Ali Wong Experienced Pure Joy Kissing Daniel Dae Kim

Ali Wong Experienced Pure Joy Kissing Daniel Dae Kim

Ali, it’s good to see you. I’m a huge fan. You know that. You’re so super talented. Huge– the stand up specials
were a huge success. Now you’ve written,
and produced, and star in a movie on Netflix. Fantastic. Oh, thank you. You’ve got a lot going on. It’s too much. Yeah. I don’t know why I
did this to myself. Yeah. It’s great. Well, you’re not doing the
stand up specials anymore. So you’re just focusing–
are you still touring? I’m touring. I’m touring. And I tour with my kids. Oh, wait, so– That’s the crazy part. So the last two
specials you did, you were pregnant– in
both, or just the one? I was pregnant on both. I was pregnant– they’re
very aware of it, too. Like, my– well, the
three-year-old is always like, I’m the one in
the striped dress. And she’s like, Nikki’s the
one in the leopard dress. So Nikki’s the younger one. Nikki’s the younger one. I thought it was
unfair if I didn’t give the second one, a special– Yeah, so– and then you’re
touring with them both? I’m touring with them both. What is that like? It’s hard. Like, when I do the stand
up, that’s like a vacation. Yeah, being on stage, because
being with them is so hard. They’re so heavy now. And I know everyone says
that about their kids. But it’s like– it’s weird. Kids double in size
every couple months. I haven’t been on
this show in a year. If you tripled in size since
the last time I saw you, it’d be really awkward. Yeah, it would. I wouldn’t acknowledge
it or anything, but– Thank you. Thank you. [LAUGHTER] Or try to pick me up. Or try to pick you up. It would be so weird. But like, my kids double in size
and like– it hurts my back. And so– I remember when
I used to get massages, and the masseuse would ask
me, what’s your goal today? I used to say, to relax. I want a nice Swedish massage. And now I’m like, the goal is
to battle pain with more pain. I want you to dig your
elbow into my back. I want the lady who
doesn’t speak any English– the immigrant lady, who’s going
to just take all of her anger and frustration out on my back. I see. You should try acupuncture. Oh, that’s a good alternative. Yeah, that would be better,
because it’s needles, but it doesn’t hurt. But– oh my god. Well, you’re so little anyway. So one is– you said three? One is three. And that– Do we have a picture of them? Oh, see, I can’t
do that anymore. Now I just– Wow. There, show them
the next picture. That’s how I carry them. No matter where you are,
they’re in a grocery cart? Instead of a stroller, you just
have them in a grocery cart. So you have a very minimal– a
lot of people come on this show and– especially rappers– have crazy riders. A rider is what
they request when they’re in the dressing room. You want water,
tissues, and floss. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all my rider. It’s just water,
tissue and floss, because what those
rappers don’t realize is that when you put Courvoisier
and a big buffet of food on your rider, you
have to pay for it. And so, I’m still really cheap. I know we had a conversation
about this last time I was here, but like– You are cheap. I’m very cheap. I still have to
save all my money, because I bring my kids on the
road with me, so it’s like– out of all the stand
up comics, I probably have the lowest production
cost and the highest overhead, because I’ve got to bring
those two kids with me. And I bring my mom with me. Is that who takes care of
them, or you have a nanny? That’s who takes care of
them when we’re on the road. She’s free, which is great. That’s good. I love her. She’s not going to
sleep with my husband. Right. At least, I hope not. Big plus. That’d be great, to know that– Yeah, although she
is kind of GILF-y. Look at her. Wow. She must be so proud
of you, though. She is. I think she– she’s proud of
me when I come on this show, because she watches this show. But yeah, for the
Netflix specials when I show my underwear,
she’s like, that underwear looks loose. [LAUGHTER] It looks loose? Yeah, she’s like– I
hope you’ve trimmed, the next time you do that. Oh, my. To make sure
everything’s tucked in. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s talk about this
new movie, Always Be My Maybe. It’s so sweet. It’s so adorable. And the concept is, you
both have been friends. Yes, I play a
celebrity chef, who falls back in love with
her childhood friend. And I co-wrote it with my real
life friend, Randall Park, who I’ve been friends
with for like 16 years. And it was great. And I get to– I have all these other love
interests in the movie. You kiss a lot of men. I kiss a lot of men. It’s like, who wrote this movie? I kiss a lot of sexy men. I kiss Daniel Dae Kim. I kiss Keanu Reeves. I basically made Netflix spend
all this money on a movie, just so I could kiss Daniel
Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves. And how did– how did Keanu– Look at that! Yeah, look at that. Look at that. And look, see– that’s me
kissing Daniel Dae Kim. And then look at that
picture afterward. See what you see on my face? That’s joy. That is a grown woman
experiencing joy, right there. Pure joy. You deserve that. Mother of two. Yeah. People were like– my
best friend was like, oh was it exciting? Did you have chemistry
with Daniel Dae Kim? I’ve been with the
same dude for 10 years. I would have chemistry with
a turtle at this point. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. All right, so Keanu got
involved because you just asked him to do it, and
he’s a huge fan of yours. Yeah. That’s amazing. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe– I
couldn’t believe he did it. I mean– yeah. It’s sweet. It’s great. It was really
sweet, and I mean– I have to– so well, with– going back to Daniel Dae Kim. So you can see in
that picture, again, where my face has
all that joy on it. He improvised lifting me up,
and that was even more exciting than kissing Keanu. Wow. Yeah, because I told my best
friend, I was like, he just– he lifted me up, and it
wasn’t a problem for him. That was so sexy to me. Like, he just lifted me up,
and he wasn’t like, ow, ow, ow, and wasn’t swearing or
anything, because he’s the– Is that what your husband
does when he lifts you? No, in– look at that dude. He just watches iPad in
plank mode, you know. Just ripped. Oh my got. iPad in plank mode.

