A Family Wedding Movie – “The Engagement” – Full Free Maverick Movie

A Family Wedding Movie – “The Engagement” – Full Free Maverick Movie

(dramatic orchestral music) (birds chirping) (camera shutter clicks) – [Mia] Just look at him. My fiance knows he’s messed up. I am so furious with
him right about now. Six years, a son, a
home, and a strong bond. At least that’s what I thought. How could he do this to me
at our engagement party? Our relationship was great. And then, he proposed. (videotape whirring) – Mia Clark? – [Mia] Yes? – Will you marry me? (Mia hums in agreement) – [Mia] Oh David. (Mia laughs) (lips smacking) (David moans)
(Mia giggles) – [David] Oh, I love you. – Oh, I love you. (Mia moans)
(lips smacking) (phone rings) – [David] No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. – Come on. (David moans) (Mia laughs) – Stay. – Come on, it could be
somebody that we want to tell. (moaning) David? Answer. (Mia laughs) Answer. Get it. – Hello. – David! I haven’t heard
from you in a month. A month! You think you’d at least
call and check up on me. Your father and I could both
be dead for all you know. – Hello, ma. – Hello, David. – Ma, I got some news. – Is it good news? – I… Got some news. – What is it? – I just proposed to the
woman I’m gonna marry. (screams) – David’s getting married! (laughs) – Oh, well congratulations, son. (Beth laughs) – Dad, thank you, if
congratulations is
what you just said. – Of course it’s what he said. Who is she? – Her name is Mia Clark. (Mia chuckles) – I don’t know her. You’re marrying a
woman you haven’t introduced to your mother? I mean I know you never
call or write or visit, but wouldn’t ya think,
I’m marrying this woman, I wonder what
mother would think? (baby coos) – You raised me with
such senseless guilt, I buy new socks and
wonder what you think. – Well I hope she’s
at least Jewish. You wouldn’t break
my heart, would you? And whatever
happened to Estelle? Well, we have to meet her. You’ll have to come out
and we’ll have a party. – Oh, what, I don’t know. A wedding is a big
enough party to plan. – David, what are
you hiding from me? We have to throw an
engagement party for you. What’s that noise? (baby coos) – Oh, nothing ma, just the TV. – Well, then a party for
the two families to meet. Oh we’ll have it at our
favorite club, it’ll be great. It’s beautiful
this time of year. Well is she there,
let me talk to her. – No, no, she’s
not here right now. But I’ll tell her all about it. – Your father and I
will make all the calls. I have to find a planner. – Oh I know one. – You do? Well have him call me then so we can make all
the arrangements. Oh this is going to be great. And we have to
invite her family. And this time you can’t back out because you’re the
guest of honor. – Right. (chuckles) Guest of honor, sure. We’ll be there, ma. Bye, talk to you later. (giggles) Grant! Grant! – [Mia] Why didn’t you
let me talk to her? – Call your parents. Tell them they’re invited to the biggest disaster
in wedding history. – David, what are
you talking about? – My mother wants
our two families to meet before the ceremony. – That sounds like a great idea. I mean we could have my uncle,
Charles plan everything, and I bet they’re so
excited about meeting Jabari since I sent them
those pictures. – It’s a horrible idea! – Are you embarrassed
of my family? – No, no, no, I’m not
embarrassed of your family, I love your family. It’s my family that
I’m embarrassed about. (lip smacking)
(Mia moans) I love you. – I love you, too. Wait a second. Did you tell them I was black? – No, but, I don’t think
it’ll be that big of a deal. – David, I told my parents
right away that you were Jewish. What else don’t they know about? Do they know about Jabari? Do they even know
they’re grandparents? Wait a minute, are they even
on a peace mission in Uganda? I mean, all you’re doing is
lying and they’re gonna hate me! – They won’t hate
you, I’ll tell them. I will! Where are you going? – [Mia] That’s where
you’re sleeping tonight. – I’ll tell them! I promise! – Our baby is getting married! – To the Jewish kid? I thought that was a phase. – Here, tell her
congratulations. – Hi, Daddy. – Congratulations, baby. – Thank you. – It’s about time, girl. ‘Cause you know me and your
daddy did not appreciate that shacking up thing, ’cause
it’s not the Christian way. – Yeah mom, but… – Anyway, I’ma tell
everybody about the party. – [Teddy] I know you will. – Okay mom, but… – I love you, too,
baby, bye bye. (upbeat pop music) – [Beth] Wake up! We have to figure
out who’s coming. Rabbi Hensheld, my
niece Jacqueline. Jacqueline has her doctorate,
the Clarks will be impressed. – [Teddy] Bobbi,
just invite everyone. What’s the big deal? – [Bobbi] If we invite Joseph,
he may fight with Pappy. We can’t have Charles and
Joseph getting into it again. They’re just like Kane and Abel. – [Teddy] Joseph’s
a man of the cloth. And why are you whispering? I’m the only one in here. – [Beth] Grant, Grant! – [Grant] Alright, alright. Kevin. – [Beth] Kevin’s
not coming, next. – [Grant] He’s your
dead sister’s only son. – [Beth] He lives in a
cabin in the woods, Grant. And at Joshua’s bar mitzah he called my shoes, death fashion. I like those shoes. – [Bobbi] Abraham won’t
come if Joseph’s coming. You remember that devil
in the pool pic t-shirt he wore to his daddy’s church. Embarrassing, I wish
he’d go back to Tuskegee and stop selling those
bootleg DVDs on the street. – [Teddy] And maybe if
you stop buying them, the man wouldn’t be in business. – [Beth] Well, if we invite
Kevin, we have to invite Gerry. – [Grant] Okay. – [Beth] You were
supposed to say no. Oh God, I hope he doesn’t
wear that stupid tiara. Now why didn’t he
marry sweet Estelle? – [Grant] Don’t invite her. – [Beth] I’m not! – [Grant] Don’t invite her. – [Teddy] Oh and don’t
forget Cousin Noah. Mia would be crushed
if he didn’t show. – [Bobbi] Isn’t he
still in therapy? – [Beth] We’ll do
two lists then. The people we are inviting, and the people
we’re not inviting. – [Grant] Beth, there’s
no family on this list. – [Beth] Precisely. – [Grant] What about
Joshua, your other son? – [Beth] I don’t know,
all that rap music. He can’t come either. – [Grant] Beth. – [Beth] What, it’s
for adults only. – [Bobbi] Wouldn’t it be nice
if we could find somebody for Mia’s friend, Tomeka? And add Greg and
Jermaine to the list. We got rich family
too, you know. – [Teddy] I’m not trying
to impress these people. – [Bobbi] Speak for
yourself, child. (melodic orchestral music) (dishes clanking) – Baby, baby, baby, look,
everything is under control. Don’t worry. – Baby I’m gonna be worried
until the last drop of wine is poured and the last
guest walks out that door. – Wait a minute. Is this what you serving? – Yes, why? – Well don’t you remember
that David is Jewish, right? – I mean yeah, how
could I forget? – Well, you serving soul
food for a Jewish dinner? – Fried chicken and Italian
beef, now how is that soul food? Italian, it’s right
there in the name. – It’s not kosher. – What do you mean
it’s not kosher? It’s fine with me. – Didn’t you get that
list of Jewish dishes that I left for you? – Baby, why are you
bringing this up now? You had all week to tell me this and you telling me this now? You know what, you want kosher,
you better run to the store, get some Hebrew franks,
and hurry on back here. – [Kathy] It’s not kosher! – It’ll be kosher today. Fried chicken. – Mom, Dad, Happy Hanukkah. Oh, by the way, Mia’s
black, and I have a son. Eight days, David. You have one of eight days
to tell ’em the truth. – I’m a coward, what
do ya want from me? – [Mia] I really don’t know. – Listen, if you wanna
survive this thing, we gotta stick together. What do you say, can we do this? I can’t hear you,
can we do this? – We? – Can we do this? – [Mia] Yes! – Alright. – I hate you. (chuckles) – [David] Well, I love you. (lips smack) (baby cries) – Oh baby, we are so sorry! – You don’t think he’ll
remember this, do you? – Oh my God, every day. – [David] Oh, crud. (baby squeals) Alright. Okay. Alright. (harp strings strumming) ♪ Mperfect entertainment ♪ Grand master ♪ God’s gift to the mic ♪ I get up and no
need to rap after ♪ No games to play ♪ Not a gay datin’ service ♪ But I will throw
flames your way ♪ Makin’ nights look same as day ♪ View from a pine box – Get the food… Hey! Get the food. I can’t believe
you brought food. – I don’t know, I
never met this Charles. How am I supposed to know
what he’s gonna make? – You could’ve told
him what to make. – That would have
been rude, Grant. I don’t know, on the
phone, he sounded… He just didn’t sound like us. – What do you mean? – Well, when I spoke
to him, he sounded… – What? Saying he sounded
Chinese, German, what? – You know, he sounded black. – Oh, you mean African-American. He could be relaxed Southern. – Oy, even worse. – Teddy. I think we’re in the wrong lot. – What? – David said lot B right? Well that says lot D. Oh, now we gotta walk? – Well, we could
