Aussie Outback Love Hunt

Aussie Outback Love Hunt

-Here we are. Kind of walk towards me. [INAUDIBLE] flew on my watch. Ladies are seriously forming
lines everywhere, uncontrollable to women. This is how desperate
we are for tits. We rode all the way, 210
kilometers, [INAUDIBLE] show us a tit. [INAUDIBLE] tit. But we’re getting it. Who wants to go on TV? You want to– no. Then we’ll dance. We’ll dance a while. It’d be a good night for you
to flick it, flick it off. -Get the old keg down. -Drew’s bringing a keg. -I’m going for a dip. [MUSIC PLAYING] ASHLIE OLIVER: This is my ute. It’s a Ford V8 It’s a 2003
model, mark one. It’s secondhand. It’s had a hard life. My boyfriend and I have build
it together, and he’s taught me how to do the whole
kit and kaboodle. I now know how to build a ute. And I have my little pig,
my little flying pig. It’s good to have something
quirky about the ute. And I’ve got the flying pig. Now, back here, I’ve got
a few more stickers. I’ve got “no undies, Monday to
Sunday.” At the top of the [INAUDIBLE], I’ve got “ride me
like you stole me.” It used to have a big workman’s canopy
on the back of it. And that was pretty shit. We used to call that the rape
dungeon, not that that ever happened in it. I go to B&S Balls. My goal this year to win the
wet t-shirt competition for the second year in a row. I won it last year, and last
year was my first year. My New Years resolution is not
to drink alcohol for a year. So it’ll be my first
B&S Ball sober. So it’ll be interesting. And this is Trevor the goat. I never really knew who
I was until probably about a year ago now. I had always changed myself
for my boyfriend. And I met my boyfriend James and
he was a country boy, so I became a country girl. And it’s the first time I felt
really comfortable in my skin. He’s been pretty faithful
since we’ve been together, so– ASHLIE OLIVER: He’s cheated
on me once. But that’s OK. I forgive him for that. Everyone makes mistakes
sometimes. And he made that mistake. And he said that he would
never do it again, and I believe him. I’m just trying to learn to love
myself, because I don’t love myself too much. So that’s where the non-drinking
comes in. I’m trying to respect
my body a bit more. ASHLIE OLIVER: I need all the
cheering, because the loudest cheer wins. -You won the wet t-shirt? ASHLIE OLIVER: I won
it last year. I need all the cheering
I can get. -I’m fighting for you, babe. ASHLIE OLIVER: Good. -Wet t-shirt rocks. I’m just going to
join in the fun. And I’m going to let me hair
down, not that I have much. But I’m going to let me hair
down and have a ball, because I love the Elmore B&S.
$120 at the gate. You cannot go wrong,
free booze. This is the biggest
event going. It is the absolute ultimate. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s better than size. -B&S is the best. [INAUDIBLE] B&S. [CHEERING] [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] GLEN “MACCA” MCDONALD:
You never know. [CHEERING] [WHISTLING] ASHLIE OLIVER: I’m quite a
self-conscious sort of person. I think I’ve got a bit of
confidence in my boobs, but that’s about it. My lower half, I’m
not as confident. I feel confident when people are
cheering for me, but when they’re not, I’m like, aw,
am I not good enough? But then James always tells me
that I’ve got the best boobs, that he loves them. And he loves that they’re
more than a handful. So I’m OK with that. To have even had a chance
really, of winning, I would have had to have hooked
up with that guy. And I’m not willing
to do that. I have a boyfriend, and I’m
going to respect that. I don’t want to kiss someone
else just to win a stupid competition. I’m going to go back and
have a little snooze. I’m quite tired. So I’ll have a little kick. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] -Having a good night? -Yeah, look at you, man. That’s what happens when
you’ve go to a B&S. -Lovin’ it! Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] [ENGINES REVVING] -Fucking love it. -On all like this, 200-odd
stickers here. And generally I can sell nearly
every one of them. We kept them here on Saturday. And they come back when they’re
sober on Sunday morning to pick them all up. -Yes, I have said no. They’ve asked, and I’ve said
no, I’m not doing that one. That one is just
below the line. It had something to
do with rape. And I refuse to do that,
because whichever way, that is not funny. -Yeah. What we say, basically, is
you’ve got to wear it. You come up with it, and you pay
me the money, but you’ve got to where it. That’s basically how
I look at it. Because our logo is the pig. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. This looks like the whoop whoop icp getto festival. I should go and have my pick of the little piggies.

  2. Make no mistake, he will cheat on you again. I know this is an absolute, for sure prediction. So why am I so sure? Because at your young age, you are already 3/4 of the way to being a flat out fat ass. In another couple of years, he isn't going to find you attractive anymore. You are already pretty unattractive, but 2 or 3 years more and you will have arrived at your destination. Your only chance to save him from looking elsewhere, is to fatten him up too, so other females won't have a desire for him either. Then, he will be forced to "settle" for you.

  3. nowhere on earth (not even latin america) will you see more mullets per square inch than you will in australia.

  4. MAN, that looks like a fucking right blast! A whole weekend of getting piss drunk , fighting and fucking…you Aussies know how to have a good time! Cheers from Ohio!

  5. How do you Australia’s girls find these guys attractive… come to the states and we will show u how real men do it …

  6. Where did the fly disappear to at 13:30?
    What's the point of a wet t-shirt competition if you take your t-shirt off!?

  7. I feel like me an my yota could just go there and completely dominate the V. The ratio is way in favor, their vehicles suck, and I like a good time that is not like this

  8. she pissed on her mate's head…plus that guy at the very beginning with the stubbie gaffa taped to his cock just needs to get a working holiday visa for Europe; he'd get a ride out of every girl he'd meet!

  9. Based on the chicks at the wet t shirt contest I can see why all the guys get shitfaced.

  10. "to nuke em if they get pear shaped"? imagine having to explain that one to any medical professional any where else in the world

  11. some great genetics down there in Australia, something tells me theres not a lot of cases of alien abduction down under lol

  12. did she really say, "i'm trying to respect my body a bit more", as she is traveling to take part in a wet t-shirt contest? that is awesome.

  13. This is just pure Aussie fun, No harm, everyone's getting upset, they're just having fun, no matter how much dignity is lost haha.

  14. I actually felt really bad for macca. He seems like a really decent guy, you can tell when he was asked to describe his ideal women. He didn't describe physical attributes like big tits or anything, just said he wanted someone his own age who was out going and fun. It's obvious that he's quite emotional about his ex wife and kids living far away as well. I really hope he found someone to settle down with and is happy now.

  15. What the fuck Australia…..I thought we had some hillbilly's in the U.S but fuck y'all won, now we know why yall have such a small population

  16. Man I feel bad for that girl….it must be really hard on her having such an ugly cheating boyfriend. I need to fly to Australia and give these fine ladies some eye candy and some good loving 🥰. Why should their vaginas suffer just because their men are ugly as shit!!?

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