Anne Hathaway Was Fashionably a Day Late to Matthew McConaughey’s Birthday Party

Anne Hathaway Was Fashionably a Day Late to Matthew McConaughey’s Birthday Party

[APPLAUSE] That’s from Serenity. And what a beautiful
setting that was. Where’d you shoot that? Mauritius. Yeah, beautiful. It really is a timeless place. Which makes sense, because– well, I don’t even know
if we can give away what the movie is, because you
don’t want to give it away. But can you explain it
without giving it away? I’ve tried for
about four days now, and I don’t think I’ve
successfully done it. Yeah, this is a thriller,
sort of a film noir, an exotic sexual
thriller as well. Very. It’s a real whodunit. And as well, I play
a guy who’s really a detective in my
own life trying to decipher if I’m real, if the
world I’m living in is real. And I’m proposed with a very
indecent proposal, which is what I’m talking
about in this scene, in the middle of the film,
by Anne Hathaway’s character, who we have a past. And the second half
of the movie is if I’ll follow through with
that indecent proposal or not. So there, I just sort of flabbed
around and talked a bunch and said a bunch of things. You don’t know what it’s about,
but I didn’t give it away. No, but you gave a little
bit away just by you saying you’re questioning if
you’re real or not. But that’s more than I
would have given away. But anyway– [LAUGHTER] –but it is a thriller. And Anne Hathaway,
this is the second time you’ve worked with her, right? Yes, it is. Interstellar was the first. And she came to your
house for a party? Yeah. [LAUGHS] She has come
to my house for a party. She’s consistent, though. There’s one party,
my birthday party. She was invited. Yes, we’ll be there. And my birthday’s on
the 4th of November, so we had the party that night. And I didn’t notice, but the
Hathaways didn’t show up. The next day, wake up,
I think I was still in my robe around
5:00 PM, the time that we had started the
party the day before. And the doorbell rings. Balloons, I open
up, happy birthday! It’s Anne and Adam. They’ve got a bottle of wine. They’ve got balloons, a gift. And I look and I’m
like, great, come on in. And she tells me–
she reminds me– she goes, you were so nice. You didn’t say
anything at the gate. You brought us in. We opened the bottle of wine,
poured everyone a glass, and then said, you do know,
my birthday was yesterday? [LAUGHTER] Anyway, we did party into
about 2:00 AM that night. It continued. My birthday party
needed to be two days. Yes, another– a smaller party. Yes.

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  1. So when does "Serenity" movie come out because I just watched the trailer that was uploaded last summer. Anyone know?

  2. She probably came the next day on purpose.. Not everyone likes huge parties ¯_(ツ)_/¯ how could you forget the date if you’re good friends?Just my guess. I like small groups because there’s no “I wasn’t there for that part” as you would have in a large gathering

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