use the exercise. – You better speak for yourself. (Teddy laughs) – I can’t believe
you brought food. Well God knows what David’s
mother had Charles make. Besides, it’s a
tradition for me to make my famous macaroni and
cheese on family occasions. I can’t believe our little
girl’s getting married. – Yeah, I just hope
David turns out to be the kind of
man I think he is. – [Bobbi] And what
kinda man is that? – You know, a man
with some backbone. A man that… A man that protects his
family and his woman. You know. A man like me. – What are you
talking about, Teddy? Your mama almost ran me
off, and you almost let her. – [Teddy] Now my mama liked you. – Your mama never liked me,
and you know that Teddy. Oh, your mama liked that
woman with the bad perm. You know the one you
was seeing on the side? – [Teddy] Oh now you know I wasn’t seeing
nobody on the side. You always bringing that up.
– Oh right, really? – Look, I told you, I didn’t
do nothing with that girl. (moaning) – Go on Teddy, go on. – Oh, come here, woman. – God, David, it’s so amazing! – Yeah this is where we’ve
had parties for my bar mitvah, and high school graduation. – Aww your bris
wasn’t here, was it? – No that was held at the
synagogue around the corner. – Where Jabari’s… What, Uncle Charles! – [Charles] Mia! – Hey! – Congratulations. – [Mia] Thanks, and you
remember David, don’t you? – Of course, David. How are you? – Good, good. – And how are things going? – Oh perfect, we’ve
started cooking and getting ready to
set up the tables. Kathy! David you remember my
wife, Kathy, don’t you? – Yes, I do. Hi Kathy.
– Hi, I’d shake your hand, – But they’re kinda
full right now. – Could you take this for me?
– Oh yeah I wanna check this with Mia, anyway.
– I need to talk to David about something. David, your family’s not
going to have a problem with fried chicken, are they? – Oh, oh, no, no, I
think they’ll find it to be a pleasant surprise. – Good, good. – [David] Oh my God. – [Charles] What is it? – They’re here
and they’re early. – Honey, I’m gonna
take this list to the kitchen and go over it. – [Charles] Okay. – Hey, Josh, how are ya? – Straight, straight. – Dad, how are you? – [Grant] Good, good, made
it here in 20 minutes. (laughs) – Not bad, not bad. Mom, mom. – [Beth] Hello to you, son. – You guys are
early, oh and look, you brought food
to a catered event. (Beth laughs) Thoughtful. – I just brought along
my special kishke. I know how much you
love the way I make it and I figured Mia’s uncle
didn’t know how to make it. – How very trusting of you. – Oh my! There must be two
parties here today. I just hope they don’t
make too much noise. You know how they
love loud music. – Cool! – Honey. – Well I asked the office
if there was another event here today and they said we
had the place to ourselves. – David! – What? – Yoo-hoo! – Look, there. – David are they waving at you? – They must think I’m the valet. Come on, let’s go
inside, come in. – No, David, they’ve
already parked. – I don’t think he sees us. Well come on. – Mia’s black? (chuckles) – You guys got me! Alright, let’s go say hi. – Whoa! (stammers) – David! David, why didn’t you tell me? David, why didn’t you tell me? – Okay, well here we are. Bobbi and Teddy Clark, I would
like you to meet my parents, Beth and Grant Weinstein. – [Beth] Okay. – Pleasure’s all mine. – It’s nice meeting you. – Oh, oh and this is my
younger brother, Joshua. – Pound it. – Pleased to meet you, but I really have to
get this to the kitchen. As it appears you do, too. – Yes, I do. – [Beth] Well. – Well then let’s
head on inside. – First thing’s first,
where’s the washroom? – Honey! – Look I told you I have to pee. – It’s okay, I have to go,
too, I’ll show you where it is. You know you and
I are a lot alike, I don’t stop for
rest stops either. – [Teddy] Man, I
got to tell you. – [Grant] Yeah. (baby squeals) – Oh God, I can’t do this. Uncle Charles? – Yes? – Can you take this? – What? – They don’t know
about Jabari yet, okay? – What, what, what do you
want me to do with him? – [Mia] Just… I don’t know. – Mia! I think she’s going crazy. – Mother Weinstein. I’m Mia! It is so good to meet you. – Yeah, where is Charles? (baby coos) That’s the party planner? Why is he holding a baby? – I have no idea. (groans) – Charles? – Yes! Oh Beth? Hello, welcome, we have
everything under control in the kitchen and we’re getting
ready to set up the tables. The appetizers
will be out at two and dinner will
be served at four. – I mean her and I can… Maybe she’ll get better. Hi. – Hey baby! – Hi mom! Where’s Dad? – He’s in the bathroom. – Okay, okay. – What’s the matter? – Nothing, I’m fine, I’m
fine, everything’s fine. – Well why you
acting so nervous? – What, no, I’m not, you know
I’ll be right back, okay? – Hey, mom. – Hi David. – Wonderful, wonderful. – Everything is
right on schedule. (baby coos) – Is that your baby? – Yes, well no, actually, I’m just watching
it for a friend. – Okay. Well, David says
you’re a wonderful cook and that you make
the best kugel. – Oh did he? You name it, I fix it. (gasps) – [Beth] Rabbi? – Mia. – [Beth] Rabbi. – Mia. What the hell is kugel? – Look, I don’t know but you better learn how to
make it and fast. – Mia! – [Beth] Thank you
for coming, dear. – Mom, what is Rabbi
Hensheld doing here? – Well David, I figured
the man who’s performing the ceremony should meet
the bride and groom. – Oh, no no, there
must be a mistake. My brother, Reverend Joseph, will be performing the ceremony. – Why would he do that? David told me Mia’s Jewish. – You’re Jewish? Children just keep everything
from their parents. – Tell me about it. – [Mia] No I’m not. – Ma, I didn’t exactly say… – I’m not Jewish. – Well. I will only allow David to be
married in the eyes of God. – He will be married
in the eyes of God. – Not my God. – Honey… – [David] It’s all the same God. Am I right folks? As long as we all
look up to pray. – Obviously, there is a mistake. – Obviously. – Mia, we’ll be going. Perhaps this wedding
is not the best idea. Grant. – You’re right about that. Teddy. – It was nice meeting you. – Pleasure is all mine. – Well, 10 minutes
longer than I expected. – You take my family,
I’ve got yours. – So where’s the lucky couple? I now pronounce you
man, and wife… – Hey uncle Joseph. The wedding might be off. – What? – The wedding, it might be off. Thanks for coming. Mr. and Mrs. Weinstein. Please don’t go. – Oh dear, I do think
it’s for the best. I’m sure you understand. – No, I don’t understand. I mean all I understand
is I love David. – And I would do anything
to make Mia happy. So, if you feel we have to
have a Baptist ceremony, so be it, lets do it. – Son. I knew you’d do the right thing. – Look, I’m sure I
can get my family to agree on a Jewish ceremony. – Well. You’re a lovely
maidel, aren’t you? – Excuse me, Rabbi. Do you know where the bar is? – Yes, it’s this way. – You think they got kosher? – Surely, they do. – So the Rabbi and
the Reverend went into a banquet hall… – Well. We’re going to have a… – [Group] A Baptist ceremony. – [Mia And Beth] What? – Mom, this is
what I have to do. – I don’t think so. Mia has agreed to let us
have a Jewish ceremony. – [Group] What? – My foot, she did. – Okay, okay, okay, so we’re not sure on the type of wedding, but we will have a wedding,
I promise you that. So lets just go on
inside, and hopefully come to some sort of
New Age compromise. – [Gerry] No! – Why are you
touching my things? – I’m telling you, they’ll
look better over here. – [David] Hey,
what’s going on here? – Some lunatic comes
barging in here and starts moving
the flowers around. – Hello all! – Oh boy. Charles, this is
my cousin, Gerry. – And congratulations
to you, David. And this must be
the lovely bride. Enchante. Oh, a Nubian princess. Aces David. (speaking inaudibly) – Thank you. – Gerry, stay out of things. – I’m just trying
to tell this man, that if you move these flowers from over here, to over here, that it will let this stuffy
room breathe a little. I’m trying to show
this man the feng shui. – Put the flowers down! Put ’em down. And stop. Put ’em down. – [Gerry] They’re mine. – [Charles] Put
the flowers down. – They’re my flowers – [Charles] David, would you… – Do you want the flowers? – [Charles] Yes. – Do you want ’em, here. Come and get ’em. Come and get ’em. Come on, step along. Come on. (lively orchestral music) – Mom, I’m sorry. – Mia, why didn’t you tell me that David’s mother didn’t
know you were black? – I don’t know… I just don’t know. – You know we can
talk about anything. And I won’t have
you running around here like you’re
scared, and kissing up to that woman like
you did something wrong. I didn’t raise you that way. (Gerry laughs) – I know, I just didn’t think you’d understand
David’s point of view. – Well, what’s