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  1. i understand she is a good woman but, is it really representing empowerment for a woman to say that there is a chance to have chemistry with turtle because she's been in relationship for 10years? how would that be perceived if a guy said a similar thing about his wife and their relationship, i wonder….. ??

  2. Depending on how many episodes are filmed in a day, maybe audience fatigue could be to blame for the weak reactions from the audience.

  3. People think she's awesome, and the audience is dry… Or maybe she's just not as great as the comments want her to be? ?

  4. I want to dislike the video but I don't want the producers thinking we disliked it because we don't like Ali. Ellen was so uncomfortable and cringy to watch. Which is hard because it's Ellen. Did she not want her as a guest did she pay the audience not to laugh. She deserves so much more than this!

  5. 2:35 min mark! i had to go to amsterdam for 4 hours to and fro to know this. thanks @sae. Cool music school that these artists order stuff and drink stuff and think its on the label but its really ON THEM! and they wonder how they blew 4 million.. ordering wagyu each costing 1000 dollars and the entourage is 20. not forgetting the nvm…. lol

  6. I don't think Ellen even watched her specials because how could she not remember Ali is pregnant in both?

  7. This interview gives the Colbert and Ken Jung one a run for its money in terms of awkwardness. What’s with white talk show hosts and their discomfort with Asian comedians?

  8. I can only imagine how hard it is to become an Asian celebrity in US after watching this clip. There is almost zero fake laughs Americans make normally on a talk show. Nontheless, she still is amazing and intelligent. I gotta thank Netflix for making me watch the movie. It was great and i am now her big fan 🙂

  9. Did they do this show during the audiences bed time or did they charge Ali for having an audience, so she cheaped out and so I dont want one?!

  10. Keanu Reeves is the sweetest person ever he seems like the type of person that will do anything for anyone I love him so much as an actor and human being.

  11. Ellen is honestly a dry overall celebrity. Out of literal billions of people, some of the most dry, boring people ride to fame. Ali Wong seems like a enthusiastic and genuine person, this is people we need.

  12. I was a little late, just saw the movie yesterday. I still wanted to comment though because it was so cute…I really enjoyed it 🙂

  13. Girl!!! Yes!!! When a man lifts you and there is no complaining or hard breathing is absolutely the sexiest thing?????

  14. Population of Asians in America 6%, population of Blacks in America 13%.
    But somehow there are 10x the amount of roles for black people than Asians. That's the real racism in Hollywood.
    All you gotta ask yourself, ever see an SNL Asian cast member??

  15. What’s up with Ellen? Does she not like Ali? She’s totally botching every one of Ali’s jokes like she’s not amused or something. Not cool.

  16. Always Be My Maybe is a great movie , the soundtrack is awesome ! The soundtrack gave me nostalgia , as an 80’s baby it really took me back…I love Ali’s humor ?.

  17. I know a lot of people like Ellen but I had a friend that worked on her show (I worked on a late night show in the 90's) and they told me some stories about her. Ellen is a diva but turns it off on television. You never get to the top being 'nice.'

  18. I'm Asian and I'm gonna be completely honest. The world is puzzled by women like Ali Wong because she isn't anything typical of what's been presented in the media of Asian women. If this was Wanda Sykes (love her) the audience would be dying. But the narrative of a smart, realist, funny Asian woman is foreign to a lot of people and they can't take her out of the box they've stereotyped her into enough to just take her for what she is.

  19. Never get bored watching this. Her comments were so funny. Her husband is handsome too and seems to treat her well. Hahah "I would have chemistry with a turtle" ??

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