Athadu Aame – Kitty Party 2 | Latest Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Funny Videos

Athadu Aame – Kitty Party 2 | Latest Telugu Comedy Web Series | Chandragiri Subbu Funny Videos

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whenever we upload a new video. Don’t forget to share. ATHADU AAME. [Crowd murmuring] I don’t understand why do they drink. [murmuring] Hey, you keep talking while I get the cards. Last time I was uncertain about
Subbu being at home, Why don’t I check around than sit worrying! I’ll be back in a minute. Hey!
Did you install any cameras to record this? My foot! I heard a sound,
so went to check if it’s a cat. -Is it so?
-Do you suspect everything? That’s not the cat, it’s me. Yesterday, I saw on Ashwini’s mobile
that there was a kitty party today. That’s why I acted as if I was
going to work and hid in the shelf. A kitty party has lot
of interesting things. What did you purchase in
your recent shopping? What would that mean fellow buy for me? He purchased a single dupatta out of
the 4 silk sarees I’ve selected. What’s with your mother-in-law? That’s a puzzle. She’s alive to kill me. She asks for coffee as soon as she is awake. and asks for tea once she is done. She is left with no teeth in
her mouth but eats all the time. He boasts about lifting 150 kgs
and 250 kgs in the gym. But he starts screaming in pain
when I place my leg on him while asleep. How can I miss that? Huh? Shh! Let’s go and hear them. Today’s drinks weren’t any special. Next time I’ll bring my
husband’s scotch bottle. A scotch bottle? Oh freaking woman! Even we never partied this lavishly ever. -How will you bring scotch-whisky?
– I’ll sneak out my husband’s bottle. Won’t your husband know about it? My foot!
He feels as if he is a drunkard. He passes out just with a small amount
of alcohol mixed in a mug of water. Won’t your husband know about it? My foot! I’ve done this many times
without my husband’s knowledge. Oh my freaking girl! If he asks me, I’ll confront him saying it’s
him who’s been boozing a lot. and guess what,
he starts feeling sad about it. Oh my god! Her husband always said Subbu, let’s party
and said he always gulped down a bottle of it. I was scared to throw a party. Now I can throw a party to him. Whatsoever, do you guys even know what did
she tells me about her husband? Mr. Subbu, my husband is
spoiling his health boozing. He doesn’t listen to me. Can you please warn him and put him right. Just to be safe, if your find half emptied
bottles at your home, spy on your wives, there
is nothing wrong in it. Hey! How is your recently
married sister’s life going on? My brother-in-law is
a very good person. He makes my sister wake up in
the morning with a cup of coffee. He even chops the vegetables,
in fact, he cooks half of the dish. She arrives at the end and seasons the dish. He shows her a film per week and
surprises her daily with gifts. Is it? She is a lucky girl. Wasn’t your brother married almost at
the same time? How is his married life? My brother became a blighter now! He makes my sister-in-law wake up
in the morning with a cup of coffee. He chops all the vegetables. This lady arrives in the
end and seasons the food. My brother daily arrives early
for her from his office. He takes her every week
for shopping and films. He doesn’t even give us
a single penny when we ask. How stubborn he is! They don’t listen to you if you don’t
put them in your control beforehand. My dumbo mind is unable to understand it, why is she rebuking her brother when
both of them seemed to be the same? Don’t stare at me like that. I really didn’t get it. Give a detailed explanation in the
comment section below, if you understood it. Hey! Seems like you made your
husband buy a lot of stuff for you? We’ve seen you guys carrying a lot of bags! Moron! Yeah, he bought some stuff. Why are you rebuking him
even after he bought stuff for you? He made me choose between unlimited
shopping with limited time or vice-versa. He bought me much stuff when I’ve
chose unlimited shopping. I was overjoyed as he
spent a lot of money on me. Bloody fool! Those were all my savings. He spent the money tht
he stole from my shelf and when I asked, he said, “Darling,
what’s yours is mine, they are ours.” Wow! What a brilliant idea! Why didn’t this idea strike me before? I must search for Ashwini’s
savings immediately. I can spend her savings
for the next shopping. You too find out where your
wife’s savings are. Our friend has given us an excellent idea, Let’s follow it.
What’s wrong in it? My husband took my entire
salary by conveying the same crap. That bloody fool took Rs. 60,000 from
me recently to buy a gaming console. Oh! Is your wife an employee too? Are you too spending your
wife’s salary like this? Have a look at it then. They’ll make you feel embarrassed
in front of everyone like this. Do not spend their salaries instead,
spend their savings. Whatever, these are nothing. There’s a women’s expert talk usually.
I’m waiting for them to begin it. It’s an expert talk. Ramya said she would be here.
Why isn’t she here? -Seems like they’ve started.
-She said she’ll be back after her work at home. -Is it true that she works hard at home?
-My foot! Her mother-in-law cooks the food, her father-in-law does the household works, and her husband brings the groceries
while she tortures everyone. She acts as if she is working hard and
taunts her mother-in-law all the time. Anyway, who told you all these things? Who else other than our maid. She doesn’t even do the house
hold works it seems. I already know about her. She
does no work except eating. -She keeps asking for food even when she’s here.
-My God! Our foolish Government is unnecessarily
spending a lot of money to train spies but, if we send two maids to our rival country, they’ll get a detailed information about
everything from the scratch just within 2 days. The maids have that power. -She was wandering in the hall.
-Didn’t she even offer water? -Hi.
-Hi. -Hey come in.
-Hi. -We were just remembering you.
-Is it? What’s up with you? You don’t have any problem since your
mother-in-law doesn’t stay with you. But in my case,
she stays with me like a demon. She complains about everything
and tortures me like hell. Guys, I told you already. Ramya, who is this girl? She is my friend. She came to my home so
I thought of bringing her to our party. I was unable to bear my mother-in-law’s
menace so I came to her home and she brought me here to the party. Alas!
Does she torture you so much? There is always a mess at home, she
taunts me always, no matter what I do. Is your husband same as her? As my husband confronts it to his mother,
it’s another risk sharing it with him. Then I’ll again get rebuked by her. Seems like every mother-in-law is same. -Seems like we’ve all the problems shown in the serials.
-They got inspired by us. -Whom else will they consider as an inspiration except us?
-Yes, your right. It’s alright. You feel the same when
you become a mother-in-law. -Even you’ll be the same.
-But I don’t torture like her. -Everyone says the same but change after marriage.
-See, I don’t share my family issues even with my
friend Venkat whom I know since 10 years. Being just acquaintances, how extraordinarily are they
backbiting about their in law’s family. How is that even possible? I’m unable to understand it. My sister-in-law is a virago and
my mother-in-law accepts her wishes. Your sister-in-law is much better. But my sister-in-law is a
sadist, virago and a psycho! We would earn all the medals if they
introduce cribbing in the Olympics. My goodness! Always cribbing on their in-laws. Oh gosh! They rebuke the entire day. They don’t stop once they begin rebuking. Alright girls, I’ll take leave now as my
husband said that he would come home early. Wow, you naughty! Seems like you
would be on a marathon till morning. Romance,
this topic seems to be interesting.

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    Alage 01:34 degara charging point lo Subbu gaaru mee mobile phone charging lo pettaru, bahusa Ashwini gaaru chudaledhu anukunta, Oka vela chusi vunte emmvaudho separate episode cheyandi 😉
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    Answer to your Question : Girls Psychology they will look whether they are happy or not… they won't bother even if others suffer or not ..

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