David’s point of view? – Well, David’s
Jewish, I’m black. We have the whole
world against us. So why should we have his
mother against us as well? – Mia. That is the dumbest thing
I have ever heard you say. That is not what this is about. This is about a man
who needs to talk to his mother, and you
are in the middle of it. You know, I like David. But this is not cool baby. This is not cool at all. Mia. You need to straighten this out. – [Mia] Tomeka! Oh, good girl. I’m so glad you are here. – Girl, I wouldn’t miss
this for the world. – Thanks. – So. Tell me girl. Tell me everything. What did his parents say? – Nothing. They didn’t say anything. – His parents didn’t say nothing about you being black? – No, not a thing. (groans) – Yeah, okay. So… Is your cousin, Noah, here yet? – Tomeka! – What? I just asked if he was
here, so I could say hi. – [Mia] Okay. You know what, I’ll see
you in a little bit. – [Charles] Tomeka. Thank God, you’re here. (panting)
(baby cries) (baby coos) – Hey there little man. How you doing? (melodic harp strumming) – I can’t believe you
told them I was Jewish. – I didn’t think
it would come up… – You didn’t think… – David. – Pardon me. – My nephew. Manishba, how are you? – I’m okay, thank you. – Mazel tov on your engagement. – [David] Thank you. – Thank God, you’re
not marrying a shiksa. Oh, I’ll have a
martini with a twist. David, would you like something? – Now it looks like I work here. – Aunt Sheyna, this
is my fiancee, Mia. – Well Beth didn’t say anything about Mia being black. – [David] The bar’s
through that door. I’ll talk to you
later, Aunt Sheyna. – You didn’t think
it would come up? – I hoped you’d just
go along with it. – I just go along with it. – Okay now you’re
just doing that thing where you repeat everything
I say back to me. – David, she wants
a Jewish ceremony. I mean didn’t you
even think that I might wanna get married
in a Baptist church? – Oh come on. You haven’t been
to church in years. – And you’ve been practically using your yarmulke
as a pot holder. Now look, you’ve been constantly lying to your family, and
you’re making me look bad. – You don’t look bad, babe. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I love you. I’ll fix this. Please, just come
inside with me. Please? – Fine. (glasses clink) – What took you so long? Vodka. Straight. I know you can reach a little
higher on the shelf than that. (glass clinks) (cork pops) Okay. Cheers. (gulps) Lets do it again. (glass clinks) (liquid pours) – Good God. They’re giving him alcohol. – Here, put it right here. – Oh, no thank you dear,
I’ll find my own spot. – Oh this is the only
spot your dish will fit. – Oh, it will fit here dear. – Oh no it won’t, it will
not fit, there is no room. – Don’t worry about it. – I have to worry about it. You are pushing the other
dishes off the table. – Don’t worry about it. I have this. – You don’t have this. You’re pushing
mine on the floor. – Well if you would just move
over one inch, I could… – You know, this isn’t gonna end too well for your wife. – My wife? Are you kidding me? She could go 12 rounds
with Mike Tyson. – Really? With the ear biting
and everything? – Yep. Yeah well she bites back. – Scared of her. – I can get this in,
right into this spot. – Why don’t you
just hold your dish? – I am not gonna stand
through the whole party, holding my dish. – Well you can’t fit it here. – If you would just cooperate… – Ladies, ladies, compromise! The word of the
day is compromise. And now I’ll take these trays, and give ’em to Charles, and
he’ll set them up for later. Okay mom? – Fine. – Hi. – Hi. – I’ll have what he’s having. – How you doing? – I’m good, how are you? – Excellent, having
a great evening. – That’s good, that’s good. – What do you want
me to do with these? – [Charles] And what is that? – Macaroni and
cheese, and kishke. – First the flowers, and now
you’re moving my food around? Would you please stop
touching everything? No, it doesn’t go there! – [Gerry] Oh, Salisbury. – I’m sorry. That’s the reason you need
to say out of the kitchen. – Honey, I was born
in the kitchen. Don’t worry. I have another shirt in the car. I always carry a change
of clothes with me. Just in case. – Goodness. Can we talk over there? I’m a single man, are you… – You know I came with someone. – I’m so sorry. – I came with someone. – I do apologize. I really, really am sorry. – Thanks, thanks. – Have a lovely time, Joan. – Nice meeting you Joe Clark. – Nice meeting you. – Keep it up. – Okay. Double. (melodic harp strumming) – [Mia] Noah! – [Noah] My favorite cuz! – Hey, how are you? – I’m good, I’m good. – [Mia] God, you look good. – Thanks. – Hello. Chocolate chip on my vanilla. You are gorgeous. – What? – Perhaps I should
leave my shirt open? – Who you talking to? – I’m talking to you, you
delicious little Hershey’s kiss. (moans) – Noah, Noah, relax. Are you okay? – Yeah. Everything fine. – It sure is. – Gerry, go in. – What, what’s wrong
with chocolate chip? – Gerry, go in. (light piano notes) Look, look, relax. Noah. Are you okay? – Yeah. I’m cool. I’m just not trying to be
the same Noah I used to be. – I know. Guess what, it means a lot
to me that you’re here. – You know I wouldn’t miss
this for the world, right? So what’s up with
this David guy? – Listen. Tomeka is here, and she
is so excited to see you. – Mia. – Noah. Look, I don’t know. I’m just not sure his
family’s gonna accept me. – Mia, you can’t worry about
everyone accepting you. But they will have
to respect you. – Thanks. – [Noah] That’s what family for. (Mia laughs) – Now come on in,
I know everyone’s gonna be anxious to see you. – [Noah] Alright. – Come on. Come on. (“Fantasy Overture”
by Tchaikovsky) (record scratches) – What are you two doing? (laughs) I’m just kidding. Well, carry on. (scoffs) – Why do I get the
feeling that you are here early on purpose? – Well I mean… With the traffic,
you just never know. I wanted to make sure that I got here on time. – Well it’s nice to see you. – It’s nice to see you too. How you been? Seems like we only see each
other at these gatherings. – I am happy. – Well good. Good. – [Charles] Kat! Kat! – Oh. – [Charles] Kat. – Honey. – Why don’t you go
help me in the kitchen? – Okay. – You aren’t doing anything
stupid, are you Joe? – Nope. Just doing my part
to help set up. – No matter how many
times I come here, I still can’t find
my way around. Beth Weinstein! (Beth screams) – Oh Estelle, you
look beautiful. Let me see you. (claps) – [Estelle] It’s
so good to see you. – You too, I’m so glad
you could be here. (melodic orchestral music) – No, no, no, no, she
wouldn’t do this to me. – What, what’s the matter? Do what? – Estelle. – Estelle? David, who’s Estelle? – Just stand close to me, and
don’t look her in the eye. That’s how she feeds. – [Beth] Oh Mia. I’d like you to meet someone. This is Estelle Cohen. Estelle, this is
David’s fiancee, Mia. – [Mia] It’s so
nice to meet you. – So. You pinned this
one down, did you? (laughs) Well. Good luck. – And it’s nice to meet you too. – Estelle was
David’s first love. – Mom! – What, she was. I still don’t know what
happened between you two. – Well that was until one day, I went over to David’s apartment and found that it had been
cleared out completely. And I thought he
was dead, for weeks. But lets hope that
doesn’t happen to you. (laughs) – No! (laughs) – David, be on the lookout. Word is, Estelle is… (screams) – [Estelle] Hello Gerry. – Estelle. Honey, you look different. Without the horns
and the pitchfork. (Estelle groans) – Oh David. Do you remember that
little coffee shop we used to go to? – I think so. – Well they closed down. Do you believe it, it was like our place, and they… You know I always dreamed
that we would buy that place. And you would be making coffee, and I would be
collecting the money. – That girl has
got to toughen up. – David, I wanna
talk to you now. – [David] Excuse me. – She’s trying to control him. David! – No David, I wanna
talk to you right now. – [Beth] David, come here. – I just have to see
what my mom wants. I’ll be right back, I promise. It will just take a
second, I promise. – No, David come
on, I wanna talk… – [Beth] David,
I am calling you. – I’m sorry, one minute baby. I’ll be right back, I promise. – Hey girl. I didn’t get a chance
to say hi to David. – Well you’ll have to ask his
mother for permission first. – Here, take Jabari. – Jabari? – Yeah. Take him. (baby coos) (stammers) – Oh Jabari. Look. Can you fold napkins? Okay, how bout collard greens? You know how to clean
some collard greens? – Yes mother, what? – I think you were
being a little rude. Estelle has come all
this way to see you, and you just walk off on her. – I’m sorry. Estelle, thank you for
coming all this way, but as you can see,
I’m in the middle of trying to save my wedding. – Well David… I mean, if you have
to work this hard before you marry, then… You know, maybe it’s
