Aakansha And Arushi Perform Belly Dance For The Entire Office | Ok Tested

Aakansha And Arushi Perform Belly Dance For The Entire Office | Ok Tested

So that was me 20 years old. You may not find it great but nothing could convince me back then that I was anything less of Lady Gaga. ♫ Just dance, gonna be okay. ♫ Unlike me, Arushi has some training in Jazz. In a middle-class household, you could only learn classical dance. This is a basic Jazz move. It’s called a Pirouette. So Jazz involves many such moves that utilize every part of your body. So I quit Jazz about 10 years ago. But I am still the star performer of my family Sangeet functions. Just play the beats and I’ll start dancing.When I was about fourteen or fifteen when I saw belly dancing for the first time. It was so beautiful that I became a fan of the dancer. I even tried to mimic her. So when I was told about this video I was a bit apprehensive. Because growing in a middle-class family in Bihar, you were always expected to dance in a certain way. It must not look like that you’re trying to grab unwanted attention. Poor young Pushp and bloody Patriarchy. That mindset crept in me because Belly dance is always sexualized. But then I decided to do what I choose over other’s opinions. To be honest, dance requires a massive amount of skill and practice. So, Akansha and I are headed to the Banjara School of Dance where we are gonna meet Meher Malik. So as I was telling you, in our office, people were concerned that we will be objectified after this. Because in India women performing any dance of this sort are often objectified. I think in India that objectification may even happen with a Doctor, it doesn’t matter. Exactly! I think instead of worrying about what people thinking about you need to take control of how you carry yourself. And carrying yourself with dignity is the most important thing. I think Belly dancing involves empowering rather than objectification. Because in a country like ours the decisions of women are taken by men in their lives. But belly dancing is empowering because in this you decide that it’s your body and you decide what to do with it. My only concern was that you have mastered this talent in years, so how much can we learn in this small amount of time? It takes years to master an art. I know even till the day I die, I would have not achieved 10% of what I aimed for. So in the little time that we have, you can get the essence of Belly dance. That’s enough for now. You can get some technical knowledge, work with a prop and understand the aesthetics of the dance. So if you achieve that and have fun at the same time then that’s more than enough. Are you guys ready? Yes! You are entering the studio. – Hello Ladies!
– Hi! So these two are my babies. – Akansha!
– Treasures of Banjaara. Shikha and Nidhi.They are going to teach and lead you into your Belly dancing journey. They have tiny presents for you. Thank you. Best of Luck! (x2) Peace out. Bye-bye, I’ll see you around. Ok, so we’ll start with a warm-up. Rolling your shoulders. This side and reach out. Down. Moving on to techniques now. So we start with the basics. The basic postures. Number one – our feet are always hip-distance apart. My knees are always soft when I am dancing. Then comes your hip which you know is always inside. Contracted. You have to maintain the contraction in whatever you do. Then we have three basic arm positions. Third, second and the first arm position. The first technique that we are going to learn is chest isolation. Imagine that there is a rope tied around your chest and somebody is pulling it in the upward direction. And then you bring it down. Up, down. Up, down. Relax. I’m instinctively inhaling to lift the chest. You don’t have to hold your breath, you have to breathe ensuring that you are working with your muscles. The next one is known as chest glides. Up, down, side, side. Up, down, side, side. Let’s try it together. Up, down, left, right. Up, down. I can’t focus because I’m so conscious about my belly. This muscle is really worked up right now. Moving on to the hip techniques. Horizontal eight. We have points A, B, C, and D. You should feel like your hip is taking you to all the points. Let’s try six, seven. One, two. One, not bad. Two, push it more. One, two. It takes a lot of effort to move just one part of your body also managing other things simultaneously. If this part of your body is moving then the rest of your body must be stationary. And it’s difficult to keep just one part of your moving.Now we are gonna teach you one thing which is called Zaghareet. – What?
– Zaghareet. Whenever you hear a stretch in the voice you sense and we all stop together. Good job! Good job! I expected to do worse but I feel I managed to do well. They told us that we did did well and that’s just them being nice to us. C’mon, let’s practice. I am having trouble with the horizontal eight. I feel like I erased it from my head. So let’s see. Abdomen contracted, knees soft and thighs together. And then you move like this. It is supposed to be smooth without the jerks. Mr. husband has decided to join me in the act. Atul, show it to them!Bravo! Today is day two of our Belly dance challenge. The best part is that none of my body parts is aching. I’m still so flexible which means it is a very body-friendly dance form. The only challenge is the extreme winter. So, let’s go for day two. Hi! Hello! Did you guys practice? Yeah, we did but it looked worse at home. Let’s start with the major technique for today which is known as Taqsim. Taqsim is a combination of hip glide and hip lift. You glide to the side and then you lift the heel. And you have to lift your hip along with the heel. So your heel is helping your hip to move upwards. The weight is still there. Glide and weight on the right. Left and weight on the left. Glide and weight on the right. Glide and weight on the left.I’m a designer so this reminds of the pen tool from After Effects. It allows you to pin the rest of the points and just move one point of the character. It’s similar to that. So moving on to another technique that is called the Hip-Hit. Hip-Hit means you are really hitting your hip outside. And one. So you first straighten your leg and then move your hip. Five, six. She’s the jinxed