Athadu Aame – Kitty Party 2| S5E1 | Telugu Comedy Web Series |Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

Athadu Aame – Kitty Party 2| S5E1 | Telugu Comedy Web Series |Chandragiri Subbu Latest Comedy Videos

ATHADU AAME. To my grave! It’s a vicious circle,
my husband is suffering with OCD. How is it related to what we are saying? Let me explain it. He asks me to brush
before doing anything. Then he asks me to take bath with Dettol. If I expect him to kiss
me even after that, he kisses me only after
rubbing my cheeks with water. [Title song from the film Mahanubhavudu] So this guy has OCD? My wife used to criticize me showing
how neatly he had dressed up. She might have got it now. [Mahanubhavudu Title Song] Wherein my mother-in-law
asks us to have children. When should I make it possible
and have children with him? He escapes whenever I touch him
as if he is a ‘Kabbadi player’. Hell with him. Hell with your laugh. You don’t have any such issues as
your husband is having a gym body. You lucky girl!
Your husband has a six pack body. Last time I’ve seen
his videos on YouTube. You are very fortunate anyways. Lucky my foot! He laments even if I touch
him like he is gonna lose his muscles. He weighs his food and eats
as if he a grocery man. He is just good to look at like a
museum doll. Not good to do anything. On a recent holiday, when I had beautifully dressed
up and asked him romantically, “Dear, what’s today’s program?” That bloody fool said that he wants to work
out on his bicep, tricep and cardio session. I came out with irritation. Her husband met me recently. What’s up Subbu? What’s that belly? Workout man! Improve your body. Check out my body. My wife madly loves my body. He said, “Subbu concentrate on your diet,
as your belly fat is increasing.” But I just understood that he
doesn’t concentrate on many matters. My goodness! Hell with his propaganda. Girls will go crazy for my body and boasted that his wife
gets mad on his body. He’ll lose his mind if he hears this. Shh! Shh! This is the reason, I’m attending the kitty party secretly
by taking leave from the office. Do not miss if you get
any such opportunities. There will be a lot of fun. Shh! Why are you so dull?
What happened to you? You guys at least have some
stuff to discuss unlike me. Oh my God! What happened?
You should’ve consulted a doctor. That’s not the matter. He gave me his devotee
when asked for a husband. He explains me the greatness of the
God when I asked to get romantic. Listening to worship quotes
daily is our romance. Even the bedroom feels like a pooja room. [laughs] You could’ve proceeded atleast. I did try that too. He talks crap about the god,
soul and mud. I get super furious. [laughs] When would he realise that we won’t have children
if he prays to god or by shaving his head. That’s why my life is
boring in all the ways. I’ve seen people who’s
body was hot due to fever and had also seen the people
who’s body was burned usually. But I’m watching who’s body is
burning with worship just now. We don’t know it but, we’ve a lot of interesting
topics in our surroundings. That is why, even if we have sit among the women,
we should listen to their conversations. They are just awesome. Even your husband seems to wander with
’tilak’ on his forehead, is your husband
unfortunately similar to him? My husband belongs to another type. I’ve seen people preferring videos
or pictures before their romance, but he prefers the ‘panchangam’. -A panchangam?
-Yeah. We didn’t even get an hour time
till now after our first night. [laughs] He says that ‘muhurtham’
is from 7.30 to 7.32. We just memorise what
happened after that but I’m not being able to understand whats
happening when it’s actually happening. Don’t feel bad. Few lives are meant to
be so and we cannot do anything about it. I can’t bear it anymore. Enough of your laughter
but tell us about Subbu. What do I tell you? What is this?
Why did they all focus on me suddenly? Are we chanting the
Mahabharatha worship quotes now? Tell us about Subbu’s romance. He gives you a lot of surprises, right! And you too upload many pictures,
seems he is very romantic. Come on, tell us now. I mean… isn’t it wrong? Why should we give our attention to
other’s matters? Please don’t listen to it. Hey you!
You’ve trimmed it in the last time too. We will see your end if
you trim it this time. Alright, listen now. Recently, what happened was… -Are you listening?
-What’s there to see except the rough linings? Oh, is it? There might not be a good network
connection for your internet. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t hear it. Try it once again now,
you might hear it this time. Then suddenly Subbu came. Can you hear it now? Oh, you couldn’t hear
due to the network issue? It’s not my fault. Don’t stare at me,
it’s really a network issue. However,
it’s a sin listening to other’s matter. I do not want you all to become sinners. You all must be with virtuous character. I don’t bother if I become a sinner. You all should be with good moral. Alright girls, let’s end this for today. Okay.
Let’s finalise the next party in Whatsapp. The party got ended and
it’s time to pack up. Let’s meet in the upcoming parties. I should manage it now immediately. Bye. See you soon. [bell rings] Wow! Why did you come so early, Subbu? I have come to give you a surprise. Surprise! Did you go out somewhere
that you’ve dressed up so well? Subbu! I also thought to
surprise you in a similar way. You came while I was about to get ready. You cunning! The inspiration for the film
‘Aparichithudu’ might’ve come from a home. My God! I didn’t even see so
many variations in that film too. Huh! By the way, there is a good news for you. My company is offering an event. Only ladies are invited it seems. If required there are
passes for employee’s wives. I’ll bring it for you.
Would you like to attend then? No Subbu. I don’t even attend the parties
held in our own apartment without you. How can I attend the parties
held at your office then? Oh my freaking girl! Love you baby. So, yeah anyway you are dressed up now,
why don’t we go out and have food? We ate our stomach full in the party. Now,
I’m not feeling to eat the outside food. Actually it’s not required Subbu. It’s just for you that I’m well-groomed, not to go out. It’s just for you. So sweet! -Alright then, I’ll also fresh up and come.
-Okay. We should also enjoy
a few secret parties. It’s not important to share
everything with your husbands. In a similar way,
we cannot share everything too. That’s the reason I had to lie to Subbu. Then,
you also celebrate few secret parties. Maintain few secrets, huh!

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