Athadu Aame (He & She) – S3E10 | Latest Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Comedy videos

Athadu Aame (He & She) – S3E10 | Latest Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Comedy videos

Go to YouTube and type Chandragiri Subbu, And click on the red subscribe button below, And, click the bell icon. Then, you will get notifications
whenever we upload a video. Don’t forget to subscribe. Oh God! What is this headache? Where did she go
by leaving her mobile at home? Come inside. Is she always busy on her phone? She managed things very well. In my home, there is so much of dust. It’s so neat. Isn’t it? When I wear a lehenga,
how the dust would be there? That’s why, I packed them all. What are these sounds? Ok, ok. Coffee or Tea? Just now, we had beer
at my home, right? Again, why are asking for coffee and tea? Beer? Beer? That’s ok. Can I bring any hot item? Shut your mouth and get some cards. Cards? Okay. I will bring that.
You continue. Cards too? Aparichithudu Vikram is there within her,
who looks like an innocent girl? Oh my god.
– Stop. Okay! Cards! She is mixing the cards
very easily like water. Recently you went to shopping, right?
What did you buy? When I go with a miser husband,
what would he buy? When I showed 4 silk saris to him,
he bought a dupatta. She didn’t give respect also. He thinks a lot. We should spend money.
If not now, when will we spend? If my wife asks me anything, I will spend all my
money without any count. Do you know that? What is your Mother-in-law’s situation? She is still alive and killing me. In the morning she asks for coffee,
after that she asks for tea, she doesn’t have tooth in her mouth,
but she always keeps eating. Why do we need her topic at this time? Who else is there to take care
of my Mother-in-law? I am both Daughter and
daughter-in-law to her. They look like rabbits
for outer appearance, But, they have such a
violent angle within them? Always shopping, parlour,
gossips about others, Do these ladies have any other topics
than this? For this, she told ‘we talk
important matters only.’ Do you know? Listen to that. I don’t talk any useless
matters like you. You always talk about shares,
madam, boss, manager, party. Is there any important topic in your talks? Are these interesting topics? Just like watching a Telugu serial or
a Bhojpuri movie without having subtitles, it’s not at all interesting. It’s better to sleep rather than
listening to this stuff. What is that bloody sleep?
Drop your card. You didn’t sleep the whole night, right? So sweet. Say what did he do?
Ask her. Only that is left out in my life? It’s better to consult a doctor. Not that worst. And, not that super either. Rarely..just once sometime. This topic seems interesting. What is that?
– He is very sentimental about one. He takes one peg, he eats one time a day, whatever he does, it’s just for one time. Whatever you say, our Lakshmi is a very lucky girl. Her husband used to go to a gym. If he starts, them it’s a marathon, right? My grave! My grave! He says as I lifted
150kgs, 200kgs in the gym. But, I put my leg on him,
he says as ‘It’s so heavy.’ Do you know why I am laughing? Do you know what did he say? We have to lift more weights. And, that too, we are newly married, right? At that time.. If he hears his wife’s words..
He will die. Then, what about your husband? What is there to say?
He watches a calender. Calender?
– Yes, calender. Then, he looks for an auspicious time. Then, he calls to an astrologer,
if he says yes, then he will do anything. I thought something when she said
‘It’s the mercy of the astrologer’ all these days. It is like ‘a superstitious husband
does not even eat left out rice’ I am getting irritated. You are disturbing everyone. What about your husband? My husband is a into software. He won’t do anything
if there is no task in the time-sheet. The unfortunate thing is,
he makes planning for everything. He says ‘Let’s meet 9 to 10.’ If I am a bit late, Why are you stopping? Tell it quickly.
I am getting tensed. I am also getting tensed.
Tell it quickly. He says as ‘Meeting postponed.
Let’s meet later.’ This is my bad situation.
To whom I can tell? Hey, stop.. Stop.. Everyone’s matter is fine.
Why are you so silent? Tell us about you? What should I say? About the cost of cotton.
I will hit you. What are we talking about?
Tell about that. Why has this topic diverted towards me? Subbu is very active and so smart. Say it, dear. How is he in the actual matter? I didn’t get so much of tension even at the time of 10th results,
EAMCET results and at the time of job promotion too. Then, why am i so tensed now? Nothing like that. Subbu.. What are you doing? Is it not wrong? Is it right to listen to others matters? It’s not manners too. I know. You people are very good. You are all great people. You won’t listen. I said it is wrong, right? I said you shouldn’t listen, right? I don’t have any manners. I have heard others matters. You shouldn’t listen.
You are all great people. You won’t listen to it. It’s the time that our
boring husbands will come. Party wind up. Okay. Where is our next party? Drinks are mine.
– Stuff is mine. Location is mine.
– Cards are mine. Why are you starting so early? My husband might come.
Bye. Subbu! Subbu! What happened? Where did you go? Groceries are over.
That’s why, I went downstairs. Why are you at home? I got a severe headache. The person in a medical shop,
gave me a tablet. When I swallowed that, I got a deep sleep. Until you woke me up,
I didn’t have any sense. Oh Subbu! How are you feeling now? Still I am feeling the same.
I will sleep for sometime. Okay. Hey, dear.
– Yes. Can you bring me a cup of tea, please? Okay, Subbu. Didn’t Subbu listen to anything, truly? There was no chance to listen. Now, I understood
why ladies don’t get any headache. Listening to others matters
are very interesting. Why are you looking like that? I said listen to others matters. Not my matters. Don’t see like that. Camera! Rolling! Action! What is your Mother-in-law’s situation? What is the need to ask that?
She is still alive and killing me. I forgot the dialogue.
I forgot the dialogue. Action! What is your Mother-in-law’s situation? She is still alive and killing me. In the morning she asks for coffee,
after that she asks for tea, later she asks for lunch. she doesn’t have tooth in her mouth, but.. Rolling! Action! He does anything just for once. Sorry.. Sorry.. I said the last dialogue at first. Rolling! Action! What about your husband? What should I say?
First, he watches a calender. Calender?
– Yes, calender. Then, he looks into an auspicious time. Then,
he calls to an astrologer, if he says yes, It’s correct. Then, he calls to an astrologer,
if he says yes, then he will do anything. Why are you smiling? Action! What about your husband? Action! It is like ‘a superstitious husband
does not even eat left out rice’ Action! Subbu is so smart and very active. Hey, what happened? Okay. Where is our next party? Don’t see up. Action! What is that bloody sleep? You didn’t sleep the whole night, right?
Say what did he do? So sweet. Ask her. Say cut quickly. Anyone please say the earlier dialogue. Action! Please watch Athadu Aame
web series regularly. Please subscribe to
Chandragiri Subbu YouTube channel. All the best to the whole team
of Athadu Aame.

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