us from expressing our love and having the state allow us to marry are you a dogophobe?

  18. What a trivial and ugly little argument you have. First, you've equated gay Americans to dogs. Nice. Can your dog understand the consequences of engaging in a contract? Can your dog decide to suspend life-support on you when you're brain-dead? (may be too late for that one) Can your dog make decisions about school for your kids? It's the same tired argument people made about Loving v. Virginia – and it's just as stupid now as it was then.

  19. The man-dog marriage arguement = crap. Do you argue that if we let women/minoriies vote that the next logical step is for dogs to vote?

  20. The bottom line is CHANGE IS HARD….

    People always look to their chidhood, conventional wisdom, the zietgiest. Thinking outside of their comfort zone is always difficult.

  21. Thom, after listening to your caller for 3 minutes, the passage you read landed wrong for me. What I thought was not "wow, those really were the bad old days". No, I was thinking "What a half-cocked experiment it has been to give women rights for the last 100 years" No pun intended.

  22. @7:15
    Tom lays down a beating to that bitch for nearly 2 minutes. Her response…It's not right…sorry.
    Typical conservaturd. Don't confuse me with any facts. I've already made up my mind. I know the same thing on Wednesday as I knew on Monday no matter what happened on Tuesday. I know it because I know it because I know it.

    Unfortunately, these dip shits who are always on the wrong side of history don't receive the shame they deserve. They die before it becomes clear how wrong they were.

  23. Doesnt she realize that in the past, men used to define a wife that never talked back to her husband, worked all day at home, couldnt go out without permission, had to care of the kids mostly by herself, and never hold a job typically seen as a male position?

  24. No it is a myth, society will always have one group trying to dominate or even eliminate the other for its foreseen longevity. As I said before we are not all equal, if we were we'd be gender neutral as well as have the same shade of grey in skin color. We've taken the basic need to survive and put it into a social construct with nations, cultures, & beliefs all pitted against each other. Tolerance will help us grow as a culture. Equality will make our culture grow stagnate & extinct.

  25. Well, yes, Dixiecrats are the same types as most Republicans but refuse to vote for the Republican party because of Lincoln's policies as they related to the South. They are ultra-conservatives who do not belong in the Democratic Party at all.

  26. Hartmann: "Do you REALLY want to go with the traditional definition of marriage?"
    Alleged Dem: "That doesn't sound right."
    Ya think?

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