just not meant to be. – Retract your claws,
it’s not gonna work. – [Tomeka] Wait up. – Look I can’t do this. David’s mother is in there
treating him like a child. – [Tomeka] Well, what
were you expecting? – What is that supposed to mean? – So what happened? David’s mother
doesn’t like the fact that you’re black, right? – No, she didn’t say that. – Well actions speak
louder than words Mia. I told you not to date a
white guy to begin with… – He’s not white, he’s Jewish. – Are you kidding me? I can’t believe
you just said that. Look, you wanna act
like love is colorblind but now you’re beginning
to see that it’s not. – Look, our love is colorblind, so don’t come over here
with all this racial crap. And what we have has nothing
to do with his mother. – From the looks of it, it has everything to do
with his mother. ♪ Out of the sky ♪ She arrived ♪ Midnight eyes ♪ The other day forward (David groans) – [Kevin] Oh man, I’m sorry. Dave? (laughs) How are you man? It’s been forever! (laughs) Hey check this baby out. I had it converted,
it runs on tap water. Yeah, forget that
electricity stuff. I got 100 miles to the
gallon, right here. – Water, really? – Yeah man. This guy in California
does it out of his garage. The government is
so worried about his discovery, he’s
been shot, twice. – By who? – The government man,
they love their oil. – [David] Yeah
they do love that. Listen man, I gotta
find my fiancee, Mia. I’ve been looking
for her, all over. – Playing games already? Kind of kinky, I like that. – Hey Kevin. You know this is a
formal event right? – Yeah. Why I brought my good boots. – Okay. – Guess who. – Oh no, don’t tell
me it’s Big Mama. – Oh see, no you didn’t. See that’s why I
lost all that weight. – Man, you sure did. I guess I can’t call
you that no more, huh? – Nope. – Man, come here girl. (laughs) Man. Times are sure are changing. I mean, Mia getting married. You. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. – So, Noah. Tell me what you really
think about what’s going on. – Come on Tomeka,
don’t even start that. Every time we go
somewhere you start. Ain’t nothing wrong. – No it is something wrong. A sister should marry a brother. And all those other folks, I
don’t really care what they do. – Listen, love is love. And you shouldn’t
even be worried about all that other stuff. – So you think it’s right to
marry outside of your race? – I think it’s wrong to
be unhappy in any race. Tomeka. Are you happy? – Ladies first. Go ahead man. – No, no, you don’t have
to open the door for me. – Not a problem. – Serving the snobby
whites isn’t your job. Close the door. I’m not gonna use you, the way these other people use you. – It’s just a door. – My arms work. I can do it myself. Slavery ended 2,000 years ago. – Slavery? – [Kevin] I’m waiting. – You’re crazy. This white man’s crazy. – Hey dad. – Hey son. – [Abraham] Hey, Auntie Bobbi! – Hey Abraham. – Hey, where’s the
beautiful bride to be? – You know I haven’t seen
her around here lately. – I see my dad done
start drinking. Kathy must be here somewhere. – But Charles is
running the show. – He must be in hell. (laughs) Say hi, Satan. (Satan whines) – You know I never
understood why the son of a preacher
would name a dog Satan. – Well, why is the
Reverend over there drunk? I ain’t gotta answer you. (melodic harp strumming) (somber piano music) – [David] Where have you been? – Nowhere, I’m fine. – You don’t sound fine. – [Estelle] David! David, okay, do you
remember that song that we used to sing at camp,
do you remember that? Oh my God, you would
get every word wrong, do you remember that? – Estelle! – It was that one
summer when we had… – Estelle. Estelle, not the
best time for that. (somber piano music) (sighs) – I can’t practice
anymore, so I was wondering if you would let me, you know, come to your house and practice. – You don’t even have
to ask about that. What happened to
you and the bas… (laughs) Guess we got our very own
little white homie here, huh? – What’s up dog? – I’m not a dog. – So what you like, 50 Cent? – He tight. I be banging him out the
trunk, back in the hood. – The hood? (laughs) – Fo shizzle. – Man, you wouldn’t last
two minutes in the hood. – I can hold my own. Straight up. – Aight well… Since you got it like that. I want you to go down there, and bring me something
fly for the tip, alright? And what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna make sure I put something inside your pockets,
alright little G? – Fo sho, I can do that. Little something
something, right? – Little something something. – Now why did you just
challenge that boy? Now you know he don’t know
what you talking about. – Neither do I. – Dave, how you holding up? – Honestly, Noah, I’m not. I don’t think this
is going well at all. I’m just trying to
do everything I can to make both the women
in my life happy. – Yeah, it’s going to be hard
to juggle that, ain’t it? Make both of them happy? Almost impossible. – Noah, I don’t
know if this is the best time to be having
this conversation, so if you could just,
change the subject… – Dave, Dave, Dave, listen. Listen. Only way you gonna
make anybody happy, you have to make
yourself happy first. – But how do I do that? – How you do that? What you mean how you do that? You gotta stand up for
what you believe in. You gotta defeat your Goliath, whatever that is,
you gotta defeat it. But I’m gone ahead
and let you go, and get me some
more of these ribs, before your family get to ’em. I didn’t even know
y’all liked ribs. Take it easy. – Kathy. Kathy. Come here. Come here. Please? – [Kathy] Hey Joe. – I’m still in love
with you Kathy. – I know that Joe,
but I am married to your brother,
and we go through this every family gathering. – Do you ever… I mean do you ever think about what it would have been like if we had, you know… – Joe, that was a long time ago, and we have both moved on. – [Joe] See that’s the thing. That’s the funny thing. I’ve never moved on. We never should have broken up. – Joe! Look we tried to make it work. You just weren’t doing
things that I needed. You just weren’t willing to do things for me that I wanted. – So you went to my brother? – [Kathy] Oh stop it Joe! Stop it! Stop drinking, and stop
doing this to yourself. Look, we tried to make
it work, for many years, we were young, you were young. I mean, it’s not my
fault that we broke up. (sighs) Look, you thought
that after school every girl that came up to you, that you had to consult. Will you stop it? Listen to me. Look, I… (lips smacking)
(Kathy groans) Stop it! (crowd gasps) (piano note) (Satan whines) – Come on dad. – Satan. Well you really made a
fool out of me this time. – [Abraham] Come on. (Satan whines) – [Abraham] Sit down. – Go ahead Satan, have fun. (Satan whines) Don’t you realize how
pathetic you look? I mean, how pathetic you
make the whole family look? – Abraham relax, man. – No man, I’m sick of this. Ever since mom
died, he ain’t been doing nothing but drinking. – Pops, you okay? – I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (sobs) – [Abraham] Man, don’t
cry in front of us, man. All you do is try to milk
sympathy out of people. Well the cow is dead,
and the milk is sour. I ain’t buying it no more. And I know Kathy
ain’t buying it, and I know mama ain’t buying it. – Joe! (punch thuds) – [Noah] Okay, right, you
got it out your system. – Stay away from her! – [Noah] Just go back inside. Go back inside. – Hit him again. What happened? (Joe cries) – Grant. When you see David, tell him to have Mia control her family. For goodness sake. We’re at our place. – Right, right, yeah, that will be at the top of
my list of things to tell David when I see him. – Beth, someone
really needs to teach these people how
to act civilized at a respectable place. – Harvey. Why don’t you teach ’em, huh? – Grant. (somber piano music)
(Mia sobs) (tray clatters) – [Charles] Oh this
is funny to you? – I’m sorry, sorry. – Why are you in here, anyway? – You forgot to put
the matzoh ball soup on the buffet table, and I just came in to get it. – Here, now get out. – What’s this supposed to be? – That’s matzoh ball soup. – No, I’ve been eating
that my entire life, and trust me, this is
not matzoh ball soup. Here. Put this in your hand. You need it, it’ll help
the swelling go down. For what it’s worth, I think
you’re doing a great job. – Well, I don’t think
your Aunt Beth thinks so. As a matter of fact, this whole family gathering
has been a disaster. – Oh this is nothing. You should’ve seen my
family on my 21st birthday. When I came out of the closet. They’ve been trying to
put me back in ever since. Even though we
might fight with our families, and sometimes
they don’t understand us, we have to try to
respect each other’s differences, because
they’re family. You know? – Gerry. I need some help. – How can I help you? – Do you know what kugel is? – Honey, I’m a gay Jew. I bleed kugel. – [Charles] Well I need some. And I need it in
