After 30 Years Of Marriage Mark Harmon’s Wife Finally Reveals The Truth

After 30 Years Of Marriage Mark Harmon’s Wife Finally Reveals The Truth

After 30 Years Of Marriage Mark Harmon’s Wife
Finally Reveals The Truth For most Hollywood couples, scandal tears
apart their relationship before they even get the chance to really know each other!
We’ve seen the same narrative play out time and time again — two stars meet, fall madly
in love, get married, have a child and endure a painful (and often public) divorce. Thankfully, NCIS star Mark Harmon and his
wife of 30 years, Pam Dawber, found a way to break the mold. Pam recently spoke about
the secret to their success — and it’s not what most people would think…
In a rare interview, Pam told Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner their marriage’s
longevity all has to do with her staying out of the spotlight while her husband lives the
Hollywood life. “I don’t think two people can work all the
time in show business and stay married.” Pam explained that she enjoyed acting on a
hit sitcom and dabbling in other artistic ventures, but as soon as she became a mother,
nothing else mattered. The Hollywood life just wasn’t appealing anymore. “I was in a number one show. I had my own
deal. I got to do Broadway. I got to do musical theater. I got to do cartoon voices. I did everything you can do in this business,
and then I had children and it’s like, ‘I’m not going to chase this fame thing.'”
“I wanted to drive my kids to school. I wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring
cupcakes and donuts and do the school festivals and all that, and I did. I got to teach in
their art class and so it was a different life then and I was very happy to do it… I’m just their mom. They don’t care about
what I did. They care about what they are doing. They want their parents to care about
what they are doing. Their father is already iconic enough for
two boys. I am just the mom.” In addition to Pam taking the “backseat” when
it came to acting, Pam says that the key to a happy Hollywood relationship is staying
out of the tabloids. She knows that a simple rumor can turn a loving marriage into a painful
union filled with distrust and resentment. “Notice you don’t see us in the magazines.
When you’re married, that’s real life. And to go and plaster your kids… I’m sorry.
I’m not for that.” For Mark and Pam, there’s nothing more important
than keeping their home life private — and after 30 happy years of marriage, it seems
to be working!

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  1. But the key word is choices, not everybody is going to make that kind of sacrifice. And its not like couples don't want to go that route but its all depends on the indervisuals are willing to make that deciding on their own. And why can't the man make sacrifices why does the woman have to.

  2. Bayou are very nice mom just like me I'm always at home when they come home most mom living around me they at work or often out with their fiends or bingo thank you for sharing .

  3. Some Hollywood marriages manage to endure, despite both partners working in the business, like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, but the temptations, pressures, and strains have to be pretty hard to deal with. My hat is off to the intrepid souls who can make it work.

  4. this might be interesting if the narrator spoke in a normal voice. 'can't stand it more than 20secs.


  6. After thirty years of marriage I glad someone finally found a way to stay married I am tired of reading couples are getting divorce after 10 years thank you both.

  7. I always um like Pan Dauber I didn't know why though She just seemed more real I guess Glad she is really great to hear?

  8. The secret to Hollywood Marriage: Husband sucks jewi$h cock – wife sucks jewi$h cock…probably explains their bizarre facial expressions….

  9. After 30 Years Of Marriage Mark Harmon's Wife Finally Reveals The Truth…..
    Was? Sind sie nicht verheiratet oder führen sie eine Scheinehe ,weil beide Homo.? Was?

  10. It's great that their marriage has lasted as long as it has.  Most Hollywood marriages don't.  Pam was smart.  She wanted to be a good mom, and I bet she and Mark's kids were glad she was there for them.

  11. Congratulations to Mark Harmon & Pam Dawber on having a stable marriage and a good family life!! I'm so glad that they stayed together!!! They are very blessed!!!!💏👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  12. I love love love hearing this beautiful story about them. I remember Pam from Mork and Mindy. She is so sweet. I didn’t know they were married to each other. He seems like a fine person too. I wish Pam could write a book or give a seminar on what she said in the interview. She is so brilliant and so right. Too many women are caught up in the fame and don’t know how to create a secure home environment for the children and their husband. I think she is very smart and should impart some of that wisdom to other young women.
    When your busy focused on your career it’s impossible to see your partner.
    Good for you Pam!!

  13. Computerised clickbait, don't waste your time with it. Trying to suggest problems in the Harmon marriage by manipulating words. Shabby tricks.

  14. Pam Dawber we mess your acting though as we miss Robin Williams! Love Mark Harmon as an actor! And I am old enough to remember Tom Harmon too!

  15. Happy their marriage is still going strong – congratulations to both of them for choosing to live a balanced life. As mentioned, they are definitely a class act.

  16. Good for you! I am proud of you. You chose the best plan and you will never regret it and neither will your kids.

  17. I'm incredibly proud of these 2. Especially Pam whose a great wife and mother. Obviously Mark is a great father and husband.

  18. They're a good pair, I love them both. I have been a fan of them since Pam, on Mork & Mindy and Mark Harmon as a young actor & i always had a huge crush on Mark. He's one of those actors that maintained their good looks. Pam is also a gorgeous woman. Seems perfect for each other!

  19. Spectacular four still video! How you guys manage it is a marvel! And the stunning silken robo-voiced narrative that reveals such insight into a way of life heretofore unknown. You've changed my life and the fortunate many who have viewed this revelation. I'm overwhelmed.

  20. HEY, star news today! Notice how many of the comments just love the robo-voice?
    WHY do you continue? Because your are CHEAP….$$$'S Thanks so much for your consideration.

  21. She's smart. She CHOSE to be a Mom instead of a movie star. Hubby makes enough money she doesn't have to work. Also staying out of the tabloids is good. The more people get into your mix, the more problems you have. Their marriage is about their family, as it should be. It's really sad that people cannot accept the fact that entertainers only entertain "on stage" or screen. Just like we go to work and protect our privacy, they should be allowed to do the same.

  22. PUKE ON AUTOMATED VOICES. I Refuse to listen as soon as I know the WHOLE THING IS GOING TO BE THAT WAY. I am not the ONLY ONE who HATES IT.

  23. Class act. Both of them..he is still a hunk. They are blessed to have each other. May they always be there for each other.

  24. Congrats for 30 yrs. Love watching NCIS. Hung in there. Mark your wife is a smart & beautiful .🙏😇❤️✝👍

  25. Marriage is like plowing a field with a team of horses….they pull together and the same direction. Now I know why Pam is so beautiful. You always want a MATCHED TEAM.

  26. Please god rid of these robotic voices, they are becoming like the plague, they are everywhere and no one likes them at all.

  27. "…Pam finally reveals the truth…" CLICKBAIT The only "truth" she is allegedly "revealing" is that she and Mark Harmon are (still) "happily married" after 30+ years. Good for them. Period.

  28. So, no career for her, he gets to do it all. Perfect marriage? It works, well, ok. That’s what she wanted….

  29. I think they both deserve each other. You have to be dedicated to your mate, both of you. my wife have been married for 57 years and we are still in love, not the physical side but we both respect each other and always will. She became disabled about 15 years ago and needed me to stay home with her. I still stay home and take care of everything, without regret. She is still a wonderful wife and we are still in love. I wish the same for Mark and Pam.

  30. Mark Harmon is still gorgeous and was voted most sexiest man on People magazine. He was stunning. This is where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm superficial to a point so I didn't see anything near gorgeous of Pam Dawber. Imo, she s just pretty average but he saw other attributes. Good for him. Lucky girl. Just lucky.

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