one. I used to be a good dancer before I started hanging out with her. Five, six, seven. Nidhi and Shikha are so good at it. Their waste is going out of their body. Their waist is like,” I’m outta here! bu-bye”. Ours is still frozen because of the cold. I know!Five, six, seven and hit.Did you felt the power? You need to get here. Now you hit me. Good, not bad. I can do better. It’s should be like this. Now the next one is called a Shoulder Roll. Up, back, down. I still feel they are doing better than us. You are good in this department and I’m good at the other one. Let’s merge like power rangers. Together we can function as a good entity of Belly dancing.I could hear my bones cracking throughout the roll. My joints are having a hard time. So here day two comes to an end. I think we are getting close to the Belly dances we have seen in our lives. We know about the steps in detail. We have to do a lot of practice. Let’s go! Bye-bye. So we have reached the office after day two of our practice session. I have resumed our work. I am multi-tasking because I’m simultaneously thinking of practicing the moves. It’s making me extra nervous. We snuck out of work because we found out that the studio was empty.We got our cameraman. One, two, three. I look like a donkey while doing this. Let’s try it again. Three, two, one. We should have brought those scarfs. It would have been fun to wear in the office. Yeah, it gives you the feel. Ok bye, now we are gonna seriously practice. So today is the final day of our practice. One day before the performance. We are gonna have our performance soon and I have forgotten whatever I learned. I’m super scared. Because things are not fun anymore they are getting real. I have dropped the excuse of having a cold because today is a warm sunny day. So we are going to dance with this today. Veils. That’s your prop for the choreography. Whenever you have to dance with a prop first you have to make it your own. I think we should put on some music and let them have fun with it.Move your body with it. This is Madhuri from Dil Toh Pagal Hai.Today is the most fun.By the way, I have become extremely comfortable with my body. After three days of belly dancing. It’s my third day and I don’t care how fat my tummy looks. That is an achievement. But”tummies”. Hold it between your fingers. Open your arms and turn it in the right direction. Right and then bring it in the front. Again! Forward, then to the other side. (x2)Now what you do is bring it from above to the other side. I’m so confused right now. Use your elbows so that your movement is easier.It is a dance form that takes years for perfection. It’s not a routine you can learn and use at the marriage functions. The veil brought me from a five to an eight.Because of that, I could sense the fluidity of the movements. I didn’t say it loud but my confidence was diminishing with each day. But today I regained it somehow. I hope I sustain this. I’m gonna practice with whatever I can manage. So, let’s see how it goes. I f**ked up! Oh no! It doesn’t have the same feel as the awesome veil. Maybe I’ll get better at it with this because it is heavier than the veil. This doesn’t feel like the veil at all. This is made of a lighter material so maybe this won’t get stuck while turning. You didn’t like my dance? Kawai didn’t like it and he wants me to stop.My goal is just to enjoy. When I got married, I did the make-up, and straightway went dancing. The only difference is that there was a lot of alcohol involved. So, we are ready to go inside for the performance. But I messed up a little during the rehearsals. Now there’s no coming back. So my plan is to smile even if I f**k up! I think they’ll kill it. Okay, Zagareet! (x2) Five, six, seven and.Very good performance, I think they freaking killed it. They have choreographed it very well. Even if there were two professional dancers at the back, I couldn’t take my eyes off Arushi and Akansha. Because they were so good. I think they did an amazing job. It was a beautiful, courageous, fabulous and lit performance. It was a really entertaining performance. I think their performance was really good according to their knowledge of two-three days. Learning belly dance in two-three days is very difficult but still, they did a great job. Especially, hats-off to the choreographers. So we are finally done with the performance and it was awesome. We did not mess up. Our gurus are very proud of us. That’s all that matters. We were really stressed before the performance but one we came here it all went away. And since we know everyone it was like performing at home. We just enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. There was an instance when this veil got stuck in my hand but it looked like it was part of the act. I messed up a step where I did it very fast. Yeah, I saw it. Akansha did four but she was supposed to do two. It did four instead of two. If you liked this video then like and comment. And share and subscribe to OK Tested. We taught belly dance to some of our friends at OK Tested. 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  1. I don't know why but I got emotional when I saw them nail the belly dance. Theses girls are so confident with the way they are and that's how everyone should be.

  2. Arushi would make guys fall for her after this.. she is intelligent and dances well.. just live her confidence.. great combination of all good things.. akansha was good too…

  3. Classical dance is cheap. Belly dance is good. North Indians are severely afflicted with fake liberalism. No wonder BJP has got a majority in the north.

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  6. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Arushi: "bat-tummies!"πŸ˜‚
    Anyways, I loved their performance and their confidence. And hats off to Sonali , she has given some of the dopest concepts and great content to us..πŸ’œ

  7. You both are awesome dancer you both are my favourite love you both and bring lots of more dance videos like this one 😘😘😘😍😍

  8. I don’t think there is anything that Aarushi can’t do
    Every girl just want to be like her πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Also belly dance is a beautiful art

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