the next 30 minutes. – [Gerry] Done. (melodic harp strumming) – I’m just saying
the dress looks very flattering for your figure. Call me? – Hey, who’s that? – Hey, what’s going on man? – Hey, you wanna go burn
one, before we eat dinner? – I don’t smoke cigarettes. (laughs) – This ain’t no cigarette. – That I can do. – Yeah. – Hey. – Hey. – I’ve been looking for you. – David, I can’t go
through with this. – Why? – Because your mother hates me. She invited your
ex-girlfriend to the party. – She’s constructed
this sick little fantasy of what
my life should be. – Yeah, well this
is all your fault. Why didn’t you just
tell her the truth? I mean, it’s not
like my mother liked you when she first met you. – Really? – Yeah, you know, she
cried for, like, a week. She thought she’d failed
as an African-American mother, if her
daughter wanted to grow up and marry a white man. – I’m not white, I’m Jewish. – You know what David? Beth needs more time. And by the way
you’ve been acting, I think I need more time too. – Mia. – I mean, God, do you
know what we’re doing? We’re passing around our son to everyone, like he’s a
basketball or something. And you know what? Why don’t you just go back to Estelle, she’s what
your mother wants. – But she’s not what I want. Do you know why I left Estelle? She’s glass. Empty, she has no desire,
no ambition, no nothing. She wants everything handed
to her on a silver plate. But you. You’re totally different. You’re a real woman, with savvy and intelligence,
and warmth, and genuine sex appeal. Amazingly sexy. And even still, when
you want something you go get it, you don’t wait
till someone hands it to you. Anyway, I’m rambling. Mia. This is one day. One day then everything’s
back to normal. One day. – It’s not one day. It’s gonna be the
rest of our lives, we’re gonna have to live with implications and glances. (sighs) I really, really wanna
have a Christian wedding. I don’t wanna be mean to your
mother, but this is my day. I mean, when did you
first picture our wedding? – Our first date. Yep. For just a flash, I looked into your
face, and pictured the moment I lift your veil. And now… Anytime I have a
doubt, or a question about the wedding, I just recall the absolute beauty
of that image. The sole reason why I’ll
swallow this unbearable torture. (romantic piano music) – It’s still your fault. Isn’t it funny,
both of our parents cancelled the wedding,
and no one’s left yet. – No one in that
room is here for us. I’m starting to realize that a wedding is less about the people getting married,
and more about the extended family’s
right to party. – I don’t wanna go
in there just yet. – That’s fine. (lips smacking) Just let me know
when you’re ready. (Satan growling) – Satan, leave that
squirrel alone. (Satan whines) I’m telling you man, I
gotta be honest with you. I ain’t been in church
since, like Christmas. But on my own, I
think I was six. – Really? I always took blacks for
very religious people. – Yep, see, see, that’s
what everybody think, man. That’s why I stopped going. It’s true what they
say, them people love they church
more than anything. But it ain’t always like that. Same people I see out
there in the choir, you see in the
ghettos smoking crack, smoking weed, drinking. But on Sunday,
they got the nerve to catch the Holy Ghost. Oh thank you Jesus! (speaking in tongues) Oh we gonna get high after this. We gonna get drunk. I’m telling you
man, I couldn’t take the two different faces, man. And my Pops, man he was
the worst of them all. I mean nothing
better than picking the devil to lead
the congregation. – You wanna know what
religion really is? – Yeah. Tell me, my Jewish brother. – Religion, my friend, is a way to control the masses. – [Abraham] Man, what
you talking about? – Think about it. If you don’t do what
the good book says, you’re going to hell. That’s some old
Simon Says theory. Simon says, turn
left, turn right. Jump up, jump down. If you don’t, you’re out. Religion says,
honor, cherish, obey, devote, if you
don’t, you’re out. It’s all crap. We don’t need a Bible to
be right with one another. – Yeah, good point. You want another hit? – You see that? Know what that’s called? That’s a chem trail. – Chem trail? I just thought that was
the exhaust from the plane. – That’s what the government
wants you to believe. “Oh it’s just some
plane exhaust, it’s
safe, no big deal.” But I don’t know what that is. It could be some cancer. Some government
controlled cancer to keep us all in line. Some biological warfare. I don’t trust that stuff. – Wow. – You wanna get back inside? – Yeah, come on. (melodic harp strumming) (overlapping conversations) (melodic piano music) – Where is my grandson? – Not even married
yet, and she’s already asking
for grandchildren. (laughs) – Do a toast. – It’s not time. – Later Bobbi. – [Both] A toast. – After, my dear. – Why should you go first? – To my lovely
son, David, and his future bride, Mia, we wish
you a hearty mazel tov. – [Crowd] Mazel tov. – And may Jesus bless you. (gasps) – [Crowd] Amen. – Amen. Real tactful, ma. – What? What is going on? – It’s called a buffet, ma. – That’s kind of
archaic, don’t you think? – Well, ma, if you don’t
get in line, you won’t eat. – David, I thought
we were being served. – We are. In line. Now grab your plate. (lively orchestral music) – They got a little bit of
everything here, don’t they? – What is that with
the gefilte fish? – [Teddy] Grits? – Can I get some
hot sauce on that? – Could I have some ribs? – Dad, can I have some ribs? – Take your cap off. Ask your mother. – So Greg, I hear
you’re a VP at Sony. – Yep. – [Estelle] Well… – Yeah. Ever since then, I had
the hugest crush on you. – You had a crush on me? – Don’t act like
you didn’t know. – I didn’t. To me you was always like
my little cousin’s friend. – Little? Well I’m not little no more. – [Noah] You got that right. – Beth I must say
that this place is really, really beautiful. – [Beth] Well thank you,
my family, and Grant, have been coming here for years. We’re very good friends
with the owners. – Oh that’s wonderful. – If you’re ever
looking for a place to have a party,
I could probably talk to them for you. – Oh no, this place is a
little bit too fancy for us. – Talk to them for you. – What was that Kevin? – You know, they didn’t even let blacks golf here,
until two years ago. Two years! Slavery ended in 1865. But we still hold those
chains tight, don’t we? Oh a black man can
open the door for you, and cook your food,
but God forbid he steps foot on
your golf course. Golf! Once again, a game
created by the whites. – Kevin, I am sure they
don’t wanna hear about the history…
– They? – They, Aunt Beth? They are called
African-American. How dare you dehumanize
them like that? Does that take the
sting out of oppression? – I have never oppressed
anyone in my life. We too were oppressed, you know. – [David] Kevin, calm
down, are you high? – David, one second. I’m trying to extend
an olive branch to this genuinely nice
family, and look at yourself. – [David] Kevin, you
always get like this when you’re high. – David, I believe
in you and Mia. We need more African-Caucasian
love in this world. I say keep screwing
until everyone’s gray. Hallelujah! Abraham. Are you done so we can
go back out and finish? – Let me finish
this gefilte fish, and I’ll join in a moment. – So Beth, my mother is
wonderful with crocheting. I hear you work
wonders with a needle. – Oh yes, I make a
blanket here and there. – I just made a purple one. – Oh really, how nice. Oh Estelle dear,
pull up a chair. – Hey. – [Bobbi] At least I’m trying. – [Estelle] Excuse
me, I’m so sorry. Excuse me, hi. – Estelle, did I
ever tell you that I made a blanket for Paul and
Victoria Goldman’s wedding? – Oh yeah, yeah,
I remember them. Yeah, they got married? – Yeah they got married in this gigantic temple in Israel. We couldn’t go
– Israel? – because of Grant’s back. But can you imagine? It was just… (gasps) – Maybe David should
get married there. – See David, Estelle agrees. – That’s it, I’m done with this. Bobbi, Teddy, I would be honored to have my wedding
in a Baptist church. Congratulations. – David, how dare you? – You have done
nothing but berate my fiancee, parade my
ex’s in front of her, and push your beliefs
on her entire family. They have been
kind, considerate, and above all, quiet. I haven’t stepped inside
a temple in six years. And I’m not gonna start now. – David. How dare you speak to
your mother like this, all she’s trying to do… – Estelle, you shut up. Why are you here? You should leave, now. – It’s about time. – David, you watch your mouth. Estelle is just trying
to come to my defense… – Leave. She’s trying to leave. Estelle, please leave! – I am eating my food. – Take it to go! Get out. Now! (whimpers)
(chair scrapes) – [Beth] Well. I am not going to stay here, if you continue to disrespect us. – But ma, I’ve been letting
you disrespect me all day. – I can see that I
serve no purpose here. You’re all grown up,
making your own decisions. Congratulations
on the engagement. Just let me say, that you do not have my blessing on this union. – Well. I have never tasted
fried chicken this good. – Dad, mom just left. – She’s just being your mother. And I have the car keys. (chicken crunches) – David. Come on, go fix this. – No, she deserves it. – No, Beth doesn’t mean
anything like this. I mean look, we don’t want our party to be like this. David, go fix this. – Okay. I can see that you both
are very controlling. (sighs) – Their family has
a lot of issues. – Don’t start with that. Ours ain’t no different. – I know we’ve got our problems, but you can see
clearly how theirs are different from ours. – Look all I’m saying is, don’t be one of those people who throw stones when you, yourself,
live in a glass house. – Can you believe David? – What about David? – He’s talking
back to his mother. – David’s finally doing
what he needs to do. – And what’s that,
disrespecting his mother? – He’s stepping up, being a man. Something you know
nothing about. – Oh. What are you talking
about chocolate chip? I might be more of a
man than you think. – You better go
on somewhere with that chocolate chip thing. – Oh I’d just love to
have you melt in my mouth. – Noah, relax. Don’t let him get
you all worked up. – Well he better
go somewhere then. – You know I don’t
care what you think. I am a man, and I
deserve to be respected. Imagine you, of all
people, prejudiced. Why don’t you think about that? – Hey. (door handle rattles) I wanted to be a
race car driver. Remember? Crawled onto the driver’s seat, started jerking
the wheel around. Then I picked the
car into neutral, and rolled down the driveway. (laughs) My feet couldn’t
reach the brake, and I got so scared I froze. Remember where I wound up? – You fell out of the car. It almost ran you over. Lucky for you there
was that ditch. – See, I never fell out. I opened the door,
got out of the car, and laid down with my head
propped up against the tire. I was so… So, so scared you
were gonna freak, I made it look like I was hurt, so you’d forgive my stupidity. Even now, I didn’t tell you about Mia. I lied to you. I guess… I’m still afraid of
how you’re gonna react. – David. I saw you get out of the car. I knew you were faking
it, but it didn’t matter. The first feeling
that’s in my heart is sadness for you. I want nothing but
the best for you. And it hurts to see you
make a wrong decision. – I’m not in that
driveway anymore, mom. These bad decisions,
you think I make, to me, aren’t so bad. Man, I really wish you
could be happy for me. Just know that I’m in love
with a wonderful woman who treats me well, and puts
up with my idiosyncrasies. She’s the only person, besides
you, who could bear them. (Beth laughs) – She must be special. Who is this girl? I don’t even know her. – She’s beautiful. And she’s the sweetest,
most intelligent woman I know, next to you. She’s getting her doctorate. She wants to be a professor
and teach literature. – What about kids and holidays? – We’ll figure it out. – Well. We don’t have a
professor in the family. Sounds like she’s doing
better than you are. I thought you were
gonna be a doctor. What ever happened to that
stethoscope I gave you? – Ma! I was five. Besides, I’ve always been
more of a computer geek. Anyway. I’m sure we can talk them
into having a Jewish ceremony. – You mean it? – [David] Yeah. – Oh, that’s my boy. – [Kathy] Hey baby. – Hey. – [Kathy] You okay? – Yeah. – [Kathy] Are you
sure you’re okay? – Yeah, yeah. Why? – [Kathy] Because you
keep wiping the same spot over here on this sink. – Kathy. Do you still have
feelings for my brother? – Charles. Any feeling I have for him
is love as your brother. I love you, Charles. I love the way you make me feel. I love the way
you make me laugh. And I love the way you look at
me when you want some nooky. And I love the way you eat
your french fries with relish. (moans) (laughs) – Yeah, that is bomb isn’t it? You know I love that. – I know. (laughs) And I love the way
you put your heart and soul into everything
to try to make it right. Like tonight. I mean you did a
really wonderful job. – You think so? – Yeah. – I mean, even with all the
yelling, and people fighting… – Even with all the
yelling and the fighting, we all sat down and
had bagels, lox, and ham hocks, as family. (laughs) – Yeah, we did, didn’t we? – [Kathy] Yeah we did. – We did. You know what? – [Kathy] What? – You did a great job, too. – You think so? – I know so. – Well then you better
give me some sugar. – You got it. (moans)
(lips smacking) – You taste like bagels. – Lox and ham hocks. (laughs) – You fish? – I haven’t in forever. – Well lets get together
one of these weekends, load up the van and go fishing. – Sounds good. We won’t come here
though, this is stocked. (laughs) I gotta say Teddy,
I’ve never had hot water cornbread before. – Well the question
is, did you like it? – [Grant] Oh I loved it. – Oh yeah, and that
matzoh ball soup… – Yeah right. – Man, now that stuff was good. You know it’s
funny how different types of food reflect
different kind of cultures. – Yeah, yeah. I mean we can’t
have a good Jewish meal without matzoh ball soup. – Now you have a point. A soul food dinner,
isn’t a soul food dinner, without collard greens. (laughs) – I’ll bet, yeah. – You know Grant, I think you’ve done a
really good job with David. – Thank you Teddy. It hasn’t always been
easy, I’ll tell ya. Beth’s worked real hard
to keep him under control, and I’ve always tried
to keep him level. But I gotta tell you, that Mia must really love that guy. I mean she stood
by his side through all that mayhem
in the other room. God, she seems like a
really fine young woman. – It’s an interesting
family you have there Grant. – It’s on my wife’s side. (laughs) – Mine too. Mine too. Man, lets get a cold one. (glasses clink) – Sprite. (soda can pops) (drink pours) – Take this. Don’t tell any white
people it’s David’s. I don’t know why, just don’t. – [Joe] Alright. (baby coos) (laughs) Hey, hey Charles. Come here man. (baby coos) Look, I gotta tell you. You had every right to hit me. I had a little
too much to drink, I lost my religion, I
lost my self-respect. – Joe, Joe. I apologize for hitting you. But you need to get
yourself together. – Yeah. It’s just that
sometimes I’m a little bit uncomfortable
seeing my little brother with my first love. – Well what do you
want me to do, Joe? Divorce her? – Now why you wanna say
something like that? – Because we can’t
keep going through this every time
we see each other. You’re my brother. We’re blood. And the last thing I
wanna do is hurt you. But I love her Joseph. I love her. Like I love you. – [Joe] Hey. – But don’t touch
my wife anymore. – I’m not. – I’m serious. – Me too. Take the baby. – I got kugel to make. – Kugel. Anybody wanna take… It’s just you and
me little baby. (baby coos) ♪ Hava nageela ♪ Hava nageela ♪ Hava nageela ♪ Hey (melodic orchestral music) (glass clinks) – Everyone, everyone! May I have your attention? – Mom, what are you doing? – I thought that you
would all like to know, that we have come
to a consensus, and have decided to
have a traditional Jewish ceremony for
David and Mia’s wedding. – Mom, we never
talked about this. I meant like two
ceremonies, or something. – To be fair though,
we have decided that the Weinstein’s,
our family, will bear the burden of
the cost for the wedding. Thank you. – Oh my God! – [Mia] What is going on? – I don’t know. I lost control of that
ship a long time ago. – David, what did
you just say to her? – I talked to her about the idea of having a Jewish
ceremony, I didn’t think she would tell everyone. – No, we decided on a
traditional Christian ceremony. – I’m just trying to please
both you and my mother, and you guys got me
like a teeter-totter. – What did she say? That she’s going to pay for it? What do you think, we’re
some kind of charity case? That we will take
some cockamamie Jewish wedding, because it’s free? – Oh no, not at all. – Oh really? Well I’m gonna give that
woman a piece of my mind. And a piece of my foot too,
if it has to be that way. – Yes dear, what is it? – So you think
you can just throw your purse in my face, and
everything’s gonna be okay, huh? – That’s not what I
meant in the slightest. – Well we are not
a charity case. Teddy makes good money. Even though he comes
home with a bad back and greasy hands at
times, we make good money. – I never meant to
imply you didn’t… – That’s how you
folks always run. To the highest bidder, right? – You have no right to
come into my favorite club and speak to
me in this manner. – Oh there it is. There it is. Your favorite club. – [Beth] That’s
right, this is… – [Bobbi] Okay. Well I’ve heard it all now. – We rented this place,
this is our place… – Ladies! Ladies, ladies, lets not fight. This is supposed to
be a joyous occasion. – [Both] Shut up, David! – Now listen. Lets sit down and
try to be civil, and speak kindly to one another. – You sit. – This is supposed
to be a party… – I’ll stand. – I mean I have… (distant overlapping arguing) (chair scrapes) – Excuse me. – [Guest] I’m sorry sir. – You sure are sorry, boy
you people sure are sorry. – You people? What? – Yeah, I’ve been trying to deal with you people all day. – Sir… – You act like
you have no sense. Fighting and yelling. – [Guest] I’m sorry. – Okay sir, sir, please. Just calm down, there’s no
need to get upset, alright? – Well there is, you people need to learn how to act civilized. – No, you need to learn how
to talk to a black woman. – [Harvey] You don’t
know where you are, this is a nice club… – I know exactly where I am. – [Noah] Alright, alright. (overlapping arguing) Alright, alright. Alright, alright. – David, this is ridiculous. Everyone has got to leave. This party’s over, now come on. – No, mother. – David, I have been humiliated in front of all of these people. This wedding thing is off. – That’s it! Everybody! Quiet! Everybody shut up! I have been running
around, all day, trying to keep this
party from exploding. I thought that if I
made it through today, my mother might accept Mia. But, she won’t. Not for anything lacking in Mia, but simply because
she’s not Jewish. And that’s embarrassing. And old-fashioned,
and just wrong, mom. Judging by religion
instead of color. I mean… Character instead of religion. I mean… Not judging by
someone’s character. You know what I mean. And it’s not just my mom. Half the people in this
room today, arrived biased. And now just look. Charles. You found a friend in Gerry, and cooked a phenomenal
meal together. Grits and gefilte
fish, who knew? And we all know
Kevin and Abraham bonded in ways that redefine the meaning of puff, puff, give. Oh man. Mom. Dad. This is my son. (crowd gasps) Jabari. He is seven months
old, and tonight there could not have been
a father worse than me. (somber piano music) Too cowardly to make
his introduction. And I wish I had a
better explanation ’cause even at seven
months, I couldn’t be prouder of this kid. Many of you think he’s the
reason we’re getting married. It’s true. I’m marrying Mia,
because I couldn’t love anyone more,
and Jabari is the perfect reflection of that love. No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. He’s not the reason
I’m getting married. He’s the reason I’m alive. I hope you all
have a good night. And perhaps Sylvia’s bat
mitzvah will have less yelling. (record scratches) (crowd gasps) – David? Are you okay? – Yeah. – God. That was the sweetest,
most romantic thing I’ve ever heard you say. Thank you. (lively orchestral music) (crowd applauds) Love you. – I love you too. (melodic harp strumming)
(lively orchestral music) – Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. Thank you, thank you
sir, thank you very much. Gerry. Thanks for everything. You know I could not have
done this without you. – Well you are very
welcome my friend. – [Charles] Thank you,
thank you for coming. Thank you. Now you have my number, right? Because the next
gig is a wedding, and I’m gonna need all
the help you can give me. – I wanna do the flowers. I know this florist who
works miracles with tulips. (Charles laughs) – Oh, you got it my friend. See you then, huh? – Goodbye. – Call me. – Is this my grandchild? – He sure is. (Beth sighs) – You know I’m
really sorry David didn’t tell you
about him sooner. – Oh it’s not your fault. David didn’t tell me, because
I didn’t deserve to know. – Do you wanna hold him? – I would love to. Oh look. – [Mia] There you go Jabari. – [Beth] Come here. Can you come to grandma? – [Mia] Go to grandma. (Beth moans) – [Beth] I’m a grandmother. Yeah. Oh, oh, oh. – Can I hold him? – [Beth] His granddaddy’s
dying to hold you. – [Grant] Can I
hold him, grandma? – Granddaddy wants you. – So this is Jabari, huh? Jabari Weinstein. – [Mia] Yep. – [Grant] You’re lucky. He’s lucky. It’s like the two
of wrapped into one. – [Beth] He’s beautiful. – [David] Now here’s
a happy sight. – Mia, I’m honored to have you as a member of our family. – I’m honored to be in it. – [Josh] Yo, can I hold him? – [Beth] Alright. – [Grant] You wanna
go to your uncle Josh? – Pound it. (melodic pop music) – Hey come on Pop,
I’ll give you a ride. ♪ Two three – Hey don’t worry I’ll put
Satan in the back seat. – Good meeting you Rev. – [Joe] You too, Kevin. – Abraham. I’ll see you in class. – [Abraham] Yeah. (Abraham laughs) – Class? – Yeah, we’re
studying the Kabbalah. – You are too old to
be this rebellious. – I always wanted to be Jewish. I like those hats. – Baruch adonai. – Look, I told you already. I cannot freestyle. But look, I can play
some ball, can you? – Fo sure. – Good, good, ’cause
my uncle Johnny went and asked
your mother already could you come play with us. – Alright, it’s official. Your mom say it’s cool, you can come hang out with us and
play basketball, aight? – [Josh] Cool. – Just don’t wild out
on me, alright man? Come on, lets go. – [Noah] Big Mama. Tomeka. Would you like to
go get some coffee? – Yeah. That’d be nice. – I wanna confess to you Bobbi. I’m sorry for how I acted today. – Well I want to apologize too. – I know I can be
a little rough. – Well, you know
it’s always hard when you first meet family. You know when we
first met David, I told everybody
he was a waiter. (laughs) – Our grandchild is beautiful. – He certainly is. – You know what we now
have to do, don’t you? – What’s that? – We gotta spoil
this baby rotten. – We certainly do. – Bobbi. Is he circumcised? – Girl, yeah. – Now see your other grandma. There you go. (squeals)
(giggles) (camera shutter clicks) – So, all in all,
a successful day. – Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Promise me something. Next time, we’re
not gonna pass our child off to the
crazy relatives. – He said his first words today. – [Mia] What were they? – I hope I’m adopted. – David. Just think. We have to do this all again. – [Both] For the wedding. – I love you. – I love you too. (laughs)
(David groans) (laughs) (moans)
(lips smacking) – I’m so glad your
parents have him tonight. – I think Jabari needs a sister. – Right now? (laughs) – Right now. (melodic R&B music) – [Mia] Our relationship
is still going great. And David made me
realize that today. – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, don’t go. Stop, where are you? Okay. In the grand tradition
of product placement the producers have asked
me to thank a few people, who loaned us some
very important things. Now there are a couple
ways we could’ve done this. We thought about just putting the name of the
formal wear company on the back of all the tuxedos, so everyone could see it. But we thought that
might be a little gauche. So, we decided instead
that I’d come out and thank some people. Anyway. First of all we have to
thank David’s Bridal, that gave us that delightful
bridesmaids dress. We have to thank
After Hour Formal Wear that loaned us all of
those fabulous tuxedos. And, who? Tell me honey. Dionne Brown Skin Frazier, who made Mia’s
wonderful wedding dress. Okay, so that’s it. And there’s nothing left. The movie’s over, so… Well that’s it, I’m done. (melodic R&B music) ♪ How many people can say ♪ They wake up
each and every day ♪ With their friend
and their lover ♪ All the same ♪ How many hearts
are torn in two ♪ One is whole when I’m with you ♪ You fill me up ♪ Inside ♪ I can’t think about my life ♪ Without your love ♪ I don’t only mean your touch ♪ Your heart’s enough ♪ You’re making me feel like ♪ Love is real ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ I’ll always be faithful ♪ To you ♪ The one that healed my heart ♪ When I was bruised ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ My love is yours ♪ My body too ♪ Come here ♪ Show me ♪ Love ♪ How many people can say ♪ That they are happy everyday ♪ Because of you
that’s something ♪ I can say ♪ How many lives go on alone ♪ I don’t know ♪ ‘Cause I found home ♪ You are my life ♪ I can’t think about my life ♪ Without your love ♪ I don’t only mean your touch ♪ Your heart’s enough ♪ You’re making me feel ♪ Like love is real ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ I’ll always be faithful to you ♪ The one that healed my heart ♪ When I was bruised ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ My heart is yours ♪ My body too ♪ Come here ♪ Show me ♪ Love ♪ Love is real ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ I’ll always be faithful to you ♪ The one that healed my heart ♪ When I was bruised ♪ Love is real ♪ The proof is you ♪ My heart is yours ♪ My body too ♪ Come here ♪ Show me ♪ Love

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  1. Great πŸŽ₯ Made Me Laugh πŸ˜… Can We Have Respect For One Another Down Here On Earth? Especially The Actors & Actress In This πŸŽ₯ We Don't πŸ‘Ž Their Story nor Are We In Their πŸ‘ž πŸ‘  Thanks Maverick Much❀

  2. Uh-huh… The coming of a child controls any disagreement between the couple's respective families… See how magical a baby is??? I enjoyed so much this family movie!!!

  3. I enjoyed the movie. I don't like the way the characters hid their child. I hope no one hides their children in reality. My advice to those getting married is to get married for you, and not for other people.

  4. Its always wonderful to me when i watch a movie that makes me laugh and smile, puts a song in my heart and smile on my faceπŸ·πŸ’ƒheres to everyone involved: thank you JESUS and MAZEL TOV

  5. I don't like the part of passing of the child. As a mother my child comes first and if someone don't like he can as well as go hang themselves.

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  8. Thank you Maverick… I am studying Sociology, and we are on the culture chapter… I must share this movie with my peers. Great example of what we are discussing.

  9. That cousin David got me rolling in tears. Man the Estelle part he had me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. This move was real nice we should love each other regardless of our religion Or the colour of our skin. When we die we go the same place back to earth or ashes. So let's love each other.

  11. I'm sorry yall but hiding your fiance n kid from your family because they racist is unacceptable. Then kept hiding the baby after the cat was out the bag. He had the nerve to wanna work on a sister. He barely got the nerves to stand up to his moma for his woman and kid. I dont think I wouldve moved forward if my child was hidden,so you're ashamed of both of us. Deal breaker. Shannon b

  12. I feel love has no color. Individuals need 2 except that one cannot make choices4 others nor live thru thier families lives. N 4 her boyfriend he should nevertheless hide da fact that his girl iz black or that they have a child. N 4 the guy talking about church thiers no perfect. But one 2 do thier best n get right. But everyone deserves god. Crackheads .preachers sinners. Everyone needs god. One day they doing this n doing that he said people are not perfect but muzt work on geting right god works with everyone thiers noone better than no one.

  13. Lying is abomination unto God , the main characters should have told their parents the truth in the first place they shouldn't have lied, the man should have tell his family about the child but look the child bring the families together

  14. Malachi 2
    The Almighty YAH wants a holy seed, not a mixed raced seed

    besides, He doesn't want us mixing purposely with the serpents seed.

  15. Awwwww, I just love a good family movie. True love surely conquers allπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  16. isn't the girls mother jj's sister from food times? I been wandering what happen to her if that is her she still looks great also

  17. Movie was real in some areas which is sad that still occurs today. Noah had the right way of thinking. Color of skin should NOT be the reason of not being together.

  18. Nice movie but no true believer in Jesus will marry a non believer. It is not about colour or race, but there is no compromise with certain things Esp with this most important issue of who Jesus is.

  19. not bad
    the acting seemed a little theatrical, though… few locations and no over-voices, just everybody waits for the other to finish speaking before giving the reply. Pls share links of good movies ; ))

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